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Quoit, kwõst. s. something thrown to a great||Rafter, råf'tûr. 8. the secondary timbers of a distance to a certain point

house Quondam, kwon'dam. a. having been formerly Rag, råg. s. a piece of cloth torn from the Quorum, kwo'rúm. 8. a bench of justices, such rest, a tatter ; worn out clothes a number of any officers as is sufficient to Ragamuffin, råg-a-můf'fin. s. a paltry mean do business

fellow Quota, kw8'tå. 8. 9. share, a proportion Rage, rådje. 3. violent anger, vehement Quotation, kwó-tá'shún. s. citation ; passage fury quoted

Rage, rådje. v. n. to be in a fury, to be heated Quote, kwote. v. a. to cite an anthor

with excessive anger

[in tatters Quoth, kwìth. verb. imp. say or said Ragged, råg'gid. a. rent into tatters ; dressed Quotidian, kwo-tid'je-án. a. daily

Ragingly, rå'jîng-lè. ad. with vebement fury Quotient, kwo'shént. s. the number produced Raginan, råg'mão. 8. one who deals in rags by division

Ragout, ra-g88'. s. meat stewed and highly seasoned

[two upright posts Rail, råle. 8. a cross beam fixed in the ends of Rail, råle. V. a. to enclose with rails

Rail, rále. v. n. to use insolent and reproachRABBET, rab'bit. E. a joint made by

ful language

[ful language paring two pieces so that they wrap over Railing, rå'ling. s. a series of rails ; reproawbe one another

Raillery, ral'ler-ė. s. slight satire , ] 5. a doctor among the Jews/Raiment, rà'mếnt. s. vesture, dress Rabbin, råb'bin.

Rain, råne. V. n. to fall in drops from the Rabbinical, rab-bin'é-kål. a. belonging to the clouds; to fall as rain Rabbins

Rain, råne. 8. the moisture that falls from Rabbit, råb'bit. B. a furry animal

the clouds Rabble, rab'bl. s. a tumultuous crowd Rainbow, råne'bd. B. the iris, the semicircle Rabid, råb'bfd. a. fierce, furious

of various colours which appears in showery Race, råse. s. a family ; generation; a particu weather

lur breed ; contest in running ; course Rainy, råne'è. a. showery, wet Rucehorse, råse'hårse. 6. a horse bred to run naica. råze. v. a. to lift; to erect; to exalt for prizes

to advance; to excite Racer, råse'ůr. s. runner, one that contends Raisin, rè'zn. s. a dried grape Raciness, rà sê-nés. s. the quality of being racy Rake, råke. 8. an instrument with teeth ; a Rack, råk. s. an engine of torture ; torture ; loose, disorderly fellow a wooden grate in which hay is placed for Rake, råke. v. a. to gather with a raks; to cattle

(draw off from the lees search with eager and vehement diligence, Rack, råk. v. a to torment ; to stretch ; to to fire on a ship in the directio of head Rack-rent, råk'rent. B. rent raised to the and stern uttermost

Rakish, råke'lsh. a. loose, dissold Racket, råk'kit. &. a clattering noise ; the Rally, ral'lė. v. a. to put disordered forces

instrument with which players strike the into order ; to treat with satirical merriRacy, rå'sė. a. strong, flavorous (ball ment

(to batter walls Radiance, rå'de-ause.

Ram, råm. 5. a male sheep ; an instrument Radiarcy, rádé-an-se.)

s. sparkling lustre

Ram, råm. v. a. to drive with violence Radiant, ra'dé-ánt. a. shining, brightly spark-Ramble, råm'bl. v. n. to rove loosely and ling

irregularly Radiate, rå'dé-åte. v. n. to emit rays Ramble, rim'bl. . irregular excursion Radiation, rå-dd-a'shủn. s. beamy lustre, emis- Rambler, râm'bl-ửr. 8. rover, wanderer sion of rays

Ramification, råm-me-fe-kå'shủn. 8. division Radical, råd'dé-kål. a. primitive, original or separation into branches, the act of Radically, rad'dé-kål-lé. ad. originally

branching out

(branches Radicate, råd'dê-kåte. V. a. to root, to plant Ramify, rám'me-fl. v. a. to separate into deeply

Rammer, råm'můr. 8. an instrument with Radish, råd'dish. s. a well known root

which any thing is driven hard Radius, ra'dd-ús. s. the semi-diameter of a Ramous, rá'mứs. a. branchy circle

Ramp, ramp. v. n. to leap with violence; to Raffle, ráf'A. v. R. to cast dice for a prize climb as a plant Raffle, ráf't. 8. a species of game or lottery Ramp, rårop. 8. leap, spring Raft, råst. 8. a fost made by laying pieces of Rampant, ramp'ånt. a. exuberant, overgrow. timber cross each other

ing restraint

(in speed

Rainpart, räm pärt.
Rampire, råm'pire.

s. the wall round for-||Rascally, rás'kal-é. a mean, worthless

Rase, ráze. v, a. to skım, to strike on the tified places

surface; to destroy Ran, råd. pret. of run

Rash, rash. a. hasty, precipitate Rancid, rån sid. a. strong-scented

Rash, råsh. s. a breaking out Rancidness, ran'std-nés.

Rasher, rásn'ůr. . a thin slice of bacon

8. strong scent Rancidity, rắn-side-te.

Rashly, rash'lė. ad. bastily, violently Rancorous, rång'kůr-ús. a. malignant Rashness, råsu'nés. s. foolish contempt of Rancour, rång'kúr. s. inveterate malignity danger Random, ran'dům. 9. want of direction Rasp, råsp. s. a berry; a rough file Random, iản'dům. a. done by chance Rasp, råsp. v. a. to rub to powder Rang, ring, Pret. of ring

CoverRaspberry, rás'bêr-é. s. a kind of berry Range, rảnje. v. a. to place in order; to rove Rasure, rå'zhůre. s. the act of scraping; a Range, rảnje. 8. a rank; a class ; excursion mark in a writing where something has room for excursion

been rubbed out Ranger, rån'zúr. s. a rover; an officer whoRat, råt. s. an animal of the mouse kind tends the game of a forest

Ratable, rata-bl. a. set at a certain value Rank, rângk. a. high growing, luxuriant ;||Ratafia, rát-a-fé'a. s. a fine liquor, prepared strong-scented; gross, coarse

from the kernels of apricots and spirits Rank, rângk. s. line of men placed abreast ; || Ratan, råt-tân'. . an Indian cane

a row; class [in any particular class Rate, råte. s. price fixed; degree ; quantity Rank, rangk. v. a. to place abreast; to range assignable ; tax imposed by the parish Rankle, rângk'kl. v. n. to fester

Rate, råte. V. a. to value ; to chide hastily Rankly, rångk'lè. ad. coarsely, grossly Rath, råth. a. early, coming before the time Rankness, rängk'nés. S.. exuberance, super-Rather, råth'ůr. ad. more willingly; preferfluity of growth (narrowly ably

(fruit kernels Ransack, rå n'såk. v. n. to plunder ; to searchRatifia, råt--féè'. s. a liquor favoured with Ran80m, rắn’sâm. B. price paid for liberty Ratification, råt-te-fe-ka'shủn. 8. confirmation Ransom, ran'sům. v. a. to redeem

Ratiry, råt'te-ri. v. a. to confirm, to settle Rant, rånt. v. a. to rave in violent or high-Ratio, rå'she-8. 8. proportion sounding language

Ratiocinate, råsh-é-os'è-náte. v. a. to reason, Rant, rånt. s. high-sounding language

to argue

[of reasoning Rantipole, ránt'&-pdle. a. wild, rakisk (blow Ratiocination, råsh-d-83-e-nå'shỉn. 8. the act Rap, råp. v. n. to strike with a quick smar: Rational, råsh'ún-ål. a. agreeable to reason ; Rap, råp. s. a quick smart blow


[of reasoning Rapacious, rå-på'shủs. as given to plunder, Rationality, råsh-e-8-nål’é-tė. s. the power seizig by violence

Rationally, råsh'ún-al-d. ad. reasonably Rapacity, rå-pås'sé-te. & addictedness to Ratsbane, råts'bảne.'s, arsenick plunder, exercise of plunder

Rattle, råt'tl. v. 2. to make a quick sharp Rape, råpe. 8. violent defloration of chastity noise ; to speak eagerly and noisily something snatched away; a plant

Rattle, rat'tl. s. a quick noise nimbly reRapid, råp'ld. a. quick, swift

peated; empty and loud talk; an instruRapidity, rå- pid'ê-tė. s. velocity, swiftness ment which agitatcd makes a clattering Rapidly, råp'id-le. ad. swiftly

noise Rapier, rd' pe-er. s. a small sword used only Rattlesnake, råt'ti-snåke. s. a kind of serpent in thrusting

Ravage, râv'vidje. v. a. to lay waste Rapine, râp'in. s. violence, force

Ravage, råv'vidje. s. spoil, ruin, waste Rapture, råp'tshdre. 3. ectasy, transport Ravager, rår'vidje-úr. 8. plunderer, spoiler Rapturous, råp'tsbúr ús. a. ecstatick, trans-Rave, råve, v. 0. to be delirious ; to burst porting

out into furious exclamations Rare, råre. a. scarce, uncommon; subtle Ravel, rår'vl. v. a. to entangle Rarefaction, rår-ré-råk'shin. s. extension of Ravelio, råv'lin. s. a balf moon in fortification the parts of a body

Raven, rá'rn. 8. a large black fowl Rarefy, rår'ré-fi. v. a. to make thin

Raren, råv'70. v. a. to devour with great Rarefy, rår're-rl. v. a. to become thin

eagerness and rapacity Rarely, råre'lê. ad. seldom; finely

Ravennus, råv'vn-ús. a. voracious Rareness, råre' nés.

Ravenousness, råv'vn-is-nés.

8. rage fur Rarity, rá're-té.

prey, furious voracity Rascal, rås'kål. 8. a mean fellow, a scoundrel Ravio, rây'm s. prey; rapine Rascallion, rás-kål'yún. s. one of the lowest|Ravish, råo'lsh. v. to constuprate by people

force; to take away by violonce; to delighs 256

1. Uncommonnes

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take again

Ravisher, råv'ish-úr. B. one who takes any||Reason, ré'zn. v. a. to argue rationally ; io thing by violence

[port, rapture

debate Ravishment, rår'leh-mênt. s. violation; trans-Reasonable, ré'zn-i-bl. a. Laving the faculty Raw, rảw. a. not subdued by the fire ; noul of reason; agreeable to reason

covered with the skin; bleak, chill Reasonably, re'zn-a-blè. ad. agreeably to Rawboned, rảw'bond. a. having bones scarcely reason; noderately

Laiguer covered with flesh

[skilfulness Reasoner, ré'zn-úr. 5. one who reasons, an Rawness, råw'nes. s. state of being raw; un- Reasoning, me'zn-ing. B. argument Ray, rå. 8. a team of light; a fish

Reassemble, re-as-sém'bl. v. 2. to collect anew Raze, rảze. 8. a root of ginger

Reassume, ré-ås-súme. v. a. to resume, to Raze, såze. V. a. to overthrow; to efface Razor, rà'zúr. 8 a knife used in shaving Reassure, ré-a-shůre.' v. a. to free from fear Razure, rå'zhdre. s. act of erasing

Reave, réve. v. a. to take away by stealth Reaccess, ré-åk-ses'. s. visit renewed Rebaptize, ré-båp-t!ze.' v. a. to baptize again Reach, rêtsh. v. a. to touch with the hand Rebate, re-båte'. v. a. to blunt

extended; to arrive at; to extend Rebeck, ré'bek, 6. a three-stringed fiddle Reach, retsh. s. the act of reaching or bring- Rebel, rébʼ&i. 8. one who opposes lawful au

ing by extension of the hand; power thority contrivance, artful scheme

Rebel, ré-bel' v. n. to rise in opposition React, re-akt'. v. a. to return tbe impression against lawful authority Reaction, re-åk'shủn. s. the reciprocation of Rebellion, ré-bêl-yúm. 6. insurrection against any impulse or force impressed

lawful authority Read, rééd. v. a. pret. read; part. pass. read.Rebellious, ré-bél-yús. a. opponent to lawful to peruse ; to discover


[loud noise Read, red. part. a. skilful by reading Rebellow, ré-hểi'ld. v. D. to echo back a Keade; tion, ré-ad-Ép'shún. 8. recovering, act|Rebound, re-bồind'. v. n. to spring back of regaining

Rebound, ré-boủnd'. 8. resilition Reader, rééd'úr. 8. one who reads

Rebuff, re-båt'. s. repercussion, quick and Readily, rêd'dé-lé. ad. expeditely, with little sudden resistance hinderance or delay

Rebuff, re-bår. v. a. to beat back Readiness, red'dé-nés. s. expediteness, promp-lRebuild re-bild. v. a. to re-edify titude ; facility

la lecture Rebuke, re-búke'. v. a. to chide Reading, rééd’Ing. s. study, perusal of books Rebuke, ré-bůke'. s. reprehension, chiding Readmission, ré-ad-inish'ún. s. the act of ad expression mitting again

Rebus, rè'bús. 8. a kind of riddle Readmit, ré-ad-mit.' v. a. to let in again Recall, re-kåll'. v. a. to call back, to revoke Ready, réd'oé. a. prompi; prepared ; willing :Recall, ré-izåll'. 8. revocation near; opportune

(ination Recant, re-kint'. v. a. to retract, to recall Reatfirmance, ré-af-fêr'ınånse. s. second affir-Recantation, re- kån-ta'shủn. e. retraction Real, real. a. true, genuine

Recapitulate, ré-ka-pit'tsbd-låte. V. a. to reReality, re-l'é-té. s. truth, what is

peat again distinctly Realize, ré'al-ize. V. a. to bring into being Recapitulation, ré-ka-pit-tshů-ià'shủn. s. disor act

(truly! tinct repetition of the principal points Really, real-d. ad. with actual existence Recede, ré-sééd'. v. n. to fall back; to desist Realm, rélm. 8. a kingdom

Receipt, ré-séte'. s. ihe act of receiving ; a note Reann, rème. 8. a bundle of paper containing by which money is acknowledged to have twenty quires

(life been received ; prescription of ingredients Reanimate, ré-an 'ne-måte. v. a. to restore to Receivable, ré-se'vå-bl. a. capable of being Reandex, ré-au-néks'. v. a. to annex again received Reap, répe. v. a. to cut corn; to gather, to Receive, ré-séve'. v. a. to take ; to adrnit obtain

Receiver, ré-se'vůr. &. one who receives ; * Reaper, rė'púr. s. one that cuts corn at bar vesse!

Recent, re'sent, a, new ; late Rear, rère. 8. the hinder troop; the last class Recently, re'sent-lé. ad. newly, freshly Rear, rère. a. half roasted, half sodden Recentness, re'sent-nés. b. newness, freshness Rear, rère. V. a, to raise up; to educate ; to Receptacle, rés'sẽp-tå-kl. s. a resel or place

(latter part

into which any thing is received Rearward, rère'wård. 6. the last troop: thel Reception, ré-sép'sbún. s. the act of receivReascend, ré-as-sênd'. v. n. to climb again ing; the state of being received Reason, re'zo. . cause, pripciple ; argument : Receptive, ré-séptiv. a. having the quality of motive

admitting what is communicated



Recitation, retse-t'shỉn.} s.

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Recess, ré-sểs'. $. retirement, retreat ; sus-11 Recompense, rék’korn-pense. v. a. to repay, pension of any procedure

to requite

(compensation Recession, ré-sésh'ún. s. the act of retreating||Recompense, rêk'kôm-penee. 6. equivalent, Rechange, re-tshảnje'. v. a. to change again Recompilement, ré-kom-pile'ment. s. new Recharge, re-tshảrje'. v. a. to accuse in return; compilernent attack anew

Recompose, ré-kom-pdze'. v. a. to settle Recipe, rés'sê-pé. 8. a medical prescription or quiet anew; to form or adjust anew Recipient, ré-sip'pé-ént. s. a receiver (tuall Reconcile, rêk'kon-sile. v. a. to compose difReciprocal, re-sippro-kal. a. alternate; mu ferences; to make any thing consistent Reciprocate, ré-síp pro-kåte. v. n. to act in- Reconcileable, rék-kon-silå-tl. a. capable of terchangeably, to alternate

renewed kindness; possible to be made Reciprocation, re-sip-pro-kå'shủn. s. action consistent

(liation interchanged

Reconcilement, rék-kön-slle'ment. s. reccocje Reciprocity, rés-é-prðs'é-tè. s. mutual return Reconciliation, rék-kön-sil-e-a'shủn. s. re Recision, ré-sizh'ún. s. the act of cutting off newal of friendship Recital, re-si'tål.

Recondite, rek'kon-dłte. a. secret, abstruse repetition,

Reconduct, re-kön-důkt'. v. a. to conduct again rehearsal

Reconquer, re-kóng'kůr. v. a. to conquer Recitative, rés-se-ta-téév'. ?


(a new a kind ori Recitativo, rés-se-tà-têèv'd.

Reconvene, re-kön-vene'. v.a. to assemble tuneful pronunciation ; chant

Record, re-kòrd'. v. a. to register; to celeRecite, re-slte'. v. a. to rehearse


(memoria) Reckless, rék'lés. a. careless, heedless

Record, rêk'ård. g. register, authentich Reckon, rêk'kn. v. a. to number, to esteem Recorder, re-kórd'úr. s. one whose business Reckoner, rek'kn-ửr. s. one who computes is to register any events; the keeper of the Reckoning, rêk'kn-ing. s. computation, cal rolls in a city

culation ; money charged by a host Recount, re-köhnt'. v. a. to relate in detail Reclaim, re-klåme'. v. as to reform; to tameRecourse, re-korse'. s. application as for help Recline, re-kline'. v. a. to lean back or side or protection wise

Recover, re-kův ór. v.

2. to restore from Reclose, re-kldze'. v. a. to close again

sickness ; to regain

(be restored Reclude, 're-klúde'. v. a. to open

Recoverable, re-kův'úr-8-bl. a. possible to Recluse, re-klúse'. shut up, or retired Recovery, re-kův'úr-ė. s. restoration from Recluse, re-klúse'. s. a person shut up or re sickness ; power or act of regaining tired

(coagulation Recreant, rêk'kré-ant. a. cowardly, apos tate Recoagulation, re-ko-ag-gu-la'shủn. s. second Recreate, rék kré-åte. 9. a. to refresh, to Recognisance, Il-kogne-zinse. 8 a bond of

(refreshment, diversion record; a badge [ledge; to review Recreaticn, rêk-kré-a'shủn. s. amusement; Recognise, rêk'kög-nlze.' v. a. to acknow-Recrement, rêk'kré-ment. š. dross, spume Recognisee, ré-kôg-ne-zee'. 8. he in whuse Recremental, rék-kré-inên'tål. favour the bond is drawn

Recrementitious, rêk-kré-men-tish'ús. Recognisor, ré-kôg-ne-zör'. s. he who gives

drossy, superfluous the recognisance (acknowledgement Recriminate, re-krim'è-nåte. v, n. to return Recognition, rék-kiz-nishản. 8. review :|| one accusation with another Recoil, re-k. v. n. to rush back in conse- Recrimination, re-krim-e-na'shủn. 8. return quence of resistance; to shrink

of one accusation with another Recoinage, re-kółn'idje. 3. the act of coining| Recruit, re-krot'. v. a. to repair

[memory Recruit, rê-krößt'. v. n. to raise new soldiers Recollect, rék-k8l-lékt. v. a. to recover tulRecruit, ré-krðbt'. s. supply of any thing Recollection, rêk-kol-lêk'shủn. 8. recovery of

wasted ; a new soldier notion, revival in the memory [anew Rectangle, rêk'tang-gl. s. a figure which has Recommence, re-kom-mense'. 1. a. to begin one angle or more of ninety degrees Recommend, rék-kom-mênd'. v. a. to praise Rectangular, rék-tang'gu-lár. a. right-angled another ; to make acceptable ; to commit Rectifiable, rêk'te-fl--bl. a. capable to be set

right Recommendation, rék-kom-mên-då'shủn. 6. Rectify, rêk'te-fl. v. a. to make right; to ex

that which secures to one a kind reception alt and improve by repeated distillation from another

Rectilinear, rék-tê-lin'è-ắr. a. consisting of Recommendatory, rek-kom-mên'da-tůr-d. a.

right lines that which recommends to another Rectitude, rêk'te-tide. *. straightness, upRecommit, re-kom-mit'. v. a. to commit anew

rightness, freedom from moral obliquity





with prayers


te time

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a new


Rector, rêk'túr. si ruler ; parson of an unim- Reduction, ré-dúk'shún. s. the act of reducing propriated parish

[rector Reductive, ré-důk'tiv. a. having the power of Rectorial, rêk-to'ré-il. a. bulonging to a reducing Rectorship, rek'túr-ship. s. the rank or office Redundance, re-důn'dânse. of a rector [parish ||Redundancy, rẻ -dần dần-se.

s. superfluity Rectory, rêk'tir-é. s. an unimpropriated Redundant, ré-důn'dant. a. exuberant Recubation, rék-ku-bå'shủn. 5. the act of lying Reduplicate, ré-duple-káte. V. a. to double or leaning

Reduplication, ré-du-plé-ká'shún. s. the act of Recumbency, ré--kům'bền-sé. s. the posture of doubling leaning; repose

Reduplicative, ré-du'ple-kå-tiv. a. double Recumbent, ré-kúm'bênt. a. lying, leaning Re-echo, ré-ék'kb. v. n. to echo back Reriir, ré-kůr'. v. n. to come back to the Reed, rééd. s. a small pipe ; an arrow thought ; to have recoarse to

Re-edify, ré-éd'è-fl. v. a. to rebuild Recurrence, ré-kůr'rense. s. return

Reedy, rééd'è. a. abounding with reeds Recurrent, ré-kúr’rént. a. returning from time Reek, réék. s. smoke, steam

Reek, réék. v. 0. to smoke, to steam (wound Recurvation, re-kúr-vå'shim.

Reel, réél. s. a frame upon which yarn is

8. flexure Recursity, re-kůr'ré-té.

Reel, réél. v. a. to gather yarn off the spindle backwards

Roel, réél. v. n. to stagger Recusant, re-ki'sant. s. a nonconformist Re-election, ré-é-lék'shủn. s. repeated election Recuse, ré-kúze'. v. n. to refuse

Re-enforcement, ré-én-forse'mént. s. fresh asRed, red. a. of the colour of blood


(a second time Redhreast, red'brést. 8. a small bird

Re-enjoy, ré-én-jšė'. v. a. to enjoy anew, or Redden, réd'ao. v. a. to make red

Re-enter, ré-én'tûr, v. a. to enter again Redden, rèd'an. v. n. to grow red

Re-establish, ré-é-ståb'lish. v. a. to establish Reddishness, réd'dish-nés. s. tendency to red

Re-establishment, ré-e-stab'lish-ment. s. the Recuition, red-d/shoản. 6. restitution

act of re-establishing, the state of being reRedditive, rej'dê-tiv. a. answering to an in established

(anew terrogative

Re-examine, ré-égz-am'ın. v. a. to examine Reddle, red'dl. s. a sort of mineral

Refection, ré-fék'shủn. 6. refreshment after Redeem, re-déém'. v. a. to ransoni; to rescue hunger or fatigue

(ing-room Redeemable, ré-déėm'a-bl. a. capable of re- Refectory, re-fék'tůr-é, or rèf'ék-túr-ė. s. eatdemption

Resel, ré-rêl'. v. a. to refute Redeemer, ré-déem'ír. &. one who ransoms or Refer, re-fêr'. v. a. to dismiss for information redeems; our Saviour

- judgment; to betake for decision Redelivery, ré-de-liv’úr-é. s. the act of de- Reference, rêr'fér-ense. s. relation, respect, livering back

allusion to ; dismission to another tribunal Redemption, ré-dém'shủn. 6. ransom, release Refine, re-fine'. v. a. to purify ; to polish Redemptory, re-dém'tửr-é. a. paid for ransom Refinement, ré-fine'ınént. s. the act of puriRedhot, réd'hôt. a, heated to redness

fying ; improvement,

affectation of eleRedlead, red-168'. 9. minium

gance Redness, réd’nés. 8. the quality of being red Refiner, re-ri'nůr. 3. a purifier Redolence, rèd 8-lense.

Refit, re-fit'. v. a. to repair Redolency, réd’8-len-së . } 9. sweet scept

Reflect, re-Aékt.' v. a. to throw back i io Redolent, réd'6-lent. a. sweet of scent

throw reproach Redoubie, ré-dib'bl. v. a. to repeat often Reflection, ré-fêk'shủn. s. the act of throwing Redouble, ré-důb'bl. v. n. to become twice as back; that which is reflected; attentivo much (tion consideration; censure

(pamt Redoubt, ré-dilt'. s. the outwork of a fortifica- Reflective, re-fiêk'tív. a. considering things Redoubtable, re-da At'a-bl. a. formidable Reflector, ré-fék'túr. s. considerer Redoubted, re-dôůt'éd. a. dreadful, awful Reflex, ré'deks. a. thrown backward Redound, ré-doúnd'. v. 8. to be sent back by Reflexibility, re-déks-e-bil'é-té. s. the quality re-action

of being reflexible Redress, ré-drés'. v. a. to set right, to relieve/Reflexible, ré-léks'é-bl. a. capable to be Redress, ré-drés'. s. reformation, relief, remedy tbrown back Reduce, ré-dúse'. v. a. to make less; to de- Reflexive, ré-fiéks'iv, a. haring respect to grade; to bring into á class

something past Reducement, ré-dúse'mếnt. s. the act of bring-||Reflourish, re-Aůr'rish. v. a. to flourish anew ing back ; subduing

(duced Reflow, ré-ad'. v. D. to flow back Reducible, ré-du'sd-bl. a. possible to be re-l Refuent, réf'Aů-ênt. a. running back

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