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a. eastern

first copy;

Oratory, ör'rå-túr-ė. s. eloquence, rhetoricais Orgasm, or'gazın s. sudden vehemence

skill; a private place allotted for prayer Orgies, ér'jeze. d. frantick revels Orb, orb. s. sphere, orbicular body; wheel ; Orient, o'ré-ént. a. rising as the sun ; eastern circle

(children Oriental, d-ré-én'tál. Orbation, or-bå'shỉn. s. privation of parents or Oriental, d-ré-én'tål. s. an inhabitant of the Orbed, a. round, circular orbicu

tastern parts of the world į rbd.

Orifice, or'ré-ris. s. any opening or perforation

(lar Orbicular, or-bik'ků-lår. a. circular Origin, or're-jin. Orbit, 8r'bit. s. the line described by the re-Original, d-ria'je-nål.

8. beginning, first volution of a planet

existence ; fountain ;

descent Orchard, &r'tshúrd. s. a garden of fruit-trees Original, d-rld'jé-nål. a primitive, pristine Orchestra, ór-kés'trâ. s. a part of the theatre first appropriated to the musicians

Originally, d-rld'jê-nål-lè. ad. primarily Orchestre, ör'kés-túr. s. the place where the originary, d-rid'jé-nå-ré. a. productive ; primusicians are set at a publick show


(existence Ordain, òr-dáne'. v. a. to appoint, to decree ; Originale, d-rid'je-nåte. V. a. to bring into to invest with sacerdotal power,

Origination, d-ríd-jé-nå'shủn. s. the act of Ordeal, 8r'dd-al. s. a trial by fire or water bringing into existence Order, or'dúr. b. method; regularity; man- Orison, ör’re-zún. s. a prayer, a supplication

date ; rule ; regular government; a rank Ornament, ór' nâ-ment. s. embellishment, decoor class ; a religious fraternity


(bellishment Order, or'důr. v. a. to regulate, to adjust, tollOrnamental, 8r-na-mên'tål. a. giving emconduct; to command

Ornamented, dr'na-men-têd. a. embellished, Orderliness, or'dúr-le-nès. 8. regularity, me. bedecked thodicalness

(gulated Ornate, ör'nåte. a. bedecked, decorated, fine Orderly, or'důr-lê. a. methodical; well re-Orphan, dr'fân. s. a child who las lost father Orderly, ôr'dir-le. ad, methodically, regular or mother, or both ly

(taining orders Orphan, or'fan.a. bereft of parents Ordinal, or'dê-nål. s. a ritual, a book con- Orpiment, ör'pé-ment. s. a kind of mineral, Ordinance, &r'de-nânse. s. law, rule, prescript

yellow arsenick Ordinarily, ör'de-nå-ré-iệ. ad. according to Orrery, ôr’rér-ré, s. an astronomical instru established rules; commonly

(doctrine Ordinary, or' dé-na-ré. a. established, me-Orthodox, or'the-dôks. a. sound in opinion and

thodical, regular ; common, usual; mean Orthodoxy, êr'th 8-dok-sê. 8. soundness in Ordinary, or'dé-na-re. s. established judge opinion and doctrine

(in orthoepy of ecclesiastical causes ; settled establish-Orthvepist; òr'tho-é-pist. s. one who is skilled ment; a place of eating established at a Orthvery, or'thd-é-pė. s. the right prounciacertain price

tion of words Ordinate, &r'de-náte, a, regular, methodical Orthogon, ổrthd-gòn. 8. A rectangled figure Ordination, 8r-de-na'shủo. s. established or-Orthographer, or-thôg'gráf-fúr. s.

one who der or tendency ; the act of investing any spells according to the rules of grammar man with sacerdotal power

Orthographical, òr-thd-gråf'fé-kål. a. righily Ordnance, ord' nânse, s. cannon, great guns spelled; relating to the spelling O.donvance, &r'dún-nânse. s. disposition of Orthographically, òr-tho-grårfé-kål-lé. ad. figures in a picture

according to the rules of spelling Ordure, or’járe. s. dung, filth

Orthography, òr-thỏg'grár-é. s. the art or pracOre, dre. s. metal unrefined

tice of spelling

(planet Organ, Pr'gan. 6. natural instrument; an in- Ortive, ör'tiv. a. relating to the rising of a strurneut of musick

Orts, orts, s. refuse, that which is left

Oscillation, ós-sil-lá'shủn. s. the act of moving

a. instrumental Organick, òr-gan'nik.

like a pendulum Organism, or'ga-nizm. & organical structure Oscitancy,


8. the act of yawnOrganist, dr'ga-nist. s. one who plays on the Oscitation, ởs-se-tá'shún.

ling organ

Osier, o'zber. s. a tree of the willow kind Organization, år-gå-ne-za'shủn. s. construc-Ossiele, os'sik-kl. s. a small bone

tion in wbich the parts are so disposed as Ossification, ô6-8è-fé-ka'shủn. s. change of to be subservient to cach other

carneous into bony substance Organize, or'ga-nize. v. a. to construct so asonsify, 8s'se-fi. v. a. to change into bone

that one part co-operates with another Ostensible, ós-tên'se-bl. a. apparent Organloft, &r'gån-loft. 6. tbe loft where the lustentation, ös-ten-ta'shủn. 8. oatward show, organ stands

appearance ; ambitious display


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terpal part

Ostentatious, ös-teu-la shús. a. boasttul, vain, liOutrage, óït'radje. V. a. o injure violently or fond of show

(boastfulness contuine iously Ostentitiousness, 6s-tin-ta’shủ-ngs. 8. vanity, Outrage, bắtradje. 5. open violence Osteology, ôs-té-01'18-. 6. a description of Outrageous, dåt -rá'jús. a. violent, exorbitant; the bones (horses at an ion excessive ; atrocious

(lence Ostler, ös'lůr. s. the man who takes care of||Outrageousness, ðåt-ra'jůs-nés. e. fury, -vioOstrich, ös'tritsb. s. the largest of birds Outreach, dit--réétsh'. v. a. to go beyond Other, itb'kr. pron. not the same, different Outright, sůt-rite'. ad. immediately; coinOtherwise, it'ůr-wize. ad. in a different pietely manner; in other respects

Ostroar, dit-rdre'. v. a. to exceed in roaring Otter, 8t'tůr. 8. an amphibious animal Outroot, udt-rðőt'. v. a. to extirpate Ought, åwt. s. any thing, not nothing Outrun, út-růn'. v. a. to leave behind in Ought, åwt. verb imperfect. to be obliged by running

[sailing duty; to be fit, to be necessary

Outsail, oit-sále'. v. to leave behind in Ounce, dinse. 8. a weight ; a lynx

Outshine, 8dt-shine'. v. a. to excel in lustre Our, dår. pron. poss. pertaining to us Outside, ot'side. 4. superficies, surface ; es Ourselves, dir-selvz'. recip. pron. we, not others

Outsit, šút-ait'. v, a. to sit beyond the time Oust, odst. v. a. to vacate, to take away Outstretch, out-stretsh'. v. a. to extend, t Out, dåt. ad. not within ; not at home, in a spread out

state of extinction ; to the end ; loudly : Outstrip, õit-strip'. v. a. to leave behind in an error ; at a loss

(expulsion Outswear, důt-sware'. v. a. to overpower by Out, dåt. int. an expression of abhorrence or swearing Outact, důt-åkt'. v. a. to do beyond

Outvie, sůt-vl. v. a. to exceed, to surpass Outbalauce, gůt-bål'lanse. v. a. to overweigh Outvote, dit-vote'. v. a. to conquer by pluraliOutbid, důt-bid'. v. a. to overpower by bid ty of suffrages

(walking ding a higher price

[voyage Outwalk, óút-wåwk'. v. a. to leave behind in Outbound, åt'bound. a. destined to a distantOutward, sůt'wård. a. external; extrinsick Outbrave, côt-bråve'. v. a. to bear down Outward, dåt'wårå, ad. to foreign parts Outbrazen, Bist-brà'zı. V. a. to bear down Outwardly, ởůt'wård-lé. ad. externally; not with impudence


[parts Outcast, dát'kist. s. exile, one expelled Outwards, it'wårdz. ad. towards the outOutcry, 8ůt'krt. s. cry of vehemence or distress Outweigh, oot-wa'. v. a. to exceed in gravity ; Outdo, dit-188'. v. a. to excel, to surpass to preponderate

(gem Outermost, åt'tůr-mdst. a. remotest from the Outwit, dot-wit'. v. a. to overcome by stratamidst

Outwork, oåt'wůrk. &. the parts of a fortifOutils, ddt-Al', v. a. to leave behind in flight cation next the enemy Outgate, dåt'gáte. 8. an outlet

Oval, d'vůl. a. oblong

[egg Outgive, dit-giv'. v. a. to surpass in giving Oval, 8'vůl. s. that which has the shape of an Outgo, di-g8'. v. a. to surpass, to excel Ovarious, d-vå'ré-ús. a. consisting of eggs Outgrow, dit-gro'. v. a. to surpass in growth ||Ovary, d'vå-ré. 6. that part of the body in Outlandish, dit-lind fsh. a. foreign

which impregnation is formed Outlaw, it'lắw. 8. one excluded from the Ovation, 6-vá'shủn. s. a lesser triumph among benefit of the law; a plunderer

the Romans

(fire to bake bread Outlaw, dit lấw. v. a. to deprive of the bene-Oven, dy'vn, s. an arched cavity heated with fits and protection of the lave

Over, d'vůr.

prep. above; across Outlawry, sat'lăw-rė. s. a decree hy which||Over, d'vůr. ad. above the top; more than a

any man is deprived of the protection of quantity assigned ; from side to side ; from the law

one to another; from a country beyond Outleap, dit-lepe'. v. a. to pass by leaping the sea; on the surface; throughout ; comOutlet, dit'let, s. passage outwards

pletely; with repetition, another time ; in Outline, dict'line. s. contour ; extremity a great degree, in too great a quantity Outlive, dit-Ilv'. v. a. to survive

Over-act, d-vir-åkt'. v. a. to set more than Outineasure, it-mézh'úre. V. a. to exceed in enough

[down, to preponderate

(number Over-balance, d-vůr-bål'lânse. v. a. to weigh Outnumber, 88t-nim'bûr. v. a. to exceed in Over-bear, 6-vůr-båre'. v. d. to repress, to Outmost, dåt'most. a. rernotest from the mid subdue

(equivalent dle

(within the walls Over-bid, 8-vůr-bid'. v. a. to offer more than Outparish, 88t' pår-rish. s. parish not lying||Over-blow, 6-vůr-518'. v. er to drive away u Outprize, 8ðt-prize'. y. a. to exceed in the clouds before the wind

sahip value set upon it

lover-board, o'vůr-bord. ad. off or out of the



Over-burden, d-rúr-bůr' dn. 1. a. to load with ||Overseer, d-vúr-séè'úr. s a superintendent ; too great a weight


an officer who has the care of the parochial Over-carry, &-vůr-kår'rė. v. a. tn carry too provision for the poor

[upwards Overcast, 8-vůr-kast'. v. a. to cloud, to Overset, d-vůr-sết'. v. a. to turn the bottom darken

Overshade, d-vår-shåde'. v. a. to cover with Over-charge, 8-vůr-tshårje'. v. a to oppress ; || darkness to fill too full

(charge Overshadow, d-vůr-shad'dd. v. a. to shelter Over-charge, B'vůr-tshảrje. s. too great a|Overshoot, 8-vůr-sh33t'. v. 2. to fly beyond Over-cloud, d-vůr-klødd'. v. a. to cover with the mark clouds

[conquer Oversight, ovúr-site. s. mistake, error Overcome, d-vůr-kům'. v. a. to subdue, toOversleep, 6-vůr-sleep'. v. a. to sleep too long Over-count, d-vår-kóúnt'. v. a to rate above! Overslip, O-růr-slip'. v. a. to pass uodope ; to the true value

lenough neglect Overdo, d-vůr-d68'. v. a. to do more than Overspread, 8-vůr-spréd'. v. 2. to cover over Over-drive, d-vůr-drive'. v. a. to drive too Overstock, d-vůr-stok'. v. a. to all too full, to hard, or beyond strength


liar Overfow, d-vůr-fid'. v. a. to fill beyond the Overstrain, d-vůr-stråne'. v. a. to stretch too brim; to overrun

Overt, d'vért. a. open, publick
Overflow, d'vůr-Ad. . inundation ; exuberance Overtly, o'rért-lé. ad. openly
Overflowing, 5-vůr-Ad'ing. 3. exuberance, Co-Overtake, d-vúr-tåke'. v. a. to catch any thing

(growth by pursuit, to come up to something going
Over-growth, d'vůr-grotn. exuberant before
Over-head, 6-vůr-bed'. ad. aloft, in the zenith, Overthrow, 8-vůr-thro' v. a. to turn upside

down; to demolish; to defeat Over-hear, 6-vůr-hére'. v. a. to hear thoseOverthrow, d'vůr-thró. s. the staie of being who do not mean to be heard

turned upside down ; ruin ; defeat Overjoy, d-vůr-jởè'. v. a to transport with Overtook, 6-vůr-t88k': pret. and part. pass. too much joy

of overtake Overjoy, d'rúr-j&è. 8. transport, ecstasy Overtop, ó-vůr-top'. v. a. to rise above; to Overlarge, 6-vůr-lárje'. a. larger than enough excel, to surpass; to obscure Overlay, d-vůr-là'. v. a. to oppress by tuolOverture, d'vềr-tshůre. s. opening, disclosure ; much weigbt or power, to smother

proposal; a piece of musick Overleap, 6-vúr-lépe'. V. a. to pass by a jump Overturn, d-vúr-tůrn'. v. a. to throw down, Overiive, d-vůr-liv'. v. a. to survive, to out to ruin; to conquer

(high a price live

(too much Overvalue, d-vůr-val'ld. v. a. to rate at too Overload, d-vůr-Ide'. v. a. to burden with Overweak, d-vůr-wéke'. a. too weak, too feeOverlotus, -vr-lỏng. a. too long

ble Overlook, d-vůr-186k'. v. a. to view from all overweigh, 8-vůr-wa'. v. 2. to preponderate

hower place; to peruse ; to neglect ; tollOverweight, o'vúr-wate. a. preponderance pass over unnoticed

[powers | Overwhelm, 8-vůr-hwêlm'. r. a. to crush Overmatch, d'vúr-mâtsh. s. one of superior Overwrought, d-vůr-rảwt'. part. laboured too Overmuch, d-vúr-mùtsh'. a. too mach, more much than enough

(degreeOverworn, d-vúr-wörn'. part. word out Overmuch, 6-vůr-mấtsh'. ad. in too great a Oviform, d've-fèrm. a. having the shape of an Oversight, 6-vůr-nlte'. s. the night before egg Overpass, 6-vůr-pås'. v. a. to overlook, toOviparous, 8-vip'pa-rús. a. bringing forth eggo omit

(the price Owe, d. v. a. to be indebted Overpay, d-vůr-pu'. v. a. to reward beyond Owi, 881.

8. bird that flies about in Overplus, d'vůr-plús. 8. surplus

Owlet, i'let.
Overpoise, d-vůr-poize'. v. a. w outweigh the night
Overpower, d-vůr-p88'úr. V. d. to oppress by Own, One. s. a word added to the possessive

(high a price pronouns, My, Thy, His, Our, Your Overprize, Isver-prize. 1. a. to value at too Their

(to avow Overreach, d-pår-réétsk'. v. a to deceive, to Own, One. v. a. to acknowledge ; to claim ; go beyond

Owner, Onir. s. one to whom any thing be-
Overroast, d-vår-rdst'. v. a to roast too much lougs
Overrule, d-vår-r831'. v. a. to influence with Ox, ks. 8. plur. oren. the general name for

predominant power ; to superintend ; to black cattle ; a oastrated bul
super sede

Oxlip, 8ks'llp. s. the cowslip Cand vinegar Overrun, d-rúr-růn'. v. er to harass by incur-Oxycrate, öks'é-kråte. 8. a mixture of water sions, to ravage; to oves sprend Oxygen, éks'é-jén. s. a quality generating acid

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make peace

Oxymel, ok'sé-mél. s. a mixture of vinegari Page, pádje. V. a. to mark the pages of a book and honey

Pageant, påd'júnt. s. a statue in a show, a Oyer, B'yůr. s. a court of judicature

spectacle of entertainment Oyes, 8-yis'. s. the introduction to any pro-||Pageant, råJ'jủnt. a. showy, pompons clamation or advertisement given by the Pageantry, pád'jún-tré. 6. pomp, show public criers

Pagod, på god. s. an Indian idol; the temple Oyster, dė'stůr. 8. a bivalve testaceous fish of the idol Ozæna, d-ze'nå. s. an ulcer in the inside of the Paid, påde, the pret. and part. pass. of

рау nostrils

Pail, pále. s. a wooden vessel
Pailful, påle'fůl. . the quantity that a pail will

Pain, påne. s. penalty ; sensation of uneasines

Painful, påne'tůl. a. full of pain; afflictive Pabular, påb'hu-lår. a. affording aliinunt or laborious

aboriously provender

Painfully, på ne'fol-lè. ad. with great pain ; Pabulation, påb-bà-là'shủn. 8. the act of feed-Painfulness, påne'fül-nés. s. affliction ; labori

ing, or procuring provender Pabulous, påb'bů-lūs. a. alimeotal, affording Painless, påne'lls. a. without paio aliment

Painstaker, pånz'ta-kůr. 6. a laborious person Pace, páse. e. step ; gait; amhle

Painstaking, pånz'td-king. a. laborious, indusPace, páse. v. n. to move on slowly


(and colours Pacer, på'sůr. s. be that paces; a pad

Paint, pånt. v. a. to represent by delineation Pacification, pås-se-fé-kò'shủn. s. the act of Paint, pånt. s. colours representative of any naking peace

thing; colours laid on the face Pacificutor, pås-sé-fè-ka'tứr. 8. peacemaker Painter, på n'túr. s. one who professes painting Pacificatory, på-siffe-kå-zúr-ė. a. tending to Painting, pán'ting. s. the act of representing

objects by delineation and colours, a picture Pacifick, på-sit'rik. a. mild, gentle

Pair, påre. s. two things suiting one another Pacifier, pås'se-rl-úr. 8. one who pacifies a couple Pacify, pås'sė-tl. v. a. to appease

Pair, påre. v. a. to join in couples Pack, påk. s. a large bundle ; a due number of Palace, pållås. s. a royal house

car js ; a number of hounds hunting togeth- | Palanquin, wal-an-kéén. s. a kind of covered er; any great number

carriage, used in the eastery countries, and Pack, påk. v. a. to bind up for carriage

supported on the shoulders of slaves Packer, påkíkůr. 5. one who binds up bales Palatable, pållåt-tå-bl. a. pleasing to the taste fer carriage

Palate, pållåt. s. the instrument of taste ; Packet, påk'kit. 3. a mail of letters

mental relish

(tre, dima Packhorse, påk'horse. s. a horse of burden Pale, påle. a. wan, white or look ; faint of lise Packthread, påk'thred. 8. strong thread used Pale, påle. s. an enclosure ; a district or terin tying up parcels

ritory ; the uniddle part of a scutcheon Pæt, påkt.

Pale, pále. v. a. to enclose with pales Paction, påk'shsa.

8. a bargain, a covenant | Palefaced, påleʼråste. a. having the face was Pad, påd. s. the road, a foot-path; an easy - Paleness, påle'nės. 8. wanness

paced horse ; a robber that infests the roads Palette, pållit. s. a painter's board on foot; a low soft saddle

Palfrey, pål'frè. or pål-fré. s. a small hörse fit Pad, pad. v. 1. tu travel gently; to rob on for ladies to beat a way smooth and level Palinode, pål'in-8de.

8. a recantation Paddle, påd'dl. v. n. to row; to play in the Palioody, pal'lin-6-dé.

Palisade, pål-lé-sade'. s. pales set by way of Paddle, pâd'di. s. an oar, particularly that| enclosure

which is used by a single rower in a boat Palish, påle'ish. a. somewhat pale Paddock, pâd'dảk. s. a great frog or toad; a Pall, påll. s. a cloak or mantle of state ; the snall enclosure for deer

covering thrown over the dead Padlock, pad'18k. s. a hanging lock [lock Pall, påll, v. a. to make insipid or vapid ; to Padlock, påJ'lok. v. a. to fasten with a pad dispirit ; to cloy Pæan, pe'án. 8. a song of triumph

Pallet, pållst. 8. a small mean bed Pagan, pa' gân. B. a heatben

Pallmall, pêl-mêl'. s. a play in which the ball Pagan, pà'gân. a. beathenish

is struck with a mallet through an iron ring Paganismn, på'gan-lem. 6. beathenien Palliate, pal'le-åte. v. a. to corer with excuse; Page, pådje. &. che side of the leaf of a book ; to extenuate (vourable representation a young boy attending on a great person Palliation, pál-lé-a'shủn. 6. extenuation, in



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Palliative, pallé-a-tiv. 8. something miti-Pantaloon, pån-ta-166n.'

$. a man's garment ; gating

a character in a pantomine [gods Pallid, pål'lîl. a. pale, not high-coloured Pantheon, pân-thè'ún. s. a temple of all the Palm, påın. s. a tree; victory ; inner part of Pantile, pân'tile. s. a gutter tile the hand

Pantomine, pân'to-mime. 8. a tale exhibited Palm, påm. v. a. to conceal in the palm of the only in gesture and dumb show hand; to impose by fraud

Pantry, pân'tré. s. the room in which proPalmer, påm'úr. 8. a pilgrim

visions are reposited

(for infants Palmiferous

, pål-mir fér-ús. a. bearing palms Pap, påp. s. the nipple, a dug; food made Palmipede, påi' me-pède. a. web-footed Papa, på-på'. s. a fond name for Father Palinistry, pål'mnis-trė. s. the cheat of fore-Papacy, pa' på-bė. s. popedom

telling fortunes by the lines of the palm Papal, nå pål. a. belonging to the pope Palmy, på mé. a. bearing palms

Paper, på'půr. s. substance on which mea Palpability, pâl-pa-bil'd-té. s. quality of be

write and print

(made of paper ing perceivable to the touch

Paper, på'půr. a. any thing slight or thin, Palpable, pal'på-bl. a. gross; plain Paper, på'půr. v. a. to furnish with paper Palpableness, pål på-bl-nes. plainness, bangings grossness

Papillary, påp'pil-a-ré. a. having emulgent Palpably, pálpa-blé. ad. grossly, plainly vessels, or resemblances of paps Palpitate, pál'pe-tåte. T. a. to beat as the Papist, på'nist. 8. one that adheres to popery heart, te lutter

(the beart||Papistical, på-pis'te-kål. a. relating to the rePalpitation, pål-pe-ta'shủn. s. a panting of

ligion of papists Paisied, på l'zld. a. diseased with a palsy Pappy, påp'pé. a. soft, succulent Paisy, pål’zė. s. a privation of the sense of Par, pår. s. state of equality, equal value feeling

Parable, pår'rå-bl. s. a similitude Paiter, pål'tir. v. n. to shift, to dodge Parabola, på-råb'bd-lå. s. one of the conick Paltriness, pål'tré-nés. 5. the state of being sections paltry

Parabolical, pår-ra-böl'lė-kål. a. expressed Paltry, pål'trè. 2. sorry, mean

[food by parable or similitude ; having the nature Pamper, på in'půr. v. a. to glut, to feed with or form of a parabola Pamphlet, påın'fiêt. s. a small book unbound Parabolically, pár-rå-bl’lė-kål-lé. ad. by Pamphleteer, påm-det-téer'. s. a scribbler of

way of parable; in the form of a parabola small books

(lock of a gun Parade, pår-råde'. 8. show ; military order Pan, pån. s. a kitchen vessel ; part of the Paradigm, pår'a-dim. 8. example Panacea, pål-a-se'. s. universal medicine Paradisiacal, pår-â-dé-sl'ä-kål. a. suiting paraPancake, pån'kåke. s. thin pudding baked in dise, making paradise the fryingpan

Paradise, pår'ra-dise. s. the garden of Eden ; Panado, pa-nå'dd. s. bread boiled in water a place of felicity Pancreas, pång'kré-ås. 5. the sweetbread Paradox, pår'rå-dôks. 8. a tenet contrary to Pandect, pân'dekt. 8. a complete treatise received opinion Pandemnick, pån-dém’mik. a. incident to a Paradoxical, pår-å-dôk'sėkål. a. inclined to whole people

new tenets Pander, páo'dúr. 6. a pimp, a procurer Paragon, pår'rå-gôn. 8. a model, a pattern Pane, pane. s. a square of glass

Paragraph, pår'rå-gráf. s. a distinct pari of a Panegyrick, páa-ne-jéı'rik. B. an elogy, an discourse

(a parallax epcomiastick piece

Parallactick, pår-sál-låk't?k. a. pertaining to Panegyrist, pån-né-jêr'ríst. s. one that writes Parallax, pår'ràl-låks. 8. the distance between praise, an encomiast

i the true and apparent place of any star Panegyrize, pân'é-je-rize. v. a. to praise highly |Parallel, pâr'rål-lél. a. extended in the same Panel, pån'oîl. s. a square inserted between direction, and preserving the same distance ;

other bodies; a schedule or roll, containing haring the same tendency; equal the names of such jurors as the sheriti pro- Parallel, pår'ral-lêl. s. lines continuing their vides to pass upon a trial

course, and still remaining at the same disPang, pång. s. extreme pain

(rear tance from each other; resemblance Panick, pán'nîk. s. a sudden and groundless Parallelism, pår'rál-lél-Izm. 5. state of being Panpel, pån'nii. s. a kind of rustick saddle parallel (liced quadrilateral figure Pagnier, pån'yúr. c. a basket

Parallelogram, pår-a-lêi'ld-gråm, 8. a rightPanoply, pân'mb-plė. s. complete armour Parallelnpiped, pår-a-le 1-10-pipêd. s. a priann Pant, paat. v. n. to palpitate, to wish ear whose base is a parellelogram nestly

(heart|Paralogism, pår-rai'18-jszm. b & false ar Padl, pånt. 8. palpitation, inution of tbell gument

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