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Kersey, kér' zė. s. coarse stuff

Kiss, kis. v. a. to touch with the lips Ketuh, keteh. s. a heavy ship

Kiss, kis, 8. a salute given by joining lips Kettle, kết'tl. e a vessel in which liquor is Kit

, kit. s. a small fiddle; a wooden vessel boiled

(of brass Kitchen, kitsb'in. 8. & room where proriKettledrum, kết’tl-drủn. 8. a drurn inade sions are cooked Key, kė. b. an instrument to open a lock ; Kite, kylte. 8. a bird of prey ; a name of re

part of a musical instrument; a certain proach ; a fictitious bird made of paper tone; a wharf

Kitten, kit'to. s. a youu cat Keyage, kd'idje. 8. money paid for wharfage Kitten, kit'tn. v. n. tú vring forth young cato Keyhole, ke' hjie. s. the perforation in a door Klick, klik. v. n. to make a small sharp noise

or lock through which the key is put Knab, nåb. v. a. to bite, to catch Keystone, kè'stóne. s. the middle stone of an Knack, nåk. s. a lucky dexterity; a nice trick arch

Knap, nåp. 5, a protuberance
Kibe, kylve. r. an ulcerated chilblaia Knap, nap. v. a. to bite, to break short
Kick, kik. v. a. to strike with the foot K napsack, nåp'såir. 8. a soldier's bag
Kick, kík. 8. a blow with the foot

Knave, náve. 8. a petty rascal, a scoundrel Kickshaw, kik'sbảw. s. something fantastical : Knavery, nå'vůr-ė. s. dishonesty, petty vil

a dish so changed by the cookery that it can lany scarcely be kuown

Knavisk, nå'vish. a. dishonest ; mischievous Kid, kid. s. the young of a goat

Knavishly, ná'vish-lé. ad. Jishonestly; wago Kid, kid. v. a. to bring forth kids


(substance Kidnap, kid'nấp. v. a. to steal children, to Knead, nééd. v. a. to beat or mingle any steal human beings

Knee, nèė. s. the joint between the leg and Kidnapper, kid-nap-půr. 8. one who steals the thigh

[sunk to the knees human beings

Kneedeep, néé déėp. a. rising to the knees, Kidney, kid'nė. s. cne of the two glands that Kneel, néèl. v. 4. to bend the knee, to rest separate the urine from the blood; race, on the knee

(funeral kind

Knel, nél. s. the sound of a bell rung at a Kilderkin, kil'dêr-kin. 8. a small barrel Knew, nú, pret. or know Kill, kil. v. a. to deprive of life

Knife, nife. s. plur. Knives. an instrument Killer, kil'lůr. s. one that deprives of life edged and pointed, wherewith meat is cut Kiln, kil. 8. a stove, a fábrick formed for ad-||Knight, nite. 8. the rank of gentlemen next mitting heat to dry or burn things

to baronets; a champion Kimbo, kim'bd. a. crooked, arched Knight, nite. V. a. to create a knight Kin, kło. s. relation either of consanguinity Knight-errant, ulte-êr'rånt. s. a wandering or affinity

knight Kind, kylod. a. benevolent, favourable Knight-érrantry, nite-ér'rânt-ré. s. the cha Kind, ky ind. s. race, general class ; particu ricter or manners of wandering knights lar nature; natural state

Knighthood, alte'hod. s. the character or Kindle, kin'dl. v, a. to set on fire; to exas dignity of a knight Kindly, kyind'ld. ad. with good will [perate Knightly, nite'lé. a. beftting a knight Kindly, kyind'lė. a. congenial, mild Knit, nit. v. a. pret, knit or knitted to make Kindness, kyind’nés. s. benevolence, good or unite by texture without a loom will

[relatives Knitter, nit'tûr. s. one who weaves or knits Kindred kin'dred. s. relation, affinity ;||Knitting needle, olt'ring-ned-d). . a win Kindred, kin'dréd. a. congenial, related which women use in knitting King, king. 8. a monarch

Knob, nob. s. a protuberance Kingcraft, king'krást. s. the act or art of Knubbed, nôbd. a. set with knoba governing

[king Knock, nok, v. . to ciash; to beat Kingdom, king'dům. s. the domini of a Knock, nok. 6. a sudden stroke, a blow Kingly, king'le. a. royal, monarchical; august Knocker, nok' år. 8. the hammer of a door Kingly, king'lė. ad. with an air of royalty, Knoll, ndle. v. a. to ring a bell, generally with superior dignity

for a funeral Kingsevil, kingz-e'vl. S. a scrofulous distem-||Knot, nôt. 6. a complication of a cord or string

per, commoniy believed to be cured by the not easily to be disentangled; a hard part touch of the king

in a piece of wood; a confederacy ; diffin Kinsfolk, kínz'idke. s. relations

calty; a cluster Kinsman, kinz'mån. 8. a inan of the same Knot, not. v. a. to complicate in knots race or family

Knotted, not'têd. a. full of koots Kinswoman, kinz'wům-ỉn. s. a female relation Knottiness, nôt'td-oes. e. fuinen of know; Kirk, kerk. s. the caurch of Scotland !) intricacy


Knotty, not'tė. a. full of knote ; il 'ricate, || Laconick, lá-zôn'lk. a. short, brief difficult

Laconism, låk'ko-nizm. s. a concise style Know, nd. v. a. pret. I knew, I have known. Laconically, lå-kon'nė-kål-e. ad. briefly, con

to perceive with certainty ; to distinguish ;| Lactary, låk'tå-ré. a milky (cisely

to recognise; to conversa with another sex Lactary, lak'ta-rè. 8. a dairy Know, nð. v. n. to have clear and certain Lacteal, lák'td ål. a. conveying chyle perception; to be informed

Lacteal, låk'tė-ål. s. the vessel that conveys Knowing, no’ing. a. skilful, intelligent Lacteous, låk'tė-is. a. milky (chyle Knowingly, að'ing-lè. ad. with skill, with|| Lad, låd. s. a boy, a stripling knowledge

Ladder, lad'dur. 4. a frame with steps; a graKnowledge, nôl'iệdje. s. certain perceptico; dual rise

Cout Learning ; skill; cognizance

Lade, låde. v. a. to load, to freight; to beave Knuckle, nåk'kl. 8. the joint of the fingerLading, là'ding. 9. weight, burden, freight

protuberant when the band is closed Ladle, la'dl. s. a large spoon, a vessel Xcuckle, nůk'k), v. n. to submit

Lady, là'dé. s. a woman of high rank; a word Knuckled, nủk'kld. a. jointed

of complaisance (the Blessed Virgin Lady-day, là-de-dd'. . the annunciation of Lady-like, la'dd-like. a. delicate, elegant

Ladyship, ld’dé-ship. s. the title of a lady

Lag, lág. a. coming behind LA, låv. interj. see, look, behold (tingLag, låg. s. the lowest class, the fagend Label, la'bel. s. a small slip or scrip nf wri-Lag, låg. v. n. to loiter, to move slowly Labent, la'bént. a. sliding, giiding, slipping || Laical, l'e-kål. a. belonging to the laity Labial, la'be-al. 2. uttered by the lips Laid, låde. part. pass. of lay Labiated, là'be-à-têd. a. formed with lips Lain, låne. part. pass. of lie

[beast Laboratory, låb'bd-ri-tůr-ė. s. a chyinist's Lair, låre. B. the couch of a boar, or wild workroom

Laity, là'é-tė. s. the people as distinguished Laborious, lå-bo'ré-ús. a. assiduous ; tiresome from the clergy

(water Laboriously, lå-bo're-ửs-lė. ad. with labour, Lake, like. 6. a large diffusion of inland

with toil (ness, difficulty; assiduity | Lamb, låm. s. the young cf a sheep Laboriousness, lá-bo'ré-ús-nes. s. toilsome-Lambkin, lám'kin, s. a listle lamb Labour, la'bůr. 8. pains, toils; childbirth Larnbative, lå m'ba-tiv, 8. a medicine taken Labour, là'bůr. v, n. to toil; to do work; to by licking with the tongue

move with difficulty ; to be in distress; to| Lamb's-wool, låms'wůl. s. ale mixed with the be in travail

puip of roasted apples Labourer, lé'bůr-ứr. s. one who is employed Lambeat, låm'bếnt. 2. playing about, gliding

in coarse and toilsome work; one who over without harm takes pains in any employment

Lame, rame. a. crippled; hobbling Labuliraome, la'hůr-súm. a. made with great Lame, låme. v. a. to cripple labour and diligence

Lamellated, lâm'mel-à-têd. a. covered with Labyrinth, låb'bér-inth. s. a maze, a place

fiims or plates formed with inextricabie windings Lamely, láme'lė. ad. like a cripple Lace, låse. s. a cord, an ornamental trimming|Lameness, láme'nes. s. the state of a cripple ; Lace, låse. v, a. to fasten with a string ; to imperfection

(to sorrow for adura with gold or silver textures sewed Lament, lå-ment'. v. a. to bewail or bemoan ; on; to teat

Lament, lå-ment'. s. lamentation ; expression Laceman, lá se'mán. 8. one who deals in lace of sorrow

[ed; mournful Lacerable, lås'sér-á-bl. a. such as may be torn Lamentable, lâm'méri-ta-bl. a. to be lamentLacerate, lás'sêr-áte. v. a. to tear, to rend Lamentably, låm'mên-ta-ble. ad. pitifully Laceration, lås-ser-A'shủn. 8. the act of tear-Lamentation, låni-mên-ta'shủn. s. expression ing; the breach made by tearing

of sorrow; audible grief

(laments I.acerative, lås'sểr-a-tiv. a. having the power Lamenter, lå-mént'ør. s. he who mourns or to tear

Lamina, lám'me-nå. 8. thin plate, che coat Lachrymal, lakkré-mål. a. genarating tears laid over another Lachrymary, låk'kré-ma-rè. a. containing| Laminated, lám'me-nå-têd. a. plated Lack, lák. v. R. to be in want (tears Lammas, låm'mis. s. the first of August Lack, låk. 8. want, need

Lamp, låmp. s. a light made with oil and a Lackbrain, lax'bråne. 8. one that wants wit wick; that waich contains the oil and wick Lacker, lák kör. s. a kind of varnish Lampblack, låmp'blik. s. a black substance 1.acker, läk'ktir. v. a. to do orer with lacker made by holding a torch under the bottom Lackey, lak'ké. a foot-boy

of a basia

lick up

[in the lap

Lampoon, låm-poón'. s. a personal satire, abuse Lap, tap. v. a. to wrap or twist round; to Lampoon, låm-póln'. v. a. to abuse with persocal satire

[personal satire Lapdog, låp'dog. s. a little dog Lampooner, läm-p8őn'ůr. 5. à scribbler of Lapful, låp'tůl. s. as much as can be contained Lamprey, låm'prè. 8. a kind of eel

Lapidary, lap'e-dár-é. s. one who deals is Lauce, lanse. s. a long spear

stones or gens Lance, lanse. v. a. to pierce, to cut

Lapidate, lap'e-dåte. v. a. to stone Lancet, lân'słt. s. a small pointed chirurgica! Lapideous, lå-plu'd-ús. a. stony instrument

Lapidescence, láp-é-dés'sểnse. s. stony conLancicate, lån'sê-náte. v. a. to tear, to rend cretion Land, lând. s. a country ; a region ; earth; | Lapidifick, lár-é-uirsik, a. forming stones nation, people

Lapidist, läp'é-dist. s. a dealer in stones or Land, lånd. v. a. to set on shore


(azure colour Land, land. v. n. to come on shore

Lapis-lazuli, lå-pis-lázh'ů-11. & a stone of an Landalı, lån-dåw'. 6. a coach whose top may| Lappet, lập’pst. s. part of a bead-dress occasionally open

Lapse, lapse. s. flow, fall; petty error Landed, lån'd3d. a. having a fortune in land Lapse, låpse. v. n. to fall by degrees ; to fall Landflood, lând'Aůj. &. an inundation

from truth or faith Landholder, lând'hôl-dûr. 8. one whose for-|Lapwing, låp'wing. s. a clamorous bird tune is in land

(and sells land Larboard, lår'bord. &. the left-hand side of a Landjobber, lând'jôh-bůr. s. one who buys ship Landgrave, lånd'grảve. 5. a German title of Larceny, lắr'sė-pė. s. petty theft dominion

Lard, lård. s. the grease of swine Landlady, lån lå-dé. 8. a woman who has Lard, lård. v. a. to stuff with bacon ; to fatten

tenants holding from her; the mistress of Larder, lår'důr. s. the room where meat u an inn

(without fortunell kept or salted Landless, lánd'!ês. a. without property, Large, låruje. a. big, bulky; wide Landlocked, lånd'lokt. a. shut in or enclosed Largely, lắrdje'lè. ad. widely ; liberally with land

Largeness, lárdje'uês. s. bigness, extension Landlord, land'18rd. s. the master of an inn Largess, lår'jés. 1. a present, a bounty Landmark, lånd' mảrk. s. any thing set up to Lark, lårk. s. a s pall singing bird preserve boundaries

1.arkspur, lårk'sp'r. s. a plant Landscape, lånd'skåpe. s. a region, the pros-Larum, lår'rům. s. noise noting danger

pect of a country; a picture Cand houses Larynx, lá'rinks. s. the windpipe Land-tas, lånd'táks. s. tax laid upon land Lascivient, lå-siv'vė-ent. aq frolicksoma Land-waiter, lånd'wa-túr. 8. an officer of the wantoning customs

Lascivious, la-siv'vê-ús. a. lewd; wanton Landward, lấod'wård. ad. towards the land Lasciviousness, la-siv'vė-ús-nés. s. wantunLane, låne. s. a narrow way between hedges; ness, looseness

Lash, lásh. s. a stroke with any thing pliant Language, lång'gwidje. s. human speech ; the and tough; the thong or point of a whip

tongue of one nation as distinct from Lash, läsh. v. a. to strike, to scourge; to tie others; style

any thing down to the side or mast of a Languid, lång'gwid. a. faint, weak

ship Languidness, lång'gwid-nés. s. weakness, Lass, lås, 8. a girl, a young woman feebleness

Lassitude, lås'sé-túde. 8. weariness, fatigue Languish, ling'gwish. v. n. to pine

Last, låst. a. latest; hindmost Languishingly, lång'gwish-ing-lé. ad. weak- Last, låst. ad. the last time ly, feebly

Last, låst. v. n. to endure, to continue Languishment, lång'gwish-mênt. 8. state of||Last, låst. 8. the mould on wbich shoes are pining ; softness of mein

formed; a certain weight or measure Languor, lång'gwúr. s. fdintness [lacerates|Lasting, lås'ting. part. a. continuing, durable Laniate, il' ne-ate. v. a. io tear in pieces ; to Lastly, låst'iệ. ad. in the last place Lanifice, lån'é-ffs. e. woollen manufacture Latch, låtsh. s. a fastening for a door Lank, långk. a. loose, not filled up

Latch, låtsh. v. a. to fasten with a latch Lankness, långk'nčs. s. want of plumpness Latchet, låtsh'ft. s. a shoe-string Lantern, lån'tůrn. s. a transparent case for al Late, låte. a. slow, long delayed ; deceased; candle

far in the day or night Lantern-jaws, lån'tůrn-jảwz. s. a thin visage Late, låte, ad. after long delays; in a latter Lap, låp. 8. the loose part of a garment; the season; lately part formed by the knees in a sitting posture Lately, léte'lė. ad. not long ago

a narrow street

Lateness, láte' nés. s. time far advanced ||Laurel, lor'ril. 8. a tree
Latent, là tént. a. hidden, secret

Lureled, lor'rild, a. crowned with laurel Lateral, låt'tér-ål. a. on or near the side Lava, la'vš. s. the overflowing of sulphureous Laterally, låt'têr-al-d. a. by the side

matter from a volcano Lath, láth. s. a thin slip of wood

Lavation, la-vå'shủn. Lath, låth. v. a. to fit up with laths

Lavatory, láv'vå-túr-d.

8. a wasb, the act Lathe, låthe. 8. the iool of a turner

of washing Lather, låth'ůr. v. a. to cover with foam of Lave, låre. v. a. to wash, to bathe ; to lade, water and soap

to draw out Cather, låth’úr. s. a froth made by beating Larender, låv'vên-dúr. s. a plant soap with water

Laver, lå'vår. s. a washing-vessel Latinism, låt'iỉn-Izm. 8. a Latin idiom Lavish, lår'ish. a. prodigal, wasteful; profuse Latin:st, låt'tin-ist. s. one skilled in Latin Lavish, låv'lsh. v, a. to scatter with profusion S-atinity, lå-tin' né-tė. s. the Latin tongue Lavishly, láv'ish-lè. ad. profusely, prodigally matinize, låt'tin-ize. v. n. to use words or Lavishment, láv'ish-mên.. phrases borrowed from the Latin

Lavishness, láv'ish-nés.

8. prodigality, hatinize, låt'tin-lze. v. a. to give names a profusion

[process Latio termination

Law, låw. 8. a rule of action ; edict; judicial Gatish, láte'lsh. a. somewhat late

Lawful, låw'idl. a. agreeable to law Latitude, låt'te-túde. 8. breadth, width ; ex-Lawfully, låw'fil-c. ad. legally

tent; a particular degree reckoned fromí Lawfulness, låw'tul-nês. s. legality the equater

Lawgiver, låw'glv-úr. s. legislator Latitudinarian, låt-e-ti-de-na-ré-år, 8. onej Lawless, låw'lês. a. unrestrained by law; con who allows himself great liberties in reli

trary to law gious matters

Lawo, lảwn. & an open space between woods; matitudinarian, låt-é-td-de-nå're-án. a. pot fine linen restrained oc confined

Lawsuit, låw'sdte. s. a process in law atrant, lå'trânt. a. barking

Lawyer, law'yér. s. professor of law atrocing, låt'rd-sé-né. & larceny, theft. Lax, láks. a. loose; vague robbery

Laxation, låk-sa'shủn. s. the act of loosening; Latten, It’tên. B. brass

the state of being loosened Latter, låt'túr. a. modern


mentioned last Laxative, läks'a-tiv. a. having the power to of two

ease costiveness Latterly, fit'tůr-lè. ad. of late

Laxity, låks'é-te. Lattice, låt'tis. s. a window made up with a Laxness, läks'nés.

s. looseness ; slackness; kind of network

opeuness Laud, láwd. s. praise

Lay, iả. pret, of lie. to rest Laud, låwd. v. a. to praise, to celebrate Lay, lá. v. a. to place along; to put ; to Laudable, låw'då-bl. a. praiseworthy com make a bet; to calm ; to prohibit a spirit meudable

[ness to walk; to bring forth eggs; to impute Laudableness, låw'da-bl-nés. 6. praiseworthi-|Lay, lá. s. a row, a stratum; a wager Laudanum, lồd'da-nům. B. a soporifick tincture Lay, là. 8. grassy ground, meadow; a song Laugh, lảf. v. n. 10 make that noise whicbLay, là. a. belonging to the people as dis sudden merriment excites

tinct from the clergy

[a plant Laugh, lảf. v. a. to deride, to scorn Layer, la úr. s. a straium; a bed; a sprig of Laugh, láf. 3. the convulsion caused by merri-Layman, lá mán. 8. one of the laity

Lazar, là'zár. 8. one infected with filthy and Laughable, lår å-bl. a. such as may properly|| pestilential diseases

excite laughter Laugher, lát úr. 8. a man fond of merriment | Lazaretto, liz-ar-rét'td.

8. an hospital Laughingly, lår'ing-lé, avl. in a merry way Lazily, là zé-lé. ad. idly, heavily Laughingstock, låring-stök. 5. a butt, an wt-Laziness, tå'zė-nés. s. idleness, sluggishness ject of ridicule

Läzy, la'zė. a. idle, sluggish Laughter, låf'túr. 8. convulsive merriment Lea, lé. e. ground enclosed Launch, lå nsh. v. a to push to Bea; to dar:||Lead, lêd. 3. a soft heavy metal froin the land

Leal, léd. v. a. to fit with lead in any inander Laundress, lân'drés. e. a washerwoman Lead, lède. v. a. pret. led, to guide ; to cogLaundry, lãn'dre. s. the room in which clothes duct; to allure ; to induce; to pass are washed

Leaden, led'do. a. made of lead; heavy Laureate, låw'rs-át. R decked or invested Leader, lé'dir. . ope that leads or conducts , with laurel

a commander


Leading, lè'ding. part. a. principal

Lecture, lek'tshåre. s. a discourse upon any Leaf, lefe. B. che green deciduous parts of subject; a magisterial reprimand

plants and flowers ; part of a books, or door; Lecture, lêk'tsbure, y. a. to instruct formally auy thing foliated

Lecturer, lêk'tshår-ůr. 6. an instructer, a Leasers, léfe'lês. a. naked of leaves

teacher Leagie, leeg. B. a confederacy; a measure of Lectureship, lik’tsbůr-ship. e. the office o: length

a lecturer League, lėèg. v. n. to unite, to confederate Led, lêd. part. pret. of to lead Leagued, leegd. a. confederated

Ledge, lêdje. §. a ridge rising above the Leak, leke. 2. a breach or hole which lets in

rest;, any prominence water

[drop through a breach Lee, léč. s. the side opposite to the wind Leak, leke. v. n. to let water in or oul, to Lee, léė. a. haring ibe wind blowing on, og Leakage, le'kidje. s. allowance for acciden- directed towards it tal loss in liquid measures

Leech, jéétsh. s. a kind of small water-serpent Leaky, lè'kė. a. not close

Leek, lèék. 8. a pot-herb Lean, léne. v. n. pret. leaned or leant. to|Leer, lère. 6. an oblique view incline against

Leer, lére. V. n. to look obliquely or archly Lean, lène, a. meagre ; hungry; poor Lees, lèèz. B. dregs, sediment Lean, lène. s. tha part of flesh which consists Leet, léėt. s, a law day of the muscle without the fat

(ness Leeward, léè'wård. a. opposite the wind Leanness, léne'nès. s. want of flesh; meager-Lest, left. part. pret. of leave Leap, lépe. v. 0. to jump; to bound; to start||Left, låst. a. sinistrous ; not on the right band Leap, iepe. s. bound, jump; embrace of Left-handed, left-hånd'éd. a. using the left animals


(al use of the left hand Leap-frog, lépe'frog. 8. a play of chilren Left-handedness, left-hånd'éd-nês. s. habituLeap-year, lépe'yére. 8. every fourth year Leg, leg. 8. the limh between the knee and Learn, lérn. v. a. to gain knowledge

the foot

[by will Learned, ler'něd. a. versed io science and Legacy, lig'á-. 6. a particular thing given literature

Legal, lè'gál. a. according to law Learning, lêrn'ing. s. literature

Legality, lé-gil'é-té. s. lawfulness Learner, ler'nůr, one who is yet in his Legalize, le' gâl-ize. v. a. to authorize rudiments

Legally, lè'gal-lė. ad. lawfully Lease, lese. 8. a contract by which a tempo- Legatary, lēg'* -tår-é. s. one who has a legacy

rary possession is granted of houses or Legatine, leg gå-tine. a. made by a legate lands

Legate, lég'gale. s. an ambassador from the Lease, lèse. V... to let by lease


(left him Lease, léze. v. n. to glean, to gather what the Legatee, lég-gå-tèc'. s. one who has a legacy harvest-tnen leave

Legation, le-ga'shủn. 2. an embassy Leaser, lè'zůr. s. a gleaner

Legead, lè'jénd. 8. a chronicle ; an incredible Leash, léesh. s. a leather thong; a band; a narrative ; any inscriptiou [legend brace and a half

Legendary, léd'jén-då-re. a. pertaining to a Leash, léėsh. v.a. to bind, to hold in a string Legerdemain, léd-jůr-de-måne'. e. sleight of Leasing, lè'zing. s. lies, falsehood

hand, juggle Least, leest. . the superlative of little,|| Legerity, !e-jêr'd-té. s. lightness, nimblenou smallest

Legitle, lêd'je-bl. a. such as may be read Least, léést. ad. in the lowest degree Legibly, lêd'je-blè. ad. in such a manner as Leather, leth'ír. s. dressed bides of animals

may be read skin, ironically

Legion, lė“jún. s. a body of soldiers Leathery, leth'âr-ė. a. resembling leather Legionary, lè'jůn-ar-d. a. relating to a legion Leave, leve, s. liberty, permission, farewell Legislation, léd-jía-ld'shủn. s. the art of gir Leave, lève. v. a. pret. I left; I have left.

ing laws to quit, to forsake; to bequeath; to re- Legislative, led'jix-la-tiv. a. lawgiving sign; to cease to do

Legialator, léa'jís-lå-tůr. s. a lawgiver Leaven, lèv'vên. s. ferment mixed with any| Lexislature, lêd’jls-låt-shdre, s. the power the body to make it light

makes laws Leaven, lèv' vên. v, a. to ferment

Legitimacy, id-jit'te-mi-se. s. gennineness Leavings, le' vingz. 8. remnant, relicks Legitimate, id-jit'td-oute. a. born in marriage, Lecherous, létsh'or-ús. a. lewd, lustful

lawfully begotten Lecherousness, fêtsh'ür-üs-pês.

Legitimate, 18-jit'tė-måte. V. a to procure to

.. lewd. Letchery, létsb'ir-ck

any the right or legitimate birth; tw make




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