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lutricate, în'tré-kåte. a. entangled, perplexed, Invalidity, in-va-lid'é-tė. weakness, want complicated

of efficacy Intricately, in tre-káte-lé. ad. with perplexity Invaluable, in-våld-a-b). a. inestimable Iptricateness, {n'tre-kåte-nés. 8. perplexity, Invariable, in-va'ré-a-bl. a. unchangeable, involution


(bility, constancy Intrigue, in-trèég'. s. a plot; a love affair Invariableness, in-váré-a-bl-nes. s. immutaIntrigue, in-tréėg'. v. n. to form plots, to lovariably, in-vå're-a-blé. ad. unchangeably, carry on private designs

constantly Intriguingly, in-trèėg'ing-le. ad. with intrigue Invasion, in-vå’zhủn. s. hostils encroachment Intrinsical, in-trin'sė-kål. a. interpal, natural|Invasive, in-vá'siv. a. entering hostilely Intriosically, in-trin'sė-kål-d. ad. internally, ||Vovective, in-vék'tlv. s. a severe censure in naturally

speech or writing Intrinsick, in-trin'sik. a. inward, real Iorective, in-vék'tir. a. satirical, abusive Introduce, in-trd-dúse'. v. a. to conduct or lovectiveiy, in-vék'tiv-lé. ad. satirically, usber into a place

abusively Introduction, In-tro-důk'shủn. 8. the act of Inveigh, in-vá'. n. to utter censure or reconducting or usbering to; the preface

proach Introductive, in-tro-důk'tiv.


Inveigher, in-på'ir. s. a vehement railer Introductory, in-tro-důk'tûr-é. 2. pre-l Inveigle, in-vè'gl. v. a. 10 wheedle, to allure

vious, serving as a means to something Inveigler, in-vè'gl-úr. s. a seducer, allurer farther (the act of entering

to ili Introgression, fn-tro-grésh'ún. s. entrance, Invent, in-vent'. v. a. to find out ; to feiga Intromission, in-tro-mish'ún. s. the act of Inventer, in-vent'ůr. 6. a deviser, a teller of sending in

fictions Intromit, in-tro-mit'. v. a. to send in, to let ir. Invention, in-vên'shủn. 8. fiction, act of proIntrospection, in-tro-spék'shủn. 6. a view of

ducing something new; the thing invented the inside

(coming in Inventive, In-ven'tiv. a. quick at contrivance I drovenient, in-tr8-véné-ént. a. entering, Inventor, in-vent'ůr. 8. a finder out of some Introvert, fo-trd-vért'. v. a. to turn inwards

thing new ,

a contriver Intrude, in-trold'. v. n. to encroach, to force Inventory, in'vên-túr-é. a. a catalogue of in uncalled or unpermitted


(invents Intruder, fo-trôi'dår. s. one who forces him-Inventress, In-vén'très. 8. a female that self into company without right

Inverse, in-vérse', a inverted

(Sime Intrusion, in-tr&B'zhủn, s. the act of intruding | Inversion, in-vêr'shủn. 8. change of order or Intrusive, in-trio'siv. a. intruding, coming Iovert, in-vềrt'. v. a. to turn upside down into compary without invitation

Invertedly, in-vêr'têd-lè, ad. in contrary or Intrust, in-trůst'. v. a. to charge with any reversed order Cadorn; to enclose secret

(ledge Invest, in-vest'. v. a, to dress, to array ; to Intuition, in-td-leh'ún. s. immediate know-|| Investigable, in-rês'te-gå-bl. a. discoverable Intuitive, in-tu'é-tiv. a. seeing, not barely by rational disquisition

believing ; having the power of discover-||Investigate, lu-vềs'te-gáte. V. a. to search out ing truth immediately without ratiocina- | Investigation, in-vés-te-ga'shủn. 6. examination [perception tion

[giving possession Intuitively, in-tử'e-tiv-lè. ad. by inmediate Investiture, fn-vês'tè tère. $. the right of Intumescence, in-tů-mês'sểnse. s. swell, tu-Investment, In-vést'mênt. 8. dress

(together Inveteracy, in-vêt'ter-å-sė. s. long 'continoIntwine, in-twine'. v. a. to twist or wreath

ance of any thing bad Inuerdo, in-4-én'db. s. a distant notice, a hint Inveterate, in-vêt'ter-åte. a. old, long esta Inundation, in-`n-då'shủn. s. a fiood, a deluge blished Inure, in-úre'. v. a. to habituate, to accustom Inveterateness, in-vêt'tếr-åte-nés. . lung Inutility, in-8-til'é-tė. s. uselessness

continuance of any thing bad; obstinary Invade, in-våde'. v. a. to attack a country, to Invidiouis, la-vid'é- ủs. a. envious, malignant

make a hostile entrance; to assault Invidiously, in-vid'é-ůs-lė. ad. malignanto Invader in-va'dýr. s. one who enters with enviously bostility into the possessions of another; Invidiousness, {n-vid’é-83-nés. e. quality of an assailant

provoking envy or hatred Invalid, in-vállid. a. weak, of no efficacy Invigorate, in-vig'go-råte. v. a. to animate Invalid, in-vå-!éėd'. s. one disabled by sick-I ovigoration, in-vig-gd-rå'shin. s. the act of ness or hurts

invigorating ; the state of being invigorate Invalidate, in-ral'é-dåte. v. a. tn reaken, to ed deprive of force or efficacy

laviccible, la-pln'ad-61. , unco.querable


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(call upon

Invincibleness, fn-vic'se-bl-ués, 8. unconquer-If Iron, l'úrn. v. a. to smooth with an iron; to ableness, insuperableness

shackle with irons Invincibly, in-v in'se-blé, ad. insuperably Ironical, l-ron'nė-kál. a. expressing one thing Inviolable, in-vl'd-là-bl. a. not to be profan and meaning another

(irony ed; not to be broken

(or failure Ironically, l-ron'né-kål-e. ad. by the use of Inviolably, in-vi'b-la-blè. ad. without breach Ironmonger, l'úrn-mủng-gúr. s. a dealer is Inviolate, in-vl'd-låte. a. unhurt, unbroken iron Invisibility, in-viz-e-bil'ê-tė. s. the state of Irony, l'úrn-ê. a. having the qualities of iron being invisible

Irony, l'rún-é. s. a mode of speech in whicb Invisible, in-viz'd-bl. a. not to be seen the meaning is contrary to the words Invisibly, in-viz'e-blė. ad. imperceptibly to Irradiance, tr-rå'de-anse.

s. emission of Inviscate, in-vis’káte. v. a. to lime (the sight Irradiancy, ir-rà Jé-an-sé. Invitation, in-ve-ta'shủn. 8. the act of invit rays or beams of light upon an object, ing, bidding

light emitted Invite, in-vite'. v. a. to bid, to ask

Irradiate, ir-ra'dè-åte. v. a. to adorn with Invitingly, in-vl'ting-le. ad. in such a manner light emitted upon it; to enlightep intel as invites or allures

lectually Invocate, fn'vd-kåte. 7. a. to invoke, toIrradiation, ir-rå-de-a'shủn. 8. the act of Invocation, in-vd-kå'shủn. s. the act of call emitting beams of light ; illumination ing upon in prayer

[of a ship Irrational, fr-rash'3-nál. a. void of reason Invoice, în'volse. s. a catalogue of the freight Irrationally, ir-rásh' -nål-ė. ad. without res Invoke, in-voke'. v. a. to implore, to pray to son, absurdly

[reclaimed Involve, in-volv'. v. a. to inwrap; to com-||Irreclaimable, ir-ré-kla'ma-bl. a. not to me prise ; to entangle ; to blend

Irreconcileable, ir-rek-ôn-silk-bl. a. not to Involuntarily, in-vôl'in-tå-ré-lé. ad. not by be reconciled choice

(willingly Irreconcilably, fr-rek-on-sliå-blè. ad. in an Involuntary, in-vôl'ún-tå-ré. a. not done irreconcileable manner

(te regained Involution, fn-vd-lu'shủn. 8. 'the act of involv-|Irrecoverable, ir-ré-kův'úr -bl. a. not to ing; complication

[wounded|Irrecuperably, fr-re-kův'úr-á-blè. ad. beyond Invulnerable, in-vůl'nér-a-bl. a. not to be recovery

[duced Inward, in's

ad. towards the inter-|Irreducible, ir-re-du'sd-bl. a. not to be reInwards, in'wårdz.

Irrefragability, ir-ref-fra-gå-billé-te. nal parts; within ; concavely

strength of argument not to be refuted Inward, in' wård, a. internally placed within Irrefragable; ir-réf'frå-gå-bl. a. not to be Inward, in' wård. s. any thing within; near confuted

(above confutation acquaintance

[internally||Irrefragably, fr-réf frå-gå-ble. ad. with force Inwardly, in'wård-lé. ad. within, privately; Irrefutable, ir-ré-f''ta-bl. a. not to be overInwardness, în'wård-nes. s. intimacy, famili thrown by argument arity

Irregular, ir-rég'gu-lår. a. deviating from Inweave, in-wéve'. v. a. pret. inwove or in rule; immethodical

weaved; part. pass. inwove or inwoven. to Irregularity, fr-rég-gå-lår'e-tė. s. deviation mix in weaving

from rule; incrdinate practice Inwrap, in-råp'. v. a. to cover by involution Irregularly, fr-régʻgu-lår-lė. ad. without obInwrought, in-råwt'. a. adorned with work servation of rule or method Inwreathe, in-rethe'. v. a. to surround as Irrelative, fr-rel'lå-tfv. a. having no reference with a wreathe

to any thing

[relieving Ionic, 1-8n'lk. a. belonging to one of the dia-||Irrelevant, ir-rel'é-vånt. a. unassisting, una

lects of the Greek language, or to one of Irreligion, fr-ré-lid'jún. 8. contempt of reli

the five orders of architecture plant gton, impiety Ipecacuamba, ip-pė-kåk-u-a'ná. s. an India. Irreligious, ir-re-lid'jús. a. impious Irascible, I-rås'se-bl. a. disposed to anger Irremeable, ir-re'ıné-a-bl. a. admitting no Ire, tre. s. anger, rage, passionate hatred return

[remedied Ireful, tre'rål. a. angry, raging, furious Irremediable, ir-re-me'dd-a-bl. a. not to be Iria, t'ris. s. the rainbow; the circle round Irremissible, ir-re-mis'se-bl. a. not to be par the pupil of the eye; the flower-de-luce doned

(moved, not to be changed Irksome, érk'sům. a. wearisome, troublesome Irremoveable, fr-ré-mdv'à-bl. a. not to be Irksomeness, érk'sůmn-nés. 8. tediousness, Irreparable, ir-rép/på-rå-bl. a. not to be rewearisomeness (a chain, a shackle paired

(amends Iron, l'úrn. 2. a hard, fusil, malleable metal ;|| Irreparably, fr-rép'på-rå-bie. ad. without Iron, l'úro. a. made of iron ; resembling iron Irrepleviable, ir-ré-pled've-a-bl. a. not to be in colour ; bard, impenetrable



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Irreprehensible, ir-rép-pré-hén'sé-bl. a. ex-||Issue, ísh'shů. v. a. to send out, to send forth empt from blame

Issueless, fsh'shu-lès. a. withcut offspring Irreprehensibly, ir-rép-pré-hển’sê-blé. ad. Isthmus

, ist'mús. s. a neck of land joining the without blame

[reproach peninsula to the continent Irreproachable, ir-re-prðtsh'a-bl. a. free from It, it. pron. the neutral demonstrative; the Irreproveable, fr-ré-prbív'á-bl. a. not to be thing spoken of before

blamed, irreproachable (creeping in Itch, ítsh. 5. a cutaneous disease Irreptitious, {r-rép-tish'ús. a. encroaching, Itch, ítsh. v. 0. to feel that uneasiness in the Irresistibility, fr-rê-z ís-te-vil'é-te. s. power skin which is removed by rubbing above opposition

Copposition Item, l'tém, ad. also ; a word used when any Irresistible, ir-re-zis'te-bl. a. superior to article is added to the former Irresistibly, fr-se-zis'te-ble. ad. in a manner||Item, l'tếm. s. a new article ; a hint not to be opposed

Iterate, it'tếr-åte. v. a. to repeat Irresoluble, ir-réz’zb-lú-bl. a. not to be bro-||1terant, it'tér-ánt. a. repeating ken, not to be dissolved

Iteration, ft-tếr-å'shủn. 5. repetition Irresolute, ir-réz'zo-lúte. a. not determined Itinerant, l-tin'ner-ânt. a. wandering, not Irresolutely, ir-réz'zd-lúte-lé. ad. without settled

firmness of mind [firmness of mind Itinerary, l-tin'ner-ár-é, s. a book of travels Irresolution, ir-rêz-8-1ů'shủn. s. of||Itinerary, l-tin'nér-ár-é. a. travelling, done Irretrievable, ir-re-trée'vå-bl. a. not to be on a journey repaired, irrecoverahle

[ably Itself, it-self. pron. the neutral reciprocal Irretrievably, fr-ré-trée'vå-blè. ad. irrecover

pronoun applied to things Irreverence, ir-rév'vér-ense. 8. want of vene-Ivory, I'vůr-ė. s. the tusk of the elephant ration

[homage ur reverence Ivory, kvůr-é. a. made of or pertaining to Irreverent, Ir-rêv'vér-ent. a. not paying due Ivy, i'vė. s. a plant

[ivory Irreverently, ir-rév'vér-ent-lè. ad. without due respect


Irreversible, fr-ré-ver'sé-bl. a. not to be re-
Irrevocable, ir-rev’vo-kå-bl. a. not to be re-

[recall||Jabber, jáb'bůr. v. n. to talk idly
Irrevocably, fr-rév'vd-kå-blé. ad. without | Jacent, jà'sent. a. lying at length
Irrigate, fr'ré-gåte. v. a. to wet, to moisten Jack, ják. 8. the diminutive of John; an en-
Irrigation, fr-ré-ga’shủn. s. the act of wa-

(to start prey for the lion tering or moistening

Jackall, ják'kåll. s. a small animal supposed Irriguous, fr-rig'gu-ửs. a. watery ; dewy Jackanapes, jảk'ân-åps. 8. an ape, a coxcomb Irrision, ir-rízb'ún. 6. the act of laughing at Jackdaw, jåk-dảw'. s. a small species of crow another

langry Jacket, ják ́kit. s. a short coat Irritable, fr're-tå-bl. a. capable of being made Jaculation, jåk-4--là shủn. s. the act of thrown Irritate, ir' ré-råte. v. a. to provoke, to exas ing missile weapons

(woman perate; to heighten

(asperation Jade, jáde. s. a horse of no spirit; a sorry Irritation, ir-re-ta'shản. s. provocarion, ex-Jade, jåde. v. a. to tire, to weary Irruption, fr-rủp'shủn. s. the act of any thing Jadish, ja'dish. a. vicious, incontinent forcing an entrance ; inroad

Jage, jág. s. a denticulation
Is, íz. the third person singular or To be, I | Jagg, jag. v. a. to cut into indentures

am, thou art, he is; it is sometimes express Jaggy, jág'gé. a. uneven, denticulated

ed by's, as, What's the price of this book ? | Jail, jále. %. a gaol, a prison Ischury, fs'ků rė. s. a stoppage of urine Jalap, jál'lủp. s. a purgative root Isicle, l'sik-kl. 8. a pendent shoot of ice Jam, jám. s. a conserve of fruits Isinglass, ľzing-glås. s. a fine kind of glue Jamb, jám. s. the post of a door

made from the intestines of a fish (hy water||Jangle, jâng'gl. v. 0. to quarrel Island, t'lind. s. a tract of land surrounded Janizary, ján'ne-zár-ė. s. a Turkish soldier Islander, l'lånd-ửr. s. an inhabitant of an island | Janty, jản'tė. a. showy, fluttering Isle, lle. s. an island

[ed January, jån'nd-årė. s. the first month of Isolatec, iz'8-là-têd. a. alone, separate, detachIsosceles, 1-sos'sé-léz. 8. that wbich bath only Japan, ja-pån'. r. work varnished and raised two sides equal

in gold and colours

(to dispute Issue, fsh’shů. s. the act of passing out ; egress ; ||Jar, jảr. v. n. to sound untuneably, to ciash, event; termination ; offspring

Jar, jár. s. an earthen vessel ; a harsh sound; Issue, ish'shd. v. D. to come out ; to make au discord

(berish eruption; to proceed as an offspring ; to be Jargon, jảr'gún. s. univtelligible talk, gita produosd by any fund

Iljastaine, jáz'min. 8. a flower

gine ; a fish

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the year


Jasper, jás' púr. 6. a precious stone 11 Jockey, jók'kė. v. a. to justle, to trick
Jaundice, jản'dí6. s. a distemper from ob-Jocose, jd-kose'. !
struction of the glands of the liver

Jocular, jók'i-lůr. ; 2. merry, waggish "Jaunt, jảnt. v. 0. to make little excursions Jocosely, jo-kdse'lė. ad. waggishly, in jest for air or exercise

Jocularity, jôk-d-iår'e-té. .. merriment, disJauntiness, jản'td-nés. s. airiness

position to jest Javelin, jár'isn. s. a spear, or half pike Jocund, jók'únd. a. merry, gay, lively Jaw, jów. s. the bone of the mouth in which Jocundly, jók'únd-lè. ad. merrily, gaily Jay, já. s. a bird (the teeth are fixed Jog, jóg. v. a. to push, to shake Jealous, jei'lủs. a. suspicious (jealous|| Jog, jóg. s. a push, a slight shake Jealousness, jel'lús-nês. s. the state of being Joggle, jogʻgl. v. n. to shake, to be in a tremJealousy, jểl'iús-ė. s. suspicion in love, sus ulous motion

(concert picious fear

Join, jółn. v. a. to add, to unite ; to act in Jeer, jéér. v. n. to scoff, to make mock Joinder, join'důr. s. conjunction (ther Jees, jéér. b. scof, taunt

Joiner, join úr. 8. one who joins wood togeJeeringly, jéér'ing-lè. ad. scorpfully, con- Joint, joint. s. articulation of limbs ; hinge ; temptuously

(God knot in a plant Jehovah, jé-ho'rå. s. the Hebrew name for Toint, jåfnt. a. shared among many, combined Jejune, je-j86n'. a. wanting ; hungry; dry oint, jóint. 7. a. to join together, to form in Jejuneness, je-jbl o'nés. 6. penury, poverty ; articulations, to divide a joint dryness

(viscous state Jointly, joint'lė. ad. together Jellied, jêi'lld. a. glutinous, brought to a||Jointress, jółn'três. s. one who holds any thing Jelly, jêi'lė. s. a kind of tender coagulation in jointure Jennet, jền'nít. s. a Spanish horse Jointure, join'tshůre. 8. estate settled on a Jeopard, jép'půrd. v. a. to hazard, to put in wife, to be enjoyed after ber husband's dedanger

(gerous Jeopardous, jếp půr-dås. a. hazardous, dan- | Joist, j&lst. 8. the secondary beam of a floor Jeopardy, jèp'půr-dė. s. hazard, peril Joke, joke. s. a jest. Jerk, jįrk. B. a smart quick lash ; a sudden Joke, joke. v. a. to jest jolt

[blowJoker, jo'kůr. 8. a jester, a merry fellow Jers, jếrk. v. a. to strike with a smart quick | Jole, jdle. s. the face or cheek; the head of a Jerken, jer'kin. 8. a jacket, a short coat


(tivity Jersey, jêr'zė. s. fine yarn of wool Jollity, jäi'ld-tė. . gaiety, merriment, fesJessamine, jểs'si-min. s. a fragrant flower Jolly, joi'lė. a. gay, merry ; plump Jest, jést. s. any thing ludicrous, or meant Joit, jólt. 8. a shock, as in a carriage only to raise laughter

Jolt, jdit. v. n. to shake as a carriage Jest, jest. v. n. to divert [of water Jonquille, jủn-kwil'. s. a species of daffodil 'Jet, jệt. 9. a beautiful black fossil ; a spout Jorden, jor'dn. s. a chamber-pot Jet, jết. v. n. to shoot forward, to jut out Jostle, jos'sl. v. a. to justle, to rush against Jetty, jết'tè. a. made of jet, black as jet Jot, jót. s. a point, a title Jewel, ju'll. s. a precious stone ; a name of Journal, jůr'nůl. s. a diary ; ang paper pub

fondness Jeweller, jull-lår. • one who dea's in jewele Journalist, zúr'nůl-Ist. 6. a writer of journab Jews-barp. júze'hảrp. 1. a sort of musica) in-| Journey, jir'nė. s. travel by land ; passage strument

from place to place Jig, jig. 8. a light dance or tune

Journey r'nė. v. n. to travel Jig, jig. v. A. to dance care lessly

Journey.nan, år'nė-mån. 8. a bired workman Jilt, jilt. s. a deceiving woman, a name of Joust, júst. s. tilt, tournament

contempt [bis love with false hopes! Joust, júst. v. n. to run in the lilt Jilt, jilt. v. a. to trick a man by flattering||Jovial, jové-al. a. gay, airy, merry Jingle, j'ng'rhys. Any thing sounding, a ral- Jovially, jo've-al-le. ad. merrily, gaily tle, a bell

Jovialness, jų've-ål-nès. s. gaiety, merriment Jingle, jfug'gl. v. n. to sound correspondentlyJoy, jóż. s. gladness, merriment; happiness Job, job. 8. a mean lucrative affair ; à piece Joy, jóé. v. n. to rejoice

of chance-work Cebarp instrument Joyful, jde fül. a. full of joy, glad
Job, job. v. a. to strike suddenly with a Joyfully, joè'fùl-ė. ad. with joy, gladly
Job, job. v. n. to buy and seli as a broker Joyfulness, jot'fål-nủs. s. gladness, ;oy
Jobber, jobbůr. s. one who sells stock in the Joyless, jié lès. a. void of joy

public funds ; one who does cleanse-work Joyous, , d'ús. a. glad, merry, giving joy Jockey, jok'kd. s. one who deals in bcrses ; a Jubilant, jábé-lict. a. uttering songs, of tri trickish fellow


lished daily

or reason

Jubilee, jú'ht-lė. s. a public festivity Jury, juré. s. a company of men, as 24 or 12, Jucundity, ju-kún'de-tė. s. pleasantness, agree sworn to deliver truth upon such evidence ahleness

as shall be given before them touching the Judaicial, jú.da'd-kål. a. Jewish

matter in question Judaism, ju'da-izm. s. the religious rites of the Jugt, júst. a. upright, honest; complete, full Jews

Just, júst. s. a mock encounter on horseback Judaize, jú'da-ize. V. n. to conform to the Justice, jús'tỉs. s. right, vindictive retribution; Jews

a magistrate

(nisters justice Judge, jảdje. 8. one who presides in a court Justiciary, jús-tish'è-8-ré. s. one who adıni. of jndicature; one who has sufficient skill Justifiable, jảs-tê-ri'á-bl. a. desensible by law to decide

[amine authoritatively Judge, júdje. v. a. to pass sentence; to ex-Justifiableness, jủs-tê-fl'á-bl-nês. s. rectitude Judgment, jůdje'méut. s. the power of possibility of being fairly defended

judging; decision; opinion; condemna- Justification, jús-tê-rê-ká’shủn. 6. defence, tion; the last doom


(absolves Judicatory, jứde-ka-túr-ė. s. a court of justice Justifier, jús'te-n-3r. 8. one who defends or Judicature, judė-kå-túre. s. power of dis- | Justify, jús'tė-fi. v. a. to clear from imputed tributing justice

guilt, to defend Judicial, ju-dishål. a. practised in the dis-Justle, jủs'sl. v. n. to encounter, to rush

tribution of public justice ; inflicted as a against each other penalty

Cupon any thing Justly, júst'!e. ad. uprightly, honestly; exactly Judiciary, jú-dish’år-ė. a. passing judginent Justness, júst'nés. s. reasonableness, equity; Judicious, jú-dish'ús. a. prudent, wise

accuracy Judiciously, jú-dís h'ùs-le. ad. wisely Jut, jút. v. n. to shoot into prominences, to Jng, júg. 8. a large drinking vessel

come out of the line Juggle, júg'gl. V. n. to play tricks by slight|Juvenile, jú'vê-nil. a. youthful of hand

(an imposture Juvenility, ju-vê-nil'é-té. s. youthfulness Juggle, júg'gl. s. a trick log legerdemain ;| Juxtaposition, jủks-tå-po-zisb’ún. s. the state Jugular, jugu-lår. a. belonging to the throat of being placed by each other Juice, júse. s. the liquor of plants and fruits the fluid in animal bodies

Juiceless, júse'lés. a. without moisture
Juciness, ju'sé-nés. s. plenty of juice, suc-

KALENDAR, kal'én-dúr. s. an account of Juicy, jūsė. a. moist, full of juice

Kali, kå'ld. s. sea-weed

(time July, ju-ll' ş, the seventh month of the year Keck, kệk. v. n. to heave the stomach Jumble, jům'bl. v. 7 to mix violently and Kedger, kėd’júr. s. a small anchor used in a confusedly together

river Jumble, jům'bl. s. a confused mixture Keel, kéél. s. the bottom of a ship Jurnp, jump. 6. the act of juinping, a leap: a Keen, kéén. a. sharp, well-edged; severe, sort of waistcoat

Ito join acrimonious Jump, jůmp: v. 0. to leap, to skip; to agree, Keenly, kéén'lè. a. sharply, veheinently Juncale, jủng'kit. cheesecake ; any||Keenness, kéén'nés. s. sharpness ; asperity; delicacy

eagerness, vehemence Junction, jủng'shủn. s. union, coalition Keep, kệép. v. a. to retain; to protect ; to Juncture, júngk'tshåre. 8. a joint, articula

preserve; to hold; to observe any tiine ; tion; crizical time

to maintain, to support with necessaries of June, júne. 6. the sixth month of the year life; to remain in; not to reveal; to Junior, ju'nė-úr. a. younger

withhold Juniper, ju'ue-půr. s. a plant

Keeper, keep'úr, s. one who holds any thing Tunk, jảnk. s. a small ship of China; pieces Keg, kég. 8. a small barrel of cable

Ken, kén. v. a. to see at a distance, to descry Junket, júng'kit. v. n. to feast secretly Ken, ten. Su view, reach of sight Junto, jởn'td. 6. a cabal

Kennel, kén'nil. s. a cot for dogs; the hole Juridicial, ju-rid'dé-kai. a. acting in the dis of a fox, or other beast; a water

tribution of justice Lpower ; district Jurisdiction, ju-r is-dik'shủn. s. extent of Kennel, kén'nfl. v. n. to lie, to dwell Jurisprudence, ju-rts-prů'dense. 8. the science Kept, kếpt. pret. and part. pass. of keep of law

Kerchief, kêr'tshit. s. a head-dress Jarist, jurist, s, a civil lawyer, a civilian Kernel, kér'nil. g. the edible substance conJuror, ju'rúr. . one that serves ou a jury tained in a shell

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