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Legitimation, le-jít-e-na'shún. lawful|| Let, lét. y. a. to binder, to obstruct

birth ; the act of investing with the privi-Let, lết. s. hinderance, obstacle leges of lawful birth

Lethargick, le-thár'jik. a. sleepy Leisurable, lè'zhůr-1-bl. a. done at leisure Lethargy, leth'ár-jé. B. a morlid drowsiness Leisure, le'zbúre. s. freedom from business or Lethe, lè'thé. s. a poetical river of hell; nurry

obliviun Leisurely, le’zhůr-le. ad. slowly

Letter, lết'tûr. s. one of the elements of sylLemma, lênı' må. &. a proposition previously lables ; a written message; type with which assumed

(tree books are printed Lemon, lêm' mản. 8. the fruit of the leinon-Letter, let'túr. v. a. to stamp with letters Lemouade,--lém-mûn-ade'. s. liquor made of Lettered, let'tird. a. literate

water, sugar, and the juice of lemons Lettuce, let'tis. 8. a plant Lend, lend. v. a. to deliver something to an- Levant, lé-vånt'. s. the east, particularly those

other on condition of repayment; to grant coasts of the Mediterraneau east of Italy in general

Levee, lèv'vė. s. the time of rising: a crowd Lender, lênd'úr.

8. one who lends any thing of attendants Length, length. s. the extent of any thing from Level, lév'vil. a. even end to end

[longer; to protract Level, léx'vîl. v. a. to make even; to lay flat; Lengthen, lêng'thn. v. a. to draw out, to make to point in taking aim Lengthen, ling'thr. v. n. to grow longer Level, lèv'vi). 8. a plane ; a standard; an inLengthwise, length'wize. ad. according to the struinent whereby masons adjust their work length

(laxative Leveller, lév'vil-lúr. B. one who makes any Lenient, le'ne-Ent. a. assuasive, mitigating ; thing even; one who destroys superiority Lenify, lên' nė-fl. v. a. to assuage

Levelness, lev'll-nés. 8. evenness Lenitive, lên'é-tiv. a. assuasive, emollient Lever, lè'vůr. B. the second mechanical powLepity, lên'é-té. s. mildness, mercy

er, used to raise a great weight Lens, lenz. s. a glass spberically conrez on Leveret, ley'vir-it. s. a young bare both sides

Leviable, lêv've-a-bl. a. that may be levied Lent, lênt. part. pass. from lend

Leviathan, lé-vlk-thân, 8. a large water aniLent, lếnt. s. the quadragesimal fast; a time mal mentioned in the book of Job of abstinence

Levite, le'vlte. s. one of the tribe of Levi Lenten, lênt'tn. a. such as is used in Lent Levitical, le-vit'tė-käl. a. belonging to the Lenticular, lên-tik'ků-lår. a. doubly convex Levite.

(fing gayety Lentiform, lên'té-fòrm. a. bariug the form of Levity, lêv've-té. s. lightness ; vanity; triLentil, lén'til. s. a kind of pulse (a lens Lery, lêv'vė. v. a. to raise Leonine, lè'B-nine. a. belonging to a lion, Levy, lév'vė. s. the act of raising money or having the nature of a lion

Lewc, lúde, a. wicked ; lustful (men Leopard, lèp půrd. s. a spotted beast of prey Lewdly, lůde'ld. ad. wickedly ; lustfully Leper, lép'půr. s. one infected with a leprusy Lewdness, lide'nês. s. lustful licentiousness Leperous, lep'půr-ửs. a. causing leprosy Lexicographer, lêks-e-kēg'graf-úr. 8. a writer Leporine, lép'po-rine, a. belonging to a hare, of dictionaries having the nature of a hare

Lexicon, lék'se-kản. s. a dictionary, comLeprosy, lép'prd-sė. s. a distemper which co monly of the Greek language vers the body with white scales

Liable, l'a-bl. a. obroxious, subject Leprous, lép'průs. a. infected with a leprosy Liar, l'úr. 8. one who tells falsehoods Lesi, lés. a. the comparative of Little ; op-|| Libation, il-bà'shỉn. s. the act of pouring posed to Greater

wine on the ground in honour of some deiLess, lés. ad. in a smaller degree

ty; the wine so poured Less, lés. 8. a smaller quantity or degree Libel, il'bel. s. defainatory writing, a lan Lessee, lès-sèe'. s. the person to whom a lease poon is given

Libel, 1lbêl. v. a. tn satirise, to lampoon Lesser, lés'sn. V. a. to diminish in bulk; to Libellous, 1l'hêl-lẢs. a. defamatory deprive of power or dignity

Liberal, llb'hér-ál. a. munificent, generous, Lessen, lés'sn. v. n. to grow less, to shrink bountiful

(generosity Lesson, lés'sn. 8. any thing read or repeatedLiberačity, lib-hér-Al'é-té. B. munificence,

to a teacher; precept; portion of Scripture Liberalize, lih'êr-al-ize. v. a. to make liberal read in divine service ; tune pricked for an Literally, lib'bêr-rål-ė. ad. bountiiully, instrument


(finement Lessor, lés'sår. 8. one who grants a lease Liberate, lib'er-åte. v. a. to free from conLest, lêet. conj. that not ; for fear that Chire Liberation, lib-er-a'shủr. s. the act of deli Let, lết. v. a to allow, to suffer ; to put, toll rering, or being delivered


Libertine, lib'bêr-tin. s. one who lives with-Lift, litt. v. a. to raise, to elevate

out restraint ; one who pays no regard to Lift, lift. s. the act or manner of lifting ; a the precepts of religion

(gious hard struggle Libertine, llb'bér-tfn. a. licentious, irreli- Ligament, lig'gå-ment. s. any thing which Libertinism, lfb'bêr-tin-îzm. s. irreligion, li connects the parts of the body ; bond, centiousness of opinions and practice

chain Liberty, lib'bêr-te. s. freedom; privilege ;) Ligature, lig'gå-túre. s. a bandage immunity; permission

Light, lite. 8. that quality or action of the Libidinous, le-bid'é-nús. a. lewd, lustful medium of sight by which we see ; instrue Librarian, ll-brå'ré-an. s. one who has the tion; point of view; any thing that give care of a library

(book light Library, brá-re. s. a large collection Light, lite. a. not beavy ; easy ; active; un Librate, il' bråte. v. a. to poise, to balance encumbered ; slight; gay, airy; not chast Libration, Il-brá'shủn. 8. the state of being Light, Jite. v. a. to kindle, to infame; te balanced

illuminate ; to ease of a burden Litratory, llbrå-tir-è. a. balancing Light, lite.v.n. to happen; to fall in any Lice, llse. plur. of louse

particular direction; to rest License, 1l-sense. s. liberty, permission Lighten, Il'tn. v. 1. to flash with thunder License, il'sense. v. a. to permit hy a legal Lighten, il'tn. v. a. to illuminate ; to exono grant

(license; a degree

rate; to exhilarate Licentiate, 11-sen'she-åte. 8. a man who uses Lighter, Ilteúr. s. a heavy boat Licentious, li-sển'shảs. a. unrestrained Lighterman, lite'ůr-mån. s. one who manager Licentiously, ll-sen'shủs-lè. ad. with too a lighter much liberty

Lightfingered, lite-fing'gúrd. a. thievish Licentiousness, 11-sen'shửs-nés. s. boundless |Lightheaded, kite-hềd'éd. a unsteady; deliberty, contempt of just restraint

lirious Lick, isk. v. a. to pass over with the tongue Lighthearted, Ilte-hår'têd. a. gay, merry Lickerish, lik'ér-ish. a. nice in the choice of Lighthouse, lite'house. s. a high building, as delicate

the top of which lights are bung to guide Licorice, lik'kúr-is. s. a root of sweet taste ships at sea

[cheerfully Lid, lid. 8. a cover

Lightly, lite'ht. ad. without weight, easily, Lie, ll. s. any thing impregnated with some Lightminded, lite-mind'êd. a. unsettled, onother body, as soap or salt; a criminal steady

(unchastity falsehood

Lightness, llte'nês. s. levity; inconstancy ; Lie, ll. v. n. to tell a lie; to rest upon ; to Lightning, lite'ning. B. the flash that precedes be in a state of decumbiture ; to press up

thunder to consist

Lights, lites. 8. the lungs Lief, leéf. ad. willingly

Lightsome, lite'sům. a. luminous ;

gay, Liege, léédje. a. subject ; sovereign

having the power to exhilarate Liege, lééd je. B. sovereign, superior lord Ligbtsomeness, lite'sům-nês. s. luminousner Lieger, léé'jůr. 8. a resident ambassador cheerfulness, levity Lieu, lú. 8. place, room

Ligneous, lig'ne-ís. a. made of wood; woode Lieutenancy, lév-tên'nân-se. s. the office of a Ligure, 1ł'gare. s. a precious stone

lieutenant; the body of lieutenants Like, like. a. resembling ; equal Lieutenant, lèv-tên' nânt. s. a deputy, one Like, like. ad. in the same manner who acts by vicarious authority

Like, ilke. v. a. to be pleased with Lieutenantship, lev-tên' nånt-shỉp. s. the rank|Likelihood, Ilke'le-hůd. s. probability or office of lieutenant

Likely, ilke'lė. a. such as may please, probati Lieve, léév. ad. willingly

Likely, like'lė. ad. probably, as may reasons Life, iffe. s. plur. lives. union and co-opera bly be thought

[resemblanc tion of soul with body; enjoyment or pos-Liken, ilkn. v. a. to represent as having session of terrestrial existence ; conduct ;||Likeness, like'nės. . resemblance condition ; human affairs; narrative of a Likewise, like'wize. ad. in like manger life past; spirit; animated existence ; a Liking, il'king. s. plumpuese word of endearment

(life Lilach, lllák. 8. a tree Lifeblood, life'blad. s. the blood necessary to Lilied, 11a'lid. a. embellished with lilies Lifeguard, life-gyárd'. s. the guard of a king's Lily, ifl'lė. s. a lower person

Lilylivered, I'ld-liv-vůrd. a. cowardly Lifeless, Ilfe'lês. 2. dead; unanimated Limb, lim. 8. a member; an edge Lifetime, Ilfe-time. s. continuance or dura-Limb, iim. v. a. to tear asunder; to disrenney tion of life

liLimbeck, l'ın'bék. s. a still

on ;,


Limber, lim'bůr. a. flexible

Lion, l'ún. s. the inost magnanimous of Limbo, li m'bo. s. a place of restraint

quadrupeds Lime, lime. s. a viscous substance; matter of Lioness, il'ún-nês. 8. a she lion

which mortar is made ; a species of lemon Lip, lip. s. the outer part of the mouth ; the Lime, lime. v. a. to entangle; to cercent ; to edge of any thing

(ut magure ground with lime

Lipothyrny, li-pâtu'è-mė. s. swoon, fainting Limekilo, Ilme'kil. s. a kiln, in which stones Lippitade, lip'pe-túde, s. blessedness of eyes are burnt to line

Lipwisloin, lle'wiz-dům. 6. wisdom in talk Limestone, limestone, 8. the stone of which withou: practice lime is made

Liquefaction, lik-kwè-fåk'shản. 6. the act of Limit, lên mft. 9. bound, border

melting, state of being melted Linit, Ilm'mit. 5. a. to confine within certain Liquefable, llk'k wé-il-a-bl. a. such as may be bounds, to restrain

(boundaries! nelted Limitary, llen'mit-tår-é. a. placed at the Liquefy, lik’kwe-. v. a. to melt, to dissolve Linitation, lim-iné-ta'shủn. s. restriction Liqueur, le-kúre'. s. a flavoured drarn Lima, lim. v.a. to paint any thirg

Liquescent, 11-k wès'sent. a. melting Limner, lim'nür. 8. a painter

Liquid, 1?k'kwid. s. fluid ;- clear ;

dissolved Limous, li'můs. a. muddy, slimy

Liquid, ilk'kwld. s. Buid substance, liyuor Limp, limp. v. 1. to halt, to walk lamely Liquidate, liik'kwé-dåle. V. a. to clear away Limpid, lim'plu. a. clear, transparent

to lessen debts Limpidness, Ism'pid-nés. S. Clearness, purity Liquor, ilk'kúr. s. any thing liquid ; strong Limy, Ilmé. a. glutinous ; containing lime drink Linchpio, linsb'pin. s. an iron pin that keep3 Lisp, lisp. v. n. to speak with too frequent the wheel on the axle-tree

appulses of the tongue to the teeth or paLinden, lia'dén. s. the lime-tree

Lisp, llsp. s. the act of lisping

(late Line, llne. s. longitudinal extension; a string ;l Lisper, lisp'úr. 8. one who lisps

the string that sustains the angler's hook; List, list. 3. a roll; enclosed ground, in which lineament; a verse; raak; equator ; pre combats are fought; & strip of cloth geny; one-tenth of an inch

border Line, ilne. V. a. to cover on the inside ; to List, list. v. n. to choose, to desire guard within

List, list, v. a. to eniist, enrol, or register Lineage, lin' né-aje. s. race, family

Listen, lis'sn. v. n. to bearkeo, to give at Lineal, lin'ne-al. a. allied by direct descent tention Lineally, line-al-le. ad. in a direct line Listener, lis'sn-år. s., hearkeser Lineament, Bo'ne-a-mênt. s. leature, dio Listless, list'lés. a. carouss, heedless criminating mark in the form

Listlessness, list'lês-nes. s inattention, want Linear, lin'ne-år. a. composed of lines

of desire Lineation, lin-e-a'shủn. s. draught of a line Lit, lit. the pret. of to light or lines

Litany, lit'tån-é. s. a form of prayer Linen, lin'nin. 8. cloth made of flax Literal, lit'ter-ål. a. according to the primiLinen, lin'nin. a. made of or reseinbling iineo tive meaning, following the letter Linendraper, lin'nỉn-dra'púr. s. he who deals Literally, lit'tèr-al lé. ad with close adherin lizen

ence to words

(learning Linger, ling'g`r. v. n. to remain long in lan-Literary, lit'têr-a-14. a. relating to letters or

guor and pain; to hesitate ; to be leog in Literate, lit'éråte. a. laarned ; skilled in producing effect

letters Lingo, ling'g). 2. language, speech Literati, lit-têr-rå'tl. s. the learned Linguist, ling'gwist. 8. a man skilful in lan-Literature, lit'tér-rå-túre. s. learning guages

Litharge, lith'arje. 6. lead vitriged, either Liniment, lin'ne-mért. s. ointrnent

alone or with a mixture of copper Lining, li'ning, s. the inner covering of any Lithography, Il-thög'grå-fd. s. the art of enthing

graving upon stones

Istones Link, lingk. 6. a single ring of a chain ; any| Lithomancy, lith'd-måo-sể. 1. prediction by

thing connecting ; a sort o! torch Lithotomy, il-thởt'to-mé. s. the art or pracLisk, lingk. v. a. to unite ; to join

tice of cutting for the stone Lianet, iin'nít. e. a ainall singing oirt Litigart, it'te-gant. s. one engaged in a Linseed, Ila'sééd. s. the seed of fax

suit of law

[to detata Linseywoolsey, No'sé-wülse. a, made of linen Litigale, lit'te-gåte. v. a. to contest in law, and wool mixed

Li.igation, ilt-te-gd'shủo, s. judicial contest, Lint, lint. s. linen scraped

suit ou law

[quarrelsome Listel, lin’tél. & the upper part of a door-|| Litigious, lė-tia'jús. 2. inclinable to lawsuits,


Litigiousness, 1é-tid'jús-nés. s. a wrangling||Lube lüb. v. a. to let fall in a slovenly as disposition

lazy manner Litter, lit'tür. 8. a kind of portable bed; the Lobby, lob'bė. s. an opening before a roon

straw laid under animals ; a brood of Lohe, ldbe. s. a part of the lungs young

[with straw Lobster, løb'stúr. s. a shell fish Litter, lit'tůr. v. a. to bring forth; to cover Local, 10'kål. a. of or in a place Little, littl. a. small, diminutive

Locality, 10-kil'e-té. 8. existence in place Little, littl. s. a small space; a small pait : Locally, 18’kål-lė. a.. with respect to place not much

Lock, lok. s. part of a door or guu; a quantity Little, lit'tl. ad. in a small degree; not much of hair or wool hanging together; a tuft ; Littleness, lit'tl-nés. 8. smaliness of bulk ; a contrivance to raise the water on a canal

(votions Lock, lok. v. a. to shut or fasten with locks citargy, lit'tür-jd. s. formulary of publick de-Locker, 18kókúr. s. any thing that is closed Live, liv. v. n. to be in a state of animation, with a lock to pass life in any certain manner; to co-||Locket, 13kk ft. 8. an ornamental lock habit ; to maintain one's self; to be unex-Lockram, lêk'krúm. s. a sort of coarse linen tinguished


18-ko-mo'shủn. B. power of vive, live. a. quick ; active

[of living changing place ivelihood, live'le-hůd, s, maintenance, means Locust, 18'kůst. s. a devouring insect iveliness, llve'ld-nês. 5. vivacity sprightliness | Lodge, lodje. v. a. to place in a temporary Livelong, llo'lông. a. tedious, lasting

habitation; to afford a temporary dwelling, ively, live'lè. a. brisk ; vigorous ; airy to place; to settle [porary habitation ively, live'lė. ad. briskly, vigorously Lodge, lodje. v. n. to reside; to take at it! river, liv'vúr. s. one who lives ; one of the Lodge, lödje. $. a small house in a parli con entrails

forest, as the porter's room Livercolour, lív'vůr-kůl-lår. a. dark red Lodgement, lodje'mént. s. accumulation of ivergrown, liv'vůr-grdne. a. having a great any thing in a certain place ; possession of liver

(vants ; a particular dress the enemy's work Livery, liv'vůr-é. 8. the cloths given to ser-|Lodger, lødje úr. 9. one who lives in rooms iveryman, lie'vůr-é-mån. s. one who wears hired in the house of another; one that a livery a in London, a freeman of some

resides in any place standing to a company

Lodging, lôjje'ing. g. a temporary habitar ives, llvz. s. the plural of life

tion, rooms hired in the house of another ; Livid, ilv'id. a. discoloured as with a blow place of residence Lividity, le-vid'é-tė. s. discolouration Loft, 18st. 8. the higbest floor viving, liv'ving. s. support, maintenance, Loftily, lof tê-lé. ad. on Ligh; proudly livelihood; benefice of a clergy man

Loftiness, lot'tė-nes. s. height; haughtinens Livre, l'vůr, s. a French coin

Lofty, 18t'te, a. high ; sublime ; haughty ixivial, lik-siv'é-ål. a. impregnated with Log, lôg. 8. a shape lesz piece of wood ; a salts like a lixivium

Hebrew measure ixiviate, lik-ste'l-ate. a. making a lixivium | Logarithms, lôg'a-rithmz. 8. the inderes of ixivium, lik-sir'e-ún. s. lie, water innpreg the ratios of numbers one to another nated with salt

Loggerhead, Log'Eůr-laed. s. a dolt, a Flood izard, liz'zard. 8. a reptile

head Lo, id. int. look ! see ! bebold !

Logick, 18a'jfk. s. the art of reasoning oaj, lode. . a burden, a freight

Logical, 18J'j}k-ål. a. pertaining to logiak cuad, 13de. v. a. to burden, to freight ; to Logically, lod'jè-kål è. ad. according to the charge a gun; to make heavy

laws of logick

[of logick oadstone, lode'stone. s. the magnet Logician, 18-jssh'ún. s. a teacher or professor Loaf, ldfe. 8. a mass of bread, &c.

Logogriphe, lôg'o-grif. s. a kind of riddle Loam, lôme. s. fat uactuous earth, marl Logomachy, 13-gom'a-kl. 8. a contention oamy, lo'mė. a. Iarly

about words

(dying Loan, Idne. s. any thing lent

Logwood, lög'wåd. s. a wood much used in oath, loth. a. unwilling Cabnorrence Loin, loin. s. the back of an animal Loathe, ldtbe. v. a. to hate, to look on withLoiter, loé'tůr. v. n. to linger oathful, 18th'fil. a. abhorring

Loiterer, loé'túr-úr. s. a lingerer, an idre? oathsome, idth’sům. a. abborred, detestableLoll, 18l. v. n. to leaa idly; to hang out Loathsomeness, Idth’såın-nés. 8. quality of Lone, lone, a. solitary, single raising hatred

Loneliness, 1dua'lė-nès. s. solitude, was Loaves, lovz. s. plural of loaf

company Lob, 10b. . any one heavy ; a worm Lovely, lone'le. a. solitary


Loneness, lène'nės, s. solitude

||Lordly, lord'lė. a. proud, insolent Lonesome, lone'sům. a. solitary, dismal Lordly, Jord'lė. ad. imperiously, proudly Long, lông. a. not sbort; dilatory ; protract- Lordship, lård'sbỉp. s. dominion; seigniory : ed

[longing to a ship title of honour used to a lord Longboat, lång'bote. s. the largest boat be-Lore, ldre. s. lesson, doctrine Longevity, lôn-jểv'è-té. s. length of life Loricate, lor'ré-kåte. V. a. to plate over Longimanus, lôn-jîm'ma-nús. a. having long Lorimer, lor'ré-mûr. hauds

8. a bridle cutter

Loriner, lor'ré nůr. Longing, 180g'ing. 8. earnest desire Lose, 166ze. v, a to forfeit; to be deprived Longitude, lon'je-túde. s. length; the dis of ; to bewilder ; to employ ineffectually

tance of any part of the earth to the east | Lose, 168ze. V. n. to suffer loss; to decline, or west of any place

to fail

(any thing Longitudinal, ion-je-tú'de-nål. a. measured Loser, 18+z'ůr. 8. one that is deprived of by the length, running in the longest direc-Loss, los. s. forfeiture ; damage

Lost, löst. pret. and part. or to lose Longsone, lồng sâm. A. tedious

Lot, lôt. 8. fortune; a chance ; a portion ; Longsutfering, long-sůf'túr-ing a. patient proportion of taxes Longways, lông'waze. ad. in the longitudi-Lotion, 10'shứn. s. a form of medicine used to nal direction

[ed, tedious

wash any diseased parts; a cosmetick Longwinded, long-wind'ld. a. long-breath-Lottery, lột'túr-ė. s. a game of chance Loo, 163. s. a game at cards

Loud, 18ud. a. noisy, clamorous Loobily, 133°be-te. a. awkwari

Loudly, id'lè. ad. noisily ; clamorously Looby, 188'bė. s. a clumsy clown

Loudness, loud'nès. 8. noise, force of sound Loof, lồf. v. a. to bring a ship close to the Louis-d'or, 10-é-ddre'. 8. a gold coin of wind

France, valued at about twenty shillings Look, 180k. . n. to direct the eye to or from Lounge, linje. v. D. to idle, to live lazily any object; to expect; to watch Lounger, loun'jůr.

s. an idler Look, 136k. v. a. to seež, to search for; to Louse, 18ủse. b. a small insect turn the eye upon

Lousiness, 180'ze-nés. s. the state of aboundLook, 188k, inter. see! lc! behold! observe! ing with lice Look, 166k. s. air of the face, mien ; the act ||Lousy, 18'zė. a. swarming with lice of looking

Lout, 18ůt. s. a inean, awkward fellow Looking-glass, 188k'ln-glas. 8. a mirror Loutish, 188t'lab. a. clownish Loom, 18ám. 6. the frame in wbich weavers Love, lủv. v. a. to regard with passionate work their cloth


; to be pleased with Loon, 186n. 8. & sorry fellow

Love, lìv. s. the passion between the sexes ; Loop, 180p. s. a double through which a affection; liking; object beloved ; princistring or lace is drawn

ple of union; a word of endearment; a Loophoie, 1885'hole. 6. aperture, hole to give kind of thin silk stuff a passage

[disengage Loveletter, lův'lệt-ûr. 8. a letter of courtship Locse, 183se. V. a. to unbind; to relax ; to|Lovelily, lúv'le-lè. ad. amiably Loose, 188se.

unbound; wanton ;| Loveliness, lův'le-nês, s. amiableness vague ; unconnected; disengaged ; remiss Lovelorn, lỏv'lbrn. a. forsaken of one's love Loose, 186se. .. liberty, freedom from re- || Lovely, lův'lė. a. amiable ; exciting love straint

(Lover, lův'ůr. 8. one who is in love Loosely, 188se ldad. not fast; irregularly ;|| Lovesick, lịv'ssk. a. disordered with love, degligently ; unchastely

languishing with amorous desire Loosea, 133'sn. 7. a. to relax any thing ; to Lovesong, lův'sông. 8. a song expressing love separate; to free from restraint

Lovetale, lův'tåle. 8. narrative of love Looseness, loose'nės. s. criminal levity; ir-|Lovethought, lủv'thảwt. . amorous fancy

regularity; unchastity; diarrhoea Lovetoy, lův'těė. b. smali present given by Lop, lop. y. a. to cut off any thing

lovers Loquacious, 18-k wà'shús. a. full of talk Lovetrick, lîv'urik. 8. art of expressing love Loquacity, 18-kwås'ee-té. a. too much talk Loving, lův'ing. part. a. kind, affectionate Lord, 18rd, s. the Divine Being; mocarch, Lovingkindness, itv'ing-kylnd-nés, s. tender

ruler ; master; a tyrant; a husband ; a ness, favour, mercy Dobleman

(ically Lovingly, lův'ing-le. ad. affectionately Lord, Brd. v. n. to domineer, to rule despot-Low, 18. a. not bigh; descending downwards, Londling, 18rd'ling. 8. a diminutive lord deep; shallow : dejected ; abject; dishe Lordliness, 18ri8 ndo, 6. dignity, bigh sta nourable ; reduced too; pride

Low, 18. ad. meanly; with a low voice

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