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Propel, prd-pél'. v. a. to drire forward Prosecution, prós-se-kú'shún. s. pursuit, enPropense, pro-pense'. a. inclined, disposed deavour to carry on ; suit against a man in Proper, prüp pır, a. peculiar; fit

a criminal cause Properly, pròp'púr-le. ad. fitly, suitably Prosecutor, pros'se-kd-tůr. . a pursuer of Property, prop půr-te. s. quality ; possession Proselyte, pros'sê-lite. s. a convert Prophecy, prot' fè-bė. B. a prediction Prosemination, pro-sem-me-ná'shủn. s. proProphesy, próf'fe-sl. v. a. to predict.

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(metre or prosody Prophet, prof'fét. s. one who tells future Prosodian, pr3-sd'dd-án. s. one skilled in events

Prosody, prðs'ad-dė. s. the part of grammar Prophetess, pror'fiêt-tês. s. a woman that fore which teaches the sound and quantity of tells future events

syllables, and the measures of verse Prophetick, prð-fét'tîk.

a. foretelling

Prosopopoeia, prôs-sd-pd-pè'ya. s. personifi. Prophetical, prd-fet'tè-kål.

cation, figure by which things are made future events

persons Propinquity, pro-ping'kwè-té.

Prospect, prés'pēkt. . a view

(distanca Propitiate, j.rd-pish'&-åte. v. a. to conciliate Prospective, prd-spék'ıiv. a. viewing at a Propitiation, prd-plsb-é-a'shủn. s. the act of Prosper, pros'púr. v. a. to favour

making propitious; an atonement Prosper, pros’půr. v. 1. to be successful; to Propitiatory, pro-pish'd-a-túr-é. a. baving the thrive

(fortune power to make propitious

Prosperity, prôs-pêr'l-té. « succese, good Propitious, pro-pish'ús. a. favourable, kind Prosperous, prðs'půr-ús. a. successful, fortuPropitiousness, pró-pish'ús-nés. s. favourable

[looking forward ness, kindness

Prospicience, pro-sploh'd-ense. s. the act of Proplasm, pro'plazm, s. mould, matrix Prostitute, prðs'te-råte. V. a. to expose to Proponent, prð-po'nent. s. one that makes al criines for a reward

[wickedness proposal

Prostitute, pros'te-tóte. a. sold to infamy or Proportion, pro-por'shủn. 3. comparative rela- Prostitute, pros'te-tute. s. a hireling, a strumtion of one thing to another, ratio

pet Proportion, pro-pôr'shủn. v. a. to adjust by Prostitution, pros-tê-tu'shủn. s. the state of comparative relations

being set to sale for vile purposes Proportionable, pro-por'shûn-a-bl. a. adjusted Prostrate, prós'tråt. a. lying at length by comparative relation

Prostrate, pros'tråte. v. a. to throw down : Proportional, pro-por’shủn-il. a. having a to fall down in adoration settled comparative relation

Prostration, prós-tra'shún. s. the act of fallProportionate, prd-por'shủn-it. a. adjusted to ing down in adoration

something else according to a certain rate Protect, pro-tékt'. v. a. to defend (from eril Proposal, prd-po'zal. s. scheme propounded Protection, pro-têk'shủn. s. a defence, shelter Propose, pró-poze'. v. as to offer to the con-||Protector, prd-têk'tür. B. a defender sideration

Protectorate, prd-têk'td-råte. 8. Eovernment Proposition, próp-d-zisz'ûn. s. a sentence in by a protector

which any thing is affirmed or decreed ;| Prolend, pro-tend'. v. 2. to hold out proposal

(deration, to propose Protest, prd-tést'. v. n. to note the sont 'y Propound, pro-psind'. v. a. to offer to consi ment of a bill of exchange Proprietor, ped-pri'd-tůr. s. a possessor in his | Protest, pro-1&st'. v. a. to give a solemn deown right

(justness claration of opinion against something Propriety, pro-pré-te 8. exclusive right ;| Protesi, pro-test', or prot'ést. s. a solend, Propugn, pro-påne'. v. a. to defend, to vin declaration of opinion against something dicate

[forward Protestant, prot'tés-caut. a. belonging to pay Propulsion, prd-půl'shủn. s. the act of driving Prorogation, pror-rb-gá'shủn. s. prolonga- Protestant, prot'tés-tânt. s. one who protest

tion; interruption of the session of parlia against the church of Rome

ment by regal authority (put off||Protestantism, prôt'és-tán-ciznı. 4. the pro Prorogue, pro-rog'. v. a. to protract; to testant religion

[declaration Prosaick, pro-zá'ík. a. resembling prose Protestation, prot-tês-ta'sbản. s. a solemn Proscribe, prd-okrlbe'. v. a. to censure capi-Prothonulary, prd-thôn'nd-tår-ė. s. the bead tally

(or confiscation register Proscription, pro-ukrip'shủo. s. doom to death Prutomartyr,prd-td-már'tûr. s. the first martyr Prose, proze. s. language nut restraived to Prototype, pro'td-tipe. s. the original of a c

a copy harmonick sounds or set number of sylla - Protract, prd-tråkt'. v. a. to draw out, to de bles

[continue; to sue criminally lay, to lengthen (drawing to length Prosecute, pros'ad-destun * to pursue ; 10 H Protraction, prd-tråk'shla. .. the act of



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holy songs




Protractive, pro-tråk'tiv. a. dilatory, delay-||Pradish, proid'ish. a. affectedly grave ing

Prune, préốn. V. a. to lop, to divest trees of Protrude, prô-tride'. v. a. to thrust forwar J their superfluities Protrusion, pro-trồ3ʻzhủn. 5. the act of thrust Prune, pri3n. s. a dried plum ing forward

Prunello, prół nêl'18. 3. a kind of stuff Protuberance, prô-tơ'hêr-ånse. s. something|| Prurience, proléré-éose. 5. an itching or great

ewelling above the rest [prominent desire
Protuberant, pró-tó bér-ånt. a. swelling,! Prurient, pr? O'ré-ént. a. itching
Proud, prðúd. a. elated ; haughty ; salacious | Pry, prl. v. D. to peep narrowly
Proudly, pröðu'lė. ad. arrogantly

Psalm, sẩm. 8. a holy Song
Prove, próóv. v. a. to evince; to try Psalmist, sảl'mist. s. a writer of holy songs
Provender, prov'vën-dúr. s.dry food for brutes, Psalmody, sálml-dė. s. the act of singing

hay and corn Proverb, prov'verb. 3. a common saying, and Psalter, sảwl'tứr. 8. a psalm book adage

la proverb Psaltery, sảw l’túr-ė. s. a kind of harp beaten Proverbial, pro-vêr'bé-ål. a. mentioned in with sticks Provide, pro-vide'. v. a. to procure Pshaw, shảw. int. an expression of contempt Providence, prov'vė-dếnse. s. foresight ; the Ptisan, tiz-zån.' s. a medical drink

care of God uver created beings; frugality Puberty, pů'bêr-te. s. the time of life in which Provident, prov'vė-dént. a. forecasting, caual the two sexes begin first to be acquainted

[by providence Pubescence, pů-bés' sense, s. the state of arrivProvidential, prõv-e-dển’shải. B. effected ing at puberty Providently, prồv'vė-dent-lė. ad. with fore- Publican, púbélé-kån. 8. a man that keeps a

sight, with wise precaution (procures house of general entertainment; a tollProvider, pro-vi'dúr. s. he who provides or gatherer

(lishing Province, prov'vinse. 8. a country governer Publication, púb-le-kå'shủn. 6. the act of pubby a delegate

(province Publick, púb'iik. a. belonging to a state or Provincial, prl-rin'shål. a. relating to a nation; open, notorious Provincial, prð-vio'shål. 8. a spiritual go- Publick, púb'lik. s. the general body of a na

[province Publickly, púb'lik-lè. ad. openly Provinciate, prd-vin'she-åte. V. a. to turn to a Publish, púb'lish. v. a. to make known Provision, pró-vízh'ún. s. the act of providt-|| Puolisher, púb'lish-úr. s. one who makes pub

ing beforehand; measures taken ; victuals lick ; one who puts out a book into the Provisioual, pró-vízh'ún-al. a. temporarily world established

Pucelage, pu'sel-ådje. q a state of virginity Provisu, pro-vi'zd. s. stipulation [ger Pucker, půk kůr. v. a. to gather into wrin. Provocation, prov-d-kástaớn. 8. cause of an kles, to contract into folds Provocative, prd-vo'kå-tív. s. any thing||Pudder, påd'dúr. 5. a tumult which revives a decayed appetite

Pudder, púd'důr. v. a. to perplex, to disturb Provoke, pré-vöke'. v. a. to rouse ; to incense Pudding, půd'ding. s. a kind of food variousProvokingly, pro-vd'king-lé. ad. in such a ly compounded

(dirty splash manner as to raise anger

Puddle, púd'al. s. a small muddy lake, a Provost, prðv'vủst. 8. the chief of any body :/ Pudicity, pu-Jis'se-tè. e. modesty, chastity as, The provost ot' a college

Puerile, pů'e-ril. a. childish, boyish Prow, próis

, or prd. s. the head or forepart of Puerility, pu-e-rile-tè. s. childishness a ship

Clour, military gallantry Puff, půf. s. a small blast of wind; a fungus, Prowers, pr88'és, or pró'ls. s. bravery, va any thing light and porous; something to Prowl, pro il. v. a. to wander for prey sprinkle powder on the hair Proximate, próks'ê-måt. a. next, near Puff, påf. v. a. to swell as with wind; to blow Proximity, proks-lin'é-sé. s. nearness

up with praise Proxy, fróks'è. s. the substitution of another Puffy, pút"rė. a. windy, fatulent ; turgid Prude, proid. s. a woman overnice ard scru-Puy, půg. 8. a kind name of a monkey pulous

[practice Pug nacious, púg-nå-shús. a. inclinable to Prudence, prid'dênse. 5. wisdom applied to fight, quarrelsome Prudent, prób'Jént. a. practically wise Pugnacity, rúg-năs'se-tė. $. quarrelsomeness, Prudential, prob-dén'shål. a. eligible on prin inclination to fight ciples of prudence (prudence Puisse, pů'nė. a. young, younger

(force Prudentials, prôt-den’shalz. . maxims of Puissance, po'ls-sänse. . power, strengthe Prudently, pi88'dênt-lè. ad. discreetly Puissant, pů'ls-sånt. a. powerful Prudery, probd'ér-és e. overmuch ricety in Puke, påke. 6. a vomit conduct

Puke; puke. V. to vomit

Pulchritude, půl'kré-tode. s. beauty

Puppetshow, pủp'pit-sho. 8. a mock drama Pule, pule, v. n. to cry like a chiokea performed by images

(fellow Pull, pål. v. a. to draw forcibly

Puppy, pủp'pė. 9. a whelp ; an impertinent Pull, pål. s. the act of pulling

Purblind, půr'blind. a. near-sighted Pullet, půl'lft. s. a young hen [cordi Purchase, půr'tshås. v. a. to buy for a price ; Pulley, pål'lė. s. a small wheel for a running! to obtain at any expense Pulmonary, půl'md-når-ė. a. belonging to the Purchase, půr'tshås. s. any thing bought of lungs

obtained for a price Pulp, pålp. s. the soft part of fruit

Purchaser, půr'tshås-ûr. . a buyer Palpit

, pål'pft s. a place raised on high, Pure, påre. a. not sullied ; clear; chaste where a speaker stands; the higher desk Purely, pure'lė. ad. in a pure manner Pilpous, půlp'ús. a. soft (in a church Purgation, púr-ga'shủn. s. the act of cleansing Pildation, půl-så'shủn. s. the act of beatingi Purgative, půr'gå-tiv. a. cathartick

with quick strokes against any thing op- Purge, půrdje. v. a. to cleanse, to clear

posing (the blood is driven through it Purge, půrdje. s. a cathartick medicine Pulse, pålse. s. the motion of any artery as Purification, pu-re-f&-ká'shủn. s. the act of Pulverise, pål’vér-ize. v. a. to reduce to

making pure Pulvil, půl'vll. s. sweet scents (powder Purificatory, pd-rif“fé-kå-tor-é. a. having Pulvil, pål'vil. 7. a. to sprinkle with perfumes power to make pare in powder

Purifier, pu’re-ri-or. s. cleanser, rehber Pumice, pů'mis

. 8. a cinder of some fossil Purify, pi're-ri. v. a. to make pure Pump, påmp. s. an engine by which water is Puritan, pure-tån. s. a sectary

drawn up from wells ; a kind of shoe Puritanical, pů-re-tân'nė-kål. a. relating to Pump, pump. v. n. to work a pump

puritans Pump, pủmp. v. a. to examine artfully Purity, pu’re-té. s. cleanness ; chastity Pun, pủn. s. an equivocation, a quibble Purl, půrl. s. a kind of lace; a medicated Pun, pủn. v. n. to quibble

malt liquor

[gentle noise Punch, půnsh. v. a. to bore or perforate by Purl, půrl. v. D. to murmur, to flow with a driving a sharp instrument

| Purlieu, půr'lů. e. border, enclosure Punch, půnsh: s. a pointed instrument; à li Purloin, půr-18in'. v. a to steal, to take by

quor; the harlequin of a puppet-show theft
Puncheon, půnsb'ún. s. a measure of liquids Purple, půr'pl. a. red tinctured with blue
Punctilio, pủngk-tfl'yd, s, nicety of behaviour Purples, půr'plz. s. spots of livid red, which
Pucctilious, pủogk-tll'gủs. a. nice, exact break out in malig pant fevers
Puncto, pủngk'td. s. the point in fenciog Purplish, půr'pl-Isb. a. somewhat purple
Punctual, půngk'tshú-al. a. exact, nice Purport, půr' port. s. design, tendency
Punctuality, pủngk-tshů-Al'è-td. s. nicety Purport, půr'port. v. n. to intend, to show
Punctually, pủngk'tshủ-al-é. ad. nicely, ex- Purpose, púr'půs. s. intention, design

[method of pointing Purpose, půr' půs, v. 9. to intend Punctuation, pủngk-tahu-á'shủn. s. the act or Purposely, půr' půs-lè. ad. by design Puncture, pủngk'tshủre. 8. a bole made with a Purr, půr. v. 0. to murmur as a cat sharp point

Purse, půrse. 8. a small bag for money Pungency, půn'jên-sé. s. power of pricking :|| Purse, púrse. v. a. to contract as a purse acrimoniousness

Purseproud, půrse'prðid. & puffed up with Pungent, půn'jent. a. pricking ; acrimonious money Puniness, pune-nes. 8. smallness

Purser, půr'sůr. s. the paymaster of a ship Punish, pủn'nísh. v. a. to chastise

Pursiness, půr'sd-nés. 5. shortness of breath Punishment, pủn'nlsh-mênt. s. an infliction Pursuable, půr-sd'á-bl. a. what may be pure imposed in vengeance of a crime

sued Punition, pů-nish'ún. s. punishment Pursuance, půr-sd'ânse. 8. process Punk, půngk; 8. a common prostitute Pursuant, půr-sl'ånt. a. done in consequence Puuster, pủn'stůr. s. a quibbler, a low wit or prosecution of any thing Puny, pe'nė. a. young; inferior, petty Pursue, půr-sd'. v. a. to cbase ; to prosecute; Pup, púp. V. n. to bring forth whelps

to imitate Pupil, pd'pil...

the apple of the eye ; a scholar} Pursuit, půr-site'. s. the act of following Pupilage, po'pil-Adje. 3. state of being a Pursuivant, půr'swé-rånt. s. an attendant on scholar, wardship, minority

the heralds Pupillary, påpll-ir-d. a. pertaining to a pa-Pursy, pôr'sé. v. a. short breathed and fat pil or ward

Purtenance, pår'tên-ânse. s. the pluck of an Puppet, pilp'it. s. a small image moved by apirnal

Cand matter men in a mock druga

Purulence, péry-lèuse. s. generation of pus



Purulent, puru-lént. a. consisting of pus Quadrangle, kwód'rång-gl. s. a surface with
Pur:ey, půr-vá'. v. n. to buy in provisions four right angles
Purveyance, půr-vá'ânse. s. procurement of Quadrangular, kwa-drån’gu-lúr. a. square,

having four right angles Purveyor, pår-vá'ur. 6. a procurer

Quadrant, kwå drånt. s. instrument with Pus, piis. 8. the matter of a well-digested sore which latitudes are taken Push, push. v. a. to thrust; to urge

Quadrantal, kwi-drån tål. a. in the fourth part Push, půsb. s. thrust; an impulse ; assault; of a circle trial

Quadrate, kwå dråte. a. square Puehing, pish'ing. a. enterprising

Quadrate, kwå dråte. s. a square Pusillanimity, pú-bil-lån-ím'mé-tè. s. coward- | Quadratick, kwa-drát'ík. a. belonging to a


[once in four years Posillanimous, på-sil-in'né-mủs. a. cowardly | Quadrennial, kwa-dren'nė-ál. a. happening Puss, pas. 6. a cat; a hare

Quadrible, kwód're-bl. a. that may be squared Pustule, pủs'tshule. 8. a pimple

Quadrille, kå-dril'. s. a game at cards Pustulous, půs'tsbd-lủs. a. pimply

Quadripartite, kwa-drip pår-tite. a. divided Put, půt. v. a. to lay; to place; to cause

into four parts

[goes on four legs Put, påt. 8. a rustick, a clown

Quadruped, kwód'dru-pèd. s. an animal that Putid, på'tld. a. mean, low

Quadruple, kwód'drú-pl. a. fourfold Putrefaction, pu-tré-råk'shủn. b. the state of Quadruplication, kwód-drú-ple-káchủn. growing rotten

taking a thing four times Putrefactive, pů-tré-fák'tiv. a. making rotten | Quære, kwe'rė. s. inquire, seek Putrefy, pů'tré-fl. v. a. to make rotten, to| Quaff, kwåf. v. a. to drink, to swallow in corrupt

(rotting large draughts Putrescence, pd-rês'sểnse. 5. the state of Quagmire, kwåg'mire. s. a shaking marsh Putrescent, på-trés'sent. a. growing rotten Quail, kwale. s. a bird of game Putrid, på'trid. a. rotten, corrupt

Quaint, kwảnt. a. minutely exact,; neat; afPutty, pút'tė. s. a kind of powder on which fected

(fully glass is ground; cement used by glaziers Quaintly, kwảnt'lė. ad. nicely, exactly ; art. Puzzle, púz'zì. v. a. to perplex, to embarrass Quaintness, kwant'nés. s. nicety, petty elePuzzle, púz'zl. s. embarrassment, perplexity gance Pygmean, rig-mè'an. a. belonging to a Quake, kwåke. v. n. to shake with cold or fear pygmy

Quaker, kwa'kůr. 8. a religioua sectary Pygmy, pig'mė. s. a dwarf

Qualification, kwol-lé-fe-ka'shủn. . accomPyramid, pir'k-mid. s. a solid figure, whose plishment ; abatement base is a polygon, ana whose sides are Qualify, kwol'le-fl. v. a. to fit for any thing plane triangles, their several points meet to accomplish ; to abate ; to regulate ing in one

Quality, kwôl'lė-tė. s. nature relatively conPyramidal, pé-råm'é-dål.

sidered ; property ; rank

a. having the Pyramidical, pir-a-mid'é-kål.

Qualm, kwảm. s. a sudden fit of sickness form of a pyramid

Qualmish, kwåm'ish. a. seized with sickly Pyre, pire. s. a pile to be burnt

languor Pyrites, pé-ri'těz. s. firestone

Quandary, kwon-då'ré. s. a doubt, a difficulty Pyromancy, piro'-mân-sé. 5. divination by Quantity, kwôn'tė-tě. s. bulk or weight; proGre

(fireworks portion; the measure of time in prououncPyrotechnicks, pir-d-têk'nfks. 6. the art of ing a syllable Pyrrhonism, pir'ro-nizm. s. scepticism, uni-Qiantum, kwồn'tům. s. the quantity versal doubt

Quarantine, kwór-rån-teen'. s. forty days, Pythagorean, pé-thåg-d-ré'an. a. founded on being the time which a ship suspected of the opinion of Pythagoras

infection is obliged to forbear intercourse

or commerce Quarrel, kwör'ril. 8. a braw!, a scufle Quarrel, kwór'rîl. v. n. to debate, to squabble

Quarrelsome, kwêr'ril-sům. a. inclined to QUACK, kwak. v. n. to cry like a duck brawls, cholerick Quack, kwåk. s. a boastful pretender to arts Quarrelsomeness, kwôr'ril-sům-nês. 8. choler

which he does not understand ; a vain ickness, petulance boastful pretender to physick

Quarry, kwör'rè. s. game flown at by a bawk; Quackery, kwak'kůr-é. 8. mean or bad acts a stone mine in physick

[longing to Lent Quarry, kwör'ıè. v. n. to prey upon, to dig Quadragesimal, kwôd-ra-ja -mål. a. be out stones

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Quart, kwort. s. the fourth part of a gallon Quibble, kwib'bl. v. A. to pun
Quartan, kwór'tån. 8. the fourth-day ague Quibble, kwib'bl. 8. a low conceit, a pun
Quartation, kwồr-ta'shủn. s. a chemical ope-| Quibbler, kwib'bl-ứr. s. a pupster

Quick, kwik. a. living ; swift Quarter, kwör'tůr. s. a fourth part ; the place Quick, kwik. ad. nimoly, speedily where soldiers are lodged ; mercy granted Quick, kwik. 8. the living flesh; plants of by a conqueror; a measure of eight bushels hawthorn

hasten Quarter, kwór'tür". v. a. to divide into four|| Quicken, kwik'ko. v. a. to make alive; to

parts; to lodge soldiers; to bear as ap- || Quicken, kwik'kn. v. n. co become alive

pendage to hereditary arms (allowance Quicklime, kwik'lime. s. lime unquenched Quarterage, kwêr'tůr-fdje. s. a quarterly | Quickly, kwik'lè. ad. nimbly, speediiy Quarterday, kwồr'tûr-då. 8. one of the four Quickness, kwik'nės. s. speed ; activity days in the year or which rent or interest Quicksand, kwik'sảnd. s. moving sand is paid

(upper deck Quickset, kwik'sết. s. living plant set to grow Quarterdeck, kwêr'tûr-dék. 4. the short Quicksighted, kwik-sl’têd. a. having a sharp Quarterly, kwór'tůr-le. a. containing a fourth sight part

Quicksilver, kwik'sil-vůr. s. mercury Quarterly, kwör'tür-le. ad. once in a quarter Quiddity, kwid'ê-tė. s. essence ; a cavil Quartermaster, kwór'tůr-mås-tửr. s. one who Quiescence, kwi-¿s'sểnse. 8. rest, repose regulates the quarters of soldiers

Quiescent, kwl-ês'sent. a. resting Quartern, kwår'tûrn. 8. a gill, the fourth Quiet, kwł'êt. a. still, peaceable part of a pint

[fence Quiet, kwłết. 8. rest, repose Quarterstaff, kwór'tửr-ståf. 8. a staff of de-Quiet, kwl'êt. v. a. to calm ; to still Quarto, kwór’td. 8. a book in which everyQuietly, kwlét-lè. ad. calmly; at rest sheet makes four leaves

Quietness, kwl'ét-nês. 8. coolness of temper, Quash, kwôsh. v. a. to crush ; to subdue

peace; stillness Quaternion, kwa-têr'ne-ûn.

Quietude, kwl'e-túde. s. rest, repose

s. the number Quaternity, kwi-têr'ne-tè.

Quill, kwîl. s. the strong feather of the wing; four

(rhyming alternately of which a pen is made; dart of a porcu. Quatrain, kwå'trln. s. a stanza of four lines pine Quaver, kwà'vůr. 1.8. to shake the voice Quilt, kw flt. s. a cover of a bed Quay, kė. s. an artificial bank to the sea or Quilt, kwilt. v. a. to stich one cloth upon river

another with something soft between Quean, kwéne. s. a worthless woman

them Queasy, kwè'zė. a. fastidious, squeamish Quince, kwinse. A. a tree, the fruit Queen, kwèėn. 5. the wife of a king, a su- | Quinquangular, kwia-kwång'g4-lår. a. having preme governess

five corners Queer, kwéér. a. odd, strange

Quinquennial, kwin-kwén’nè-ål. a. lasting Queerly, kwéér'id. ad. particularly, oddly five years, happening once in five years Queerness, kwèèr'nés. s. oddness, particularity | Quinsy, kwin'zė. s. a tumid inflammation in Quell, kwêl. v. a. to crush, to subdue

the throat Quench, kwensh. . a. to extinguisha Quint, kint. 8. a set of five

(top Querent, kwè'rent. B. the complainant Quintain, kwłn'tîn. s. a post with a turning Querist, kwè'rist. 8. an inquirer

Quintessence, kwin-tês'sense, s an extract Querpo, kwêr' pd. s. a dress close to the body, from any thing, containing all its virtues a waistcoat

(bitually complaining Quintuple, kwin'td-pl. a. fivefold Querulous, kwêr'rt-lửs. a. mourning, ha-| Quip, kwip. s. a sharp jest, a taunt Query, kwè'rè. 8 . a question

Quire, kwire. 8. a body of singers ; a bundle Query, kwe're. v. a. to ask questions

of paper consisting of twenty-four sheets Quest, kwest. s. act of seeking; an empan-| Quire, kwire. v. n. to sing in concert

Quirister, kwir'ris-túr. s. a chorister Question, kwes'tshủn. s.interrogatory; inquiry ||Quirk, kwerk. s. subtilty, nicety Question, kwés'tahủn. v. n. to inquire Quit, kwit. v. a. to discharge an obligation, Question, kwes'tsbún. y. a. to doubt, to be an to make even; to resign, to give up certa.d of

(disputable Quite, kwite. ad. completely, perfectly Questionable, kwes'tshủn-å-bl. a. doubtful, Quitrent, kwit'rént. 8. small rent reserved Questionless, kwes'tshủn-lês. ad. certainly, || Quittance, kwit'tânse. s. discharge without doubt

(or prosecutions Quiver, kwiv'vůr. s. a case for arrows Questman, kwest'mân. s. starter of law-suits Quiver, kwiv'vůr. v. a. to quake; to shiver Questuary, kwes'tshd-à-ré. a studious of|| Quodlibet, kwód'id-bết. s. a nice point, , profit


nelled jury

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