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awful respect


Retard, re-tảrd'. V. a. to hinder

|Revel, rev'èl. s. a feast with loose and noisy Retch, retsh, or retsh. v. n. to force up some jollity thing from the sto.nach

Revelation, rêr-e-là'shủn. 8. communication Retention, ré-tén'shủn. s. the act of retaining of sacred truths memory ; confinement

[retention Revelry, rév'él-ré. s. loose jollity Retentive, re-tén'tỉv. a. haring the power of Revenge, re-vénje'. v. ą. to retura ad injury Reticular, rė-tik'u-lår. a. having the form of Revenge, ré-venje'. s, return of an injury a small net

Revengeful, re-vénge'fùl. a. vindictive Retina, rêt'te-nå. 8. the optick nerve which Revenue, rểv'é-nů. s. income

receives the image of the object in vision Reverberate, ré-vêr'bếr-áte. y. a. to beat Retinue, rét'é-nů. s. a train of attendants back; to heat in an intense furnace Retire, ré-tire'. v. n. to retreat, to withdraw Reverberation, ré-vér-bêr-á'shủn. s. the act Retirement, rè-ttre’ınént. s. private abode of beating or driving back Retold, ré-tóld'. part. pass. of retell. related Reverberatory, ré-vêr'bér-å-túr-é. a. returnor toll again

ing, beating back Retort, re-tårt'. v. a. to throw back ; to re-Revere, ré-vère'. v. a. to reverence

turn any argument, censure, or incivility Reverence, rév'êr-ense. s. veneration, respect Retort, re-:irt'. s. a censure or incivility re-Reverence, rểv'ér-ense. V. a. to regard with

turned; a chymical vessel Retoss, ré-tüs'. v. a. to toss back

Reverend, rer'ér-end. a. deserving reverence; Retouch, re-tůtsh'. v. a. to improve by new the honorary epithet of the clergy touches

Reverent, rév'ér-ént. a. expressing peneration Retrace, ré-tråse'. v. a. to trace back Reverential, rév-ér-én'shål. a. expressing reRetract, ré-trakt'. v. a. to recall, to recant Retraction, ré-tråk'shủn. s. recantation Reverently, rêr'ér-ent-lè. ad. respectfully Retreat, rétréte'. s. place of privacy Reverse, ré-verse'. v. a. to turn upside dowa; Retreat, re-trete'. v. n. to retire

to repeal Retrench, re-trễnsh'. v. a. to cut off Reverse, re-vérse'. s. change; an opposite Retrenchment, re-trénsb'ment. s. the act of Reversion, ré-ver'shủn, s. right of succession lopping away

Reversionary, ré-vêr'shủn-å-ré. a. to be enRetribute, re-trib'ute. v. a. to pay back joyed in succession Retribution, rết-trẻ-bl’shẳn. 9. repayment Revert, ré-vert'. v. a. to change ; to turn back Retrievable, ré-tréėv'å-bl. a. that may be re-Revertible, ré-vêrt'é-bl. a. returnable trieved

Revery, rév'ér-é. s. loose musing, irregular Retrieve, ré-treer'. F. a. to recover


(session or office Retrocession, rét-tro-sểsh'ún. 6. tbe act of Revest, ré-vest'. v. a. to vest again in a posgoing back

[wards; conirary Revictual, ré-vit'tl. v. a. to stock with vicRetrograde, rêt'trd-gråde. a. going back tuas again Retrogression, rét-trö-grésh'ủn. 8. the act of Review, ré-vu'. v. a.'to survey, to examine going backwards

Review, ré-v''. s. survey, re-examination; Retrospect, rét'trd-spekt. s. look thrown upon a military exhibition things behind or things past

Revile, ré-vlle'. v. a. to reproach, to vilify Retrospection, rét-trő-spek'shủn. s. act of Revisal, ré-vl'zal. s. re-examination looking backwards

Revise, ré-vize'. v. a. to review, to overlook Retrospective, rét-tid-spektiv. a. looking Revise, ré-vize'. 8. review; a second proof backwards

of a sheet corrected Retund, re-tůnd'. v. a. to blurt

Revision, re-vizh'ûn. 8. review Return, ré-türn'. v. n. to come back; to re-Revisit, ré-viz'it. v. a. to visit again tort

Revival, re-rival 8. recall from a state of Return, ré-türn'. s. act of coming back ; pro languor, oblivion, or obscurity ft: retribution ; relapse

Revive, ré-vive'. v. a. to bring to life again; Returnable, re-túrn'a-bl. a. allowed to be re to quicken ported back

Revivification, ré-viv-e-fe-ka'shản. . the act Reunion, ré-u'nė-ứn. 8. return to a state of of recalling to life

[called cohesion or concord

Rerocable, rév'8-kå-bl. a. that may be reReunite, re-d-olte'. v. a. to join again Revocation, rév 8-kå'shủn. 8. repeal, reverReve, réve, s. the bailiff of a frapchise or manor

(close Revoke, ré-vöke'. v, a. to repeal, to recall Reveal, ré-réle'. v. ai to lay open, to dis-l|Revolt, ré-völt', or re-vélt'. v. n. to fall off Revel, rêv'ê). v. d. to feast with loose and from one to another clamorous merriment

Revolt, ré-volt' s. desertion, change of sides





Revolter, ré-volt'ůr. . one who changes sides, Rid, rid. pret. of ride a deserter

Rid, rid' v. a. to set free ; to clear Revolution, rév-od-ld'shủn. s. course of any Riddance, rld'dånse. s. deliverance

thing which returns to the point at which itRidden, rid'dn. part. of ride began to move ; chauge in a state ; return-Riddle, rid'dl. s. an enigma, a puzzling quesing motion


[a coarse siero Revolutionary, rêv-8-ld'shủn-a-ré. a. founded Riddle, rid'di. V. a. to solve ; to separate by ou a revolution

Ride, ride. v. n. to travel on horseback, to be Revolutionist, rêv-8-14'shủo-ist. s. an undis

supported as ships on the water tinguishing promoter of revolutions in go-Rider, ri'důr. s. one who is carried on a horse

or in a vehicle Revolve, ré-völv'. v. n. to perform a revo-Ridge, ridje. A. the rough top of any thing lution

the ground thrown up by the plough; the Revulsion, ré-vůl'shủn, s. the act of drawing top of the roof rising to an acute angle humours from a remote part of the body Ridgil, rid'jfl.

8. a ram haif car Reward, ré-wård'. v. a. to give in return; to Ridgling, rídje'ling.

repay Reward, re-wård'. s. recompense

Ridgy, rid'jè. a. rising in a riage Rewar der, ré-wård'ůr. S. one that rewards Ridicule, rid'é-kåle. s. wit which provokes Keword, ré-würd'. v. a. to repeat in the same laughter words

(by a wand Ridieule, rid'é-kåle. v. a. to expose to laughter Rhabdomarcy, råb'd8-mån-sé. 3. divination Ridiculous, ré-dik'ku-lús. a. worthy of laughter Rhapsodist, rắposở-dỉat. 6. one who write | Ridiculousness, re-dlkka-lẫs-nền. 1. the quarhapsodies

lity of being ridiculous Rhapsody, råp'sd-dė. s. a writing without ne- Riding, riding. s. a district visited by an offi

cessary dependence or natural connexion Ridotto, ré-dot'td. s. a kind of opera Rhetorick, rét'td-rfk. s. oratory

Rife, rife. a. prevalent, abounding Rhetorical, re-têr'e-kål. a. oratorical Rifeness, rife'nés. s. prevalence, abundance Rhetoricaily, re-tör'e-kål-ė. ad. figuratively Rile, .rł A. v. a. to pillage, to plunder Rbetoricirn, ré-td-rish'ân. s. one who teaches Rift; fft. s. a cleft, a breach the science of rhetorick

Rift, rift. v. n. to burst, to open [ling Rheum, rốóm. 8. a thin watery matter oozing Rig, rig. v. a. to accoutre ; to fit with tackthrough the glands

Rigadoon, rig-a-d86n'. 6. a dance Rheumatick, ró-måt’ik. a. proceeding from Rigger, rig'gúr. 6. one that rigs or dresses rheum

Rigging, rig'ing. 5. the sails or tackling of a Rheumatism, r88'ma-tizm. s. a painful dis ship temper supposed to proceed from acrid hu-Riggish, rig'ish. a. wanton

Right, rite. a. fit; just, honest Rheumy, r83'mė. a. full of sharp moisture Right, rlte. ad. properly, justly Rhomb, růmb. s. a quadrangular figure Right, rite. s. justice ; just claim; prerogative Rhombíck, rům'bik. a. shaped like a rhomb Right, rlte. v. a. to do justice to; to relieva Rhomboid, rům'bdid. s. a figure approaching

froin wrong to a rbomb

(ly purgative Righteous, ri'tshe-is. a. just, virtuous Rhubarb, rôl'bůrb. s. a medical root slight-|Righteousness, rl'tshe-ửs-nés. s. justice, hon Rhyme, rtme. 8. the consonance of verses ;

nesty, virtue poetry

make verses | Rightful, rite'rål. a. having a just claim ; just Rhyme, rime. v. n. to agree in sound ; to Rightly, rite'lė. ad. properly, suitably; ham Rih, rib. s. a bone ; a piece of timber

nestly; exactly Rihaldry, rib'búld-ré. 8. mean, lewd lan-||Pigid, rid'jłd. a. stiff ; severe, cruel guage

Kigidity, re-jíd'é-té. S. stiffness Riband, rib'bin, 5. a 6llet of silk

Rigidness, rid'jid-nés. 8. severity, indexibi Ribbed, ribd. a. furnished with ribs


(strictnesa Ribbon, rfb'bin. s.--See Rihand

Rigour, rigʻgúr. 8. cold stiffness ; reverity, Rice, rise. s. one of the esculent grains Rigurous, rig'gůr-ús. 2. severe, allowing no Rich, rỉtsh. a. wealtby, valuable ; fertile abatement Riches, ritsb'iz, B. wealth, money

Rill, ril. s. a small brook, a little streamlet Richly, rítsh'lè. ad, wealthily, splendidly Rim, rim. 6. a border, a margin Richness, ritsh'nés. 8. opulence; fertility Rime, rime, s. hoar frost Rick, rík. B. a pile of corn or hay

Rind, rind. s. bark, husk Rickets, rik'kits. s. a distemper in children Ring, ring. s. a circle ; a circle of gold wom Rickety, rik'it-ė. a. diseased with the rickets!! as an orparnert; a scund



Ring, ring. v. n. to sound as a bell or sono-1 Roar, rore, v. 1. to make a loud noise rous metal

Roar, röre. s. the cry of a lion or other Ringdove, ring'dův. s. a kind of pigeon beast; any loud noise Ringer, ring'úr. 8. he who rings

Roast, rost. v. a. to dress meat, by turning it Ringleader, ring'le-důr. s. the head of a riot round before the fire ous body

Rob, rôb. v. a. to plunder Ringlet, ring'lệt. B. a small ring; a curl (ed Robber, rôb'bứr. s. a thief Ringstreaked, ring'strekt. a. circularly streak- Robbery, rôb’búr-ė. s. theft perpetrated by Rinse, rinse. v. a. to cleanse by washing; force or with privacy to wash soap out of clothes

Robe, robe. s. a gown of tate Riot, rl'út. 8. wild and loose festivity ; se-Robe, rohe. v. a. to dres is ompousty dition

Robust, ro-bůst'. a. strot so rigorous Riot, rl'st. r. n. to revel; to raise a sedition Rocambole, rók'ám-bóle E. a sort of wild Rieter, rl'it-úr. 8. one who raises an uproar garlick

(of alum Riotous, rl'åt-ús. a. licentiously festive ; se-Roche-alurn, rotsb-al'lůr

1. a purer kind ditious

(ing riotous Rok, rok. 8. a vast mass of one ; protection; Riotousness, rl'ůt-ůs-nés. s. the state of be a distaff Rip, rip. v. a. to tear, to lacerate

Rock, rok. v. a. to shake ; ac more a cradle Ripe, ripe. a. mature ; complete

Rocket, rôk'kit. B. an artic] fire-work Ripely, ripe'lė. ad. maturely, at the fit time Rockwork, rô k'wůrk. s. si on es fixed in morRipen, rl'po. v. n. to grow ripe

tar, in imitation of the merities of rocks Ripeness, ripe'nés. 8. maturity

Rocky, rôl'ké. a. full of rocks; bard Ripple, rip'pl. v. n. to fret on the surface, as/Rod, rôd. 5. a long twig, an instrument of water swiftly running

correction Rippling, rłp'ling. 8. a moving roughness on Rode, rode. pret. of ride the surface of running water

Rodomontade, rôd-8-mon-tåde'. s. an empty Rise, rize. v. n. to get up; to spring ; to noisy bluster or boast

swell; to break out from below the hori-Roe, rd. s. the female of the hart ; the eggs zon; to increase in price

of fish Rise, rize. s. the act of rising ; elevated Rogation, rd-gå'shủn. 8. supplication

place ; increase of price ; original Rogation-week, ro-gå'shủn-week. s. the week Risibility, riz-e-bil'é-ré. s. the quality of immediately preceding Whitsunday laughing

Rogue, rog. s. a vagabond ; a knave Risible, riz'l-bl. a. exciting laughter Roguery, ro'gúr-ė. B. koavish tricks; wagRisk, risk, s. hazard, danger

gery Risk, risk, v. a. to hazard

Roguish, rd'gish. a. knavish ; waggish Rite, rite. s. solemn act of religion, external Roist, rólst. v. n. to behave turbulently, to observance

act at discretion

(wrap Ritual, rit'tsh4-41. a. solemnly ceremonious Roll, röle. v. a. to move in a circle; to inRitual, rit'tshu-ål. 8. a book in which the Roil, róle. V. n. to run on wheels; to perform

rites and observances of religion are set a periodical revolution; to move as waves ; down

to fluctuate ; to revolve on its axis Rival, rl'val. s. a competitor

Roll, réie. s. a thing rolling ; mass made Rival, rl'val. v. a. to oppose, to emulate round; a register, a catalogue ; a chronicle Rivalry, rl'vål-ré. B. competition, emulation Roller, ro'lûr. s. any thing turning on its own Rivalship, ri' vål-sbsp. s. the state or character axis ; bandage, fillet of a rival

Rollingpin, ruling-pin. s. a roul piece of Rive, rive. v. a. part. riven. to split, to cleave wood with which paste is moulard Rivel, rlv'vl. r. a. to contract into wrinkles Romage, rúm'ınídje. s. a tumult, an active River, rlv'úr. s. a land-current of water larg and tumultuous search er than a brook

(river Romance, ró-månse'. s. a tale of wild advenRiver-god, riv'úr-gôd. s. tutelary deity of a tures in war and love ; a fiction tiver

(both ends Romance, rd-inanse'. v. n. to lie, tu forge Rivet, riv'it. s. a fastening pin clenched at Romancer, rô-mãos’úr. s. a liar, a forger of Rivet, riv'it. v. a. to fasten with rivets

tales Rivulet, riv'd-lết. . a small river, a stream-Romanize, ro'mån-lze. v. a. to Latinize let

Romantick, ro-mån'tîk. a. wild; fanciful, Road, rode. s. large way

full of wild scenery Roam, rôme. V. n. to wander

Roman, ro'mån. a. belonging to Rome Roan, rdne. a. bay, sorrel, or black, with grey|Rome, rõõm. s. the capital city of Italy or white spots interspersed

Romp, růmp. s. a rude, awkward girl

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Romp, rồmp. v. n. to play rudely

|| Rough, rúf. a. rugged; harsh; inelegant Rondeau, ron-dd'. s. a kind of ancient poetry Roughcast, rúf'kåst. v. a. to mould without Ronion, rủn'yản, s. a fat bulky woman nicely or elegance; to form any thing in Rood, r80d. s. the fourth part of an acre its first rudiments

a pole, a measure of 16 feet and a half in Roughcast, rôfkast. s. a rude model long meas are ; the cross

Roughdraught, růr'draft. 8. a draught in its Roof, robf. s. the cover of a house

rudiments Roof, r8f. v. a. to cover with a roof Roughdraw, růr-dråw. V. a. to trace coarsely Rook, rok. s. a bird ; a cheat

Roughly, rúrld. ad. with uneven surface : Rook, ráðk. v. n. to rob, to cheat

harshly, rudely Rookery, rôdk'ür-ė. s. a nursery of rooks Rougbness, růt'nès. 8. unevenness ; harsh Room, róm. s. space; place of another, ness ; ruggedness; tempestuousness stead; an apartment

Rounceval, ròůn'sė-val. s:a species of pea Roomage, r3&m'idge. 8. space, place Round, round, a. circular; spherical; plain Roomy, róðm'è. a. spacious, wide

Round, round. s. a circle, an orb; step of a Roost, röst. s. that on which a bird sits to ladder; a revolution ; a walk sleep

Round, ròind. ad. every way, on all sides Roost, r3&st. v. n. to sleep as a bird Round, round. v. a. to encircle ; to make Root, rõbt. B. that part of the plant which spherical; to move about any thing.

rests in the ground, and supplies the stems Roundabout, rồind's-bàůt, a. ample, circuitous with nourishment; the original ; impres-Rounde iay, rồin'dé-lå. 8. a kind of ancient sion


[prison Root, rößt. v. 1. to fix the root, to strike far Roundhouse, rồind'hôůse. . the constable's into the earth; to turn up earth

Roundly, rồind'le. ad. in a round form ; openRooted, r38t'éd. a. fixed deep, radical

ly; plainly

(openness Rope, rópe. &. a cord, a string, a halter Roundness, rồind'nes. s. circularity ; honesty, Rope, rópe. V. n. to draw out in a line as Rouse, rồůze. v. a. to wake from rest; to ex. viscous matter

cite to thought or action Ropiness, répé-nés. s. viscosity

Rout, rồit. s. a clamorous multitude; confu Ropemaker, røpe måke-ûr. s. one who makes sion of an army defeated or dispersed

Rout, rôåt. v. a. to dissipate and put Ropy, ro'pė. a. viscous, glutinous

fusion by defeat Roquelaure, rok-é-10'. s. a cloak for men Route, rồit. s. road, way Rosary, ro'zár-é. s. a string of beads Row, rd. s. a rank or file, a number of things Roscid, rôs'aid. a. dewy

ranged in a line

(by oars Rose, roze. s. a flower

Row, rd. v. 0. to impel a vessel in the water Rose, roze. pret. of rise

Rowel, roi'il s. the point of a spur turning on Roseate, ro'zhe-st. a. rosy, full of roses an axis ; a seton Rosemary, roze'må-ré. s. a plant

Rowel, rôl'1. v. a. to pierce through the skin, Rosin, róz'zin. s. inspissated turpentine and


the wound open by a rowel Rostrum, rôs'trům. s. the beak of a bird or Royal, rồè'ål. 2. kingly, regal; noble ship ; a pulpit

Rcyalist, rde': l-ist. s. adherent to a king Rosy, ro'zė. a. resembliug a rose 'in bloom, Royally, róé'àl-le. ad. in a kingly manner, beauty, or fragrance

regally Rot, rôt. v. n. to putrefy, to lose the cohe-Royalty, röd'ál'tė. s. kingship sion of its parts

(faction Rub, růb. v. a. to scour, to wipe ; to move Rot, rôt. s. a distemper among sheep ; putre onę body upon another; to remove by frioRotary, ro'tå-ré. a. whirled as a wheel

tion Rotation, ró-tá'shún. 8. the act of whirling||Rub, růb. s. collision, hinderance round ; revolution

Rubber, rûb'bůr. 8. one that ruts; a coarsa Rote, rote. s. words uttered by mere memory file ; two games out of three

without comprehension of the sense Rubbish, rûb'bish. s. ruins of buildings Rotten, rót'tn. a. putrid, not sound

Rubify, rb'be-fl. v. a. to make red Rottenness, rôt'tn-nês. 1. state of being rot-Rubrick, ri3'brik, 6. directions printed 18 ten, putrefaction

books of law, and in prayer-books Rotund, ro-tůnd'. a. round, circular Ruby, r83'bė. 6. a precious stone of a red coRotundity, rd-tůn'de-tè. B. roundness, circu lour larity

Rudder, růd'aứr. B: the instrument at the stern Rotundo, rd-tånds. 6.

a building formed of a vessel by which its course is governed round both in the inside and outside Ruddiness, růd'dé-nés. s, the quality of apRouge, r88zbe. s. red paint for the face proaching to redness

ropes to sell

into con


Ruddle, rúd'dl. s. red earth

Rundle, rón'dl. s. a step of a ladder Ruddy, rúd'dė. a. approaching to redness Rundlet, rủndolit. B. a small barrel Rude, róbd. a. rough ; harsh, untaught ; shape-Rung, rủng: pret. and part. pass. of ring less ; inelegant

Runic, rú'nik. a. denoting the old ScandinaRudely, red le. ad. in a rude manner

vian language Rudeness, răbd'nes. 8. ccarseness of manners, IRunt, rủnt. s. a dwarf incivility

Rupture, rủp'tshůre. s. the act of breaking, Rudirent, r38'dê-mênt. s. the first principles, state of being broken ; a breach of peace, the first elements of science

open hostility ; burst ness Rudimental, r88-de-mental. a. initial, relat-|Rural, róðrål. a. existing in the country, ing to first principles

suiting the country Rue, r08. v. a. to grieve for ; to lament Rush, rúsh, s. a plaut; any thing worthless Rue, r. s. an herb

Rush, rủsh. v. n. to move with violence, to Rueful, ro'ril. a. mournful, woful

go on with tumultuous rapidity Ruelle, rib-el'. s. an assembly at a private Rush, rủsh. 6. a violent course house

(small fish Rusk, rúsk. s. hard bread for stores Ruff, rủf. . a puckered linen ornament; aRusset, rús'sit. a. reddishly brown; coarse, Ruffian, rủf'yan. s. a brutal mischievous fel rustick luw; a robber

[ous Rust rúst. s. the red incrustation of iron, &c. Ruffian, růf'gån. a. brutal, savagely boister- Rust, rủst. . n. to gather rust Rutile, růl'A. v. a. to disorder ; to discompose Rustical, rủs'te-kål. a. rough, boisterous Rutle, růt'A. s. plaited linen used as an orna- Rusticate, rủs'te kåte. V. D. to reside in the (mean beds country

(rural appearance Rug, rúg. 8. a coarse nappy covering used for Rusticity, růs-tls'é-tê. s. simplicity, rudeness ; Rugged, rúg'gid. a. rough ; stormy, boisterous Rustick, růs'tîk. a. rumal ; rude; artless kugyediy, rúg'gid-lè. ad. in a rugged manner Rustick, růs'tik. s. a clown, an inhabitant of Ruggedness, růg'gid-nės. & the state or quali

the couutry

(rattle ty of being rugged (ness or fortune Rustle, růs'sl. v. n. to make a low continued Ruin, r88'in. s. fall, destruction, loss of happi-Rusty, růs'tė. a. covered with rust Ruin, rčan. v. 2. to de nolish ; to destroy Rut, růt. 8. copulation of deer; the track of Ruinous, r38'in-ús. a. fallen to ruin ; perni a cart wheel cious, destructive

Ruth, rólth. s. pity, tenderness Rule, roll. s. government, sway

Ruthful, robth'fúl. ayrueful, woful Rule, rē81. v. a. to govern, to manage Ruthless, rồ8th'lès. a. cruel, pitiless Ruler, rodi'ůr. s. governor; an iostrument by Ruttish, rút'tish. a. wanton libidinous which lines are drawn

Ryder, rl'důr. 8. a clause added to an act of kum, rům. $. a kind of spirits distilled from parliament at its third reading molasses

[continued noise Rye, ri. 8. a coarse kind of bread cora Rumble, rům'bl. v. n. to make a hearse low Ruminant, ro'me-nånt. a. having the pro

perty of chewing the cud Ruminate, ro'mé-náte. v. R. to chew the cud to muse

SABBATH, sab'båth. 6. a day appointed by Rumination, r88-me-nå'shủn. s. the property God for public worship ; set time of rest

or act of chewing the cud ; meditation Sabbatical sáb-båt'te-kål. a. resembling the Rummage, rům'mluje. v. n. to search places Sable, så'bl. s. fur

(Sabbath Rummer, růmn'můr. e. a glass, a drinking cup Sable, så'bl. a. black Rumour, rib'můr. s. flying report

Sabre, så'bêr. s. a scimetar, a short word Rumour, rä3'můr, F. a. to report abroad Sabulous, sáb'u-lûs. a. gritty, sandy Rump, rồmp. e. the end of the backbone ; the Saccharine, sak'kå-rine. a. having the qualities buttock


of sugar Riimple, rîm'pl. v. a. to crush or contract into Sacerdotal, sås-er-do'tål, a. priestly Rumple, rům'pii 6. pucker, rougb plait Sachel, såtsh'll. s. a small sack or bag Run, rån. pret. ran. v. a. to move swiftly ; to Sack, såk. 8. a bag ; the measure of three contend in a race; to flow; to meit; tol bushels ; a woman's loose robe; Canary have a continual tenour; to get by artifice

wine or fraud

Sack, såk. v. a. to put in bags ; to plunder Run, rủn. s. the act of running

Sackbut, såk'bất. s. a kind of pipe Runagate, růn'na-gate, s. a fugitive, rebel, ||Sackoloth, såk'kloth. s. cloth of which sacks epostale


are made Rune way, rủo'á-wå. s. one that dies from Sackful, såk'r8 s. a sack quite filled


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