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Perforate, për'fb-råte. v. a. to pierce with all Permeant, pér'me-ant. a. passing through tool, to bore

(ing; hole Permission, pêr-mish'ún. s. allowance Perforation, per-fb-rå'shủn. 8. the act of bor- Permissive, pêr-mis'siv. a. granting liberty Perforce, pêr-forse'. ad. violently

Permic, pêr-mit'. v. a. to allow Perform, pér-fòrm'. v. a. to execute, to do Permit, pểr' mit. s. a written permission from Performance, pér-fôrm'ânsg. s. completion of an excise officer for transporting goods from something designed (any thing place to place

(mission Performer, pår-fòrm'ùr. s. one that performs Permittance, pêr-mit'tanse. s. allowance, perPerfricate, pêr'fré-kåte. v. a. to rub over Permutation, pér-mu-ta'shủn. s. exchange » Perfume, pėr'fume. 8. sweet odour, fr-grance || Pernicious, per-nish'ús. a. mischievous, dePerfume, pêr-fame'. v. a. to impregnate with structive sweet scent

[fumery Perniciously, per-nish'ůs-lè. ad. destructively Perfuner, pér-f'můr. s. one who deals in per- Peroration, per-d-rà'shủn. 8. the conclusioa Perfunctory, pêr-fúnk'tür-ė. a. slight, care of an oration less, negligent

(spreadPerpend, pêr-pénd'. v. a. to weigh in the Perfuse, pér-rdze'. v.a. to tincture, to over mind, to consider attentively Perhaps, pér-håps'. ad. peradventure Perpendicular, per-pén-dik'd-lar. a. cutting Pericardium, per e-kår’de-úm. 8. a thin mem the horizon at right angles brane covering the heart

Perpendicular, pér-pén-dik'u-lår. s.

a line Pericranium, pár-é-kra'nė-úm. 6. the mem croosing the horizon at right angles brane that covers the skull

Perpendicularity, pér-pén-dik-u-lår'e-té, s. the Perigee, pêr'e-jée. Perigeum, pêr-e-jé'ům.

state of being perpendicula. B. a point in the

Perpension, pêr-pên'shún. 6. consideration heavens, wherein a planet is said be in Perpetrate, per' pe-tråte. v. a. to commj

its nearest distance possible from the earth Perpetration, pér-pé-tra'shủn. s. ,the act of Perihelium, pér-é-he'lé-úm. s. that point of a

committing a crime planet's

, orbit whereii it is nearest the sun Perpetual, pèr-pét'tshủ-ål. a. continual Peril, per'rfl, &: danger, hazard, jeopardy Perpetually, pêr-pèt'tshủ-al-lé. ad. Perilogy, pèr'ril-ús. a. dangerous, hazardous

stantiy Period, pé'ré-id. s. a circuit ; a stated number Perpetuate, pêr-pêt'tsh4-åte. V. a. to make of years, a round of time; the end or on perpetual

(futurity clusion ; a complete sentence

Perpetuity, pér-pè-td’é-tè. s. duration to all Periodical, pé-ré-od'dê-kål. a. happening hy Perplex, per-plēks'. v. a. to entangle ; to emrevolution; regular (periods barrass

[glement, intricacy Periodically, pé-ré-od'dd-kål-d. ad. at stated Perplexity, pér-pléko'è-tė. s. anxiety, entanPeripatetic, pér-é-på-tét’ik. s. one of an an-Perquisite, pèr'kwiz-it. 6. something gained by

cient sect of philosophers ; a follower of a place or office over and above the settled Aristotle

wages Periphery, pé-rif'ié-ré. s. circumference Perry, pêr'rd. s. cider made of pears Periphrasis, pe-rif'frå-sis. s. circumlocution Persecute, pêr'sé-k óte. v. a. to purvue with Peripneumony, pêr-Ip-nu'm-né. s. aa indam malignity ; to importune much mation of the lungs

Persecution, pêr-se-ku'shủn. s. the act or Perish, pêr'rish. v. n. to die, to come to noth practice of persecuting

(cutes ing ; to be lost eternally

Persecutor, pèr'sė-kd-túr. 8. one who persePerishable, dêr'rish-a-bl. a. liable to perish Perseverance, pêr-se-vė'rânse. s. stealiess in Perjure, pêr'júre. v. a. to forswear, to taint pursuits


Persevere, pêr-se-vére'. v. n. to persist in an Perjurer, per ju-rúr. B. one that swears falsely| Persist, pér-sist'. v. n. to persevere, to conPerjury, pèr'ju-ré. s. false oath

tinue firm Periwig, pêr're-wig. 3. hair not natural Person, pêr'sn. s. an individual; buman Periwinkle, pêr're-win-kl. s. a small shell-fish being ; exterior appearance : character Perk, perk. v. n. to hold up the head with an Personable, pér'sia-a-bl. handsome, allected brisk ness


(person Permanence, pêr' má-nêore.

s. duration

Personage, pển sủn-die. . a considerable Permanency, pér'ına-nêr-se.

Personal, pêr'sán-ál. a. belonging to men or Permanent, pår' mâ-nént. A. Jurable

women; affecting individuals. peculiar ; Permanently, pér' ma-nent-lé. ad. durably,


Cality of any one lastingly

Personality, pér-sd-nål'ld-té. s. the individu Permar.ion, pêr-man'shảo. o. continuance Personally, pêr'sủn-al-lè. ad. in person Permeable, pêr'ınd-a-bl. a. such as may be Personate, pêr'sủo-åte. V. a. to represent; to passed through

y counterfeit

with perjury

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pêr-sôn'ne-fé-ká'shủn. s. Perverseness, pér-vérs'nés. petulance, change of things to persons

peevishness Persunify, pêr-sôn'nė-it. v. a. to change from Perrersion, pér-vêr'shủn. 8. change to worse I thing to a person

Pervert, pér-vêrt'. v. a. to distort from the Perspective, pér-spék’tiv. s. a glass through true end or purpose ; to corrupt which things are viewed; view

Pervious, pêr'vê-ús. a. admitting passage Perspective, pêr-spêk'tis. a. relating to the Pest, pést. s. plague, pestilence

science of vision, optical [sighted Peeter, pês'tür. v. a. to disturb, 10 harass Perspicacions, per-spé-ka'shủs. quick-||Pesthouse, påst'höůse. s. an hospital for perPerspicaciousness, pêr-spé-kå'shủs-nếa. soos is.fected with the plague Perspicacity, pér-spé-kås sė-tė.

Pestiferous, pés-titrêr-ús. a. destructive; quickness of sight (the mind pestilential

[distemper Perspicuity. pêr-spé-kì'é-té. B. clearness to Pestilence, pès'te-lense. 8. plagde, contagious Perspicuouis, pér-spik'ků-ús. a. clear Pestilential, pês-tê-lều'shål. a. infectious, conPerspirable, pêr-spl'rå-bl. a. such as may be tagious (thing is broken in a mortar emitted by the cuticular pores

Pestle, pès'tl. 8. an instrument with which any Perspiration, pér-spé-rá'shủn. d. excretion by Pet, pét. s. a slight passion or fit of anger; the cuticular peres

a favourite Perspire, pêr-spire'. v. n. to perform excre- Pet, pét. v. a. to spoil by too much fondling

tion by the cuticular pores ; to be excreted Petal, pė'tål, or pét'ál. s. the leaf of a flower by the skin

as distinguished from the leaf of a plant Persuadable, pêr-swà'då-bl. a. such as may Petechial, pé-te'ké-ål. a. pestilentally spotted be persuaded

Petition, pe-tish'în. 9. request, supplication Persuale, per-side. v. a. to bring to a||Petition, pe-tỉahoản. v. a. to solicit opinion

(suading ; opinion Petitionary, pé-t ishúnca-rė. a. supplicatory Persuasion, pêr-svå'zhủn s. the act of per-Petitioner, pe-tisb'ủo-ír. s. one who offers a Persuasive, pér-swa'siv.

a. having the

petition Persuasory, pér-swa'sůr-é.}

Petre, pé'tếr. s. nitre, salt-petre power to persuade

Petrescent, pe-trés'sent. a. becoming stone Pert, përt. a. brisk ; smart; saucy Petrifaction, pét-tré-fåk'shủn. 8. the act of Pertain, pêr-tảne'. v. n. to belong, to re turnirg to stone; that which is made stone late to

(stubborn Petrify, pét'tre-fi. v. a. to change to stone Pertinaciove, pêr-te-nå'shủs. a. obstinate, Petrify, pét'tre-fl. v. n. to become stone Pertinaciously, pêr-té-na'shủs-lè. ad. obsti-Petroliun, pe-urd'le-úm. 8. a liquid hilumen nately

Petticcat, pét'tė-kote. 8. the lower part of a Pertinacity, pêr-te-nås'se-tė. s. obstinacy woman's dress

(rate lawyer Pertinence, pêr'tė-něnse. 6. propriety to the Pettifoger, pét'td-rog-gũr. s. a petty smallpurpose, apposite ness

Capposite Pettish, pét'i fsh. a. fretful, peevish Pertinent, pêr'te-nént. a. just to the purpose ; Pettishness, pét'tish-nès. s. fretfulaess, peerPertingent, pér-tin’jént. a. reaching to, ishness

(rig touching

Pettitoes, pét'tè-tdze. 8. the feet of a sucking Pertly, pêrt'lè. ad. briskly, smartly, saucily Petty, pét'tė. a. small, little (ishness Pertneso, pêrt'nés. 8. brisk folly, saucincsa, Petuiance, pét'tsh-lånse. 8. sauciness, peer petulance

Petulant, påt'tsbů-lånt. a. saucy, perverse Pertuit, pér-tirb'.

V. a. to dis- | Pew, pů. s. a seat enclosed in a church Perturbate, pêr-tür'båte.

Pewter, pu'tr. 8. an artiscial metal quiet, to disturb

Pewterer, pu'tir-úr. B. a smith who works in Perturbation, pêr-tir-bå'shủn. 4. disquiet of

Pewter mind; commution of passions

Phænomenon, fe-nôm'd-pon. s. an appearance Pertusion, pêr-tu'zhîn. 8. the act of piercing in the works of nature or punching

(periwig Phaeton, fa'd-tón. 8. a high open carriage Peruke, pêr'ruke. 8. a cap of felse hair, a Phalanx, få lånks. 8. a troop of inen closely Perusal, né rú'zál. 8. the act of reading

embodies Peruse, pé-ruze'. v. a. to read; to examine Phantasm, får'tázın. s. vain and airy ap. Peruser, fie-růzúr. 8. a reader, examiner Phantom, fån tim. s. a spectre, an apparition Pervade, pér-våde'. v. a. to pase through an Pharisaical, får-ré-så'é-kái. a. ritual, exteraperture, to permeate

(through valls religious Pervasion, per-raʼzhủn. s. the act of passing Pharmacopoeia, får-må-kd-pé'ya. s. a book Perverse, pér-vérse'. &. obstinate in the containing rules for the composition of me wrong, stubborn satiously dicines

Capothecary Perversely, pér-véri'ld. ed. peevishly, vex \\Phar:arcopolist, får-ma-kop'




Pharmacy, fár' ma-se. s. the art or practice of Physiognomist, Kizh-e-Ig'no-mnfst. 8. one who

preparing medicines, the trade of an apo judges of the temper or future fortune by thecary

the features of the face Pharos, fa'ros. 8. a light-house

Physiognomy, fizh-e-og'nd-mè. 6. the art of Phasis, fà'sis. 8. plural Phases. appearance discovering the temper and foreknowing exhibited by the moon

the fortune by the features of the face; the Pheasant, féz'zânt. s. a kind of wild cock cast of the look Phenomenon, fè-nûm'é-nûn. s. uovel appear-| Physiologist, rizh-d-81'18-jíst. 8. a writer of ance, visible quality

natural philosophy

(nature Phial, 'l, 8. a small bottle

Physiology, fizh-e-81'18-jé. 8. the doctrine of Philanthropy, fit-an'thrd-pė. s. love of man-Phytology, ri-től'18-jé. 6. the doctrine of kind, good nature

(clamation plants Philippick, fil-lipp?k. s. an invective de-Piacular, p-akíků- lår. a. expiatory Philologer, fé-180119-júr: }

Pia-mater, pl-i-må'tảr. s. a delicate mem

a critick, a Philologist, fé-101'18-jíst. )

brane, which covers the brain grammarian

(cal learning Piazza, pe-sz'zå. 8. a walk under a roof Philology, fè-18/'18-jė. s. criticism, grammati supported by pillars Philomel, fillo-mèl. 8. the nightingale Pica, pika. s. a printing letter of a particular Philosopher, fè-108'sd-fúr. a. a man deep in knowledge

Picaroon, pik-ki-r88n'. s. a robber, a plunderer Philosophick, ffl-18-zornik. Philosophical , fil-18-zorie-kál

. a. belonging|Pick, plk. v. a. to choose ; to gather; to 5€ to philosophy

Pickapack, pik'a-påk. ad. in manner of a Philosophically, 17-18-zör fe-kål-e. ad. in a

pack upon the back philosophical manner

Pickaxe, pik'áks. s. an axe with a sharp point Philosophism, fé- lôs'd-rizm. s. visionary or Picked, pik'kéd. a. sbarp, smart unfounded philosophy

Picker, fik'kůr, s. one who picks or culls Philosophize, fè-los'sd-fizė. v. a. to reason Pickle, pix'kl. s. a salt and acid liquor ; thing like a philosopher (tural or moral kept in pickle ;

condition Philosophy, fè-lôs'ső-ré. s. knowledge na-Pickle, pík'kl. v. a. to preserve in pickle Philter, fil'tůr. s. something to cause love Picklock, plk'lok. s. an instrument by which Phiz, fiz. s. the face

locks are opened Phlebotomist, fle-båt'td-mnlst. e. one that Pickpocket, pik' pôk-st. 8. a thief who steals opens a vein

from the pocket Phlebot umy, lé-b8t'td-me. s. blood letting Pickthank, pik'thånk. s. an officious fellow Phlegn, fiếm. s. the watery humour of the Picture, plk'tehdie. s. a resemblance in con body

Jours Phlegmatick, Abg'må-tik. a. abounding in Picture, pîk'tshare. . a. to paint; to represent phlegm ; dull, frigid

(tle Picturesque, pik-tshú-résk'. a. expressed hapPbleme, flème. S. an instrument to bleed cat pily as in a picture Phlogiston, Ad-jis'tón. s. a chymical liquor Pidie, pid'ui. v. n. to pick at table, to feed extremely inflammable

squearnishly; to trife Phosphorus, fös'fo-růs. s. the morning star ;| Pie, pl. s. a crust baked with something in it;

a chymical substance which exposed to the a magple air takes fire

Piebald, põbåld. a. of various colours Phrase, fråze. 8. an idiom, a mode of speech Piece, péése. s. a patch ; a part; a picture ; Phraseology, fra-ze-01'18-jė. s. style, diction a composition; a gun; a coin Phrepetick, fré-net'tk. a. mad, frantick Piece, pédse. v. a. to enlarge by the addition Phrensy, frén'ze. 8. madness, frantickness of a piece; to join Phthisical, tiz'zê-kål. a. wasting

Piecemeal, péés'mele. ad. in pieces Phthisick, :iz'zîk. 8. a consumption Piecemeal, péés'ınėle. a. separate, divided Phylactery, fè-lak'têr-e. s. a bandage op Pied, pide a. variegated, party-coloured which was inscribed some memorable seo-||Pier, péér. s. the column on which the arch Unedicinail of a bridge is raised

(atfest Physical, riz'zê-kål. a. relating to nature :/ Pierce, pèérse. v. n. to penetrate, to enter, 10 Physically, fizʻzé-kål-lè. ad. according to Piercer, péèrs’úr, or pers’úr. s. an instrument

(the art of healing that bores or penetrates Physician, fé-zish'an. s. one who professes Piety, pl'é-tė. s. discharge of duty to God Physick, riz'zik. s. the science of healing ; or to parents medicines, remedies

(to cure Pig, pig. •. a young sow or boar Pyysick, riz’zik. F. a. to treat with physick.]|Pig, pig. v. n. to farrow, to bring pigs



Cot war

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minals are put

Pigeon, pid'jín. 6. a well knowo bird Pinon, pin'yún. v. a. to bind the wings; to Piggira , pig'gin. s. a small vessel

sbackle Pigment, p g'ment. 8 paint

Pink, pingk. s. a small fragrant flower Pignut, pig nåt. s. an earth nut

Pink, pingk. v. a. to pierce in small holes Pike, pike. s. a large fish; a lance used by Pinmoney, pin'ınún-nė. s. a wife's pocket soldiers

(pike money Pikestaff, pike'stål. s. the wooden frame of a Pinnace, pin'as. s. a boat belonging to a skip Pilaster, pe-lås'tür. K. a square column Pinnacle, pin'na-kl. s. a turret Pile, pile. 8. a strong piece of wood driven Pint, pint. 6. half a quart; io medicine, into the ground; a heap; an edifice

twelve ounces Pile, plle. 8. a. to heap, to lay one thing on Pioneer, pl-d-néer'. s. one whose musiness in another

[robbery to level the road, or sink mines, en military ilfer, pil'rúr. V. a. to steal, to gain hy petty operations

[gion Pilferer, pil'rúr-úr. one who steais petty Pious, pl'ús. a. careful of the Juties of relithings

[ligious account Piously, pl'ús-lé. ad. in a pious manner, reliPilgrim, pilgrim. s. one who travels on a re giously Pilgrimage, pil'grim-ådje. s. a journey 01 Pip, píp. 8. a disease in fowls ; a spot on cards account of devotion

Pipe, pipe. 6. a tube ; an instrument of muPil, pll. s. medicine made into a small ball sick ; a liquid measure containing two Pillage, pillidje. s. plunder

hogsheads Piilage, pil'lídje. v. a. to plunder

Pipe, pipe. v. n. to play on the pipe Pillar, pillir. s. a columo; a supporter Piper, pl'zúr. s. one who plays on the pipe Pillared, pil'lůrd. 8. supported by columns Pipkin, pip'kin. 8. a small earthen boiler Pilliva, pil'yún. s. a soft saddle ; a pad Pippin, plp'pin. s. a sharp apple Pillury, piliúr-ė. s. a frame erected on a pil- Piquant, pikskånt. a. prickling, pungent

lar, and made with holes and folding boards, Piquancy, pik’kan-sé. s. sharpness, tartness through which the heads and hands of cri- ||Pique, pèék. 8. iil-will, pelig malevolence

[lory || Pique, péék. v. a. to touch with envy ; 10 Pillory, pil'lír-é. v. a. to punish with the pil offend; to value, to fix reputation as on a Pillow, pil'ld. s. a bag of down'or feathers point to lay the head on

Piquet, pé-két'. ,, a game at cards Pillowcase, pil'ld-kåse. $. the cover of a Piracy, pl'rå -se. s. the act or practice of robpillow

bing on the sea Pilosity, pe-188'sd-tė. s. hairiness

Pirate, pl'råt. 8. a sea-robber Pilot, pliit. s. he who steers a ship Piratical, pl-råt'te-kål. a. predatory Pilotage, pilůt-tidje. 8. a pilot's hire Piscatory, pls'kå-tůr-é. a. relating to fishes Pimp, pimp. 8. a procurer, a pander Pisces, pis'sės. s. the twelfth sign in the zo Pimp, pimp. v. 0. to pander

diack Pimping, pimp'ing. a. little

Pish, pish. int. a contemptuous exclamation Pimple, pîm'pl. 6. a small red pustule Pismire, piz'mire. 8. an ant; an emmet Pimpled, pim'pld. a. full of pimples Pissburnt, pis'hůrnt. a. having a colour us Pin, pin. s. a short pointed wire; a peg

though stained with urine Pin, pin. v. a. to fasten with pins

Pistachio, pls-ta'shd. s. a pistich nut Pincase, pio'kåse. 8. a case to keep pins in Pistol, pis'tůl. B. a small hand-gun Pincers, pin'sůrz. s. an instrument by whici Pistol, plo'tủl. v. a. to shoot with a pisto pails are drawn

Pistole, pis-tole'. 8. a coin of many countries Pinch,

v. a. to squeeze ; to press hard and different degrees of value Pinch, plush. . a painful squeeze ; a small Piston, pis'tån. s. the muveable part in a quantity contained betweeu the finger and

pump or syringe thumb time of distress

Pit, pit. e, a bole in the ground; grave; midPinchbeck, pinsh'hek. s. A compound metal dle part of the taeatre ; any hollow of the Pincushion, pin'kish-in. s. a small bag stuff body ed, on which pins are stuck

Pitapat, pIt'å-påt. s. a flutter, a palpitation Pine, plne. s. a tree

Piich, pitsh. e. the resin of the pine extractPine, pine. v. n. to languish

ed by fire and inspissated ; azy degree of Pineapple, pine'âp-pl. 8. a plant

eleration; degree Pinfold, pin'idid. 8. a place in which beasts | Pitch, plesh. 8. a. to fix, to plant; to throw are conned

headlong ; to smear with pitch Pinguid, ping'gwid. a. fat, unctuous Pitcher, pitsh'ộr. s. an eartben vessel Piniou, pln'yún. s. the joint of the wing re-Pitchfork, pltsb'förk, b. a fork used in bumi motest from the body; wing ; fetters bandry





Pitchiness, pirsh'é-nés. s. blackness, darkness, Plait, plåte. s. a fold, a double
Pitchy, fitsh'è. a. smeared with pitch ; black Plait, pláte, v. a. to fold, to double
Pit-coal, pít kdle. s. fossil coal

Plan, plán. 5. a scheme, a form, a model Piteous, pitsl'é-ús. a. sorrowful ; compas- Plan, plân. v. a. to scheme tv form in design

(ner Plane, pláne. 5. a level surface; a tool Piteously, pitsh'é-ìs-lè. ad. in a piteous man-|Plane, pláne. v. a. to sigooth with a plane Pitfall, pit'råll. s. a pit dug and covered Planet, plân'lt. 8. one of the celestial bodies Pith, pith, s. marrow; strength; energy, co in our system, which move round and regency; principal part

[cogency ceive light from the sun Pithily, plth'é-lé. ad. with strength, with Planetary, slanʼné-tår-ré. a. pertaining to Pithiness, pitn'é-nés. B. energy, strength the planets Pithless, pith'lês. a. wanting energy Planetstruck, plân' t-strúk. a. blasted Pithy, pith é. a. strong, energetick Planisphere, plåa'né-sfère, e. sphere projecte Pitiable, pit'te-a-bl. a. deserving pity

ed on a plane Pitiful, pit'tė-fil. a. melancboly ; tepder; Plank, plângk. s. a thick strong board paltry

Plank, plångk. v. a. to cover or lay with plarks Pitifully, pit'te-fil-é. ad. mournfully Planoconvex, plá-nd-kon'vēks. a. fiat on the Pitifulness, pit'te-rů)-nés. s. tenderness, com one side, and convex on the other passion

Plant, plánt. s. any vegetable production Pitiless, pit'tè-lés. 2. wanting pity

Plant, plant. v. a. to set; to place; to settle Pittance, pit'tanse. 5. a small portion Plaintain, plân'tỉo 8. an herb; a tree Pituitous, pe-t’’é-tůs. a. consisting of phlegm Plantation, plån-tá'shủn. s. a place planted; a Pity, pít'te. s. compassion, tenderness

colony Pity, pit'te. v. a. to compassionate misery Planter, plant’úr. 8. one who sows or cultiPivot, piv'vůt. s. a pin on which any thing

(be appeased Plash, plásh. . a small lake of water Placable, plå'kå-bl. a. willing or possible to Plasby, plås'è. a. watery, filled with pudPiacard, plak-ård'.

dles 8. an edict, a manifesto Plasm, plazm. 8. a mould, a matrix for metals Place, pláre. s. locality ; space; residence ;|| Plaster, plås'tûr. . substance made of water rank ; office

(fix, to establish and lime, with which walls are overlaid Place, pláse. Vi a. to pot in any place ; to a salve Placid, plas'sid. a. gentle, quiet ; soft, mild Plaster, plás'tûr. v. a. to overlay as with Placit, plås'it. s. decree, determination, plaster; to cover with a medicated plaster Plagiariem, plà'ja-rizm. s. literary theft Plasterer, plàs'túr-ûr. s. one whose trade is to Plagiary, plá'ja-ré. a thief in literature, overlay walls with plaster

one who steals the thoughts or writings of Plastick, plås'tit. a. having the power to give another

forin Plague, plåg. s. a pestilence

Plat, plát. v. a. to weave, to make by texture Piague, plág. v. a. to trouble, to harass Plat, plåt. s. a small piece of ground Plaguily, plárgé-lé. ad. vexatiously, horridiy ||Plate, plåte. s. wrought silver ; a small shalPlaguy, plá'gě. a vexatious, troublesome low vessel on which meat is eaten; the Plaice, pláse. 8. a flat fish

prize run for by borses Plaidl, plåd. s. a variegated cloth

Plate, plåte. v. a. to cover with plates; to Plain, pláne. a. smooth, fat; artless ; clear beat into laminæ or plates Plain, pláne. ad. distinctly ; simply Platen, plát'én. 8. tbat flat part of a printing Plain, plåne. s. level ground, a tield of battle press by which the impression is made Plain, plåne, v. a. to level, to make even Platform, plát'form. 5. horizontal plane; a Plaindealing, plåne-dé'ling. a. acting without level place before a fortification

(void of art|Platina, plät-e'na. s. a species of metal Plaindealing, plåne-dd'ling. s, management Platoon, plå-tóðn'. s. a small square body of Plainly, plărie’lé. ad. levelly; without orna musketeers

ment; sincerely; in earnest ; clearly Platter, plát'tûr. s. a large dish Plainness, plåve'nés. s. fatness; artiessness, || Pla:idit, plåw'dft. 6. applausn simplicity

Piausibility, plåw-ze-bile-té. s. speciousness, Plaint, plant. s. complaint

superficial appearance of right Plaintiff, plåne'tif. s. be that commencer a suit Plausible, plåw'zd-bl. a. superficially pleasing, in law against another


(show of right Plaintire, pláne'tly. a. complaining Plausibleness, plåw'zè-bl-nes. s. specioveness, Plairwork, pláne' wirk. s common ceedle-|Plausibly, plảw'ze-ble. ad. with fair show, work




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