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Multiple, múl’te-pl. s. a nurnber which con- Murder, můr'dúr. 5. the act of killing up

tains another several times; as, Nine is lawfully

the multiple of three (ing inultiplied Murder, můr'dir. v. a. to kill unlawfully Multipliable, můl'te-pll-8-bl. a. capable of be- Murderer, můr'důr-ứr. 8. one who has shed Multiplicand, mil-te-ple-bånd'. 6. the aum human blood uplawfully (mits murder

ber to be multiplied [of more tħan one Murderess, múr'důr-és. s. a woman that comMultiplicate, mil-tipple-káte, a. consisting Murderous, m ůr'důr-ús. a. guilty of murder Maltiplication, můl-tdplė-La'shủn. 8. the act Muriatick, md-ré-åt'tik. a. partaking of the of inultiplying

taste or nature of brine Multiplicator, múl-td-plé-ka'tûr. s. the num-Murk, můrk. s. darkness

ber by which another nurrber is multiplied Murky, můrskė. a. dark, cloudy Multiplicity, můl-té-plic'é-tė. s. state of be- Murmur, můr'múr. s. a low buzzing noise ing many

[in arithmetick complaint half suppressed Multiplier, můl'te-pll-ứr. s. the multiplicator Murmur, mûr'můr. v. n. to give a low buża Multiply, můl'te..pli. v. n. to increase in num zing sound; to grumble

Murrain, můr'rin. s. the plague in cattle Multipresence, můl-td-prêz'ềnse. 8. the power Murrey, můr'rė. a. darkly red

of being present in more places than one Muscadine, můs'ka-dine. s. a kind of sweet Multitude, mål'tė-túde. s. many; a great num grape ber; a ctowd

Muscle, mủs'sl. s. the fleshy fibrous part of Multitudinous, můl-te-tưde-nús. a. manifold an animal body; a shell-fish Multocular, můt-êk'ku-lår. a, having more Muscular, můs'ků-lår. a. performed by mus. eyes than two


Thaving muscles Mum, mům. int. silence, hush

Muscularity, mís-kı-lår're-tè. s. the state of Muin, múm. . ale brewed with wheat [chew Musculous, músíkú-lús. a. •full of muscles, Murrble, můn'bl. v. n. to speak inwardiy; to brawny Mumbler, mům'bl-ửr. 8. a mutterer

Muse, moze. s. one of the nine sister goddessMummer, múm'múr. s. a masker

es who, in the heathen mythology are Mummer), múmn'múr-re. s. masking, frolic in supposed to preside over the liberal arts; masks

deep thought, close attention, absence of Mummy, mứn'mė. s. a dead body preserved mind

(silence by the Egyptian art of embalming; a sort Muse, múze. V. a. to ponder, to study in of wax used in the planting and grafting oil Museum, mú-zė’úm. 8. a repository of learn(begging ed ccriosities

[an upstart Muip, mimp. v. a. to nibble; to go a Mushroom, músh'rbbm. 8. a springing plant; Muper, múmp'ůr. 6. a beggar

Musick, mú'zlk. 6. the science of harmonical Mumps, mảmpe. 6. sullenness; a disease sounds; harmony Munch, mứush. v. a. to chew by great inouth- Musical, muzé-kål. a. harmonious [mony fuls

[world Musician, mů-z lsh'ún. s. one skilled in har. Mundane, můn'dåne. 8. belonging to the Musk, můsk. s. a perfume ; a flavour Mandatory, múd'då-túr-ré. a. baving the Musket, înůs'k it. 6. a soldier's hand-gun power to cleanse

Musketeer, mús-ké-téér'. s. a soldier whose Mundick, inůu'dik. 8. a kind of marcasite

weapon is his musket Mundification, mủn-de-fe-ka'shủn. s. the act|Musketoon, mis-ke-183n'. s. a blunderbuss of cleansing,

Muskiness, mủs'kė-nés. s. the scent of musk Mundify, můr'de-fl. v. a. to cleanse Musky, můs'ké. a. fragrant sweet of scent Mundungus, mủn-důng'gủs. s. stinking to Muslin, mủz'lin. 6. a fine stuff made of cotton bacco

(of a giit Mussulman, mos'sůl-man, s. a Mahometar Munerary, můne-ra-ré. a. having the nature believer Mungrel, můng'gril. 8. any thing generated Must, mist. v. imperfect. to be obliged between different kinds

Must, můst. 8. new wine, new wort Mingrel, múng'gril. a. generated between Must, mứst. v. n, to grow moolủy different natures, degenerate

Mustaches, mús-sta'shlz. g. whiskers Municipal, mu..wis'se-pål. a. belonging to al Mustard, músítúrd. 6. a plant corporation

[act of giving|Muster, mûs'túr. v. n. to asgemble Munificence, mů-diffé-sense. s. liberality, the Muster, müs'tûr. s. a review; a register Munificent, md-nirie-sênt. a. liberal, generous Mustermaster, inůs'túr-más-túr. s. one who suMunificently, mů-nir'fé-sent-lè. ad. liberally, perintends

[forces generously

(hola Muster-roll, müs'tür-rôle. 3. a register of Munition, md-aish'ûn. s. fortification, strong|Mustiness, mús'tė-nés. s. could, damp foulMural, ma'rål. a. pertaining to a wall




Musty, můs'te 2. mouldy, spoiled with

damp Mutability, md-ta-bil'é-tė. s. changeableness inconstancy

(terable Mutable, mu'ta-bl. a. subject to change ; al-NAB, nâb. v. a. to catch unexpectedly Mutation, md-tå'shủn. s. change, alteration Nadir, na'důr. 5. the point opposite to the Mute, måte, a. silent, not vocal

zenith Mute, můte. s. one that has no power of Nag, någ. 8. a small horse speech

; a letter which can make no sound | Naiad, nay'ád. s. a water-nymph Mute, måte. V. n. to dung as birds

Nail, nåle. s. the horny substance at the ends Mutely, můte'lė. ad. silently

of the fingers and toes; a spike of metal ; a Mutilate, mů'til-åte. v. a. to deprive of some boss; a kind of measure essential part

Nail, nále. v. a. to fasten or stud with nails Mutilation, má-tê-ia'shản. 8. deprivation of Naked, na'kid. a. uncovered ;* evident ; simpla a limb, or any esseutial part

Nakedness, na'kid-nes. s. nudity ; plain ness Mutineer, mů-tin-nėèr'. 6. a mover of sedi-Name, nảme. s. an appellation ; character tion

Nameless, påme'lés. a. not distinguished by Mutinous, mo'tin-nús. a. seditious

any discriminative appellation Mutinousness, má'tín-nủs-nés. s. seditiousness Namely, náme'lė. ad. specially Mutiny, mu'tê-né. v. n. to rise against au- Namesake, nåme'sảke. 8. one of the same

thority, to make irsurrection Mutiny, mů'te-nė. s. insurrection, sedition Nap, nåp. 8. slumber, a short sleep ; down Mutter, můt'tůr. v. n. to grumble, to murinur Nap, påp. v. n. to sleep, to be drowsy Mutton, můt'tn. 8. the flesh of sheep Nape, nápe. 9. the joint of the neck behind Mattonfist, můt'to-fist. s. a hand large and Naphtha, nåp'thả. s. a kind of bitumen red

Napkin, nåp'kin. s. a cloth used at table to Mutual, mů'tshů-al. a. reciprocal

wipe the hands
Mutually, mi'tshů-al-le. ad. reciprocally Napless, nap lés. a. wanting nap, threadbare
Mutuality, mů-tshå-ålʻle-tė. s. reciprocation Nappy, náp'pé. a. frothy, spumy
Muzzle, müz'zl. 8. the mouth of any thing :/Narcissus, når-sis'sửs s. a daffodil
a fastening for the mouth

Narcotick, når-köt'tik. a. producing torpor,
Muzzle, múz'zl. v. a. to bind the mouth or stupefaction
My, ml. pron. possessive. belonging to me Narrable, når'rå-bl. 2. capable to be told
Myology, ml-di'18-jé. 8. the doctrine of the Narrate, når'råte. V. a. to relate, to tell

Narratinn, når-rå'shứn. 6. account, relation
Myopy, mld-pè. s. shortness of sight Narrative, når'rå-tiv. a. relating, story-tell-
Myriad, mli're-åd. B. the number of ten ing

Narrative, når'rå-tfv. S. a relation, an account
Myrmidon, mêr'mè-dûn. s. any rude ruffian Narrator, vår-rå'tůr. 8. a relater
Myrrh, mér. s. a precious kind of guin Narrify, når're-fl. v. a. to relate, to give
Myrtle, mêr'tl. s. a fragrant tree

account of
Myself, mé-self'. s. an emphatical west ad-Narrow, nár'rt. a. not broad or wide
ded to I ; as, I myself do it

Narrow; når'r&-le. ad. contractedly; Mysterious, mis-te'ré-ús. a. inaccessible to closely the understanding

Narrowness, når'rd-nés. 8. want of breadth ; Mysteriousness, mis-te're-ůs-nés. s. holy ob confined state

scurity ; artful difficulty or perplexity Nasal, na zál. a. belonging to the nose Mysterize, mis'tê-rize. v. a. to explain as Nasty, pás'tė. a. dirty, althy; obscene enigmas

Nastiness, nås'té-nês. s. dirt, filth ; obscenity Mystery, mis'te-rè. s. something above hu-Natal, nã'tål. a. relating to nativity

man intelligence; an enigma; a calling Natation, nå-tà'shủn. s. the act of swimming Mystical, mis'te-kål. Mystick, mis'tik.

8. secretly obscure

Nation, nå'shủn. 8. a distinct people

National, nash'in-ål. a. publick, general emblematical

Native, na'tiv. a. produced by nature ; natural
Mystica' aega, mis'te-kål-nès. s. involution of Native, na'tiv. a. one born in any flaco
some secret meaning

Nativity, nâ-tiv've-tė. s. birth
Mythological, infth-8-1&d'je-kål. A. relating||Natural, nåt'tshå-rål. a. produced or effccted

to the explication of fabulous history by nature ; illegitimate; unaffected Mythologist, mé-thởl'18-jist, 8. a relater or Natural, nat'tshủ-rål. s. an idiot, a fool

expositor of the heathen ancient fables Naturalist, pát'tshd-ral-&st. i student in Mythology, md-thål’ld-jé, s. system of fables physicks

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Naturalization, påt-tshù-ral-e-za'shủn. s. the Necessitate, né-sés’se-tåte. v. a. to make ne act of investing aliens with the privileges cessary

(of want of native subjects

Necessitated, né-sés'se-tà-têd. a. in a state Naturalize, nat'tshú-rai-ize. v. a. to invest Necessitous, nê-sểs'se-tủs. a. pressed with with he privileges of native suhjects


(want, need, poverty Naturally, nât'tshú-rål-lé. ad. without affecta- Necessity, nė-sểs'sè-td. s. compulsion, fatality; tion ; spontaneously

Neck, nék. s. the part between the head and Nature, nå'tshúre. 5. the native state of any body ; a long narrow part

thing; constitution; disposition ; regular Neckcloth, nek'kloth. s. that which men wear course; compass of natural existence on their neck

(women on the neck state of the world ; sort, species

Necklace, nek’láse. 8. an ornament worn by Naught, nåwt, a. corrupt, worthless Necromancer, nek'krd-nan-sûr. s. an enchantNaught, nåwt. s. nothing

er, a conjurer

(conjoration Naughtily, nåw'te-lé. ad. wickedly, corruptly| Necromancy, nek'krð-mân-se. s. encbantment, Naughtiness, nåw'tė-nès. s. wickedness, bad- Nectar, nek'tûr. s. the supposed drink of the

heathen gods Naughty, nåw'tė. a. bad, wicked, corrupt Nectareous, něk-tå're-ús. a. resembling nectar Naumachy, niw'ma-ke. s. a mock sea-fight Nectarine, nek'ter-in. 1. a fruit of the pluma Nauseate, nåw'she-ate. v. to loathe, tol kind reject with disgust

Need, nééd. s. exigency, necessity Nauseous, nåw'shús. a. loathsome, disgustful Need, nééd. v. a. to want, to lack Nause ously, nåw'shủs-lè. ad. loathsomely, Needful, nééd'fil. a. indispensably requisito

disgristfully (quality of raising disgust Needily, nééd'de-lè. ad. in poverty, poorly Nauseousnesa, nåw'shús-nés. s. loathsomeness, Neediness, nėéd’de-nés. s. want, poverty Nautical, nåw'te-kål.

Needle, née dl. s. a small instrume: t for sew. Nautick, nåw'tik. a. pertaining to

ing ; the small steel bar which in the mari. sailors

ner's compass stands regularly north and Nautilus, niw'til-is. 8. a shell fish furnished south

with something analogous to oars and a sail Needlework, néè' dl-wůrk. s. the business of Naval, nå' val. a. consisting of ships ; belong a sempstrees ; embroidery by the needle ing to ships

(churchNeedless, need 'les. a. unnecessary, not requiNave, nåve. 8. the middle part of a wheel, or Navel, nå'vl. s. the point in the middle of the Needs, nėédz. ad. indispensably' belly

(passed by ships or boat:Needy, néè'dė. a. poor, necessitous Navigable, nåv've-gå-bl. a. capable of being Nef, néf. s. the body of a church Navigate, når’vé-gåte. y. . to sail, to pass by Nesarious, nė-fà'se-ús. 2. wicked, abominable

[passing by water Negation, ne-ga'shủn. 8 denial Navigation, niv-ve-gå'shủn. 5. the act of Negative, nég'ga-tiv, s. a proposition by Navigator, nåv'vé-gå-túr. s. sailor, seaman which something is denied Navy, na vè. 8. an assembly of ships, a fleet Neglect, nég-lékt'. v. a. to omit by carelessNay, na. ad. no, an adverb of negation

ness; to postpone Neal, néle. v. a. to temper by a gradual heat Neglect, nég-lékt'. s. instance of inattention Neap, népe. a. low, decrescent

Neglectful, nég-lékt'fi). a. heedless, inattentive Near, nère. prep. close to, nigh

Neglectfully, nég-lékt'fàl-id. ad. with heedNear, nère. ad. almost; at hand (parsimonious less inattention

(by heedlessness Near, nėre. a. not distaat · close; intimate ;| Negligence, négʻle-jếnse. s. habit of omitting Nearly, nère'lė. ad. at no great distance : Negligent, nég'lė-jếnt. a. careless, heedless closely ; in a niggardly manner

Negligently, nég'lé-jếnt-lè. ad. carelessly Nearness, nère'nės. 6. closeness ; alliance of heedlessly

blood or affection; tendency to avarice Negotiate, 'ne-gé'shé-åte. v. n. to have interNeat, nète. s. black cattle, oxen

course of business, to traffick Neat, nète. a. elegant without dignity Negotiation, nė-gd-she-d'shủn. 6. treaty of Nestherd, nete'bêrd. s. a cow-keeper

business Neatly, nète'lė. a, elegantly ; cleanlily Negro, negro. s. a blackmoor Neatness, nète'nės. s. spruceness ; cleanliness Neigh, nå. v. n. to utter the voice of a horso Nebulous, nêb'b0-los. a. misty, cloudy Neigh, nå, s. the voice of a horse Necessaries, nês'sés-ser-riz. s. things not only Neighbour, nå'bůr. S. one who lives dear to convenient but needful [bly another

[ing Necessarily, nés'sés-ser-ré-lé. ad. indispensa- Neighbourhood, nå’hảr hůd. s. pilace adjoinNeceabary, ndo'sés-ser-ré. a needful, indis-Neighbourly, na uứr.14. a. becoming a neighpensably requisite

bour, civil






Neighbourly, nê bûr-le. ad. with social civilty | Nick, nik. s. exact point of time; a notch ; a Neither, nė'thảr. conj. not either

(cut ip nicks Neoterick, ne-8-têr'rik. a. modera, novel Nick, nik. v. a. to bit, to touch luckily ; to Nepenthe, ne-pèn'thè. s. a drug that drives Nickpame, nik'nåme. s. a name given in scoff away all pains

(sister or contempt (probrious appellation Nephew, nev'rd. s. the son of a brother or Nickuame, nis-name'. v. a. to call by an opNephritick, né-frit'tik. a. good against the Nidification, nfd-e-te-kå'shủn. s. the act of

building nests Nepotism, nép'8-tizm. s. fondness for nephews|Nidulation, nid-jd-lå'shủn. 6. the time of reNerve, nerv. s. an organ of sensation

maining in the rest

(sister Nerveless, nerv'lês. a. without strength Niece, nēése. 8. the daughter of a brother or Nervous, nêr' vủs. a. well strung, strong, vi- Niggard, nig'gird.

8. a miser gorous; having weak nerves

Niggard, nig'gůrd. 2. sordid, avaricious Nescience, nesl'é-énse. s. ignorance, the state Niggardliness, nig'gård-lé-nés. $. avarice, of not knowing

sordid parsimony Nest, nêst. s. the bed formed bŷ a bird for in-Niggardly, nig'gúrd-1d. a. avaricious, sordidcubation; boxes of drawers

ly parsimonious Nestegs, résťég. s. an egg left in the nest to Nigh, nl. prep. at no great distance from keep the hen from forsaking it

Nighly, ni'lè. ad, nearly, within a little Nestle, nés'sl. v. n. to settle; to lie close and Night, nite. s. the time of darkness song

(nest Nightcap, nlte'káp. 6. a ca- worn in bed, op Nestling, nêst'ling. s. a bird taken out of the in undress

(night Net, nèt. . a texture woven with large in-Nightdress, nlte'drés. e. the dress worn at terstices or meshes

Nightfairing, olte'få-ring. a. travelling in the Nether, neth'år. a. lower, not upper

night Nethermost, netb'úr-mást. s. lowest Rightgown, nite'gðản. s. a loose gown used Nettle, nét'tl. 8. a stinging herb

for an undress

(sings in the night Network, nết'wůrk. s. any thing resembling Nightingale, nlte'lu-gåle. s. a small bird that the work of a net

(either side Nightly, nite'lè a. done by night Neuter, nů'tůr, a. indifferent, not engaged on Nightman, nlte'man. s. one who carries away Neuter, nå'túr. 8. one indifferent and unen ordure in the night gaged

Nightmare, nlte'råre. 8. a morbid oppression Neutral, ni'trål. a. indifferent, not engaged in the night, resembling the pressure of

on either side ; neither good or bad weight upon the breast Neutral, nè'trål. s. one who does not act norNightpiece, nite' péėse. s. a picture so colour. engage on either side

Tence ed as to be supposed seen by candlelight Neutrality, nu-tråle-té. s. a state of indiffer-i Nightshade, nlte'sbåde. s. a plant Neutrally, nů'trål-lè. ad. indifferently Nightwalker, nite'wảwk-ửr. 8. one who roves Never, nêr'ûr. ad, at no time

in the night upon ill designs Nevertheless, nếr-úr-the-lès'. ad. notwith-|| Nightwatch, n'te'wõtsh. s. a period of the starding that

night as distinguished by change of the New, nd. a. fresh; modern

watch Newfangled, nå-fang'gld. a. formed with vain Nigrescent, nl-grés'sếnt. a. growing black or foolish love of novelty

Nimble, alm'bl. a. quick, active Newel, nd'll. s. the compass round which Nimbleness, nim'bl-néo. s. quickness, activity the staircase is carried

Nimbly, nim'ble. ad. quickly, speedily Newly, nd'iė. ad. freshly, lately

Nincompoop, nin'kům-påbp. 8. a fool, a trider Newness, o'nés. s. freshness, novelty Nine, nine. a. vne more than eight News, náze. s. fresh account of

any thing Ninefold, plne'rdid. a. nine times Nev.year's-gift, ad'yérz-gift. s. present made Ninepins, nlne'plnz. B. a play where nine on the first day of the year

pieces of wood are set up on the ground to Next, plkst. a. Dearest in place

be thrown down by a bowl Nibble, nlb'bl. v, a. to bite by little at a time. Ninescore, nlne'sköre. e. nine times twenty to eat slowly

Nineteen, olne'teen. a. nine and ten Nice, nlse. a. accarate ; delicate ; refined Nineteenth, aine'tééntb. a. the ordinal of Nicely, alus'ld. ad. accurately, minutely, deli nineteen cately

(ness Ninety, nine'td. a. nine times ten Niceness, ne'nes. s. accuracy, minute exact-Nintb, ninth. a. next in order to the eighth Nicetý, nlod-tè. o. minute accuracy ; subtilty ;Ninetieth, olne'td-lth. a. the tenth nine times effeminate softpen

{be placed told Nidbe, pitsb. n. a bollow io wbjab a statue may| Ninny, nln'od. s. a fool, a simpletos

to vex


Nip, lip. v. a. to pinch; to bite; to blast ;||Nominative, nôm'me-nå-tiv. 6. the case in

[a blast; a taunt grammar that primarily designates the Nip, nlp. s. a pinch with the nails or teeth i name of any thing Nippers, alp'půrz. 6. small piacere Norage, nônoxdje. 6. minority Nipple, nip pl. 8. teat, dug

Nonconformity, non-kon-fôr'me-té. s. refusal Nisi-prius, ni'se-prl'ús. 8. a judicial writ

of compliance Nit, nit. s. the egg of a louse

None, nủn. 8. not one ; not any Nitid, ult'rid. a. bright, shining

Nonentity, nôn-én’te-tė. s. nonexistence Niire, al'tûr. s. saltpetre

Nonexistence, nôn-ég-zis'tênse. s. inexistence Nitra a, al'trůs. a. impregnated with aitre Nonjuring, non-jú'ring. a. refusing to swear Nitty, wit'té. a. abounding with uits

allegiance No, nl.ed, the word of refusal

Nonnaturals, nôn-påt'tshå-rálz. s. any thing Nobili ate, nð-bfl'le-tåte. V. a. to make which is not naturally, but by accident nobi.

or abuse, the cause of disease, as air, Nobility, nd-bil'le-te. s. antiquity of family diet, sleep, exercise, exertion, and the pas

joined with splendour; persons of high rank Noble, nd'bl. a. of an ancient and splendid|Nonpareil, nôn-på-rêi'. s. excellence une

family; great, illustrious ; exalted; mag qualled ; a kind of apple ; a printing letter nificent ; liberal

Nonplus, nổn'plús. s puzzle, inability to say Noble, nobl. . one of high rank; an old

or do more

(puzzle coin rated at six shillings and eight-pence Nonplus, non'plús. v. a. to confound, to Nobleman, nð'bl-mân. s. one who is ennobled Nonresidence, nôn-rêz'è dênse. s. failure of Nobleness, nð'bl-nês, s. greatness

residence Nobles, nd-blês'. s. nobility

Nonresident, non-réz'é-dént. 8. one who neNobly, noble. ad. illustriously

glects to live at the proper place Nobody, add-é. &. no one

Nonresistance, nôn-re-zss'tanse. s. passive Nocent, nd'sềnt. a. guilty ; hurtful


(grammatical language Noctiferous, nôk-tir fér-ús. a. bringing night Nonsense, nôn'sense. s. unmeaning or une Noctuary, nôk'tshú-a-rė. s. an account of what Nonsensical, non-sen'sé-kål. a. unmeaning. rasses by night


(lution Nocturnal, nok-růr'uål. a. nightly Nonsolution, nổn-sd-18'shứn. s. failure of 80 Nod, nôd. v. a. to decline the head with a Nonsuit, nôn'süte. v. a. to deprive of the be.

quick motion; to pay a slight bow; to be nefit of a legal process for some failure in drowsy

[a slight obeisance

the management Nod, n81. 8. a. quick declination of the head Noodle, nol'dl. s. a fool, a simpleton Noddle, nôd'al. 8. a head, in contempt Nouk, nbok. s. a corner Noddy, nod'de. s. a simpleton, an idiot Noon, bón. s. the middle hour of the day Node, node. 8. a knot ; & swelling

Noonday, ndon-da'. s. mid-day Nodous, no'důs. a. knotty, full of knots Noonday, 2680-dà'. a. meridional Noggin, nôg'głn, B. a small mug

Noontide, ndon'tłde. 8. mid-day Noise, noéze. 6. any kind of sound; outcry Noontide, non-tlde'. a. meridional occasion of talk

(reportNcose, náðse. B. a running knot Noise, nõèze. v. a. to spread by rumour, or Noose, néze. v. a. to tie in a noose Noiseless, noéze'lês. a. without sound Nor, nòr, conj. a particle marking the second Noisiness, nõe'ze-nés. s. loudness of sound or subsequent branch of a negative propoNoisome, nồe'sům. a. noxious, mischievous sition Noiaumeness, noé'sům-ués. 5. aptness to dis- || North, north. s. the point opposite to the sun runt, offensiveness

in the meridian; the point opposite to the Noisy, nổè'zė. a. sounding loud; clamorous south

(the north and east Nolition, nd-Iish'ún. 8. unwillingness Northeast, north-lèst'. n. the point hetween Nombles, nim'blz. 8. the entrails of a deer Northerly, nor'thůr-le. a. towards the north Nomenclator, nim-en-klå'tûr. 8. one who Northern, nor'thảrn. a. in the norta

calls things by their proper names Northstar, nårih står, s. the pole-star Nomenclature, pôm-en-klá'tshåre. 8. a voca- |Northwest, north-wêst'. s. the point betweet bulary, a dictionary

the north and west Nominal, côm'me-nál. a. referring to names Nose, ndze. s. the prominence on the face, Nominally, nôni'me-nål-lé. ad. by namne, titu which is the organ of scent and the emuno larly

[name ; to appoint tory of the brain Nominate, nôm'me-ndte. V. a. to mention by | Nose, odze. v. a. to scent, to smell Nomination, nôm-me-na'shủn. s. the power of Nosegay, adze'gå. 8. a bunch of flowers appointing

Noseless, adze'lês. a. wanting a nose

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