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5. reason

Archduchess, ârtsh-dútsh' és. s. the sister or||Arguinent, ár'gu-ment. 8. a reason alleged ; daughter of the archduke of Austria

subject of discourse or writing ; contents Archprelate, ảrtsh-préi' låte. 8. chief prelate of any work summed up by way of abstract; Archpresbyter, årtsh-prés'bė-tếr. chief controversy

(argument presbyter

(an arch|| Argumental, år-gu-mên'tål. a. belonging to Arched, ár'tshed. part. a. bent in the form of Argumentation, ảr-gu-měn-tà'shủn. Archer, årtsh'ùr. s. he that shoots with a bow ing, the act of reasoning Archery, ảrtsh'úr-é. s. the use of the bow; the Argumentative, ảr-gủ-ıněn'tå-tiv. a. consistart of an archer

ing of or containing argument Archetype, ảr'ke-tipe. 5. the original of which| Arid, år'rid, a. dry, parched up any resemblance is made

Aridity, a-rid'de-té. s. dryness, siccity Archetypal, år-ke-tl'pâ). a. original Aries, a'ré-éz. s. the ram; one of the 12 signa Archiepiscopal, år-ke-e-pis'kd-pål. a. belong of the zodiack

(tun, ing to an archbishop

Arietta, å-ré-ét'ta. s. a short air, song, or Architect, år'ke-těkt. s. a professor of the Aright, å-rite'. ad. rightly, without error art of building; a builder

Arise, a-rize'. v. n. pret. arose, part. arisen ; Architective, år-ke-têk'tív. a: that performs to mount upward, to get up as from sleep the work of architecture

Aristocracy, år-is-tók'krå-se. s. that form of Architectural, ảr-ké-têk'tsbå-rål. a. belonging government which places the supreme powto architecture

er in the nobles

(aristocracy Architecture, ár'ke-tek-tshůre. 8. the art or Aristocrate, ár-is-td-krát. s. a favourer of science of building

Aristocratical, ar-rss-to-kråt'té-kål. a. reArchitrave, &r'ke-trave, s. that part of a co lating to aristocracy

lumn which lies immediately upon the ca- || Arithmetical, år-ith-mét'tė-kål. a. according pital, and is the lowest member of the en to the rules or methods of arithmetick tablature

Arithmetician, å-rith-me-tish'an. s. a master Archives, år'klvz. s. the places where records of the art of numbers or ancient writings are kept

Arithmetick, a-rith'mé-tik. s. the science of Archwise, ártsh'wize. a. in the form of an arch numbers; the art of computation Arctick, årk'tîk. a. northern

[arch Ark, ảrk. s. a vessel to swim upon the water; Arcuate, ảr'ku-ate. a. bent in the form of an the repository of the covenant of God Ardency, &r'dên-se. s. ardour, eagerness

with the Jews Ardent, år’dént. a. hot, burning, fiery; fierce, Arm, ảrm. e. the limb which reaches from the vehement; passionate, affectionate

hand to the shoulder; the large bough of a Ardently, &r'dênt-lè. ad. eagerly, affection tree; an inlet of water; power ately

Arm, ảrm. v. a. to furnish with arms Ardour, år'důr. &. heat of affection, as love, || Arm, årm. V. n. to take arms; to provide desire, courage

against Arduous, &r'ju-ús. a. lofty, hard to climb ;|| Armada, ảr-må'då. s. an armament for sea difficult

Armadillo, ảr-må-dil'ld. s. a four-footed ani. Arduousness, &r'ji-is-ness. s. height, diffi mal of Brazil culty

(verb to be Armament, år'må-mênt. s. a naval force Are, ár. the plural of the present tense of the Arm-hole, årın'hòle. . the cavity under the Area, a'ré-a. . the surface contaiced between shoulder any lines or boundaries; any open surface

Armigerous, ár-mid'jůr-rûs. a. bearing arms Arefaction, år-ré-fåk’shủn. s. the state of Armillary, år'mil-lå-ré. a. resembling a growing dry, the act of drying

bracelet Arenaceous, ár-é-na'shủs. a. sandy

Armipotence, ár-mip'8-tênse. B. power in war Arenose, ár-é-ndse'. a. sandy

Armipotent, ár-mip' 6-tént. a. mighty in war Argent, år'jếnt. a. having the white colour Armistice, år'mė-stis. s. a short truce

used in the armorial coats of gentlemen, Armlet, årin' lết. s. a little arm; a piece of knights, and baronets; silver, bright like

armour; a bracelet

(salt silver

Armoniack, ár-mo'nė-åk. 8. the name of a Argil, år'jfl. s. potters' clay

Armorer, år'můr-ůr. s. he that makes arArgillaceous, år-jil-la'shảs. a. clayey, con mour, or weapons; ke that dresses another sisting of potters' clay

in armour Argosy, ár'go-sė. s. a large vessel for mer-|| Armorial, år-more-ál. a. belonging to the chandise

arms or escutcheon of a family Argue, år'gi. v. n. to reason, to persuade, to|| Armasy, år'múr-ė. s. the place in which arms dispute

are deposited for use; armour, arms of deArguer, år'gů år, e. a reasoner, a disputer fence; epsigos armorial

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Armour, &r'mir. s. defensive arms

Arsenal, år'sė-nál. s. a repository of thingo Armpit, årmpit. s. the hollow part under the requisite to war, a magazine shoulder

Arsenical, ảr-sen'e-kål. a. containing arsenick Arms, årmz. s. weapons ; a state of hostility ;||Arsenick, års'ník. 6. a mineral substance; a war ; action; ensigns armorial

violent corrosive poison Army, łr'md. s. a collection of armed men :|| Art, årt. s. a trade ; skill, dexteritv, cunning a great number

Arterial, år-te're-al. a. relating to the artery Aromatical, ar-d-måt'd-kål.

& spicy; fra-|Artery, år'tůr-t. s. a conical canal conveying Aromatick, år-d-mât'ik.

the blood from the heart to all parts of the grant, strong scented


(dexterous Aromaticks, ar-d-måt'iks. 8. spices Artful, årt'fil. a. artificial; cunning, skilful, Aromatize, år'd må-tize. v. a. to scent with | Artfully, ảrt'fil-lé. ad. with art, skilfully spices, to Jerfume

Artfulness, it'fül-ness. s. skill, cunning
Arose, a-roze'. p:et. of the verb arise Arthritick, år-thrit'ik.
Around, å-rðind'. ad. in a circle, on every side Arthritical, ảr-thrit'é-kål.

a. gouty, relato Around, a-roind'. prep. about

ing to the gout Arouse, å-rdize'. v. a. to wake from sleep; Artichoke, år'tė-tshðke. 8. a plant to raise up, to excite

Article, år'tė-kl. s. a part of speech, as the, Arow, &-rd'. ad. in a row

an; a single clause of an account, a particuAroynt, å-roint'. ad. be gone, away.

lar part of any complex thing; term, stiArquebuse, år'kwė-bûs. s. a hand-gun pulation; point of time

[terms Arrack, år-råk'. s. a spiritous liquor Article, år'tė-kl. v. n. to stipulate, to make Arraign, år-råne'. v. a. to bring to trial; to Articular, år-tik's-lår. a. belonging to the Craigning; a charge joints

[ed out into articles Arraignment, år-råpe'ment. s. the act of ar-Articulate, &r-tik'd-låte. a. distinct ; branchArrange, år-rånje'. v. 2. to put in the proper Articulate, år-tik'd-late. V. & to utter words order for any purpose


{culate voica Arrangement, år-rảnje'ment. 8. the act of Articulately, år-tik'8-1Ảte-lè. ad. in an arti

putting in proper order, the state of being Articulateness, år tik'd-låte-nése. s, the quaput in order

lity of being articulate Arrant, år'ránt. a. bad in a high degree Articulation, år-tik-i-là'shủn. s. the juncture Arrantly, ar'rånt-lè. a. corruptly, shamefully of bones; the act of forming words Arras, år'âs. s. tapestry

Artifice, år'tė-fis. s. trick, fraud, stratagem; Array, ar-rå'. s. dress; order of battle

art, trade

[turer; a contriver Array, år-ra'. v. a. to put in order ; to deck, Artificer, ár-tif"fé-sảr. s. an artist, a manufacto dress

Artificial, ảr-te-fish'àl. a. made by art; fictiArrear, år-rédr'. s. that which remains behind

tious; artful, contrived with skill unpaid, though due

[account Artificially, ảr-tê-ffsh’ål-lè. ad. artfully, with Arrearage, år-réè'raje. 8. the remainder of an skill, with good contrivance Arreptitious, år-rép-tisb'ús. a. spatched away;|| Artillery, ảr-til'lür-rè. s. weapons of war crept in privily

cannon, great ordnarce Arrest, år-rést'. s. a stop or stay; a restraint||Artisan, år-te-zân'. s. artist, professor of an of a man's person; any caption

art; manufacturer Arrest, år-rést'. v. a. to seize by a mandate | Artist, årt'ist. s.' the professor of an art; a from a court; to lay bands on ; to withhold; skilful man

Cor skill to stop

[place Artless, årt'less. a. unskilful, without fraud Arrival, år-rlvál. s. the act of coming to any Artlessly, årt'lês-lė. ad. in an artless manner, Arrive, ár-rtve'. v. p. to come to any place naturally, sincerely

Climb Arrogance, år'ro-gânse.

Artuate, år'tshu-åte. v. a. to tear limb from Arrogancy, år'rð-gån-sd. f s. the act or qua-| Arundinebus, är-in-din'd-is. ao abounding lity of taking much upon one's self

with reeds Arrogant, år'ro-gånt. a. haughty, proud As, áz. conj. in the same manner; like; Arrogantly, år'ro-gant-lè. ad. in an arrogant while; equally; in what manner

Asafoetida, ås-sa-fét'e-di. 8. a gum of a sharp Arrogate, &r'ro-gåte. V. a. to claim vainly;|| taste and offensive smell to exhibit unjust claims

Asbestine, áz-bés'tin. a. incombustible Arrogation, ärird-gå-zhũn. s. a claiming in a|| Asbestos, áz-bés'tủs. s. a sort of native foků proud inanner

stone, which fire cannot consume Arrosion, år'rd-shủo. . a gnawing Ascend, ås-send'. v. n. to mount ; to proceed Arrow, år'rd. 4. the weapon which is shot || from one degree to another; to stand from a bow

higher in genealogy


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Ascend, is-seud'. v. a. to climb up any thing||Asper, ås'půr. a. rough, rugged Ascendant, ås-sên'dant. s. beight, elevaticu ;|Asperate, ås' pé-råte. V. a. to make rough superiority, influence

Asperity, ås-pèr'e-té. s. roughness; ruggedAscendant, ås-sen'dint. a. superior, predomi ness of temper nant, overpowering

Asperse, as-perse'. v. de to bespatter withe Ascendency, ås-sển'dèn-sė. s. influence, powe: censure or calumny Ascension, ås-sén'shủn. s. the act of ascend-Aspersion, ås-pér'shủn. s. a sprinkling : ca ing or rising

bumny, censure Ascension Day, ås-sển'shủn-dấ'. s. the day on|Asphaltick, ås-fil'tik. a. gummy, bituminous

which the ascension of our Saviour is com-|Asphaltos, is-rål'tús. s. a bituminous, inflam memorated, commonly called Holy Thurs mable substance day

Asphaltum, äs-fál'tům. 8. a bituminous stone Ascensive, ås-sen'slv. a. in a state of ascent Asphodel, ås'fb-dél. s. the day-lily Ascent, ås-sent'. s. the act of rising; the way Aspirate, ås'pé-råte. v. a. to pronounce with by which one ascends an eminence

full breath

(breat) Ascertain, ås-sér-tåne'. v. a. to make certain,Aspirate, as'pe-rate. a. pronounced with fub fix, establish

Aspiration, ås-pé-rå'shủn. s. a breathing after, Ascertainment, ås-sér-tåne'ment. 8. a settled an ardent wish; the pronunciation of s rule, a standard

vowel with full breath Ascetick, as-set'lk. s. he that retires to devo-|Aspire, ås-pire'. v. n. to desire with eager. tion, a hermit

[pical ness; to rise higher Ascitical, ås-sit'é-kål. Ascitick, as-sit'ik.

a. dropsical, hydro-Ass, äss. s. an animal of burden; a stupid

Asquint, å-skwint'. ad. obliquely Ascititious, ås-sé-tisb'is. a. supplemental, ad-|| dull fellow ditional

(cribed Assail, ås-såle'. v. a. to attack, to assault Ascribable, ås-skrl'bå-bl. a. that may be as-|| Assailable, ås-så'la-bl. a. that may be attacked Ascribe, ås-kribe'. v. a. to attribute Assailant, ås-så'lånt. s. he that attacks Ascription, ås-krip'shỉn. s. the act of ascribing Assailant, is-så'lånt. a. attacking, invading Ash, ash. s. a tree

Assailer, ås-se'lůr. s. one who attacks another Ash-coloured, ash'kůl-&rd. & coloured be- Assassin, ås-sås'sta. 8. a murderer tween brown and gray

Assassinate, ås-sås'sd-náte. V. a. to murder by Ashamed, å-sha med.

a. touched with shame violence; to waylay, Ashen, åsh'shén. & made of ash wood Assassination, ås-sás-se-nå'shûn. s. the act of Ashes, ash'iz. 6. the remains of any thing assassinating

(man-killer burnt; the remains of the body

Assassinator, ås sås'é-nå-tür. r. a murderer, Asbore, å-shore'. ad. on shore, on the land Assault, ås-sålt'. s. storma; invasion, hostility, Ash-wednesday, Ash-wenz'då. 8. the first day attack

of Lent, so called from the ancient custom Assault, ås-sålt'. v. a. to attack, to invade of sprinkling ashes on the head

Assaulter, ås-sålt'ůr. s. one who violently asAshy, ash'è. a. ash-coloured, pale

saults another

[attack Aside, a-side'. ad. to one side; from the Assay, as-så'. s. examination; first entrance ; company

Assay, ås-så'. v. a. to make trial of; to apply to Asinine, as'sd-nine. a. belonging to an ass Assayer, ås-så'ir. s. an officer of the mint Ask, åsk. V. a. to petition, beg, to demand,||Assemblage, ås-sem'blådje. s. a collection inquire, question

Assemble, ås-sém'bl. v. a. to bring together Askaunt, å-skảnt'. ad. obliquely, on one side

into one place Asker, åsk'ůr. s. petitioner; inquirer Assemble, ás-bém'bl. v. 1. to meet together Askéw, å-skd'. ad. aside, contemptuously Assembly, ås-sểm'blé. s. a company met toge Aslant, å-slânt'. ad. obliquely, on one side ther Asleep, å-sleep'. ad. sleeping ; into sleep Assent, as-sent' s. the act of agreeing; consent Aslope, å-slope'. ad. with declivity obliquely||Assent, ås-sent'. v. n. to concede, to yield to Asp, or Aspick, asp, or ås'pik. & a venomous||A ssentment, ås-sent'ment. 8. consent serpent

[piant||Assert, ås-sert'. v. a. to maintain, aflirm, vinAsparagus, ås-para-gús. 8. the name of a dicate Aspect, ås'pékt. s. look, air, appearance ;| Assertion, ás-sêr'shủn. . the act of asserting

countenance ; view; position; relation; Assertive, ås-sêr'tly a. positive, dogmatical disposition of a planet

Assertor, ås-sêr'tür. 8. maintainer, vindicator, Aspect, ås-pekt'. V. a. to behold


(tain sum Aspen, is'pén. s. a tree, the leaves of whic! Assess, ås-sểs'. v« a. to charge with any cer

always tremble (made of aspen-woodAssessment, ås-sës'ment. s. the aum levied on Aspen, ås'pèu. a. belonging to the asp-tree :// certain property; the act of assessing

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Assessor, as-sés'súr. s. he who levies taxes Assumption, is-súzo'shún. 6. the taking any Assets, as'sets. s. goods sufficient to discharge thing to one's self; the supposition of any

that burden which is cast upon the executor thing without farther proof or heir

Assumptive, ås-súm'tiv. a. that which is Asseverate, ás-sév'é-råte. v. a. to affirm with assurned great solemnity

Assurance, ash-she'ránse. 6. certain expectaAsseveration, as-sév;é-rå'shủn. s. solemn af tion; secure confidence


want of modesty firmation

Assure, ish-shåre'. v. a. to give confidence by Asshead, ás'hed. s. a blockhead

a firm promise; to secure another; to make Assiduity, as-se-du'e-tè. s. diligence

secure Assiduous, ås-sid'jų-ỉs. a. constant in applica- Assured, ash-shủ'rèd, or åsh-shůrd'. part. mo tion

(tinually certain, indubitable; immodest Assiduously, ås-sid’jd-ửs-le. ad diligently, con- Assuredly; ish-shứ'réd-lè. ad. certainly, induAssign, as-sine'. v. a. to mark out, appoint, fix bitably

[being assured, certainty Assignable, ås-sine'å-bl.a. that may be assigned Assuredness, åsh-shủ'rèd-ness. s. the state o Assignation, ås-sig-ná'shún. 3. an appointment Asterisk, as'td-risk. s. a mark in printing, as * to meet

Asterism, as'te- rism. 8. a constellation Assignee, as-se-nė'. s. he that is appointed by Astern, å-stèrn'. ad. in the hinder part of the

another to do any act, or perform any bu ship siness

Asthma, ást'rna. s. a difficult respiration, joinAssigner, ås-si'núr. s. he that assigns

ed with a hissing sound and a cough Assignment, ås-słne'mếnt. s. appointment of Asthmatical, ast-måt'e-kål.

a. troubled with one thing with regard to another thing or Asthmatick, ast-måt'ik. person; the deed by which any thing is | an asthma transferred

Astonish, as-tôn'ntsb. v. a. to confound with Assigns, ås-slaz'. s. persons to whom any trust fear or wonder, to amaze is assigned

Astonishment, ås-tôn'ish-ment. 8. amazement, Assimilate, ås-sim'&-låte. V. a. to convert to confusion of mind

the same nature with another thing; to Astound, ås-tóůnd'. v. a. to astonish, to amaze bring to a likeness

Astraddle, å-stråd'al. ad. with legs across any Assimilation, ås-sim-md-là'shủn. 1. the act of|| thing

converting any thing to the nature or sub-|| Astral, as'trål. a. starry, relating to the stars stance of another; the state of being assi-|Astray, a-stra'. ad. out of the right way milated

Astrict, is-trikt'. v. a. to contract by applicaAssist, ås-sist'. v. a. to help

tion Assistance, as-sîs'tånse. s. help, furtherance Astriction, ås-trik'shủa. s. the act of contractAssistant, as-sis'tånt. a. helping, lending aid | Astrictive, ås-trik'tiv. a. styptick, binding Assistant, ås-sis'tânt. 8. one who assists Astride, å-stride'. ad. with the legs open Assize, ås-size'. s. a court of judicature; a Astriferous, ås-trif'd-růs. a. bearing, or having statute to determine the weight of bread

(together Assize, ås-size'. v.a. to fix the rate of any thing Astringe, å-strinje'. v. a. to make parts draw Associate, is-so'shé-åte. V. a. to unite with Astringency, as-trin'jén-se. -. the power of

another as a confederate; to accompany contracting Associate, ås-so'shé-dte. a. confederate Astringent, ås-trin’jént.a.binding, contracting Associate, ås-so'shė-åte. s. a partner, confede-|| Astrography, ås-trågʻrâ-fé. s. the science of rate, companion

describing the stars Association, ås-sd-shd-A'thản. s. union, con-|Astrolabe, ås'trd-låbe. s. an instrument for junction, society ; confederacy; taking the altitude of the sun or stars

Astrologer, is-trôl'8-jůr. s. one that professes Assort, ås-sort'. v. a to range in classes to foretell by the stars Assuage, ås-swáje'. v. a. to mitigate ; to|Astrologian, ás-tro-18'jè-án. 8. astrologer soften; to pacify

(or softens | Astrological, as-tro-1&d'je-kál. Assuagement, ås-swaje'mènt. s. what mitigates|| Astrologick, ås-trd-lod'-jik.

2 relating Assuasive, ás-swe'slv. a. softening, miti to astrology gating

[tom|Astrology, as-trôl'8_jè. s. the practice of foreAssuetude, As'swè-tdde, s. accustomance, cus telling things by the knowledge of the stars Assure, às-súme'. v. a. to arrogate, to claim Astronomer, ås-trön'no-múr. s. be that studies unjustly

the celestial motions Assumer, is-sd'můr. s. an arrogant man Astronomical, ås-tro-nomn'é-käl. Assuming, ås-su'ming. part. a. arrogant,|Astronomick, ás-tro-nôm'ik. baughty

ing to astronomy

(ing parts




} a. belong

peace, &c.

Astronomically, ås-tró mum'é-kål-lé. a. in an|Attain, at-tảne'. v. a. to gain; to come to ; astronomical manner

to reach ; to equal Astronomy, ås-trồn'nd-mé. s. a science, teach-|| Attain, åt-tảne'. v. n. to come to a certain ing the knowledge of the celestial bodies

state ; to arrive at

[tained Astro-theology, is'tr-the-81'8-jė. s. divinityAttainable, åt-tảne'a-bl. a. that may be ob

founded on the observation of the celestia!Attainder, åt-tảne'dúr. s. the act of attaining bodies

in law; taint [attained, acquisition Asunder, a-sủn'důr. ad. apart, separately Attainment, at-tảne'ment. s. that which is Asylum, á-si'lům. s. a sanctuary, a refuge Attaint, åt-tảnt'. v. a. to taint, to corrupt At, át. prep. At before a place, notes the Attaint, åt-tånt'. s.

any thing injurious ; nearness of the place; as, a man is at the stain, spot, taint

[putation house before he is in it. At signifies the | Attainture, åt-tå ne'tshire. $. reproach, imparticular condition of the person ; as, at Attemper, åt-têm'púr, v. a. to regulate, to

[ation soften ; to mix in just proportions Ataraxy, át'ta-rak-se. s. exemption from vex- ||Attemperate, at-tem'pé-råte. v. a to proAtheism, áthe-Ism. s. the disbelief of God

portion to something Atheist, d'thé-lst. s. one that denies the exis- || At-empt, åt-temt'. v. a. to attack, venture tence of God

Upen; endeavour

Lendeavour Átheistical, á-the-is'te-kål. a. given to atbe- || Attempt, at-temt'. 8. an attack, an essay, an Atheistically, a-the-is'tė-kål-lè. ad. in an Attend, åt-tênd'. v. a. to regard, to fix the atheistical manner

mind upon ; to wait on; to accompany ; Athirst, å-thủrst'. ad. thirsty, in want of drink to be appendant tố; to stay for Athletick, áth-lét'ik. a. belonging to wrest-Attend, at-tend'. v. n. to yield attention ; ling; strong of body, lusty, robust

to stay, to delay

(ing; a train Athwart, å-thwårt'. prep. across, transverse | Attendance, at-těn'dânse. s. the act of waitto any thing; through

Attendant åt-tên'dant. s. one that attends Atilt, a-tilt'. ad. like one making a thrust; One that waits

in the posture of a barrel raised behind Attender, åt-têu'dúr. s. companion, associate Atlas, at'lås. s. a collection of maps Attent, åt-tênt'. a. intent, attentive Atinosphere, åt'md-sfére. s. the air that en-Attention, åt-tên'shủn. 6. the act of atcompasses the earth on all sides

tending Atmospherical, åt-ind-sfér’é-kål. a. belonging||Attentive, ac-tên'tiv. a. heedful, regardful to the atmosphere

Attentively, åt-tén'tiv-le. ad. heedfully, careAtom, át'tům. 8. an extremely small particle fully Atomical, å-tôm'é-kål. a. consisting of or re-|| Attenuant, åt-tên'u-ânt. a. endued with the lating to atoms

power of inaking thin or slender Atomist, åt't8-mist. s. one that holds the Attenuate, åt-tén't-åte. a. made thin or atomical philosophy

slender Atomy, át'ő-mé. ö. an atom

Attenuation, åt-ten-d-a'shồn. 8. the act of Atone, å-tóne'. v. u. to agree, to accord; to making any thing thin or slender

stand as an equivalent; to answer for Attest, åt-test. v. a. to bear witness of; to Atone, a-tine'. v. a. to expiate

call to witness

(denon Atonement, a-tone'ment. 8. agreement; ex-Attestation, åt-tés-tá'shủn. 8. testimony, evipiation, equivalent

Attic, åt'tỉk. a. belonging to Athens ; poigAtop, å-top'. ad. on the top, at the top nant, just; belonging to an upper story Atratilarian, at-trå-be-la're-an. a. melancholy|| Atticisin, át'te-sizm. s. an imitation of the Atrabilarious, åt-trå-bé-lå'rê-ús. a. melancho Attic style ; a concise and elegant mode of lick

expression Atramental, åt-tra-mên'tål. a. inky, black Attinge, at-tinje'. v. a. to touch slightly Atrocious, å-tro'shủs. a. wicked in a high || Attire, åt-tire'. v. a. to dress, habit, array degree, enormous

(cious mannerAttire, åt-tire'. s. clothes, dress; ornamo sto Atrociously, a-tro'shủs-lė. ad. in an atro-|| Attitude, åt'te-tåde. s. posture ; the post re Atrocity, a-tros'se-té. s. horrible wickedness or action in which a statue or painted fig te Atrophy, attrő-fé. 8. want of nourishment, a is placed disease

Attolent, åt-tôl'lènt. a. that which lifts up Attach, ål-tåtsh'. v. a. to take, seize, lay | Attorney, åt-tůr'nė. s. one who is appoir kod

bold on; to win, gajn over ; to enamour or retained to prosecute or defend an po Attachment, åt-tåtsh'meat. s. adherence, re tion at law; a lawyer

[contest Attract, åt-tråkt'. v. a. to draw to someth's Attack, åt-ták. V. a. to assault, to begin a to allure Attack, át-tåk'. s. an assault

Attraction, åt-trik'shủn. s. the power a


(drat PS

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