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Low, lůú. v. 0. to bellow as a cow

Lunber, lúm'búr. 8. any thing useless or Lower, 18'úr. V. 2. to bring low

cumbersome Lower, låtúr. v. n. to appear dark and Luinber, túm'bůr. v. a. to heap like useless gloomy ; to frown, to lock sullen

goods irregularly

[gives light Loweringly, lote'ing-lè. ad. gloomily Luminary, lú' mé-når-re. s. any body which Lowermost, 18'ůr-most. a. lowes

Luminous, lu'mė-nús. a, shining Lowland, 18'land. s. a low country

Lunp, lîmp. s. a shapeless mass ; to gross Lowliness, 18 lé-nés. s. humility

Lunp. lúmp. v. a. to take in the gross Lowlv, Id iė. a. hurnble, meek

Lumping, lúmp'ing. a. large, heavy Lewuess, 13'něs. s. absence of height, mean-Lumpish, lúmp'ish, a. heary, gross, inactive ness ; depression

Lumpy, lůmp'é, a. full of luinps Lowspirited, 10-spir'it-têd. a. dejected, de-Lunacy, là nå-sé. s. inadness influenced by the

presged Loyal, loé'ål. a. obedient, true to the prince Lunar, lunar. Loyalist, 18t'il-list. s. one who professee un- Lunary, 1'nár-é. { a. relating to the moop common adherence to his king

Lunated, lu' nå-téd. a. formed like a half moon Loyally, ldd'al-le. ad, with fidelity

Lunatick, lu'na-tik. a. mad, baving the imaLoyalty, lỏeal-te. 5. idelity

gination influenced by the indon Lozenge, loz'zénje. 8. a figure in heraldry; a Lunatick, lửnå-tik. 8. a madman

form of a medicine made into small pieces Lunation, lu-ná'shủn. 6. the revolution of the Lubber, lûb'cür. . a sturdy drone Lubberly, lub'bůr-lè, a lazy and bulky Lunch, linsh.

s. as much food as one's Lubberly, lib'bůr-le. ad. awkwardly, clumsily | Luncheon, lin'shủn. Lubricate, ld'bré-káte. v, a. to make smooth hand can hold or slippery

Lunette, lù-net'. 8. a small half moon Lubricity, 14-brls'sė-té. s. slipperiness Lungs, lủngz. 8. the organs of respiration Lubrick, lubrik. a. slippery

Lupine, lu'pin. s. a kind of pulse Lucent, ld'sênt. a. Shining, splendid

Lurch, lúrtsh. 8. a forlorn condition Lucerne, lú'sém. s. a kind of grass cultivated Luch, lůrtsh. v. a. to defeat, to disappoint; as clover

to filch Lucid, M'sid. 1. bright, glittering, not dark-Lurcher, lůrtsh'úr. s. one that watches to ened with madness

steal, or to betray; a hunting dog Lucidity, li-old'été. s. splendour, brightness Lurs, lúre. s. an enticement Luciferous, lù-sir'fér-ửs. a. giving light, af- Lurid, lu'rid. a. gloomy, dismal fording means of discovery

Lurk, kúrk. v. n. to lie in wait Luck, lúk. s. chauce, fortune

Lurker, lårk’úr. 8. a thief that lies in wait Luckily, kůk'ké-lé. ad. fortunately

Lurking-piace, lůrk'ing-plåse, hiding Luckless, lak'les. a. unhappy

place Lucky, lůk'kė. a. fortunate, happy hy chance Luscious, lősh'ús. a. sweet; pleasing, cleying Lucrative, lů krá-tis. a. gainful, profitable Lusciousness, lish'ús-nes. B. immoderata Lucre, lukır. 8. gain, profit Luctation, lúk-ta'shủn. s. struggle

Lusorious, lů-so'ré-ìs. a. used in play, sportive Lucubrate, lů'ků-bråte. F. n. to watch, to Lust, låst. s. carnal desire ; any violent or study by night

irregular desire

(vebemently Lucubration, lu-ku-bra'shỉn. s, study by can-Lust, lúst. v. n. to desire carnally; to vesire

dlelight, any thing composed by night Lustful, lìst'rå). a. libidinous Lucubratory, lu'ků-brå-tir-ė. a. composed by Lustfully, Iủst fül-ė. ad. with sensual concr candlelight

piscence Ludicrous, 1'dê-krůs. a. burlesque Lustfulness, lůst'fål-nés. s. libidinousness Ludicrously, lu'dé-kris-lè. ad. sportively Lustily, lús'tė-lè. ad. stoutly, with vigon Luff, lif. v. a. to keep close to the wind Lustiness, lüs'te-nês. s. stout nesa, eturdiness Lug, lâg. v. a. to pull with violence Luistral, lüs'trål. a. used in purification Luggage, låg'gidje. s. any thing cumbrous Lnistration, lús-tra'shủn. 8. purification by

and unwieldy (different, not zealous Lukewarm, ldke'wårm. a. mildly warın; in-Lastre, lds'tür. 4. brightness ; a sconce witla Lukewarmness, loke'wårn-nés. 8. moderate lights ; eminence; the space of five years heat ; inditference

Lustring, lús tring. s. a shining silk Lull, lůl. v. a. to compose to sleep

Lustrous, kůs'trůs. a. brigat, luminou Lullaby, id'là-bl. 8. a sorg to still babes Lusty, lůs'te. a. stout, vigorous

(luta Lumbago, lim-ba'gd. no pains about the loirs Lutapist, ld'tan-lst. 2. one who plays upon the and small of the back

Lutarious, 18-dd're-úo. a living in mud 200



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Lute, låte. s. a stringed instrument of mu- Madcap, måd'káp. s. a madman; a bot

sick; a composition like clay, with which brained fellow cbymists close up their vessels

Madden, mau'dn. v. n. to become mad Lutulent, ii'ts bů-lènt. a. muddy

Madden, mad'dn. v. a. to make mad
Lux, lúks.
V. 2. to put out of joint Madhouse, måd’house. s. a house where mad-

Made, måde. part. pret. of make
Luxate, lúks'åte.
Luxation, lúks-à'shủn. s. the act of disjoining, men are cured or confined
any thing disjointed

Madly, mad'lė. ad. without understanding Luxuriance, lúg-zo'ré-anse.?

8. exuberance

Madman, mad'mån. 6. a man deprived of his Luxuriancy, lóg-zdré-an-se.)

understanding Luxuriant, lúg-zúré-ånt. a. exuberant, super- Madness, måd'ner. 8. distraction ; fury, rage Auous

(superfluous plenty Madrigal, mad'dré-gål. s. a pastoral song Luxuriate, lig-zure-åte. v. 0. to skoot with Magazine, måg-gå-zéčn'. s. 'à storehouse ; • Luxurious, lúg-zu're-ús. a. voluptuous, en miscellaneous pamphlet slaved to pleasure

[voluptuously Maggot, mag'gút. s. a small grub; odd fancy Luxuriously, lúg-zu're-us-lė. ad. deliciously, Maggotty, måg'gủe-é. a. full of maggots; Luxury, lůk'shu-ré. s. voluptuousness


(and invisible powers Lycanthropy, ll-kån’thro-pe. s. a kind of Magical, måd'jê-kål. a. performed by secret madness

Magically, måd'je-kål-ė. ad. according to Lying, ll'ing. the active participle of lie the rites of magick Lyınph, limf. s. transparent colourless liquor Yagick, måd’jik. s. the art of putting in ao Lymphatick, lfm-fát'ik. s. a vessel conveying tion the power of spirits the lymph

Magician, mi-jishoản. s. one skilled in magick Lynx, lingks. 5. 2 spotted beast

Magisterial, måd-jis-té'rê-ål. a. lofty, arroLyre, lire. 8. a musical instrument


[gantly Lyrick, lir'rik.

, måd-jss-té'rė-ål-nés. Lyrist, il'rist. s. a musician who plays upon haughtiness

(of a magistrate the barp

Magietracy, måd’jis-tra-sė. s. office or dignity Magistrate, måd'j is-tråte. 8. a man publickly invested with authority

(of mind

Magnanimity, mag-na-nim'è tė. s. greata ess MACAROON, måk-a-r88n'. s. a coarse lowjMagnanimous, mag-nån'é-mủs. a. great of fellow; a kind of sweet biscuit

mind, elevated in sentiment Macaw, må-kảw'. s. a bird in the West Indies|Magnanimously, mag-nån'é-mis-lè. ad. with Mace, mase. s. an ensign of authority; a greatness of mind kind of spice

(the mace|Magnet, mag'nết. s. the loadstone Macebearer, måse'båre-ůr. s. one who carries Magnetical, mag-nét'tê-kål. Macerate, mås'sểr-áte. v. a. to make lean ; to Magnetick, måg-net'tik.

a. having steep almost to solution

powers correspondent to those of the magMaceration, mås-ser-å'shủn. 1. the act of Ret ; attractive

(traction wasting or making lean

Magnetism, måg'nèt-lzm. 8. power of atMachinal, mak'ke-nål. a. relating to machines Magnifick, mag-nit'rik. a. illustrious, grand Machinate, måk'ké-náte. V. a. to plan, to Magnificence, mag-nir'fè-sense. 8. grandeur contrive


of appearance Machination, mak-ke-nå'shủn. 6. artifice, Magnificent, mag-nif'fè-sént. 2. grand, splenMachine, må-sheen'. s. any complicated piece did, pompous

(pously, splendidly of workmanship; an engine

Magnificently, mag-nirie-sent-id. ad. pomMachinery, må-shéén'ér-ė. s. enginery, com- Magnifier, mig'dé-rl-ửr. s. a glass that in. plicated workmanship

creases the bulk of any object Machinist, må-sbéén'ist. 8. a constructor of Magnify, mag'ne-fi. v. a. to make great, to engines or machines

extol Mackerel, mak'kér-il. 8. a sea-fish

Magnitude, mag'ne-tdde. s. greatness Macula, mak'kd-lå. 8. a spot

Magpie, måg'pi. s. a bird

( (wood Maculate, måk'ku-låte. v. a. to stain, to spot Mahogany, ma-bog'a-nė. s. a hard kind ci Maculation, mak-ku-lå shủn. 8. stain, spot, Maid, måde.

8. a virgin; a womantaint

Maiden, ma'dn. Mad, måd. a. disordered in the mind

servant ; a fish Mad, måd. v. a. to make mad, to make furious Maiden, må dn. a. fresh, unpolluted Madam, måd'ům. s. an address to a lady Maidenhead, må'an-béd. s. virginity, virgin Madbraided, måd'bråod, a. bot-beaded

purity newness



Maidenly, ma'da-le. a, like a maid, modest,((Malefactor, inål-lé-räk'tür. 8. a crininal timorous

(vant||Malefick, mâl-ler'flk. a. hurtful Majdservant, måde-ser'vânt. s. a female ser-PIalepractice, måle-pråk'tis. s. practice conMajestical, mâ-jës'tė-kål.

trary to rules

(lignity Majestick, må-jès'tik.

a. august ;||Malevolence, inå-lêr'v8-1ếnse. s. ill will, mnastately, pompous

Malevolent, má-lèv'vd-lènt. a. ill disposed toMajestically, ma-jểs'tė-kal-é. ad. with dig wards others nity, with grandeur

Malice, mål'lis. s. deliberate mischief Majesty, måd'jés-tė. 8. dignity, grandeur ;| Malicious, ma-1fsh'ús. a. ill-disposed to any sovereignty; a regal title

one, intending ill Mail, mále. 8. armour ; a bag of post letters Maliciously, má-lish'ús-lè. ad. with intention Maim, máme. V. a. to deprire of any neces of mischief

(mischiel sary part, to cripple by loss of a limb Maliciousness, má-lish's-nés. 8. intention of Maim, máme. B. privation of some essentiali Malign, má-line'. a. unfavourable part; injury; essential defect

Malignancy, má-lig'nå a-sé, s. malice, destrucMain, måne. a. principal ; strong ; important

tive tendency Main, måne. s. the gross, the bulk; the ocean :: Malignant, má-lig'nánt. a. envious, malicious force

Malignantly, mi-lig'nânt-lé, ad. maliciousiy, Mainland, måne-lánd', s. the continent mischievously Mainly, måne'lė. ad. chiefly ; powerfully aligner, má-line'ür. B. one who regards anMainmast, måne'måst. s. the chief or middle other with ill will

[of nature mast

Malignity, má-lig'ne-té. e. malice; evilness Mainprize, måne'prize. 8. delivery into the Malignly, má-line'lé. ad. enviously, with all

custody of a friend, upon security given for appearance

Malkin, måw'kin. 8. a dirty wench Mainsail, mảne'såle. 8. the sail of a maiamast| Mall, mål. 8. a kind of hammer , & walk Maintain, men-tåne'. v. a. to preserve ; to where they formerly played with malls and keep up; to support


(duck Maintainable, mén-tåne'a-bl. a. defensible Mallard, mal'lard. s. the drake of the wild Maintenance, mén'tén-ânse. s. supply of the Malleability, mâl-lé-a-bil'e-tê. s. quality of necessaries of life

[masti enduring the harmer Mastop; måne-top'. s. the top of the main | Malleable, mål'le-a-bl. a. capable of being Major, må'júr. a. greater in number, quantity, spread by beating or extent

Malleate, mål'le-åte, v. a. to hammer Major, må'jůr. 8. the officer above the cap-|Mallet, mål'llt. 8. a wooden hammer

tain; the first proposition of a syllogism Malmsey, mảm'zė. s. a kind of wine Majority, mä-jór'e-tè. s. the greater bumber Malt, målt. s. barley steeped in water and the office of a major

dried on a kiln Maize, måze. s. Indian wheat

Maltfloor, målt'fibre. 9. a fioor to dry malt Make, make. v. a. to create ; to form ; to pro-Maltman, målt' mån.

9. one who makes malt duce; to bold; to commit; to force ; to Malster, målt'stảr.

raise as profit from any thing; to arrive at|Malversation, mål-ver-så'shủn. s. bad shifts, Make, máke. s. form, structure

mean artifices

(Mother Makebate, måke'båte. .. breeder of quarrels Mamma, mim-ma'. s. the fond word for Maker, maʼkůr. s. the Creator ; one who Mammillary, mâin' mil-la-ré. a. belonging to makes any thing (reconciler!

(piece Makepeace, make'pėse. s. peace-maker : Mammock, mâm'mütk. s. a large shapelers Makeweight, máke'wåte. s. any small thingMammock, mam' můk. v. a. to tear, to pull to thrown in to make up weight

Mammon, márn'můn. 8. riches (pieces Malady, mal'i-dé. 8. a disease [impudence Man, mån. 6. tbe male of the human species ; Malapert, mål'á-pểrt. a. saucy, quick with a servant

(tify Male, mâle. s. the be of any species Man, man. v. a. to furnish with men; to forMaleadministration, måle-åd-min-nis-trå'Manacles, mân' nå-klz. s. chains for the hands

shủn. s. bad management of affairs Manage, min' idje. v. a. to conduct; to goMalecontent, måle'kon-tênt. a. discontented, vero, to make tractable ; to wield; to husdissatisfied

band Malecontent, måle'kön-tênt. s. one dissatisfi-|Manage, mân'ídje. 8. conduct, administraed or discontented

tior; a riding-school

(tractable Malediction, mâl-lé-dik'shỉn. 8. curse, execra-Manageable, mân'idje-&-bl. 2. govercable, Malefaction, indi-lê-fák'shún. s. a crime, an Management, man'idje-ment. 5. conduct, asta offence


the paps

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Manager, mån’idje-ír. s. one who has the di- Mannerliness, mån'nůr-lé-nés. s. civility,

rection of any thing; a man of frugality ceremonious complaisance Manation, ma-nå'shủn. s. the act of issuing Mannerly, man'nůr-le. a. civil, complaisant from

Mannich, man'nish. a. having the appearance Manchet, mântah'ít. s. a small loaf of fine bread of a man, bold, masculine Mancipate, mân'sė-påte. V. a. to enslave, to Manæuvré, mån-o'vůr. 8. an attempt, out of bind

the common course of action, to reliere Mandamus, mân-då'mủs. . a writ from the ourselves, or annoy our adversary court of the king's bench

Manor, man'núr. s. a lord's jurisdiction Mandarin, mản-đẳ-reen. B. 4 Chinese nob!e-Mansion, min’shẳn. 8. abode, house man or magistrate

Manslaughter, mån’slảw-túr. s. the act of Mandate, mau'dåte. s. command; precept killing a man not wholly without fault, Mandatory, mån'da-túr-é. &. preceptive, di though without malice

Canother rectory

Ma uislayer, mân'slá-úr. 8. one that has killed Mandible, inan'dé-bl. s. the jaw

Mansuete, mån'swete. a. tame, gentle Mandrake, mån' fråke. s. a punt, the root of Mansuetude, mån'bwe-tůde. s. tameness, gen

which is said to bear a resemblance to the tleness human forin

Mantel, mán'tı. 8. work raised before a Manducate, man'dd-kåte. v. a. to chew chimoey to conceal it Mane, måne. 5. the hair which hangs dowa Mantelet, mån-te-lệt'. 8. a small cloak ; * on the neck of a horse

kind of moveable pent-house Maneater, man'éte-ur. 8. a cannibal

Mantle, mån'tl. s. a kind of cloak Manes, ma'néz. 8. ghost, shade

Mantle, ma n'tl. v. a. to cloak, to cover Manful, mån'fdl. a. bold, stout, daring

Mantle, nån'tl. v. n. to be expanded; to Manfully, man'rol-e. ad. boldly, stoutly gather any thing on the surface, to froth; Manfulness, måo'rûl-nés. s. stoutness, boldness to ferment Mange, månje. s. the itch in cattle

Mantua, mân'tsh 8-8. s. a lady's gown Manger, måne'júr. 5. the vessel in which an- Mantua maker, mån'tıl-má-kúr. s. one who inals are fad with corn

makes gowns for women Mangle, mång'gl. v. lacerate, to cut or Manual, måu'd-al. a. performed by the hand tear piecereal, to smooth linen

Manual, man'u-ål. s. a small book Maugler, mitg'gl-ír. s. one who mangles Manufactory, min-4-fák'túr-ė. s. a place Mangy, inane' lė. a. infected with the mange where a manufacture is carried on Manbater, måı' hate-úr. 8. misanthrope, one Manufacture, män-nú-fák'tshủre. s. any thing that hates mankind

made by art

(by art and labour Machood, mâu hůd. s. human nature ; virili- Manufacture, mån-nd-råk'tshůre, v. a. to make ty : courage

Manufacturer, mån-nu-råk'tshù-růr, s. a workManiack, ma'né-ik. s, a mad person

man, an artificer Maniack, ma'ne-ik. a. raying with madness Manumission, mân-nd-misb'ún. s. the act of Manifest, min'né. rést. a. plain, oper, detected! giving liberty to slaves

(slavery Manifesi, inan'né-fêst. v. 1. to show plainly Manunit, mån-nu-mit'. v. a. to release from Manifestation, mån-ne-fés-ta'shún. 8. discove- Manurable, má-nu'rå-bl. a. capable of culti59, publicati in

(dently vation Manifestly, mån'né-rest-lé, ad. clearly, evi-|Manure, må-ndre'. v. a to cultivate by Manifestness, måd'ne-fest-nês. s. perspicuity

manual labour; to fatten with composts Manifesto, mån-ne- fès'td. s. publick prutesta- Mamure, ma-ndre'. 8. soil to be laid on landa tion

(many|| Manuscript, inan'ú-skript. 8. a bouk written, Manifold, mån'ne-rol d. a. of different kinds, not printed Manikin, man'né-isin. 6. a little man Many, nềnone. a. numerous Maniple, mån'é-pl, 8. a handful; a small bandi Manytimes, men'ne-tlmz. ad. often, frequently of soldiers

(of human beings Map, map. s. a delineation of countries Mankind, mân-kylnd'. 1. the race or species Mappery, map'půr-ė. e. the art of planning Manlike, måo'like. a. having the qualities of and designing a man, befitting a man

Mar, mår. v. a. to injure, to spoil Manliness, mân'id-nés. s. bravery, stoutness Maranatha, mår-ä-näth'a. 8. a form of denounManly, inan'lé. a. becoming a man, firm, brave cing a curse among the Jews Macie, måd'nâ. 6. a kind of gum, a physical Marauder, ma-ro'důr. s. a soldier that roves drag

Imien; peculiar way about in quest of plunder Manger, mån'når. 8. form, method; sort; Marble, mảr'b). s. stune used in statues and Mannerist, måp'når-ist. s. any artist who per elegant buildings; a little ball with which forms all his works in one unveried maager

childreo play


Marble, mår bl. a. made of marble; variega-11 Marquis, mår kwis. s. one of the second orted like marble

der of nobility next in rank to a duke Marcasite, mår’ka-site. 8. a solid hard fossil Marquisate, mår'kwiz-åte. 8. the seignory of March, mårtsh. 8. the third month of the marquis year

Marriage, mår'rldje. 8. the act of uniting a March, mảrtsh. 9. a movement, journey of man and woman for life

(married soldiers ; grave and solemn walk Marriageable, mår'ridje-å-bl. a. of age to be March, mảrtsh. v. n. to move in a military Married, már'rid. a. conjugal ; connubial

form; to walk in a grave, deliberate, or Marrow, mår'rd. s. an oleaginous substance stately manner

(or borders contained in bones, Marchar, mårtsb'ůr. s. president of the marches Marrowfat, mår'ro-fåt. B. a kind of pea Marchioness, mår'tshûn-és. 8. the wife of a Marrow less, mår'rd-lès. a. void of marrow marquis

Marry, mår'rė. v. a. to joia a man and a wo-
Marcid, når'sld, a. lean, pining

man; to take for husband or wife
Mare, måre. 8. the female of a horse [an army Marry, mår'rė. v. 2. to enter into the congu-
Mareschal, már'shål. 8. a chief commander of gal state
Margarite, már gå-rite. 8. a pearl

Marsh, mảrsh. s. a fen, a bog, a swamp
Margent, mår'jênt.

Marsha!, mår'shål. s. the chief officer of arms;

the border, the edge Margin, mår'jín.

a pursuivant

[in order Marginal, mắr'je-nål. s. placed or written on Marshal, mår'shål. v. 2. to arrange, to rank the margin

Marshalsea, mår'shål-se. s. a prison belong. Marigold, mär're-gold. 5. a yellow flower ing to the marshal of the king's household Marine, må-réen'. a. belonging to the sea Marshy, mårsh'è. a. boggy, feany, swampy Marine, må-réen'. s. a soldier taken on ship-Mart, mårt. s. a place of publick traffick

board to be employed in descents upon the Marten, mår't'n. 8. a large weasel ; a kind of land

Martial, mảr'shål. a. warlike (swallow Mariner, mår'rin-år. s. a seamnan, a sailor Martingal, mår'tin-gål. 8. a broad strap made Marital, mår'ré-tål. a. pertaining to a husband fast to the girths under the belly of a Maritime, mår're-tim. a. relating to the sea ; horse

(Martin marine

Martinmas, mảr'tin-mûs. s. the feast of St.
Mark, mårk. s. an impression ; a proof Martyr, mår'túr. s. one who by his deatha
Mark, mảrk. V. a to impress with a token bears witness to the truth
or eridence; to note

Martyr, mår'tûr. v. a. to put to death for vir.
Market, már'kit. 8. a publick time of buying

tue ; to murder

(martyr and selling ; place where a market is held Martyrdom, mår'túr-dûm. s. the death of a Market, mår'kst. v. a. to deal at a market, Martyrology, mår-túr-rôl'18-jė. 8. a register to buy or sell

of martyrs

[astonishing Market-cross, mår-kit-krðs'. s. a cross set up Marvel, már' vêi. s. a wonder, any thing where the market is held

Marvel, mår' vél. v. n. to wonder, to be asMarket-place, mảr'kit-plåse. 8. place where tonished the market is held

Marvellous, mår' vél-lûs. a. wondefrul, strange Market-price, már'kit-prise. s. the price at Marvellousness, mårévél-lís-nés. b. wonder which any thing is currently sold

fiillness, strangeness Market-towa, mår'kit-tåån, s. the town that Masculine, mâs'kd-lin. &. maie, virile

has the privilege of a stated market Masn, mish. B. any thing mingled or beaten Marketable, mảr’kst-à-bl. a. such as may be together into an undistinguished or confus sold current in the market

ed body Marksınan, mảrks'mán. 8. a man skilful to Mash, mảsh. v. a. to beat into a confused hit a mark

mass; to mix malt and water together in Marl, mårl. s. a kind of clay used for mannra brewing Marlinespike, mår'lin-spike. 8. a small piece Mask, måsk. 8. a cover to disguise the face of iron for fastening ropes

a dramatick performance Marlpit, mårl'pit. 8. a pit out of which mac Mask, måsk. v. a. to disguise with a mask or is dug

visor ; to cover Marmalade, mår'mi-lade.

Mason, ind'sn. 6. a builder with stone Marmalet, mår'ma-lét. B. the pulp of Masonry, ma'sn-rė. s. the craft or porfersa

quinces boiled into a consistence with su ance of a mason gar

(marble Masquerade, mås-kúr-rårte'. s. a diversion is Marmorean, mår-more-an. made of which the company is masked Marquetry, mår két-tré. a. chequered work, Masquerade, mâs-kůr-rade'. v. a. to go to work inlaid with variegation

disguise ; to asserable in masks


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