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(a corruptor

Seasoning, se'zo-ing. s. that which is added to||Sedentariness, séd'dén-tå-ré-nés. s. inactivity any thing to give it a relish

Sedentary, sêd'den-tå-ré. a. passed in sitting Seat, séte. s. a chair ; tribunal ; mansion stiil; inactive Seat, séte. v. a. to place on seats

Sedge, sédje. s. a narrow flag Seaward, sè'wård. ad. towards the sea Sedgy, sēd'jé. a. overgrown with narrow flags Secant, se'kânt. s. a geometrical line Sediment, sed'é-mênt. s. that which settles at Secede, sé-séed'. v.a. to withdraw from fel the bottom

[tion lowship

[ing from Sedition, sè-d lsh'ůn. 8. a tumult, an insurrecSecession, sé-sésh'ủn. 8. the act of withdraw-Seditious, sé-dish'ús. a. factious with tumult Seclude, sê-klúde'. v. a. to confine from, to Seditiousness, sé-dish'ůs-nês. 8. disposition to exclude


(tempt Second, sêk'kúnd. a. next to the first Seduce, sé-dåse'. v. a. to draw aside, to Second, sêk'kind. s. one who accompanies an- Seducement, sé-dusėment. s. practice of se

other in a duel, to direct or defend bim ; duction the sixtieth part of a minute

Seducer, sd-dd'sůr. B. one who draws aside ; Second, sékľkúnd. v. a. to support, to assist ; || Seduction, sé-důk'shủn. s. the act of seducing to follow in the next place

Sedulity, sd-dd'lė tė. s. industry Secondary, sek'kůn-da-ré. a. not primary Sedulous, sed'ú-lìs. a. assiduous Secondary, sek’kůn-da-rè. s. a delegate, a de-|Sedulousness, séd 'du-lús-nés. s. assiduity, in puty

dustry Secondly, sêk'kůnd-lè. ad. in the second placeSee, séė. s. the diocess of a bishop Secondrate, sêk'kůnd-råte. 8. the second ur-See, séė. v. a. tu perceive by the eye der in dignity or value

See, sèè. int. lo ! look! Secrecy, se'kré-sé. s. privacy; close silence Seed, seed. s. the organized particle produced Secret, Ré'krit. a. not revealed; private ; by plants and animals, from thich new faithful to a secret intrusted

planis and animals are generated; progeny Secret, se'krít. s. a thing unknown

Seed, sééd. v. n. to grow to perfect maturity Secretariship, sek'kré-tä-ré-shỉp. s. the office so as to shed the seed of a secretary

(for another Seedtime, sèèd'tline. s. the season of sowing Secretary, sék'kré-tå-ré. 8. one who writes Seedling, séėd'ling. s. a young plant Secrete, vé-krete'. v. a. to hide ; to separate Seedsman, séèdz'mân. 3. a sower, he that Secretion, sé-kré'shủn. 8. separatica of the deals in seeds animal juices; the fluid secreted

Seedy, séėd'd, a. abounding with seed Secretitious, sêk-ré-tish'ús. a. parted ani. Seeing, séè'ing. 8. sight, vision mal secretion

Seeing, séé'ing. ad. since, it being so that Secretly, sé'krit-id. are privately

Seek, séék. v. a. pret. sought; part. pass. Sect, sėkt. s. a body of men united in some sought. to look for ; to solicit tenets

Seeker, sēék’úr. 8. one who seeks, an inquirer Sectary, sêk'ta-rd, s. one who joins with thoseSeel, sèèl. v. a. to close the eyes

distinguished by some particular whims Seem, séēm. V. n. to appear ; to have semSectator, sek-tå'tůr, s. a follower, a disciple blauce Section, sẽk’snůn, s. the act of cutting ; a partSeeming, seem'ing. s. appearance

divided from the rest; a distinct part of a seemingly, séėm'ing-lè. ad. in show
writing or book

See mliness, seem'le-nês. 8. comeliness
Sector, sek'tir. 8. a mathematical instrument Seeml , séèm'lė. a. decent, fit
Secular, sek'kd-lár. a, not spiritual, relating Seen, séén. a. skilled, versed
to affairs of the present world

Seer, séér. 5. a prophet
Secularize, sek'kú-la-rize. v. m. to convert to Seesaw, se'sảw. 8. a reciprocating motion

Seesaw, se'sảw. v. n. to move with a recipe Secundine, sêk'kin-dine. 4. the membrane in rocating motion which the embryo is wrapped

Seeth, rééth. v. a. to boil Secure, se-kúre'. 2. free from fear, easy Segment, ség'mént. s. a piece cut off Secure, se-kúre'. v. a. to make certain ; to Segregrate, seg'gre-gáte. v. a. to set apart masse fast

Segregation, ség-gré-gá'shủo. 8. separation Securely, se-kúre'lè. ad. safely

from others

(large powers Security, se-kd're-tê. s. freedom from fear ;| Seigneurial, se-nưré-ål. a. invested with confidence ; protection

Seignior, seue'yúr. s. a lord
Sedan, sè-din', 8. a kind of portable chair Seigniory, séne'yůr-re. 8. a lordship
Bedate, sé-date'. a. calm, serene

Seine, séne. B. a net used in fishing
Sedately, se-date'id. ad. calınly

Seize, sèze. v. a. to take possession of, to Sejateness, sé-Játe'nés. s. calmness

grasp o lay hold of

common use



Seizin, se'zin. s. the act of taking possession

Senile, se'nile, a belonging to old age, conthe things possessed

sequent on old age Seizure, se' zhůre. 5. the action of seizing ;| Senior, se'nė-ửr, 8. one older than another the thing seized

Senicrity, sê-nė-Br’é--ė. s. eldership, priority Seldom, sêi'dům. ad. rarely

of birth Select, sé-lékt'. v. a. to choose in preference Sennight, sển'nit. r. a week (of the senses Select, sê-lekt'. a. nicely chosen, choice Sensation, sển-så'shủn. s. perception by means Selection, sé-lêk'shủn. 8. the act of choosing Sense, sense. s. faculty or power by which Self, self, pron. plur. selves. one's owc per external objects are perceived; perception ;

understanding; opinion; meaning Selfish, sêic'ish, a. attentive only to one's Sepseless, sens'lés. a. wanting sense

own interest, void of regard for others Senselessness, sèns' lés-nês. s. folly, absurdity Selfishness, self'ish-nes. 8. self-love Sensibility, sản-se-b31e-te. 9. quickness & Self-same, sêlf 'sảme. a. numerically the same sensation Sell, sél. v. a. to give for a price

Sensible, sen'se-bl. a. perceptible by the Seller, sêi'lůr. s. the person that sells

senses ; having moral perception; conSelvage, sểl'vidje. &. the edge of cloth vinced

where it is closed by complicating the Sensibly, sển'sė-blé. ad. perceptibly to the threads

senses ; with perception of either mind or Selves, selvz. the plur. of self


(ception, but not reason Semblance, sểm'blånse. s. likeness, similitude Sensitive, sển’sl-ti:. a. having sense of perSemble, sém'bl. v. n. to represent

Sensorium, sén-so'ré-ìm. s. organ of sensation Semiannular, sểm-mé ån'ni-lår. a. half round|Sensual, sển'sbu-ål. a. carnal, not spiritual; Semnibrief, sêm'me-brêf. s. a note in musick lewd

(corporeal pleasures Semicircle, sểm'me-sér-kl. s. a half circle Sensualist, sển'sh-al-ist. s. one devoted to Semicircular, sểm-mé-sér'ku-lår. a. half roundSensuality, sén-shì-ál'é-te. 8. addiction to Semicolon, sém-me-ko'lon. s. half a colon, corporeal pleasures [sensual pleasures a point made thus (;)

Sensualize, sen'shd-a-lize. v. a. to sink to Semidiameter, sểm-iné-dl-âm'é-tůr. s. kalf a Sensually, sèu'shd-ål-lè. ad. in a sensual man

diameter Semifluid, sểm-mé-Mu'ld. a. imperfectly fluid Sent; sếnt. the part. pass. of send Sermilunar, sẽm-mê-lunir. a. resembling in|Sentence, sen tằnse. 8. determination;a short form a half moon


(judgrent on any one Semimetal, sểm'mė-met-tl. s. imperfect metal Sentence, sén'tênse. v. a. to pass the last Seminal, sểm'é-nål. a. belonging to seed ; || Sententious, sển-tên'shủs, a. short and enerradical


(ing brevity Seminary, sêm'd-nå-re. s. the ground where||Sententiously, sen-tên'shủs-lè. ad. with strik

any thing is sown to be afterwards trans-Sentient, sen'she-ent. a. baving perception planted; place of education

Sentiment, sển'tė-mênt. s. thought ; a striking Seminifick, sem-é-oir'ik, a. productive of seed sentence in a composition Semipellucid, sểm-me-pêl-ld'síd. a. half clear, Sentinel, sển'tė-nei.

8. a watch ; guard imperfectly transparent (perfectly clear Sentry, sển'tre. Semiperspicuous, sém-me-per-spik’1-ửs. 2. im-Separable, sếpʼpår-a-bl. a. possible to be dis Semiquaver, sểm'mė-kwå-vér. 8. a note con joined from something

taining half the quantity of the quaver Separate, sêp pår-åte. v. a. to disunite, to Semivowel, sém'mé-v88-11. s. a consonant disjoin

which has an imperfect sound of its own Separate, sèp'pâr-at. a. divided from Sempiternal, sém-pe-têr'nål. a. eternal Separately, sép'rår-at-lé. ad. singly, dis Sempiternity, sêm-pe-têr'ne-tė. s. future dura tinctly

(divorce tion without end

[by her needle Separation, sếp-pår-d'shủn. .. disjunction ; Hempstress, sểm'stres s. a woman who lives Sept, sépt. 6. a clan, a race, a generation Seuary, sến'nâ-ré. a. belonging to the nur.- September, sép-têm'bůr. 8. the ninth month ber six

of the year Senate, sảnonit, . an assembly of counselors||Septenay, sếp?tên-ar-e. A consisting of even Senator, sèn'nå-tür.e. a publick counsellor Septennial, Bếp-tên al-al. A lasting seven Senatoria?, sin-pi-tdore-il.

years Senatorian, sén-na-to'rd-år. sa. belonging to

Septentrion, sép-têa'tre-ûn. & the north senators

(diffuse Septentrionate, sép-tên'tre-d-náte. P. B. to Send, sênd. v. a. to despatch ; to emit ; to

tend northerly Senescence, sê-nés' sense. 8. decay by time Szptical, sép'tė-kål. a. having power to Seneschal, sea'neo-kal... a sort of steward produce putrefaction


Beptilateral, sép-tê-lät'tér-al. a. having seven|Serve, sérv. v. a. to attend at command i sides

supply with any thing; to promote Septuagesimal, gép-tshů-a-jés'sė-mål. a. con- Service, sểr'vis. s. office of a servant ; professisting of seventy

sion of respect; obedience ; military duty; Septuagiat, sếp tsh-a-jfnt. s. the old Greek

use; advantage; course, order cf dishes version of the Old Testament, supposed the Serviceable, sér'vis-a-bl. a. active; useful

work of seventy-two interpreters Serviceableness, sér' vis-a-bl-nés. s. activity ; Septuple, sép'tu-pl. a. seven times as much usefulness Sepulchral, se-pål’krål. a. relating to burial Servile, sêr'vil. a. slavish, mean Sepulchre, sep'půl-kúr. 8. & grave, a tomb Servilely, sêr'vil-le. ad, meanly Sepulchre, se-půl'kůr. v. a. to bury, to entomb Servility, sểr vil'é-tė. s. slavishness Sepulture, sép'půl-túre. s. interment, burial Servitor, sêr've-tůr. . attendant; one of the Sequacious, sė-kwà'shủs. a. following ; pliant lowest order in the university Sequacity, sė-kwas'é-tė. s. ductility, toughness Servitude, sér've-tode. 8. slavery, dependence Sequel, se'kwêl. 8. conclusion

state of a servant ! Sequence, sekwense. s. order of succession Segg, sés. 8. rate, tax Sequent, sé'kwént, a. following

Session, sểsh'ún. s. the act of sitting ; an as Sequester, sê-k wểs'tảr. v. a. to put aside , tol sembly of magistrates or senators deprive of possessions

Set, sết. v. a. pret. set. part. pass. set. to Sequestrable, sé-kwės trå-bl. a. capable of place; to fix; to adjust, to plant ; to em- , separation

barrass Sequestration, sêk-wês-trå'shủn. 8. separa-Set, sết. part. a. regular, not lax tion; deprivation of profits

Set, sệt. 8. a number of things suited to each Seraglio, sé-rålyd. s. a house of womep kept other for debauchery

Setaceous, se-tà'shủs. a. bristly Seraph, sêr'råf. s. one of the orders of angels (Seton, sé'tn. s. an issue in the neck Seraphical, se-råt' re-kil.

Settee, sết-tée'. s. a long seat with a back

a. angelical Seraphic, sé-råffik.

Setter, sết'tůr. 8. one who sets ; a dog Seraphim, sếr'rå-fim. 9. angels of one of the Settle, sết'tl. 8. a bench Sere, sère. a. dry, withered (heavenly orders Settle, sết'tl. v. a. to fix; to establish ; to Serenade, sểr-e-både'. s. musick with which determine ; to conpose

ladies are entertained by their lovers in the Settle, sêt'tl. v. n. to subside ; to lose motion night

[nocturnal inusick or fermentation; to establish a domestick Serenade, sér-e-nade'. v. a. to entertain with state ; to make a jointure for a wife Serene, sé-réne'. a. calm, placid

Settlement; sết'tlmént. s. a jointure granted Serenely, se-réne'lè. ad. calmly, quietly to a wife ; subsidence; act of quitting a Serenity, se-rền nề-te. A. calmness

roving for a domestick life; a colony, a Serge, sểrdje.s. a kind of cloth

place where a colony is established Sergeant, sảr'jånt. s. a petty officer in the ar-|Seven, sêr'vn. a. four and three

my; a lawyer of the highest rank under a Sevenfold, sév'vn-010. a. repeated seven judge

times Series, sè're-ėz. s. sequence ; succession Sevennight, sến'nứt. 5. 4 week Serious, se're- is. a. grave, solemn

Seventeen, sếr'vo-téén, a. seven and ten Seriously, se're-ús-le, ad. gravely, solemnly||Seventh, sểv'vnth. a. the ordinal of seven Seriousness, se'ré-ús-nés. s. gravity, solere-Seventhly, sếu'vnth-lè. ad. in the seventh nity

place Sermon, sér’mún. s. a r::ous discourse Seventy, sèv'vp-té. a. seven times ten Sermonize, sêr'mủn-ize. v. n. to preach or Sever, sểv'vůr. v. a. to pa by violence; to give instruction in a formal manner

disunite Serous, se'rủs. a. thin, watery

Several, sểv'ůr-ål. a. distinct, divers, many Serpent, sêr'pént. s. an animal that moves by Severally, sểv’úr-al-é. ad. distinctly undulation without legs

(serpent Severe, sê-vére'. a. skarp; cruel; rigid Serpentine, sêr'pén-tine. a. winding like a Severely, sê-vére'ld. ad. painfully, afflictively Serpiginous, sér-pid'je-nús. a. diseased with severity, sê-vér'e-tė. 6. cruel treatment; ri a serpigo


(a needle Serpigo, sér-pigd, or sêr-pé'gd. 5. a kind of Sew, sd. v. a. to join by threads drawn with Serrate, sêr'rate.

Sewer, 80'X. a. he or she that uses a needle Serrated, sêr'rå-tê

a. formed with jags|Sewer, shore. s. a passage for foul or use less like the edge of a saw

water Servant, sér-vânt. s. one who attends another Sex, seks. s. the property by which any ani · and acts at his command

inal is unale or female

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Sexagenary, seks-åd’jến-år-é. a. aged sixty ||Shamelessly, shảme'lès-lė. ad. impudently, auyears

daciously, without shame Sexagesima, seks-a-jés'sė-må. 6. the second Shank, shångk. s. that part of the leg which Sunday before Lent

reaches from the ancle to the knee Sexagesimal, seks-a-jês'sė-mål. a. sixtieth Shape, shápe. 9. a. to form, to mould Sexangular, sẽks-ang'gu-lår: a. having six Shape, shåpe. s. form; make ; idea angles

Shapeless, shåpe'lés. a. wanting regularity Sexennial, sēks-én'nė-ål. a. lasting six years of form Sextant, seks'tånt. b. the sixth part of a Shapeliness, shảpe'lê-nês. s. proportion of form circle

Shapely, shape'lè. a. well formed Sextile, sêke'tli. a. at the distance of sixtyShard, shård. s. a fragment of an earthen degrees

vessel, a plant;'a sort of fish Sexton, seks'tůn. 8. an officer of the church Share, shåre, v. a. to divide; to cut Sextuple, seks'tu-pl. a. sixfold

Share, shåre. s. part; dividend Shabbily, shåb'be-lè. ad. meanly, despicably Sbarer, sha'růr, s. one who divides; one whe Shabuineus, shab'be-nés. 8. meanness

participates [greedy artful fellow Shabby, shåb'bė. a. mean, paltry

Shark, shảrk. 8. voracious sea-fish; a Shackle, shåk'kl. v. a. to chain, to fetter Sharp, shảrp. a. keen, piercing; inventive Shackles, shåk'k!z. s. fetters, chains

quick ; shrill; sarcastick; hungry; pain Shade, shade. B. obscurity ; screen; umbrage, ful ; vigilant ; piercing shelter ; a colour ; a spirit

Sharpen, shår'pn. v. a. to make keen ; to Shade, shede. v. a to cover from the light or edge, to point heat ; to shelter

Sharper, shảrp'ůr. 6. a petty thief Skadinese, sha'dé-nês. s. unbrageousness Sharply, shårp'le. ad. severely; keenly; Shadow, shảd'að. s. shade; dark part of a acutely

(ingenuity picture ; faint representation ; type Sharpness, shårp'nês. s. keenness ; soarness; Shadow, thảd'dd. v. a. to cloud; to screen ;||Sharp-set, shảrp-set'. a. eager, vehemently to represent typically


[sight Shady, she'dė. a. full of shade

Sharp-sighted, shårp-sl’ted. a. having quick Shaft, shaft. 8. an arrow; a deep perpendicu-||Shatter, shåt'tûr. v. a. to break into many

lar pit; the spire of a church (cloth pieces ; to dissipate Shag, shág. s. rough woolly hair ; a kind of Shave, shảve. v. a. pret. shaved ; part. pass.

shaved or shaven. to pare off with a razor ; Shaggy, shåg'ge.

to cut in thin slices

[art of shaving Shagreen, shå-gréén'. s. the skin of a kind of Shaver, sha'vůr. 6. a man that practises the

fish ; or skin made rough in imitation of it Shaving, shảving. 6. a thin slice pared on Shake, shåke. v. a. pret. shook; part. pass. from any body

chaken, or shook. to put into a vibrating||She, shéé. pron. the female pronoun demua motion; to make to totter or treinble; to strative, the woman before mentioned make afraid

Sheaf, shefe. s. a bundle of stalks of cor Bhake, sbåke. v. 2. to tremble ; to be in terror bound together Shake, shåke. s. concussion ; motion given Shear, shere. v. a. pret. shore or sheared and received

part. pass, shorn. to clip or cut Shalloon, shål-188n'. s. a slight woollen stuff Shears, shérz. 8. an instrument to cut, con Shallop, shål’lập. b. a small boat

sisting of two blades moving on a pin Shallow, shål'ld. a. not deep; futile, silly Sheath, sheth. s. the scabbard of a weapon Shallow, shal'ld. s. a shelf, a shoal Shallowness, shår id-nës. '. want of depth ||Sheathe

, shėth. v. a. to enclose in a sheath want of thought

Shed, shed. v. a. to effuse, to spill Sham, shåm. V. n. to trick, to cheat

Shed, shed. s. a slight temporary covering Sham, shåm. s. fraud, trick, imposture Sheen, sheen. s. brightness, splendour Sham, shåm. a. false, counterfeit

Sheep, sheep. s. the animal that bears wool Sharnbles, shåm'blz. 6. a butchery

Sheepcot, sheep'kôt. s. a little enclosure for Shambling, shâm'bl-Ing. a. moving awkward. sheep

(sheep are enclosed ly and irregularly

Sheepfold, sheep'rðld. s. the place where Shame, shảme. B. disgrace, ignominy Sheepish, sheep'ish. a. bashful; diffident Shame, shảme. V. a. to disgrace

Sheepishness, sheep' ish-nês. s. bashfulness Shamefaced, shåme'fåste. a. modest, hashful Sheepshearing, sheep'shéér-ing. 8. the time of Sbarneful, shåme'fil. a. disgraceful

shearing sheep

(look Shamefully, shảme'fúj-é. ad. disgracefully Sheep's-eye, sbéeps-'. &a modest diffident Bhameless, sbåme'lès. 2. impudect

Sheepwalk, sheep'wåwk. s. pasture for sheep

Shagged, mindeed. } a. hairy; rouge, rugged


Sheer, shére. a. pure, clear

!Shipwreck, shịp'rek. v. a. to destroy by Sheet, sheát, s. linen of a bed; sail; as much dashing on rocks or shallows

paper as is made in one body; any thing Shipwright, ship'rite. 6. a builder of ships expanded

Shire, shere. s. a county

(man Shekel, sbékkl. s. a Jewish coin, in value Shirt, shůrt. s. the under linen garment of a about two shillings and sixpence

Shirtless, shůrt'léss. a. wanting a shirt Shell, shelf. s a board fixed against a support- Shive, shive. s. a slice, a thick splinter

er, so that any thing may be placed upon Shiver, sbiv'úr. v. n. to quake, to tremble it; a sand bank in the sea, a rock under Shiver, shív'úr. e. one fragment of many into shallow water

which any ching is broken Sheil, shél. s. the hard covering of any thing, Shval, skole, s. a crowd, a sand bank the external crust

Shoal, shole. a. shallow, obstructed wit Shell, shel. v. a. to take out of the shell

banks Shell-fish, shål'fish. s. fish invested with a hard Shoaly, sh3'lė. a. full of shoals covering

Shock, shồk. s. concussion, external violence; Shelly, she'le, a. abounding with shells offence; a pile of sheaves of corn Shelter, shel'tír. s. a cover from any external Shock, shok. v. a. to shake by violence ; to injury or violence; security

offend, to disgust Shelter, shel'tůr. v. a. to defend, to protect Shod, shod, the pret. and part. pass. of to shoe Shelving, shelv'ing. a. sloping, inclining Shoe, sh88. s. the cover of the foot Shepherd, shếp'půrd. 5. who tends Shoe, shóð.

v. a. pret. I shod ; part. pass. sheep

(tends sheep

shod, to fit the foot with a shoe Shepherdess, shềpʼpůr-dés. 6. a wonan thall Shoeboy, shiðbše. s. a boy that cleans shoes Sherbet, shếr-bét'. s. the juice of lemons or Shoemaker, shốb'må-kůr. s. one who makes

orang es mixed with water and sugar shoes Sheru, shảrd. 6. the fragment of broken Shog, shôg. s. violent concussion earthenware

Shone, shồn, the pret. of shine Sheriff, sher'if. s. an officer to whom is in- Shook, shố8k. the pret. of shake

trusted in each county the execution of th. Shoot, shốði. V. a. pret. shot ; part. shot or laws

[jurisdiction of a sheriff shotten. to discharge from a bow or gun; Sheriffalty, shår'if-al-té. 6. the office or to let off ; to emit Sherry, shér'rė. s. a kind of Spanish wine Shoot, sh8st. v. n. to germinate, to feel a Shew.----See show

quick pain

(main stock Shield, shééld. s. a buckler ; defence Shoot, shot. s. a branch issuing from the Shield, shééld, v. a. to defend, to protect Shooter, shlét ór. 8. one that shoots Shift, shift. v. a. to change, to alter ; to Shop, shop. s. a place for sale or work transfer

Shopboard, shởp'bord. s. bench on which any Shift, shift. s. expedient ; last resource ; arti work is done fice; evasion; a wounao's linen

Shopkeeper, shop'kéép-ůr. 8. & trader who Shifter, shift úr. s. a man of artifice

sells in a shop

(a shop Shistless, shift'lés. a. wanting means to act or hopinan, shop'mán. 8. one who serves in live

[twelve pence|Shore, shore. s. the coast of the sea ; the bank Shilling, shil'ling. s. a silver coin, value of a river ; a buttress Shily, shl'lė. ad. not frankly

Shore, shore. v. a. to prop, to support Shin, shin, s. the forepart of the leg

Shoreless, shore'lés. a. having no coast Shine, shine. v. n. peet. I shune, I have shorn, shôrne. the part. pass. of shear

shone ; sometimes I shined, I bare shined. Short, shỏrt. a. not long; defective ; scanty; to glitter; to be splendid ; to be propi brittle tious

Short, shårt, ad. not long

[tract Shiness, shl'nés. 8. unwillingness to be fami-Shorten, shor'tn. v. a. to make short, to conliar

(houses Shorthand, short'hånd. s. a method of wri. Shingle, sh?ng'gl. s. a thin board to cover ting in compendious characters Shingles, shing'glz. s. a kind of tetter or Shortly, short'le. ad. quickly, briefly

herpes that spreads itself round the loins Shortuess, short'nes. s. the quality of being Shiny, shi'nė. a. bright, luminous


(see far Ship, ship. s. a large vessel inade to pass over Shortsighted, shồrt-si'têd. unable the sea with sails

Shot, shật. the pret. and part. pass. of shoot Ship, shłp. v. a. to put into a ship

Shot, shốt. s. the fight of a shot; the small Shipping, ship’ping. 8. vessels of navigation pellets for the charge of a gun ; a sun Shipwreck, ship'rek. $. the destruction of charged, a reckoning ships by rocks or shelves ; destructiou Shotten, shốt'tn. a. having ejected the spawn



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