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Paralogy, pår-rål'16-jé. s. false reasoning Parliamentary, pår-le-mén'tå-ré. a. pertaining Paralyze, pår'a-lize. V. a. to weaken, to de to parliament

prive or strength as if struck with a palsy Parlour, på.'lůr. s. a room in houses on the Paralytical, pår-á-llt'te-kål.

first floor, furnished for reception or enterParalytick, pår-2-lit cik .. a. paisied tainment

(parish Paramount, pår-a-måint'. a. superior Parochial, på-ro'kd-ål. a. belonging to a Parain punt, pár-á-módnt'. s. the chief Parody, pår'ro-dé. s. a kind of writing in Paramour, pår'rå-mỏir. s. a lover or mistress which the words of an author or his Parapet, pår'râ-pêt. s. a wall breast high thoughts are taken, and, by a slight change, Paraphernalia, pår-a-fér-nå le-a. s. goods in adapted to some new purpose the wife's dieposal

Parody, pår'rd-dé. v. a. to copy by way of Paraphrase, pår'rå-fráze. & a loose inter parody

pretation, an explanation of many words Parole, på-rdle'. s. word given as an assurance Parapbrase, pår'rå-fráze. v. a. to interpret!Paroquet, pár'd-kwet. s. a small species of with laxity of expression


(exacerbation of a disease Paraphrast, pår'rå-fräst. s. a las interpreter Paroxysm, pår rök-sizm. s. a fit, periodical Parasite, pår'a-site. s. one that frequents richParricide, pår’re-side. s. one who destroys

tables, and earns bis welcome by dattery his father; the murder of a fatber Parasitical, pår-a-sit'tê-kål. a. Alattering, Parricidal, pår-rê-s}'dål. a. relating to parriwheedling

(shade from the sun cide, committing parricide Parasol, pår'rå-sdle. 8. a small umbrella to Parrot, pår'rûl s. a party-coloured bird Parbuil, pår'bóll. v. a. to half boil Parry, pårírė. V. n. to put by thrusts, to Parcel, pår'sil. s. a small bundie ; a part of fence the whole taken separately

Parse, pårse. V. 2. to resolve a sentence into Parcel, pår'sil. v. a. to divide into portions the elements of parts of speech Parch, pártsh. v. a. to bura slighty and su-Parsiinonious, pår-se-md'ne-ts. a. covetous, perficially · (the writer frugal

[disposition to spare Parchment, pårtsh'mênt. 6. skins dressed for Parsinoniousness, pår-se-md'ne-Ůs-nès. s. a. Pardon, pár’dn. v. a. to excuse an ofender ;| Parsimony, pår'sė-mún-c. s. frugality, covet

to forgive a crime ; to rernit a penalty Pardon, pår'dn. s. forgiveness, or exemption Parsley, pår'slė. s. a plant from punishment

Parson, pår'sn. s. the priest of a parish ; a Pardonable, pår'dn-a-bl. a. venial, excusable clergyınan; a parish preacher (parish Pare, påre. 7. a. to cut off extreinities or the Parsonage, pår'sn-áje. 6. the benefice of a surface, to diminish

Part, párt. s. something less than the whole, Paregorick, pår-e-gør'ík. a. having the power a portion, a quantitv taken from a larger

in medicine to comfort, inollify, and assuage quantity; side, party l'arent, párént. 8. a father or mother Part, pårt. v. a. to divide, to distribute ; to Pareelage, pår'rén-tadje. 3. extraction, birth separate Parental, pa-ren'tài. a. becoming parents |Part, párt. v. n. to be separated; to take Parenthesis, på-rén'th--sis. s. a sentence so farewell; to part with, to resiga

included in anothers ntence, as that it may Partable, pårt'a-bl. a. divisible, such as may be taken out, withour ing ring the sense or be parteil that which enciones it

Tihe surface Partake, pår-tåke'. v. n. pret. partook ; part. Parer, på'rår. 6. an instrument to cut away! pass. partaken. to have share of any thing i Parhelion, pår-hé'ld-in. s. a mock sun

to participate

(ate Parietal, på-ri’é-tål. a. conetitutiog the sides Partaker, pår-ta'kår. s. a sharer, an anoch or walla

(any thing, the rinu Parterre, pêr-táre'. s. a level division o Paring, på'riug. 6. that which is pared off ground Parish, pår'rish. 8. the particular charge of a Partial, pår'shål. a. inclined to favour one secular priest

[by the parish party; affecting only one part; ao! uniParish, pär'rish. a. belonging to or maintained versal

(meat Parishioner, på-risb'ln-ứr. s. one that belongs | Partiality, pår-she-Sl'le-tè. s. unequal juugto the parish

Partially, pår'sbål-lè. ad. with us.just favour Parity, pår're-té. 6. equality, resemblance or dislike Park, pårk. s. a piece of ground enclosed and Participant, pár tis'se-pånt. e. sharing stored with deer

(mouth, to talk Participate, pár-tis'ad-pdte, V. He to partake, Parley, pår'lè. v. n. to treat by word of to have share Perley, pár lé. s. oral treaty, talk, conference Participation, pår-tis-se-på'shin. e. the state Parliament, pår'le-mênt. 6. the assembly of of sharing something in common; distribe the king, lords, and commune


Participle, pår”tė-sip-pl. s. a word partaking||Passado, pås-sa'dd. s. a push, a thrust

at once of the qualities of a noun and verb Passage, pås'sldje. 8. act of passing, journey; Particle, pår'ié-kl. s. any emall portion of a road; entrance or exit, liberty to pass ; greater substance

part of a book Particular, păr-tik')-1ủr. a. relating to single Passenger, pås'sin-jir. s. a traveller;

persons, vot general; individual ; odd one who hires in any vehicle the liberty of Particular, pár-tik's-lúr. s. a single instance, travelling a single point

Passible, pås'se-bl. a. susceptive of impressParticularity, pår-tik-ki-lår'd-tė. s. private ions from external agents incident, something peculiar

Passibleness, pås'se-bl-nes. a. quality of re. Particularize, pår-lik'ku-lå-rize. v. a. to ceivino impressions from external agents mention distinctly, to detail

Passing, pås'sing. part. 2. supreme, eminent; Particularly, pår-tik'ku-lúr-le. ad. distinct exceeding ly, singly

Passingbell, pås'sîng-hểi. s. the bell which Partisan, pår'te-zán. 8. a kind of pike or hal rings immediately after death berd; the commander of a party

Passion, påsh'ún. s. anger, zeal, ardour; love; Partition, pår-tish ủn. 8. the act of dividing, eagerness; the last suffering of the Rea state of being divided; division, separa

deerner tion

(distinct parts Passionate, påsh'ún-nåt. a. moved by passion Partition, pår-tish'ún. 1. a. to divide into Passionately, pásh'ún-nåt-lė. ad. with desire, Partly, pảrt'lè. ad. in

some measure,

in some love, or hatred ; angrily degree

Passive, pås'siv. & external ; unresisting : Partner, pårt'nar. 8. partaker, sharer

suffering Partnership, párt'nůr-ship. s. joint interest or Passively, pås'siv-lè. ad. with a passive dature

property ; the union of two or more in the Passiveness, pås'sir-nés. 8. quality of receive same trade

ing impressions from external agents; powPartook, pår-tö8k'. pret. of partake

er of suffering Partridge, på:"tridje, s. a bird of game Passover, pås'o-vůr. 8. a Jewish festival Parturient, pår-tů ré-ént. a. about to bring Passport, pås'port. s. permission of egress forth

Past, past. part. a. not present, gone through Parturition, pår-tshů-rish'ún. s. the state of Past, påst. prep. beyond in tine ; no longer being about to bring forth

capable of; out of reach of ; farther than ; Party, pår'tė. s. a number of persona confed-|| above

erated ; one of two litigants; cause, side :||Paste, påste. 8. any thing mixed up so as to a select assembly; a person distinct from, be viscous and tenacious; iinitation of preor opposed to another; a detachinent of cious stones soldiers

[diversity of colours Paste, påste. v. a to fasted with paste Party-coloured, pår’te-kúl-Iůrd. a. having||Pasteboard, påste’bórd. s. a. kind of coarse, Party-wall, pår-te-wåll. s. a wall that sepa

thick, stiff paper rates one house from the next

Pastern, pås'ůrn. s. the distance between the Parvity, pår' vé-té, s. littleness

joint next the foot and the coronet of a Paschal, påskål. a. relating to the passover ; | Pastil, pås til. s. a roll of paste

(horse relating to Easter

Pastime, pås'time. 8. sport, amusement Pasquin, pås'kwin.

s. a lampoon

Pastor, pås'túr. s. a shepherd, a clergy man Pasquinade, pås-kwin-ade'.

who has the care of a dock Pass, pås. v. n. to go, to be progressive ; to Pastoral, pås'tůr-ál. a. rural, imitating shep

make way; to vanish; to be spent; to be herds ; relating to the care of souls at an end ; to be enacted; to become cur- Pastoral, pås'túr-ål. s. a poem relative to the rent; to occur ; to determine finally; tu incidents in a country life, a bucolick exceed, to thrust ; to omit; to go through Pastry, pà'stré. s. pies or baked paste the alimentary duct

Pastry-cook, på stre-k&Bk. 8. one whose Pass, pås. v. a. to go beyond; to go through; trade is to make and sell things baked in

to spend time ; to move hastily over; toll paste utter ceremoniously ; to transinit; to pur Pasturable, pås'tsbd-ra-bl. a. fit for pasture an end to; to transgress; to admit; to Pasturage, pås'tshú-sådje. s. lands grazed by enact a law; to impose fraudulently; to

[cattle feed; education practise artfully, to inake succeed Pasture, pas'tshůre. s. food ; ground on which Pass, pås. s. a narrow entrauce ; passage, Pasty, pás'te.' s. a pie of crust raised without road ; thrust in fencing

a dish ; a pie Passable, pås'sa-bl. a. possible to fassed Pat, påt. a. convenient, exactly suitable through or over tolerable

||Pat, påt. s. a light quick blow, a taf


Pat, påt. v. a. to strike lightly, to tap Patroness, pa trún-és. 8. a female that defends, Patch, påtsh. v. a. to cover with a piece sew countenances, or supports ; a female guared on; to mend clumsily

dian saiat

[support Patch, påtsh. s. a piece sewed on to cover a Patronise, påt'trd-níze. v. a. to protect, to

hole ; spot of black silk put on the face Patten, påt tin. s. a wooden clog with an iron Patchwork, påtsh'wůrk, s. work made by ring

(beating of hail sewing small pieces of different colours in-Patter, påt'tûr. v n. to make a noise like the terchangeably together

Pattern, påt'tůrn. 8. the original proposed to Pate, påte. s. the head

[opening imitation; a specimen Patefaction, påt-té-fåk’shỉn. s. act or state of Paucity, påur'sé-ie. s. fewness, smallness of Patent, "patient, or på'tént. a. open to the number or quantity

perusal of all; appropriated by letters pa-Pauneb, pånsh. s. the belly tent

(exclusive right or privilege Pauper, påw'púr. 8. a poor person Patent, påt'tênt. 8. a writ conferring some Pause, påw z. s. a stop; suspense ; break Patentee, påt-ten-tee'. s. one who has a pa- Pause, påwz. V. n. to wait, to stop ; to deli tent

berate Paternal, på-têr'nal. a. fatherly; hereditary Pare, påve, v. a. to lay with brick or stone, Path, påth. s. way, road, tract

to foor with stone

(on the ground Pathetick, på-thet'tik. a. affecting the passions Pavement, påve'mếnt. s. stones or bricks lai: Fathetically, på-thết'tė-kål-ė. ad. in such a Parier, páve'sảr. s. one who lays with stones

manner as may strike the passions Pavillion, på-vil'yún. s. a tent Pathless, påthʼlés. a. untrodden

Paw, påw. 6. the foot of a beast Pathos, pá'thos. 8. passion, warmth, affection Paw, påw. V. a. to strike with the fore foot; of mind

to handle roughly Pathway, påth'wà. s. a narrow way to be Pawn, påwn. v. a. to pledge passed on foot

Pawn, påwn. s. something given in pledge Patibulary, på-tib'bú-la-rè. a. belonging to Pawnbroker, påwu'brd-kúr. s. one who lends the gallows

money upon pledge Patience, pá'shense. s. endurance, the power|Pay, på. v. a. to discharge a debt; to reward

of expecting long without rage or discon- Pay, på. s. wages, hire
tent, the power of supporting injuries with-|| Payable, på å-bl. a. due, to be paid
out revenge

Pazmaster, på mås-côr. s. one from whom Patient, på shent. a. having the quality of en wages or reward is received

(reward during ; calm under pain and affliction Payment, på mént. 8. the act of paying ; a Patient, på'shềnt, s. a person diseased Pea, pé. s. a well known kind of pulse Patiently, på'sbént-lè. ad. without rage of Peace, pèse. s. Tespite from war ; quiet ; rest; affliction

silence Patly, påt'lè. ad. commodiously, fitly Peace, pèse. int. a woni commanding silence Patriarch, pd'tre-årk. s. the father and ruler Peaceable, pèse'à-bl. a. free from war; quiei, of a family ; a bishop superior to archbi undisturbed

(position to peace shops

(patriarchs | Peaceableness, pèse'á-bl-nés. s. quietness, disPatriarchal, på-tre-źr'kål. a. belonging to Peaceably, pése'a-ble. ad. without tumult Patriarchate, på-tré-år’kåt. 6. a bishoprick su- Peaceful, pése'fùl. a. quiet; pacifick, mild perior to archbishopricks

Peacefully, pèse'tül-lé. ad. quietly ; soilily, Patrician, på-trish'ún. a. senatorial, noble gently

(from disturbance Patrician, på-trish'ún. s. a nobleman among Peacefulness, pèse'fil-nês. s. quiet, freedon the Romans

(inherience Peach, petsh. s. fruit-tree; the fruit Patrimonial påt-tre-mo'ne-ål. a. possessed by Peach-coloured, petsh'kúl-lůrd. a. of a co Patrimony, pittre-mủn-ne. 6. An estate pos lour like a peach sessed by inheritance

Peacock, pé'kök. s. a fowl eminent for the Patriot, på'tré-út. s. one whose ruling passion beauty of his feathers

is the love of his country [country||Peahen, pé'hén. s. the female of a peacock Patriotism, på'tré-út-izm. s. love of one's Peak, péke. s. the top of a hill; the rising Patrol, på-trole'. s. the act of going the forepart of a head-dress

rounds in a garrison, those that go the Peal, pèle. 8. a succession of loud sounds, as rounds (camp or garrison of bells, thunder, or cannon

(fruit Patrol, pá-trole'. v. n. to go the rounds in a Pear, påre, 5. a well known fruit-tree; the Patron, på'trůn. s. one who couutenances. Pearl, perl. &. a gem generated in the body supports, or protects

{tection of a teslaceous fish Patronage, påt'trủo-Idje. 8. support, pro-Pearly, perl'è. a. abounding with or Patronal, påt’rd-pål. a. protecting, guardingli sembling pearls


Peasant, pėz'zánt. 6. a biod, one whose busi- Peel, péél. 8. the skin or thin riud of any ness is rural labour

thing; a thia hoard with a long handie, Peasantry, péz'zânt-re. 8. peasants, rusticks used by bakers Peashell, pé'sbel. - the busks that contains Peep, péép. v. 0. to look slily, or curiously peas

Peep, peép. s. first appearance ; a sly looks Pease, pèze. s. food of peas

Peephole, pėép'bole. 8. a hole through which Peat, péte. s. a species of turf used for fire one may look without being discovered Perble, péb'ol.

Peer, péér. 8. equal, one of ihe same rank,

3. a round bard Pebblestone, pêb'bl-stdne.

a nobleman

(the body of peers stone ; a scrt of bastard gem

Peerage, péér'idje. 8. the dignity of a peer; Pebbly, pěb'ble. a. full of petbles

Peeress, péér'és. 8. the lady of a peer Peccability pêk-ka-bii'é-té. 8. state of being Peerless, péér'lês. a. unequalled subject to sin

Peevish, péė'vish. a. petulant, irritable Peccable, pêk'kå-bl. a. incident to sin Peevishness, péè'vish-nés. s. irascibility, fretPeccadillo, pék-kå-d?l'ld. s. a petty fault fulness Peccancy, pêk'kån-sé. s. bad quality Peg, pég. 6. a piece of wood driven into a Peccant, pěkékảnt. a. criminal ; ill-disposeall hole; the pin of an instrument Peck, pék. 8. the fourth part of a bus hel Peg, pég. v. a. to fasten with a peg Peck, pék. v. a. to strike with the beak as a Peli, pélf. 8. money ; riches in an odious sense

bird, to pick up food with the heak Pelican, pêi'lė-kân. s. a bird Pectoral, pék'túr-ál. *. belonging to the Pellet, pel'lit. 8. a little ball breast

Pellicle, pél'lė-kl. 8. a thin skin Pectoral, pêk'tür-ál. 3. a medicice proper to Pellmell, pel-mél. ad. confusedly

strengthen tbe breast and stomach Pells, pélz. 6. an oifire belonging to the er Peculate, pékľkú-låte. V. n. to rob or Jefraud chequer the publick

Pellucid, pêl-lu'sid. a. clear, transparent Peculation, pêk-kd-la'shủn. 8. robbery of the Pellucidoess, pêl-lu'sid-cés. . transparency, publick

(ich clearness Peculator, pêk'kd-la-túr. s. robber of the pub-1 Pelt, peit. s. skin, hide Peculiar, pé-ků'ld-úr. a. appropriate ; particu-l Pelt, pélt. y. a. to strike with something lar, single

thrown; to throw Peculiarity, pê-ků-12-år'd-te. 6. particularity Pelvis, pélvis. 6. the lower part of the belly Peculiarly, pé-kd'le-úr-le. ad. particularly, Pen, pên. e. an instrument of writing ; a singly

(ney small enclosure Pecuniary, pé-ku'nd-ir-ė. a. relating to mo-! Pen, pén. v. a. to coop, to shut up; to write Pedagogue, péd’da-gog. 6. a school-master, al Penal, pe’nål. a. enacting punishment pedaut

[gan Penalty, pén'nâi-té. s. punishment, judicial Pedals, péd'dáls. 8. the large pipes of an or infiction Pedant, péd’dånt. 8. a man vain of low knc*- Penauce, penʼnånse. e, infliction suffered as ledge

an expression of repeatance for sin Pedantick, pé-dán'tık. a. awkwardly ostenta- Pence, pênse. B. the plural of Penny tions of learning

Pencil, pěn'sil. 8. a small brush of hair ; ang Pedantry, pêd'dân-tré. a. awkward ostenta instrument of writing withou: ink tion of needless learning

Pendant, pea'dant, 8. a jewel kanging in the Peddle, pej'dl. v. n. to be busy about trifles ear; any thing hanging by way of ornaPedestal, pêd'dés-tål. s. the lower member of a pillar, the basis of a statue

Pendence, pen'dense. 8. slope ness Pedestrious, pé-dés'tre-ús. a. going on foot Pendency, pén'dên-sé. s. suspense Pedicle, pêd'de kl. 8. the footstalk Pendent, pén'dênt. a. hanging Pedigree, plu'de-gré. 8. genealogy, lineage ||Pending, pénd'log. a. depending Pediment, pêude-ment. s. an ornament that Pendulous, penju-lús. a. hanging

finishes the fronts of buildings, and serves Pendulum, pen'ju-lắm. s. part of a clock as a decoration ever gates

Penetrable, pên'ne-tra-ble, such as may be Pedler, ped'itr. s. cne who travels the coun pierced ; $isceptive of impression try with snall connodities

Penetrability, pén-nė-trå-bil'e-tė. s. susceptiPedlery, péd'Iůr-é. a. wares sold hy pedlers hility of impression [to pierce or enter Peduling, péd’dl-ing. a. petty dealing Penetrant. pén'ne-trånt. a. having the power Pedobaptism, pèd-dš-båp'tízín. s. infant bap-||Penetrate, pen'ne-tråte. v. a to pierce, to. tien

(practises infant haptism enter beyond the surface Pedobaptist, péd-cd-bap'tist. 6. that||Penetration, pên-ne-trå'sbån. 1. the act of enPeel, pédl. v. es to decorticate, to day

tering into any body; sagacity






Penetrative, pén'nė-trå-ttv. a. piercing, subtile Pepper, pépʻpúr. v. a. to sprinkle with pepPenguin, pén'gwia. 3. a bird ; a fruit

per ; to mangle with shot or blows Peninsula, pén-in'shủ-lå. s. a piece of land al- Peppercorn, påp'růr-kórn. s. any thing of inmost surrounded by the sea

considerable value

(hot Peninsulated, pen-In'shd-là-têd, a. almost Peppermint, pep'púr-mint. 6. mint eminently surrounded with water

Peptick, rep'tik. helping digestion Penitence, pền'ne-tênse. s. repentance Peradventure, pêr-ad-vén'tshüre. ad. perhaps Penitent, pen'ne-tênt. a. repentant, contrite Perambulate, pér-åm'bd-late. v. a. to walk Penitent, pen'ne-tênt. . one sorrowful for sin through

(of passing through Penitential, pén-nė-téa'shål. a. expressing Perambulation, per-am-bu-lá'shún. s. the act penitence

Perceivable, pér-se'vå-bl. a. perceptible Penitentiary, pền-ne-ten’shi-re. s. one who Perceive, pér-séve'. v. a. to discover, to ob

prescrihes the rules and measures of penance; a penitent ; place where penancePerceptibility, pér-sep-te-bil'é-tě. s. perces is enjoined


(known or observed Penknife, pén'nife. s. a knife used to cut pens | Perceptible, pêr-sèp'te-hl. a. such as may be Penman, pén'mân. s. one who professes the Perception, pér-sép'shủn. s. consciousness ; art of writing; a writer

[of perceiving Pennant, pén' nânt. s. a small flag

Perceptive, pêr-séptiv. a. having the power Pennated, pén'nå-têd. a. winged

Perch, pertsh. s. a fish ; a bird's roost ; * Penny, pén'nė. 8. a small coin, of which measure of five yards and a half twelve make a shilling

Perch, pertsh. v. n. to sit or roost as a bird Penuiless, pen' né-lés. a. poor, wanting money | Perchance, pêr-tshanse'. ad. perhaps Pennyweight pén'nd-wåte. s. 24 grains Troy | Percolate, pèr'k 3.-lale v. a. to strain weight

Percolation, pêr-kd-lå'shủn. s. the act of Peunyworth, pén'nė-wůrth. s. as much as is straining

[stroke bought for a penny ; soinething advanta- || Percussion, pêr-kůch'ûn. 8. the act of striking, geously bought

Percutient, pêr-ků'shent. a. striking Pensile, pên'sll. a. hanging, suspended Perdition, pér-dish'ín. 8. destruction, ruin, Pensiun, pén'shỉn. s. an allowance inade with eternal death put an equivalent

(pensions Perdue, pêr-dl'. ad. close in ambush Pensionary, pěn'shủn-a-rè. a. maintained by Perdurable, pér'di-rå-hl. a. lasting, long con Pensicner, pén'shủn-ửr. s. a dependant

tinued (to live in foreign countries Pensive, pén'sív. a. sorrowfully thoughtful Peregrinate, pêr'ré-gré-nåte. v. n. to travel, Ponsively, jiên'siv-lè. ad. with melancholy Peregination, pêr-ré-gré-nå'shủn. 8. travel, Pent, pént. part. pass. of pen. shut up

abode in foreign countries Pentachord, pén'tå-kord. s. an instrument Peregrine, pér're grin. a. foreign with five strings

Pereiraption, per-ểm shầu. S. crush, extinction Pentaedrous, pén-tấ-é'drủs. a. having five Peremptorily, per'rém-túr-ré-lé

. ad. absolutesides (angles ly, positively

(ness, dogmatisie Pentagon, pêr'tâ-gôn. 6. a figure with five Perempturiness, pêr'tém-tůr-e-nés. s. positive Pentagonal, pen-tig'd-nål. a. having fire Peremptory, pêr'rêm-túr-ė. a dogmatical, angles [of five feat absolute

[year Pentameter, pen-tâm'mé-tứr. s. a Latin verse Perennial, pér-én'nė-al. a. lasting through the Pentangular, pén-tang'gu-lår. a. five-cornered Pérennity, pér-rên' nè-té. s. quality of lasting Peritateuch, pên'tå-tdke. 8. the five books of through all seasons

(immaculate Moses

(Jews || Perfect, pêr'fékt. 2. complete, consummate ; Fentecost, pén'tė-koste. 8. a feast among the Perfect, pêr'fékt, v. a. to finish, to complete, Penthouse, pênt'hồåse. s. a shed hanging out

(perfect aslope from the wall

(but one Perfection, pêr-rêk'shủn. s. the state of being Penultima, pe-nủl'te-må.,. the last syllable Perfective, pêr-fék't.v. a. conducing to pere Penultimate, pe-nůl'tė-måte. a. belonging to fection

[exactly the last syllable buone

Perfectly, pêr'fêxt-le. ad. totally, completely; Penumbra, pè-núm'b à s. an imperfect shadow Perfectness, pår'sékt-nês. s. completeness; virPenurious, pe-ad're-is. a. niggardly, sparing Penuriousness, pê-nu'rd-ús-nés. s. parsimony| Perfidious, pêr-fld'yús. a. treacherous Penury, pen'nd-ré. 6. poverty, indigence Perfidiously, pér-ffu'yús-id. ad. treacherously People, péé'pl. 8. a natiou ; the communalty ;| Perfidiousness, pér-rid'yús-néa, n. the quality

of being perfidious People, péé'pl. v. a. to stock with inhabitants | Perfidy, pér'fd-dé. . treacliery, breach of Pepper, pep'půr. s. an aromatick kind of grain faith

to consumate



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