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of guilt

Play, plá v. n. to sport, to frolick; to toy ;|\Pleuritick, pló-rft'tik. a. diseased with

to trifle ; to game; to touch a musical in pleurisy

strument ; to represent a character Pliable, pll'a-bl. a. flexible Play, plå. s. amusement, sport ; a drama ; Pliableness, pll'å-bl-nès. s. flexibility

game ; act of touching an instrument Pliancy, pll'ân-se. s. easi sess to be bent Player, plà'ùr. s. one who plays

Pliant, pll'ant. a. bending, flexile Playfellow, plá' fél-18. 8. companion in amuse-|Pliantness, pll'ânt-nes. s. flexibility

Pliers, pll’úrz. 8. a kind of small pincers Playful, plá'fül, a. sportive

Plight, plite. V. a. to pledge Playgame, plågåme. 8. play of chiidren Plight, plite. s. condition, state Playhouse, plå hồủse. s. house where drama-|Plinth, plinth. s. the square member which tick performances are represented

serves as a foundation to the base of a pil' Plaything, plá'thing. s. a toy

lar Plea, plé. s. the act or form of pleading ; an Plod, plod. v. 0. to toil, to drudge, to travel

laboriously; to study closely and dully Plead, pléde. y. n. to argue before a court of||Plodder, piod'důr. s. a dull, heavy, laborious

justice; to speak for or against, to reason with another; to admit or deny a charge Plot, plåt. 6. a small extent of ground; «

conspiracy; an intrigue ; stratagem Pleader, ple'důr. s. one who argues in a Plot, plôt. v. n. to form schemes of mischief; court of justice ; one who pleads

to contrive Pieasant, pléz'zânt. a. delightful; cheerfu! Plough, plåt. s. an agricultural instrument Pleasantness, plêz'zánt-nés. s. delightfulness ;Plough, plðů. v. a. to turn with the plough cheerfulness

to furrow, to divide

(the plough Pleasantry, plêz'zán-tré. s. gaiety, merriment Ploughboy, ploi'bod. s. a boy that follows Please, pléze. v. a. to delight, to gratify Ploughman, plôů/mån. s. one who attends or Pleasurable, plézb'ůr-å-bl. 2. delightful uses the plough Pleasure, plézh'dre. 8. delight, gratification ; (Pluck, plúk. v. a. to pull with force, to spatch arbitrary will

Pluck, plúk. s. a pull; the beart, liver, and Pleasure, plézh'dre. v. a. to please, to gratify lights of an animal Plebeian, plė-bé'yån. 8. one of the lower peo-Plug, plåg. s. a stopple pie

Plug, plåg. v. a. to stop with a plug Plebeian, ple-be'yån. a. vulgar, common Plum, plům. 8. a fruit; the sun of one hua Pledge, plédje. A. a pawn

dred thousand pounds Pledge, plédje. V. a. to put in pawn ; to in- | Plumage, plo'midje. s. feathers rite to drink

Plumh, piúm. 5. a leaden weight let down at Pledget, pléd'j st. . a small mass of lint the end of line

(rizon Pleiades, ple'gå-déz. B. a northern constella-Plumb, plům. ad. perpendicular to the hotion

Plamh, plúm. v. a. to sound; to regulate Plenary, plén'a-re. a. full, complete Plumber, plům'můr. s. one who works upon Plenilunary, plea-né-ld' nå-ré. a. relating toll lead the full moon

Plume, plume. 8. a feather, pride Plenipotentiary, plén-nė-på-tên’sha-rė. s. aj Plume, pláme. v. a. to adjust feathers; to * negotiator invested with full power adorn with plumes

(pencil Plenitude, plên'ue-túde. s. fulness ; repletion ; Plummet, plúm'nit. s. a leaden weight or exuberance

Plumous, pld'můs. a. feathery
Plenteous, pléo'tshd-is. a. copious, exuberandPlump, plúmp. a. sleek, full and smooth
Plenteously, plea'tehd-us-lè. ad. copiously Plump, plump. v. a. to fatten, to swell
Plenteousness, plén'tshe-ús-nés. s. abundance, Plump, plump. ad. with a sudden fall

Plumpness, plūmp'nes. 8. fulness
Plentiful, plen'te-fål. a. copious, abundant Plumy, plo'mė. a. covered with feathers
Plentifully, plên'té-růl-e. ad. copiously Plunder, plın'dúr. V. a. to pillage
Plentifulness, plêr'té-fål-nés. s. abundance, Plunder, plån'důr. s. pillage, spoils gotten in

(a robber Plenty, plén'tè. 3. abundance ; exuberance Plunderer, plün'důr-ús. Be a hostile pillager; Plethora, pléth'd-rå. s. the state in wbic(Plunge, plúnje. v. a to put suddenly under the vessels are fuller of humours than is

water; to force in suddenly agreeable to a natural state of health Plonge, plúsje. 3. act of sinking ander water Plethorick, plé-thör'ik. a. haring a full ba-||Plural, plu'rål. a. implying more than one bit

(the pleura/Plurality, pld-ra.l'é-te. « & aurabes mon Pleuriss, pll’ré-sé. 8. 20 iuiammation of than one; the majority



Plush, plúsh. 8. a kind of sbaggy cloth (rain Pole, pole. 8. the extremity of the axis of th Pluvial, pld've-al. a rainy, relating to

earth ; a long staff; a measure of length Pluvious, plu've-ửs.

containing five yards and a bali Ply, pll. v. a. to work on any thing closely Poleaxe, pole'åks. 8. an axe fixed to a long

and importunately; to keep busy*; to solicit role importunely

[relative to wind Polecat, poleľkát. s. a stinking animal Pneomatick, nů-mat'tik. a. moved by wind, Polemical, poʻlêm'me-kái.

2. controverPoeumaticks, nd-måt'tiks. s. the doctrine of Polemick, pd-lém'mik. the air

sial, disputative

Itrovertist Pneumatology, od-må-tô1'18-jė. s. the doc- Polemick, p)-lém'mix. s. a disputant, contrine of spiritual existence

Polestar, põle'stảr. 6. a star near the pole ; Poach, pdtsh. v. a. to boil slightly; to plun any guide or director der by stealth

Police, ro-léds'. s. the government of a Poacher, poteh'ůr. . one who steals game city, so far as regards the inhabitants Pock, pok. s. a pustule raised by the small Pulicy, pôl'lė-sė. s. the art of government ; рох (clothes prudence

(gant of ranners Pocket, pôk'kit. s. the small hag inserted into Polish, pol'lish. v. a. to smooth; to make elePocket, påk'kit. v. a. to put in the pocket Polish, pôi'lish. s. artificial gloss; elegance Poculent, pôk'kd-iểut. a. fit for drink

of manners Pod, pôd. s. the case of seeds

Polite, pd-llte'. a. elegant of manners Podagrical, pd-dag'gré-kål. a. gouty, rela Politeness, pô-lite'nės. s. elegance of manting to the gout

ners, gentility Poem, pd'ém. 8. the work of a poet, a metrical Political, po-lit'tė-kål. a. relating to politicks composition

[poetry, Politicaily, ro-lit'tė-kål-ė. ad. with relation Poesy, pd'é-sé. s. the art of writing poems; to publick administration; artfully Poet, po'ét. s, a writer of poems

Politician, pôl-le-tĩshoản. 8. one versed in Poetaster, pd'é-tás-túr. 8. a vile petty poet politicks Poetess, po'êt-tês. s. a female poet Politieks, pôl'ld-tiks. 8. the science of Poetical, po-ết'tė-kål.


(civil constitution Poetick, pd-ét'tik.

a. pertaining to

Polity, pôi'le-tė. 8. a form of government, poetry

[ties of poetry Poll, pdll. e. the head; a list of voters at an Poetically, po-ét'tė-kal-lè. ad. with the quali election Poetry, poé-tre.

Brametrical composition; the Poll, påll. v. a. to lop the top of trees; to art or practice writing poerns

cut off hair from the head ; tu insert into a Poignancy, zee'na h-sể. s. sharpness

number as a voter Poignant, råd'nâot. a. satirical, keen Pollard, pål'lard. s. a tree lopped Point, påfnt. s. a sharp end ; head-land ; sting Pollute, pôl-ldte'. v. a. to make unclean ; to of an epigram; a morrent; space; puaci

defle tillio ; a spot

Pollutedness, p81-14'têd-nee.

$. the state Point, pôsnt. v. a. to sharpen ; to direct to- Pollution, pôl-d'shủn.

wards an object; to show; to distingush of being aefled, defilement by stops or points

Poltron, pôl-trbón'. s. a coward, a scoundrel Pointed, põlnt'éd. a. sharp; epigrammatical Polyanthus, pd-lé-án'thủs. 8. a plant bearing Pointer, poin:'úr. s. any thing that points ; a dog

Polyedrous, pd-1e-d'drůs. a. having many sides Poison, påé'zn. 8. that which destroys or Polygamy, pd-lig'ga-mė. s. plurality of wives injures life ; venom

Polyglot, pôl'le-glot. a. having many lanPoison, påè'zn. v. a. to infect with poison ; guages

(angles to corrupt

Polygon, pôl'le-gôn. 8. a figure of many Poisonous, poè'zn-ús. a. venomous Polygonal, po-lig'go-nål. a. having many anPoise, poéze. s. balance, equipoise Poise, poéze. v. a. to balance

Polypetalous, p81-lé-pét'tál-ús. a. having Puke, poke. 6. a pocket, a small bag

many petals

[a polypus Poke, poke. v. a. to feel in the dark, to Polypous, pol'ld-půs, a. having the nature of

search any thing with a long instrument Polypus, pôi'le-půs. 8. a swelling in the nosPoker, po'kůr. s. the iron bar with which the triis ; an animal with many feet fire is stirred

Polysyllable, pôl'lė-bil-là-bl. % a word of Polar, poʻlår. a. found near the pole

many syllables

(plurality of gods Polarity, po-lar'd-tė. s. tendency to be pole Polytheism, pål'ld-the-izm. 8. the doctrine of Polary, plár-é. a. having a direction to-Pomaceous, po-ma'shủs. a. consisting of apples wards the pole

Pomade, po-måde'. s. a' fragrant ointment

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many flowers


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Pomnander, pd-inân'dúr. 8. a sweet ball Porker, pork'úr. s. a bog, a pig
Pomatum, p3-ma'tům. 5. an ointment Porosity, pd-rôs'sė-té. 6. quality of having
Pomegranate,' púm-gran'nåt. s. a tree the


(passages fruit

(on a sword or saddle Porous, p3'růs. a. having small spiracles or Pommel, pim'mil. 8. a. round ball or knob Porphyny, pôr'fůr-ė. s. marble of a particuPoimel, påm'mil, v. a. to bruise

lar kind Pomp, pimp. s. splendour, pride


pôr'pủs. B. the sea-hog Pompion, púm'pe-ún. 8. a pumpkin Poniposity, påm-pôs'é-tė. s. affectation of Porridge, pår’rldje. 9. a kind of broth pompousness

Porringer, pôr'rin-júr. 8. a vessel in which Pompous, pôm půs. a. splendid, grand

brotb is eaten

[a kind of wine Pompously, pôm'půs-lė. ad. magnificently Port port. 8. a harbour ; & gate ; carriage Purnpousness, pồm'pús-nés. s. magnificence, Portable, pér'tå-bl. a. that may be carried splendour

Portage, port'idje. s. the price of carriage ; Pond, pånd. s. a small pool or lake of water port-hole

(the gate opeus Ponder, pin'důr. v. a. to weigh mentally, to Portal, por'tål. s. a gate, the arch under which consider

(heaviness Portcullis, port-kůl'lls. 8. a machine hung over Ponderosity, , pôn-de--us'se-té. B. weight, the gates of a city, to be let down to keep Ponderous, pondur-ds. a. heavy, weighty

out an enemy

(show Ponderousness, pồn'dúr-ús-nés. 8. beaviness, Portend, pòr-tend. 1. a. to foretoken, to fure weight

Portent, pôr-tênt'. s. omen of ill Poniard, põn'yard. 6. a dagger

Portentous, pår-těn'tủs. a. monstroys, fure Poniard, pôs'yård. v. a. to stab with a poniard tokening ill Pontiff, pon'tif. s. a high priest ; the pope Porter, por’tůr. 8. one that has the charge of Pontifical, pân-tif fé-kál. a. belonging to a the gate; one who carries burdens for hire; high priest; popish

strong beer

[rage Pontificate, pởn-tir se-kåt. s. sapacy, popedom Porterage, por'tửr-ldje. s. money paid for car. Pooton, pôn-tobn'. 6. & floating bridge, Port-iulio, pórt-rdʻle-6. 8. an empty binding invention to pass over water

to keep loose paper in Pony, po nė. s. a small horse

Portico, por'te-kd. s. a covered walk, a piazza Pool, podl. s. a lake of standing water Portion, pôr'shủn. 6. a part; an allotment; a Pocp, pllp. B. the hindermost part of a ship fortune

(with a fortune Poor, poór. a. indigent; trifting ; mean ; low Portion, pör'shủn. v. a. livide, to endow Poorly, potrʻlé, ad. without spirit Portliness, port'ie-nés. s. gnity of mien Pop, pop. 6. a small smart quick sound Portly, pórt'lė. a. grand of mien Pop, pởp. v. n. to move or enter with a quick, Portmantea's, port-mân'td. s. a chest or bag and unexpected motion

in which clothes are carried Pope, pope. s. the bishop of Rome Portrait, por'tráte. s. à picture drawn from Popedum, pope'dim. s. papal diguity

the life

[by picture Pupery, po púr-ė. s. the religion of the church| Portray, por-tra'. v. a. to paint, to describe of Rome

[ren playPortress, por'trés. s. a feinale guardian of a Popgun, pôpʻgủn. F. a gun with which childPopish, po'pish. a. relative to popery Pose, poze. v. a. to puzzle (laid down Populave, pôp'pu-lås. 8. the vulgar, the mul- Position, po-zish'ún. 8. situation; principle titude

[ing to the people Positive, pôz'ze-tiv. a. real, absolute; direct Popular, pôp på-lår. a. vulgar, plebeian ; pleas-Positively, pôz’zê-tiv-lè. ad. absolutely, per. Popularity, pop-på-lår'e-cé. s. state of being emptorily

[of the populace favoured by the people,

Posse, pos'sė. s. an armed power, consisting Fopulation, pop-pu-la'shủn. 8. the state of a Possess, pôz-zés'. v. a. to have as an owner, country with respect to numbers of people

to enjoy

(in one's "W power Populous, pôp'pů- lôs. a. full of people Possession, pôz-zésh'ûn. s. the state of having Populcusness, pồp'p#-lús-nes. s. the state of Pussessive, pôz-zés'slv.

a. baving abounding with people

Possessory, poz'zés-súr-é. Porcelain, pör'sê-låne. s. cbina-ware

possession Porch, pórtsh. s. a porticu, a covered walk Possessor, pôz-zés'sůr. s. owner, proprietor Porcupine, pårʻkd-plne. s. a kind of hedgehog||Posset, pôs'sit. P. milk curdled with wine Pore, pore. B. spiracle of the skin, passage of Possibility, pôs-se-bil'd-tė. s. the state of perspiration; any narrow spiracle or pas being possible

(or to be done sage

(ness Possible, pôs'se-bl. a. having the power to be Pore, pore. v. n. to look with great intense- Possibly, pôs'sé-ble., ad. by any power, Pork, pórk. s. swine's desh



Pust, post. s. a hasty messenger ; quick course|Potertly, po'tent-lé. ad. powerfully

of travelling; office; a piece of tiinber sel Pother, pith’ór. a. bustle, turnult erect

Potherb, påt'èrb&. an herb fit for the pot Post, post. v. n. to travel with speed Potion, pd'shún. s. a physical draught Post, póit. v. a. to fix opprobiously o! Pottige, pût'tfdje. s. any thing boiled or deposta; to place, to station

cocted for food Postage, post'idje. 8. money paid for convey-Potter, påt'túr. 8. a maker of earthen vessels ance of a letter

(the real time Pottle, poi'tl. s. a measure containing four Postdata, post'dåte. v. a. to date later than pints Pustdiluvian, post-de-lu've-in. s. one that Pouch, politsh. 8. a small bag, a pocket lived since the food

Poult, polt. 8. a young chicken, particularly Poster, post'ár. 3. a courier [placed after

of a turkey Posterior, pós-te're-úr. a. happening after, Poulterer, påltúr-ửr. s. one whose trade is to Posteriors, pôs-te're-úrz. s. the binder parts sell fowls ready for the cook Posterity, pôs-tér'e-tė. 6. succeeding gene-Poultice, pol'tis. 5. a soft molliíying applicarations, descendants

tion Postern, pos'térn. s. a small gate

Poultice, pol'tis. v. a. to apply a poultice Postexistence, post-ég-zis'térise. s. future er-Poultry, płl'tré. s. domestick fowls istence

courier Pounce, på inse. s. the claw of a bird of prey; Posthaste, póst-håste'. s. haste like that of all the powder of gurn sandarach Posthorse, pdst'horse. s. a horse stationed for||Pound, poảnd. s. a weight, consisting, in Troy the use of couriers

weight, of twelve, in Avoirdupois, of sixPosthouse, podst'house. s. post-office

teen ounces; the sum of twenty shillugs; Posthurnous, post'hú-ınủs. a. done, had, or a pinfuld, an enclosure published, after one's death

Pound, påónd. v. a. to beat with a pestle ; to Postilliun, pôs-til'yản. 8. one who guides inprison as in a pound

tbe first pair of a set of horses in a coach Poundage, pổind'l.ije. . a certain sum de one who guides a post-chaise

ducted from a pound; payment rated by the Postmaster, post'más-túr. 8. one who has the weight of the commodity

charge of a public conveyance of letters Pounder, pồind'úr. s. a heavy large pear; a Postmeridian, post-me-rid'é-án. a. being in gun; a pestle the afternoon

Pour, půůr. v. a. to let some liquid out of a Postoffice, post'of-fis. 8. a posthouse

vessel ; to emit, to give vent to Postpone, post-pône'. v. a. to put off, to delay Pout, påút. v. n. to look sullen by thrusting Postscript, post'skript. s. paragraph added to

out the lips

(meanness the end of a letter

Poverty, påv'vůr-tè. s. indigence, necessity , Postulate; pôs'tshû-låt. 8. position supposed Puwiter, pål'důr. s. dust ; gunpowder; sweet or assumed without proof

dust for the hair Postulation, pós-tshú- ld'shủn. 8. the act of Powder, påd'dir. v. a. to reduce to dust ; to supposing without proof

sprinkle as with dust Postulatum, pås-ishú-la'tảm. 8. position as-l Powdery, poydúr -ė. a. dusty, friable sumed without proof

(position Power, pol'úr. 8. command, doinition; arili. Posture, pôs'tshüre. s. place, situation ; dis ty; the inoving force of an engine ; faculty Posturemaster, půs'tshůr-mảe-túr. s. one who of the mind; military force

teaches or practises artiñcial contortion Powerful, påtúr-fil. a. potent ; mighty of the body

Powerfulness, påtúr-fül-nès. s. power, efficacy Posy, poʻzė. s. a motto on a ring

Powerless, poi'úr-les. a. weak, impotent Pot, pot. s. a vessel to hold liquids (pots Practicability, prik'te-ka-bil'é-té. s. a possiPot, pot. v. a. to preserve seasoned meats in bility of being performed Potable, pd'tå-bl. a. drinkable

Practicable, pråk'tė-ka bl. a. feasible, capable Potaslı, pôt'ash. e. an impure fixed alkaline to be practised

salt, made by burning from vegetables Practicableness, pråk'td-kå-bl-nes. 8. possiPotation, ph-ta'shủn. s. drinking bout bility to be performed Potato, po-ta'td. s. an esculeot root Practical, pråk'tė-kål. a. relating to action, Potbellied, påt'bél-lid. a. having a swollen not inerely speculative paunch

Practically, sråk'te-kål-lè. ad. hy practice, in Potency, pô tản-sê. *. power; efficacy

real fact

[of being practical Potent, pă'tênt. a. powerful, eficacious Practicaloess, prik'te-kål-nts. s. the quality Potentate, po'tên-tate. s. monarch, sovereign Practice, pråk'tis. .. habit ; use; actual per Autential, pd-téo'shål. a. existing in possi-i formance ; medical treatment of diseases bility, not in act

'Practise, pråk'tis. v.a. to do habitually


Practitioner, pråk-tísh'ún-úr. s. one engagedi Precession, pré-sésh'ın. , the act of going in the actual exercise of any art


(dary Præcognita, pré-kúg’nd-tå. s. t'rings previ- Precinct, pré-singkt. s. outward limit, boun

ously known in order to understand some- Precious, présh'ús. a. valuable ; costly thing else

Preciousness, présh'ůs-nés. &. valuablenes, Pragmatick, prág-måt'tik.


(a fall perpendicular Pragmatica!, pråg-måt'tė-kål.

a. meddlug,|| Precipice, prés'se-pis. s. a headloug steep, assuming business without invitation

Precipitance, pre-sip'pe-tanse. Praise, práze. 8. cominendation ; tribute of Precipitancy, pré-sip'pe-tån-sé.

8. rash gratitude

haste, headlong baste Praise, prảze. V. 2. to commend, to applaud Precipitant, pre-síp'pé-tânt. 2. falling op Praisewortby, práze'wůr-thé. a. deserving rushing

ong; hasty praise

Precipitate, pré-sip'pe-tate. v. a. to throw Prame, pråme. 8. a flat-bottomed boat

headlong; to hurry blindly or rashly, to Prance, prânse. v. n. to spring and bound in throw to the bottom high mettle

Precipitate, pre-sip'pe-tât. a. beadlong, hasty Prank, prangk. 8. a frolick, a wicked act Precipitate, pré-stp'pe-tât. s. a corrosive me Prate, prate. v. 1. to talk carelessly and with dicine inade by precipitating mercury, out weight

[qlacity | Precipitately, pre-sip'pe-tat-lé. ad, headlong; Prate, prate. s. slight talk, unmeaning 10 hastily, in blind hurry Prattle, prat'tl. v. n. to talk lightly, to chat-|| Precipitation, pré-mir-pe-tà'shữn, s. the act of

throwing headlong; tumultuous hurry Prattle, prát'tl. s. empty talk

Precise, pré-sise'. a. exact, strict, nice ; forPrattler, prát'lir. s. a chatterer


(curately Pravity, práv'é-te. s. corruption, badness Precisely, pre-sise'lė. ad. exactly, nicely, ac. Prawn, pråwn. 6. a small sheil-fish Preciseness, pré-else'nės. s. exactness, rigid Pray, prà. v. n. to make petitions to beaven; nicety, to entreat, to ask subinissively

Precision, pré-sizh'ùn s. exact limitation Prayer, prá'ús. 8. petition to heaven; en-Preclude, pre-klåde'. v. a. to shut out treaty

Precocity, pre-kös'se-td. s. ripeness before Preach, prétsh. v, n. to pronounce a publick the time

(knowledge discourse upon sacred subjects

Precognition, pre-kóg-nist'ủa. 8. previous Preacher, prétsh'ùr, &. one who discourses | Preconceit, pre-kön-séte'. 8. an opinion prepublickly upon religious subjects

viously formed Copinion beforehand Preamble, pré'âm-bl. 8. something previous, Preconceive, pré-køn-séve'. v. a. to form an introduction, preface

Preconception, pré-kon-sép'shủn. s. opinion Prebend, préb'énd. s. a stipend in cathedral previously formed (vious to another churches; a prebendary

Precontract, pré-kon'tråkt. . a contract prePrebendary, préb'én-der-ė. s. a stipendiary Precontract, pre-kön-tråkt'. v. a. to contract of a cathedral

or bargain beforehand Precarious, pre-ka'rê-ús. a. uncertain, held by Precuirse, pré-kůrse'. a. forerunning (binger courtesy

Precursor, pré-kůr'sôr. B. forerunner, har. Precarious ners, pré-kå'ré. ỏs-nês. s. uacer-Predaceous, pré-J'shủs. a. living by prey tainty, dependence on others

Predal, prédil. a. robhing Precaution, pré-kåw'shủn. s. preventive mea-|| Predatory, prêd'da-tůr-é. A. plundering

(antecedent practising rapine Precedaneous, prés-é-då'nd-ủs. a. previous, || Predecessor, préd-d-rés'sûr. s. one that tva Precede, pré-séde'. v.a. to go before in order

in any state or place before another of time

Predestinarian, pré-dés-te-nd're-ån. s. Precedence, pre-se'dense.

s. the actor

that holds the doctrine of predestinatio. Precedency, pré-se'den-sė. }

Predestinate, pré-dés'te-nåte. v. a. to appoio state of going before, priority

beforehand by irreversible decree F'recedent, pré-se'dênt. a. former, going be- || Predestination, pré-dis-te-nd'shủn. 6. preor

dination Precedent, prés’sé-dént. 8. a rule or example, Predetermination, pré-de-tér-me-na'shủn. •

any thing done before of the same kind determination made beforeband Precentor, pre-sên'tůr. b. he that leads the Predial, prè'dd-al, or pré'jé-al. a. consisting choir (giren, a mandate of farms

(arrangement Precept, pré'aépt, %: a rule authoritatively Predicament, pre-dik'ka-mênt. s. a class or Preceptive, pré-sép'tiv. a. giving precepts Predicant, préd'dd-känts so one that affirmu Preceptor, pré-sép'tûr. s. a teacher, a tutor

any thing


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