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worse to better



Retina, re'llúks. s. backward course | Regenerate, ré-jen'ér-åte

. v. a. to produce Reforın, ré-form'. v. a. to change from worse anew; to be born anew to better

Regenerate, ré-jén'ér-åt. a. reproduced ; Reform, ré-fòrm'. v. n. to grow better

born anew by grace Reformation, rêr-för-má'shủn. s. change from Regeneration, re-jen-êr-a'shủn. 8. new birth,

birth by grace Reformer, ré-fòrn úr. s one who makes a Regent, rė'jént. a. exercising vicarious autho. change for the better


(with vicarious royalty Refract, re-frakt.' v. a. to break the course of Regent, rė'jếnt. 6. governor ; one invested rays

Tof light|Regermination, ré-jér-me-na'sbản. . the act Refraction, ré-fråk'shủn. 8. variation of a ray of sprouting again Refractive, ré-fråk'tiv. a. having the power Regicide, réd'je-side. s. murderer of his king of refraction

(stinacy Regimen, réd'je-méis. s. that care in diet that Refractoriness, ré-fråk'tür-é nês. s. sullen ob is suitable to every particular course of Refractory, ré-fråk'tür-ė. a. obstinate, per medicine

[under one colonel

Regiment, réd'je-ment. s. a body of soldiers Refrain, re-fråne'. v. n. to forbear

Regimental, réu-je-mến'tål. a. belonging to a Refrangibility, ré-från-je-bil'é-tė. s. disposi regiment; military

tion of the rays of light to be turned out of Regimentals, réd-je-mén'táls. s. the uniform their way, in passing out of one transpa military dress of a regiment rent body or mediun into another

Region, rè'jún. s. tract of land, country Refrangible, ré-från'jé-bl. a. turned out of Register, réd'jls-tůr. s. an account of any

(after pain; to cool 'thing regularly kept Refresh, ré-fresh'. v. a. to recreate, to relieve Register, red'jis-tår. v. a. to record Refreshinent, ré-frésh’mént. 5. relief after Regnant, rég'nánt, a. reigning pain, want, or fatigue ; food, rest

Regorge, re-gorge'. v. a. to vomit up, to Refrigerant, re-frid'jér-ant. a. cooling

throw back Refrigerate, ré-frid'jér-åte. v. a. to cool Regrato, re-gråte'. v. a. to engross, to foresta II Refrigerative, ré-frid'jér-&-tiv. a. cooling Regrater, ré-gráteúr. s. forestaller, enReft, rest. part. pret. of reave. deprived, grosser taken away

Regress, ré'grés. s. passage back Refuge, réf'fudje. s. shelter ; protection Regression, ré-grésh'ún. s. the act of returnRefugee, rêr-fu-jéé'. s. one who dies to shel ing or going back

(past ter or protection

Iness Regre!, ré-gret'. s. vexation at something Refulgence, ré-fúl'jếnse. 8. splendour, bright-Regret, ré-grét'

. v. a. to repent, to grieve at Refulgent, ré-fil'jènt. a. bright, glittering Regular, rég'u-lår. a. agreeable to rule Refund, ré-fúnd'. v. a. to repay what is re- Regularity, rég--lår'é-tė. s. inethod, certain ceived, to restore

order Refusal, ré-fu'zal. s. denial

Regulate, régʻú-låte. v. a. to adjust; to diRefuse, re-füze'. v. a. to deny ; to reject Refuse, rêrdse. s. that which remains disre-Regulation, rég-4-là'shủo. s. method, rule garded when the rest is taken

Regulator, rég'u-la-tůr. . one that regulates Refuser, ré-tu'zár, s he who refuses Iting|Regurgitate, ré-gür'je-táte. v. a. to pour Refutation, rêr-fů-tå'shủn. 8. the act of refuRefute, ré-fåte'. v. a. to prove false or erro-Rehearsal, re-hểr'sål. 8. recital Regain, ré-gåne'. v. a. to recover (neous Rehearse, re-hérse'. v. a. to repeat, to recite Regal, rè'gal. a. rgyal, kingly

Reject, ré-jêkt'. v. a. to refuse ; to throw Regale, re-gále'. v. a. to refresh


(aside Regalement, re-gåle'mếnt. s. entertainment Rejection, ré-jêk'shủn. 6. the act of casting Regalia, re-gå'lé-a. 8. ensigne of royalty Reign, råne. v. n. to exercise sovereiga au Regality, ré-gál'é-tė. s. royalty, sovereignty thority, to prevail Regard, ré-gårů'. v. a. to value ; to remark ; | Reign, rảne. 6. royal authority; time of a to respect

(tion king's government Regard, re-gård'. s. attention ; respect ; rela-Reimbudy, ré-im-bod'é. v. a. to imbody again Regardful, ré-gård'rúl. a. attentive

Reimburse, re-fun-bůrse'. v. a. to repay Regardless, ré-gård'lés. a. heedless Reimbursement, ré-Im-birse'ment. s. reparaRegardlessness, ré-gård'hés-nés. s. heedless tion or repayment

(impression ness, negligence

Reimpression, ré-Im-présb'úo. 8. a repeated Regency, rè'jén-bè. s. vicarious government :/ Rein, råne. s. part of a bridle

those to whom vicarious regality is in-Reid, rane. 6. a. to govern by a bridla, lo trusted





(to quit

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Reins, ránze. s. the kidneys

Religious, ré-iid'jús. a. pious Reinspire, ré-in-spire'. v. a. to inspire anew Religiously, ré-ižd'jủs-lè. ad. piously, reveReinstate, re-in-state'. v. a. to put again in rently exactly possession

Relinquish, re-ling'kwish. v. a. to forsake Reinvest, ré-in-vést'. v. a. to invest anew Relish, rei'ish, s. taste ; liking Rejoice, re-jdése'. v n. to be glad, to exult Relish, rêl'ish. v. a. to give a taste to any Rejoice, re-jöėse'. v. a. to exhilarate

thing ; to taste Rejoin, re-join'. v. a. to join again

Relucent, ré-lu'sént. a. shining, transparent Rejoin, re-join'. v. n. to answer to a reply Reluctance, re-lůk'tanse.

s. unwillingRejoinder, re-jåln'dúr. s. reply

Reluctancy, ré-lik'tan-sé. Reiterate, ré-lt tér-áte. V. a. to repeat again and again

Reluctant, relik'tånt. a. unwilling Reiteration, ré-ft-tér-a'shủn. s. repetition Relume, re-lúme'.

v. a. to light anew Rejudye, se-jůdje'. a. to re-examine Relumine, ré-lu'min. Rekindle, re-kin'dl. p. a. to set on fire Rely, re-ll'. v. n. to put trust in again

Rerain, re-máne'.

s. what is lert Relapse, re-lapse. s. to fall back into vice and

(once forsaken Remain, ré-mane'. v. n. to be left out of a Relapse, re-lapse.'v. n. fall into vice or error greater quantity; to continue Relate, ré- láte'. v. a. to tell, to recite Remand, ré-mảnd'. v. a. to send back Relate, re-late'. v. n. to have reference Remanent, rém' må-nént. 8. the part remainRelation, ré-là'shủn. s. reference ; kindred ing

kinsman or kinswoman; narrative Remark, ré-márk'. s. observation, vote Relative, rêi'a-tiv. a. having relation, re- Remark, ré-mảrk'. v. a. to note, to observe specting

Remarkable, re-márk'a-bl. a. observable, Relative, rel'á-tiv. s. relation

worthy of note Relatively, rêi'a-tiv-le. ad. as it respects Remarkably, rè-mårk'á-ble. ad. observably something else

Remediable, re-me'de-a-bl. a. capable of reRelax, re-lake'. v. a. to slacken ; to divert medy

(cureless Relaxation, rêl-åks-à'shủn. . diminution of Remediless, rểm'me-de-lès. a. irreparable,

tension ; remission of attention or applica-|| Remedy, rém'me-dė. s. a medicine by which tion

(others any illness is cured ; cure (miscbief Relay, ré-lá'. s. horses on the road to relieve Remedy, rêm'me-de. v. a. to cure; to repair Release, ré-lése'. v. a. to set free ; to quit, to Remember, re-mém'bůr. v. a. to bear in let go; to slacken

mind; to put in mind [tion; memorial Release, ré-lése', 8. dismission from confine-Remembrance, ré-mêm'brânse. 8. recollec

ment, servitude, or pain ; remission of a Remembrancer, ré-mêm'brån-sûr. 8. one that claim ; acquittance from a debt signed by reminds ; an officer of the exchequer the creditor

Remigrate, rém'é-gråte. v. n. Relegate, rèi'l-gáte. V. a. to banish

back again Relegation, rẽi-é-ga'shủn. 8. exile, judicial Remind, ré-mind'. v. a. to pat in mind banishment

Reminiscence, rém-me-nis'sense. 8. recol. Relent, ré-lént'. v. n. to soften

lection Relentless, ré-lént'lês. a.


Remiss, id-mis'. a. slack ; slothful Relevant, rêl'é-vånt. a. relieving

Remission, ré-mish'ún. 8. abatement, reReliance, ré-1l'ânse. 8. trust, dependence, laxation confidence

Remissly, re-mis'lė. ad. carelessly, negligently Relick, réi'lk. 1. that which remains ; the Remissness, ré-mis'nčs. s. carelessness, aug.

body deserted by the soul; that which is ligeuce kept in memory of another

Remit, re-mit'. v. a. to relax ; to forgive; Relict, rel'ikt. s. a widew

to send money to a distant place Relief, ré-lééf'. s. the prominence of a figure Remittance, re-mit'tanse. s. sum sent to a

in stone or metal; alleviation, mitigation; distant place
dismission of a sentinel from his post; legal Remnant, rém'nânt. 5. residue
remedy of wrongs

(to succcurRemonstrance, re-môn'strånse. 8. strong reRelieve, re-lèèv'. v. a. to support, to assist ; presentation

(reasons Reliero, ré-léèv'd. s. the prominence of a Remonstrate, re-môn'stråte. v. n. to show figure or picture

(and worship | Remorse, ré-mòrse'. s. pain of guilt Religion, ré-lid'jún. s. a system of divine faith Remorseless, rê-mòrs'lês. a. uppitying, cruel Religionist, re-lid'jůn-ist., 8. a bigot to any Remote, ré-mote'. a. distant

(mote religious persuasion

Remoteness, ré-mdte'nés. B. state of being ro

to remove


Remount, ré-måünt'. v. n. to mount again Reparation, rép-på-ra'shủn. b. the act of Removeable, ré-moby'á-bl. a. such as may repairing; amends be removed

Repartee, rép-pår-tėè'. s. smart reply Removal, ré-m8bv'ål. 8. dismission from a Repass, re-pås'. v. a. to pass again

post; the state of being removed Repast, rd-påst'. 8. a meal; food Remove, re-moiv'. v. n. to change place; to Repay, re-på'. v. a. to requite go from one place to another

Repeal, re-pèle'. v. a. to recall; to revoke Remove, rè-m88v'. 8. change of place; de-Repeal, re-pèle'. s. revocation; abrogation

parture ; a step in the scale of gradation Repeat, re-pète'. v. a. to speak again ; to Remunerable, ré-mu'nér-a-bl. a. rewardable rehearse Remunerate, ré-munér-¿te. V. a. to reward, Repeatedly, ré-pe'têd-lè. ad. over and over to requite

(requital|Repeater, ré-pė’tůr. s. one that repeats ; a Remuneration, ré-mi-nér-å'shủn. 8. reward, watch that strikes the hours at will by Remunerative, ré-mü'nér-a-tiv. a. exercise in compression of a spring giving rewards

Repel, ré-pål'. v. a. to drive back Remurmur, ré-můr'můr. v. a. to utter back in Repellent, ré-pêi'iếnt. s an application that murmurs, to repeat in low boarse sounds

has a repelling power (past with sorrow Renascent, ré-nås sånt. a. rising again intoRepent, ré-pent'. v. n. to think on any thing being

sudden combatRepentance, ré-peat'ånse. 8. sorrow for sin Rencounter, rén-kdůn'tửr. 8. personal opposi- Repentant, ré-pént'ânt. a. sorrowful for sin Rencounter, ren-köůn'tûr. v. n. to clash toRepercuss, re-pêr-kús'. v. a. to beat back fight hand to hand

Repercussion, re-per-kĩshoản. B. the act of Rend, rénd. v. a. pret. and part. pass. rent. driving back

[bounding to tear with violence, to lacerate Repercussive, ré-per-kús'siv. a. repellent ; reRender, rên'důr. v. a. to return to pay back ;|| Repertory, rép'pêr-túr-ė. s. a treasury to translate

[place of meeting | Repetition, rèp-é-tish'ún. s. iteration of the Rendezvous, ren-de-r88x. 8. assembly ; same thing Kendezvous, rén-de-v68z'. v. n. to meet a Repine, ré-pine'. v. n. to fret, to vex place appointed

Replace, ré-plase'. v. a. to put again in place Renegade, rén' né-gåde.

8. an apostate

Replant, ré-plånt'. v. a. to plant anew Renegado, rén-né-ga'dd.

Replantation, re-plån-ta'shủn. 8. the act of Renew, re-nů. v. a. to restore to the former planting again state; to make anew

(newed ||Replenish, re-plên'nish. v. a. to stock, to fill Renewable, re-nu'a-bl. a. capable of being re-Replete, ré-pléte'a, full, completely filled Renewal, ré-nd'ål. s. the act of renewing Repletion, rè-plė'shủn. s. the state of being Rennet, rên'nít. s. the ingredient with which

over full

[replevined milk is coagulated in order to make cheese Repleviabie, re-pley've-a-bl. a. what may be Renounce, re-ngúnse'. v. a. to disown Replevin, ré-plév'vlo. Renouncernent, ré-nounse'ment.

renun- Replevy, re-pléové sv. a. to take back or ciation

set at liberty any thing seized, upon security Renovate, rén'nd-våte. v. a. to renew

given Renovation, rển-nh-va’shần. B. renewal Replication, rép-ple-kå'shủn. 8. a reply. Renown, ré-nôůn'. s. fame, celebrity Reply, re-pil'. v. n. to answer Renowned, re-noind'. part. a. famous, cele-Repiy, ré-p!'. s. return to an answer bratert

Repolish, re-pol'lish. v. a. to polish again Rent, rễnt. v, a. to tear, to lacerate

Report, re-port'. v. a. to give an account of Rent, rent. 8. money paid for any thing held Report, ré-port'. s. rumour ; repute ; sound of another; a laceration

[rents | Repose, re-poze'. v. a. to lay to rest Rental, rent'ål. s. schedule or account of Repose, ré-pdze'. v. n. to sleep; to rest in Renter, rent'ůr. s. he that holds by paying confidence rent

(of renouncing Repose, re-poze'. s. sleep, quiet Renunciation, ré-nủa she-a'shủn. s. the act Reposite, ré-pôz'zft. v. 2. to lodge as, ir Reordain, re-or-dåne'. v. a. to ordain again place of safety Reordination, ré-8r-de-na'shủn. s. repetition Repository, re-pôz'd-tůr-d. s. a place where of ordination

any thing is safely laid up Repaid, re-påde'. part. of repay

Repossess, ré-pôz-zès'. v. a. to possess again Repair, re-påre'. 7. a. to restore after injury||Reprehend, rép-pre-head'. v. a. to reprove, to or dilapidation


Cable, censurable Repair, ré-påre'. s. reparation, supply of loss Reprehensible, rép-pre-hên'sê-bl. a. blameReparable, rép'pår-a-bl. a. capable of being||Reprehension, rép-pre-błn'shủn. s. reproof, amended or retrieved


open blame

Reprehensive, rép-pré-hến'siv. a. given in|Repulsive, re-půl'siv. a. driving off reproof

Repurchase, re-půr'tsbås. v. a. to buy again Represent, rép-pré-zênt'. v. a. to exhibit ; to Reputable, rép'pd-tå-bl. a. bonourable * till the place of another by a vicarious Repotation, rép-pu-ta'shủn. s. credit, honour character

(likeness||Repute, re-púte'. v. a. to account Representation, rép-pre-zén-ta'shin. s. image, Repute, rê-púte'. s. character, reputation Representative, rép-pré-zent'a-tiv. S. one Request, re-kwêst'B. petition, entreaty, credit

exhibiting the likeness, or exercising the Request, re-kwest, v. a. to solicit power of another

(or idea proposedRequiem, ré'kwė-ém. s. a hymn in which they Representment, rép-pré-zént'mếnt. s. image, implore rest for the dead Repress, ré-prés'. v, a. to crush, to subdue Require, ré-kwire'. v. a. to demand Repression, ré-préshún. s. act of repressing Requisite, rêk'we-zft. a. necessary Repressive, re-prés'sív. a. having power to Requisite, rêk'we-zit. s. any thing necessary repress

[tence of death Requisition, rék-kwè-zish'ûn. 4. a requiring Reprieve, ré-rréév'. v. a. to respite after sen or demanding of something Reprieve, ré-préév'. s. respite after sentence Requital, ré-swi'tål. s. retaliation of death

Requite, re-kwite. V. a. to retaliate, to reReprimand, rép-pré-månd'. v. a. to reprove compense

(troop Reprimand, rép-pré-mảnd'. s. reprehension Rereward, rère'wård. s. the rear or las Reprint, ré-print'. v. a. to print a new editionResail, ré-såle'. v. a. to sail back Reprisal, ré-pri zál. 8. something seized by Resale, ré'såle. 8. sale at second hand way of retaliation

(braid Rescind, ré-sind'. v. a. to cut off; to abrogate Reproach, re-prdtsh'. v. a. to censure ; to up a law Reproach, rè-prétsh'. 6. censure, shame Rescission, ré-sízh'ún. . abrogation Reproachable, re-protsh'á-bl., 'a. worthy of Rescribe, re-skribe'. 7. a. to write back; to reproach

(mous, vile write over again Reproachful, ré-protsh'fil. a. scurrilous ; infa-Rescript, ré'skript. s. edict of an emperor Reprobate, rép'prd-båte. a. lost to virtue, Rescue, rés'ků. v. a. to set free from any vio abandoned

[ed to wickedness lence, confinement or danger Reprobate, rép'prd-båte. 5. a wretch abandon-Rescue, rés’ků. s. deliverance from violence, Reprobate, rép'pro-båte. v. a. to disallow, danger, or confinement to reject

(tory sentence Research, ré-sértsh'. s. inquiry Reprobation, rép-prd-bå'shủn. s. a condemna-Resemblance, ré-zểm'blânse. s. likeness Reproduce, ré-pro-dúse'. v. a. to produce again|Resemble, ré-zém'bl. v. a. to be like, Reproduction, ré-pro-důk'shủn. 8. the act of Resent, ré-zent'. v. a. to take ill producing anew

Resentful, ré-zent'fil. a. easily provoked to Reproof, re-proof'. s. blame to the face

anger, and long retaining it

(injury Reproveable, ré-probv'a-bl. a. blameable Resentment, ré-zếnt'ment. s. deep sense of Reproove, re-proov': v. a. to blame ; to chide Reservation, réz-ér-vá'shủn.

reserve ; Reprune, ré-prišn'. v. a. to prune a second something kept back

(retain [many feet Reserve, re-zerv'. v. a. to keep in store ; to Reptile, rép't?l. 8. an animal that creeps upon Reserve, ré-zêrt'. s. something kept for exiRepublican, ré-púb'lė-kản,. a. placing the gence ; something concealed in the mind; government in the people

exception; modesty, caution in personal Republican, ré-púb'le-kán. 8. one who thinks behaviour

a commonwealth the best government Reserved, re-zéryd'. a. modest Republicanism, ré-påb'lė-kan-izm. s. attach-Reservoir, réz-ér-vwồr'. s. place where any ment to a republican government

thing is kept in store Republick, re-púb'lîk. s. commonwealth Resettle, ré-sét'tl. v. a. to settle agaiu Repudiate, ré-po'dé-die. v. a. to divorce Resettlement, re-set'tl-mént. s. the act of Repudiation, re-på-de-a'shủn. g. divorce

settling again Repugnance, re-púg'nânse.

s. inconsist

Reside, ré-zide'. v. n. to dwell; to subside Repugnancy, re-pig nân-s..

Residence, rêz'é-dense. 8. act of dwelling in ency; reluctance

a place ; place of abode

[place Repugnant, re-púg'nånt. a. reluctant ; con-Resident, rêz'é-dént. a. dwelling in any Repullulaté, re-půl'lu-låte. v. n. to bud again Resident, rêz'e-dent. s. an agent Repulse, re-púlse'. s. the condition of being Residentiary, réz-e-uên’shér-é. B. kolding redriven off or put aside

sidence Repulse, rè púlse'. v. a. to beat back

Residual, re-zid'jú-ál. Repulsion, re-pål'shản. s. the act or power of Residuary, ré-zid'jú ir-c. }

a. relating to driving off from itself

the residue



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Residue, réz' ze-du. s. that which is left Respondent, re-spond'ént. an answer in 1 Resign, re-zine'. v. a. to give up ; to submit Response, ré-sponse'. s. an answer

(suit Resignation, réz-zig-na'shún. s. the act of Responsibility, re-spôn-se-bil'e-té. . stata resigning ; submission

of being obliged to answer Rtsigament, re-zine'mênt. 6. act of resigning Responsible, re-spôn'sé-bl. a. answerable Resilience, re-zil'd-ense. 6. the act of starting Responsion, ré-spồn'shủn. s. the act of anor leaping back


(those which remain Resilient, ré-zil'é-ênt. a. starting or spring-|Rest, rést. . sleep, repose ; quiet; others, ing back

Rest, rést. v. na to sleep, to die ; to be still; Resin, réz'in, s. a well known clammy drug to be supported Resinous, rêz'in-ús. a. containing resin Restagnant, ré-stag'nánt. a. remaining witko Resist, re-zist'. v. a. to oppose

out low or motion Resistance, ré-zist-anse. 8. the act of resist-|| Restem, re-stêm'. v. a. to force back agains ing, opposition

the current Resistible, re-zist'e-bl. a. that may be resisted Restiff, rés'tif. a. unwilling to stir ; stubborn Resistless, re-zist'lés. a. irresistible

Restitution, rés-ie-tů'shún. s. the act of reResoluble, réz'd-]-bl. a. that may be dis storing 3olved

Restless, rest'lès. a. without sleep ; unquiet Resolute, réz'd-ldte. a. determined

Restlessness, rest'lês-nes. s. want of sleep; Resolutely, rêz' d-låte-lè. ad. steadiiy

agitation Resoluteness, rêz'6-låte-nés. (. determinate-Restorable, ré-sto'rå-bl. a. what may be re

stored Resolution, rêz-d-1d'shủn, s. fixed determina-Restoration, rés-td-rå'shủn. s. the act of re

tion, settled thought; firmness; determi placing in a former state pation of a cause

Restorative, ré-stora-tiv. a. that which has Resolvable, ré-z8l'va-bl. a. that may be ana the power to recruit life lyzed or separated

Restore, ré-store'. v. a. to give back what has Ro olve, ré-zolv'. v. a. to inform; to solve ; been lost or taken away; to retrieve

to settle in an opinion ; to analyze Restrain, ré-stráne'. v. a. to withhold ; to Resolve, re-zölv'. y. n. to determine; to confine inelt, to be dissolved

Restraint, re-strånt'. s. abridgment of liberty Resolve, re-zolv'. s. resolution, fixed deter-Restrict, rè-strikt'. v. a. to limit mination

Restriction, re-strik'shỉn. s. limitation (tion Resolvent, ré-zol'vênt. 8. that which has the Restrictive, ré-strik'tỉv. a. expressing limitapower of causing solution

Restringent, re-strin'jếnt. s. that which has Resonant, rêz'zd-nånt, a. resounding

the power of restraining Resort, ré-zort'. v. n. to have recourse to Resty, rés'te. a. obstinate in standing still Resort, ré-zôrt'. s. assembly ; concourse Result, ré-zůlt'. v. n. to fiy back; to rise as Resound, ré-zdind'. v. a. to echo; to return a consequence

[resolve sounds

Result, ré-zólt'. s. resilience ; consequence Resource, ré-sérse'. s. resort, expedient Resumable, re-zu'ınå-bl. a. that may be taken Respect, ré-spekt'. v. a. to regard

back Respect, ré-spekt'. 6. regard, attention ; re-Resume, ré-zúrne'. v. a. to take back ; to

[respect or regard Resumption, ré-zủin'shủn. s. the act of reRespectable, respek'tå-bl. a. deserving of suming

[from the grave Respectful, re-spekt'fúl. a. ceremonious Resurrection, réz-ir-rêk'shủn. 8. return Respectfully, ré-spekt'rål-e. ad. with some Resuscitate, ré-súsísé-táte. v. a. to revive degree of reverence

Resuscitation, ré-sủs-se-tå'shủn. s. the act of Respective, re-spék’tiv. a. particular ; rela stirring up anew

(ties tive, not absolute

Retail, ré-tåle'. v. a. to sell in small quaatıRespectively, ré-spek’tiv-lè. ad. particularly ; Retail, ré'tale. 9. sale by small quantities relatively

[breathing|Retailer, ré-ta'lúr. s. one wbo sells by small Respiration, rés-pe-ra'snủn. . the act of qantities Respire, ré-sphre'. v. n. to breathe Retain, ré-tảne'. v. a. to keep; to hire Respite, rês'pit. s. reprieve ; pause

Retainer, ré-ta'núr. k. ane adherent, a deRespite, rés'pít. v. a. to relieve by a pause pendant to suspend

Retake, re-tåke'. v. a. to take again Resplendence, re-splên' lēnse.

Retaliate, ré-tal'é-ate. V. a. to repay, to re

8. lustre Resplendency, re-splén'den-sé.

quite Resplendent, re-splên'dênt. a. bright Retaliation, re-tål-e-a'shủn. s. requital, reRespond, re-spôud'. v. n. to answer

turn of like for like

(take again


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