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cle of the eye

Sniff, snic. v. n. to draw breath audibly by Sock, sok. s. something put between the foot the nose

and shoe; a theatrical shoe Snip, snip. v. a. to cut at once with scissors Socket, sok'kit. s. a hollow pipe; the receptaSnip, snip. s. a single cut with scissors Snipe, snipe. s. a snall fen-fowl with a longSod, sôd. 8. a turf, a clod bull

Sodden, sod'dn. part. pass. of seethe. boiled, Snippet, snip'pit. 6. a small part, a share seethed

(carpets Snivel, sniv'vl. s. the running of the nose Sofa, so'rå. B. a splendid seat covered with Snivel, sniv'vl. v. A. to run at the nose ; to|Soft, sôft

. a. ductile ; flexible, yielding, tender cry as children

(lamenter Soft, soft. int. hold! stop! Sniveller, sntv'vl-ữr. $. a weeper, a weak | Soften, sôi'fn. v. a. to make soft Snore, sndre. v. n. to breath hard through Softly, soft'lè. ad. gently, placidly; mildly the nose

(througb the nose Softness, sõlt'nės. s. quality contrary to hard Snore, sndre. s. audible respiration of sleepers ness ; mildness; gentleness ; efferninacy Snort, snört. v. n. to blow through the ncse Soho, só-h8'. int. a form of calling from a as a high-mettled horse

distant place Snout, sndåt. 8. the nose of a beast

Soil, såsl. v. a. to foul, to dirt, to pollute Snow, snd. s. water frozen in flakes

Soil, såfl. s. dirt, to spot, pollution; ground, Suow, and. v. a. to scatter like snow

land ; dung, compost Snowball, sn)'båll. s. a round lump of con-|| Sojourn, so'jůrn. v. n. to dwell any where gealed snow

for a time, to live as not at home Snowdrop, snd'drop. s. an early flower Sojourner, s8'júrn-ịr. s. temporary dweller Snowy, snd'è. a. white like snow

Solace, sol'lås. v. a. to comfort, to cheer Snub, snůb. V. a. to check, to reprimand ; to Solace, sol'lås. s. comfort, pleasure [sun nip

Solar, so'lår. a. of the sun, belonging to the Snuff, snůf. s. the useless excrescence of a sold, sold. pret. and part. pass. of seli

candle ; powdered tobacco taken by the nose Solder, sôl'důr. v. a. to unite or fasten with Snuff, snůf. v. a. to scent ; to crop a candle any kind of metallick cement Snuff box, snůf'boks. S. the box in which snuff | Solder, sol' Júr. s. metallick cement

is carried (which the candle is clipped|Soldier, sól'júr. s. a fighting man, a warrior Snuffers, spor'fůrz. s. the instrument with Soldiery, sdi'júr-ė. s. body of military men Snuffle, snůf'e. v. n. to speak through the noseSole, edle. s. the bottom of the foot; a kind Snug, snůg. a. close, free from any incon of sea-fish venience

(warmSole, sole. v. a. to furnish with soles Snuggle, snúg'gl. v. a. to lie close, to lie Sole, sdle. a. single, not married. (to another So, sd. ad. in like manner

Solecism, sol'é-sizm. s. unfitness of one word Soak, soke. v. a. to macerate in any moisture, Soiely, sdle'lė. ad. singly, only to steep, to drench

Solemn, sốl'ém. a. religiously grave Soap, sope. s. a substance used in washing Solemnity, sd-lêm' ne-tè. 8. religious ceremoSoar, sore, v n. to fly aloft, to tower

ny; gravity, awful grandeur Sob, sôb. v. n. to heave audibly with convul-Solemnization, sôl-ém-ne-zà'shủn. 6. the act sive sorrow, to sigh with convulsion

of solemnizing Sob, sôb. 8. a convulsive act of respiration Solemnize, sổl'lem-níze. v. a. to dignify by obstructed by sorrow

particular formalities, to celebrate Sober, ed'bûr. a. temperate ; calm ; serious Solemnly, sol'lem-lé. ad. with formal gravity Soberly, so'bůr-ld. ad. temperately, moderate and stateliness

(to excite ly, coolly

Solicit, 86-lis'sit. v. a. to importune, to entreat, Sobriety, sô-brl'é-te. s. temperance; calmness Solicitation, sd-lis-e-ta'shủn. s. importunity; Sociability, so'shé-å-bll'e-tė. s. natural ten invitation dency to be sociable

Solicitor, sd-lis'ît-ůr. . one who petitions for Sociable, so'shé-a-bl. a. friendly, familiar another ; one who does in chancery the Sociable, s'she-a-bl. s. an open carriage with business which is done by attorpies in

two seats facing each other, and a box for other courts the driver

Solicitoue, sd-lis'sit-ús. a. anxious Sociably, so'shé-a-blè. ad. conversably Solicitude, 80-lis'sé-túde. 8. anxiety, careful. Social, so'shål. a. relating to a general or

publick interest ; easy to mix in friendly Soild, sol'ld. 2. compact, dense ; firm; sound, gayety

(fraternity | Solidity, sd-18d'd-tè. s. fulness of matter ; firme Society, 80-sd-tè. s. community ; company | ness; compactness; certainty Bocinian, ső-sin'é-in. s. one who adopts the Soliloquy, 80-111'18-kwė. s. a discourse made tenets of Socipus

by one in solitude to himself


(true ; grave,

Solitary, sol'le-tå-ré. a. living alone, retired Sophism, sôtlizm. 8. a fallacious argument Solitude, sol'le-tide. s. lonely life; a lone Sopnist, s3f'fiet. s. a professor of philosophy place, a desert

Éstrument Sophister, sôt'ris-túr, s. an insidious logician Solo, s/'18. s. a tune played on a single in-Sophistical, só-fis'tė-kål. a. fallaciously subtle Solstice, sôl'stís. s. the point beyond which Sophisticate, sd-lis'tė-kåte. v. a. to corrupt the gun does not go, the tropical point

with something spurious Solstitial, sől-st ísh'al. a. belonging to the Sophistry, sôf'fis-tré. s. fallacious ratiocination solstice

Soporiferous, sôp-d-rif'ůr-ús. Soluble, sol'l-bl. a. capable of dissolution Soporifick, söp-d-riffik.

a. causing Solubility, sôl-8-bil'é-tė. s. susceptiveness of sleep, opiate separation of parts

Sorcerer, sår'sểr-ýr, s. a conjuror, a magician Solution, sd-hi'shủn. 8. disjunction, separation Sorceress, sỏr'sểr-és. s. a female magician, an Solutive, sål'univ. a. laxative, causing relaxa enchantress tion

Sorcery, sỏr'eéré. 8. magick, enchantment Solve, sólv. v. a. to clear, to explain

Sord, sòrd. s. turf, grassy ground Solvency, sôl'vên-sė. 8. ability to pay Sordid, sor'did. a. mean, vile, base ; covetous Solvent, sỏi'vent. a. able to pay

Sordidly, sør'did-lè. ad. meanly, covetously Solvible, sol'vė-bl. a. possible to be cleared Sore, sore. 8. a place tender and painful, an by reason or inquiry


(vexed Some, sům. a. more or less ; certain persovs Sore, sore. a. tender to the touch ; easily Somebody, sům'bod-ė. s. a person indiscrimi-Sorely, sdre'lė. ad. with great pain or distress nate and undetermined

Soreness, sdre'nês. 8. tenderness of a burt Somerset, sům'můr-set. s. a leap by which a Sorrel, sör'rfl. . a plant

juniper throws himself from a beam and Sorrily, sor're-lè. ad. meanly, despicably turns over his head

Sorrow, sôr'rd. 8. grief, pain, sadness Somehow, sům'hôi. a. One way or other Sorrow, sôr'ro. v. n. to grieve, to be sad Something, sům'thing. s. more or less Sorrowful, sôr'rb-rål. a. mournful, grieving Sometime, súm'tlme, ad. once, formerly Sorry, sőr'rè. a. grieved for something past; Sometimes, sům'tlmz, ad. now and then

worthless Somewhat, sům'hwốt. s. something; more or Sort, sort. s, a kind, a species; rank less

(otherSort, sört. v. a. to separate ; to cull Somewhere, sům'hwåre. ad. in one place or Sortment, sỏrt'ment. s. the act of sorting, Somniferous, som-off'fêr-us.

distribution Somnifick, sôn-niriik.

2. causing Soss, sởs. V. n. to fall at once into sleep

Sot, sôt. s. a blockhead; a wretch stupified by Somnolency, sồmond-lên-ge. 8. sleepiness drinking Son, sůn. s. a male child ; 'native of a country, Sottish, sốt'tish. a. dull, stupid, doltish the second person of the Trinity

Soitishness, sốt'tish-nés. s. stupidity; insensiSon-in-law, sun'in-låw. 8. a man harried to bility one's daughter

Souchong, såå-tshồng'. 6. the finest kind of Sonata, sd-na'tå. 8. a tune

Bohea tea Song, sông. 8. a poem modulated to the Sought, sảwt. pret. and part. pass.' of seek voice ; a ballad

Soul, adle. s. the immortal spirit of min; viSongster, sång'står. s. a singer

tal principle ; intelligent being Songstress, sông'strés. 8. a female singer Sound, såónd. a. healthy ; right; stout ;

lusty Sonnet, sôn' nét. s. a small poem

Sound, sôůnd. s. a shallow sea; a noise ; : Sonneteer, sôn-nêt-téér'. s. a small poet, in probe contempt

(sound Sound, sóind. 5. a. to search with a plum Sonorous, 80-nd'růs. a. giving loud or shrill met; to try Spon, sbón, ad, before long; early

Sound, sốind. v. n. to make a noise ; to exhiSoot, s8ðt. s. condensed or embodied smoke bit by likeness of sound Sooted, 888t'êd. a. covered with soot Soundly, sỏind'ld. ad. healthily; rightly ; fast Sooth, sbóth. v. a. to flatter, to please ; to Soundness, såled'nės. s. health, beartitess; calm

(prognosticator truth, solidity Soothsayer, ső3th" så-úr. s. a foreteller, a Soup, sbbp. s. strong decoction of flesh for Sooty, sốl'tė. a. breeding soot; black, dark the table Sop, sôp. 6. any thing steeped in liquor to be Sour, sðir. a. acid, austere ; peerish eaten

Sour, soir. v. a. to make acid; to mal, diso Sop, sõp. V. a. to steep in liquor


( inal Soph, sof. s. a young man who has been two Source, borse. 8. spring, fountain-head i ori years at the university

Sourish; sůür'ish. a. somewhat sour


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Sourly, sốúr'le. ad. with acidity

Spawl, spåwl. s. spittle Sourneas, sóůr'nès. s. acidity; asperity Spawn, spáwn. s. the eggs of fish or of frogs Souse, sỏúse. s. pickle made of salt Spay, spá. v. a. to castrate female animals So:ise, sotse. v. 0. to fall as a bird on its prey Speak, spéke. v. n. pret. spake or spoke ; Souse, sdåse. ad. with sudden violence

part. pass. spoken. to utter articulate sounds, South, sỏith. s. the part where the sun is to us to express thoughts by words at noon; the southern region

Speakable, spé'ká-bl. a. possible to be spoken South, sõith, a. southern, meridional Speaker, spė'kúr. s. one that speaks South, såůth. ad. towards the south ; from the Spear, spére, s. a long weapon with a sharp south

point Southern, sósth'ùrn, or sůth'úrn. a. belonging Special, spésh'al. a. particular, peculiar to the south, meridional

Species, spé'shéz. s, a sort; class of nature Southward, south'wård, or sůth'úrd. ad. to- Specifick, spé-sitrik. s. a specifick medicine wards the south

Specifick, spė-sif'rik. a. that which makes a Sow, sol. s. a female pig; a mass of lead thing of the species of which it is ; appro Sow, só. v. a. part. pass. sown. to scatter in priated to the cure of some particular dis

the ground in order to growth; to spread ; temper to stock with seed

Specifically, spé-sif'sė-kål-é. ad. according to Sowins, sóů'loz. s. flummery

the nature of the species Sown, sone. part. of to sow

[time Specify, spēs'sė-fl. v. a. to show by some parSpace, spåse. s. room, extension , quantity of ticular mark of distinction Spacious, spå'shủs. a. wide, extensive, roomy Specimen, spes'se-inèn. 8. a sample Spaciousness, spa'shủs-nés. s. roominess, wide Specious, spė'shús. a, shuwy; plausible extension

Speck, spek, 8. a small discolouration, a spot Spade, spåde. s. the instrument of digging Speck, spék. v. a, to spot Span, spån. s. the space from the end of the Speckle, spek'kl. s. small speck, little spot thumb to the end of the little finger ex-Speckle, spékľkl. v. a. to alark with smal] tended

spots Span, spån. v. a. to measure by the hand Spectacle, spek'ta-kl. s. a show, a gazingSpangle, spâng'gl. s. a small plate of shining stock ; glasses to assist the sight metal

[spangles Spectator, spék-ta'túr. s. a looker on Spangle, spång'gl. v. a. to besprinkle with Spectie, spék'tửr. 8, apparition Spaniel, spån'yèl. s. a dog used for sport Specular, spêk'ků-lår. a. having the qualities Spank, spånyk. v. a. to strike with the open of a mirror ; assisting sight Icontemplate hand

Speculate, spek'ků-låte. v. n. to meditate, to Spar, spår. 5. marcasite ; a small beam Speculation, spék-u-la'shỏa, 8. mental view Spar, spår. v. n. to fight like cocks with pre scheme not reduced to practice lusive strokes

Speculative, spek’kıl-lå-tiv. a. contemplative, Spare, spáre. v. a. to use frugally; to do with theoretical

(ing-glass to forbear; to treat with pity Speculum, spékřku-lůn. 8. a mirror, a lookSpare, spåre. a. scanty, parsimonious ; lean Sped, sped. pret. and part. pass. of speed Sparerib, spåre'rib. s. some part cut off from Speech, spéčish. s. the power of articulate the ribs

utterance; language; any thing spoken; Sparing, spá'ring. a. scarce; scanty

oration Spark, spárk. s. a small particle of fire ; al Speechless, spéétsh'lès. a. mute, dumb lively gay man

Speed, speed. v. n. pret. and pact. pass Sparkle, spår'kl. s. a spark

speed and speeded. to make haste, to move Sparkle, spår’kl. v. n. to emit sparks ; to glit with celerity; to have success Sparrow, spår'rd. a. a small bird

Speed, speed. 8. quick nebs, celerity Spasm, spazm. s. convulsion

Speedily, spééd'é-lé. ad. with haste, quickly Spasmodick, spaz-mod'ík. a. convulsive Speedy, spéėd'é. a. quick, swift Spatter, spåttúr. v. a. to sprinkle with dirt or Spell, spěll. s. a charm; a turn of work any thing offensive

Spell, spell v. n, to form words of letters Spatterdashes, spåt'tûr-dash-lz. 6. coverings to read for the legs

Spend, spend. v. a to consume, to lay out Spatula, spåt'tshd-lå. s. a spattle or slice, used to effuse, to waste; to harass

by apothecaries in spreading plasters Spendthrift, spend'thrift. 6. a prodigal, a Spavin, spåv'io. s. a disease in horses

lavisher Spaw, spåw. 5. apy mineral water

Sperm, sperm. 8. seed; that by which the Spawl, spåwl. v. n. to throw moisture out of species is continued

(whale the mouth

Sper maceti, spér-ma-se'le. o. the seed of a



a lion

Spermatick, spér-nåt't?. a. seminal ; be- Spiritualize, spir'it-tshů-al-ize. v. a. to refine longing to the sperm

the intellect Sphere, sfère. s. a globe, orb, circuit of mo- spiritually, spir'it-tshů-al-lè. ad. with attention; province, compass of knowledge or tion to things purely intellectual action

Spirituous, spir'It-tshú-ús. a. having the qua Spherical , sférrek-il.} a. round, globular

lity of spirit; lively, airy

Spirt, spürt. v. a. to throw out in a jet Sphericity, sfé-ris'é-tě. s. roundness ; rotun-Ispiry, spirė. a. pyramidal, wreathed dity

[the form of a sphere Spissitude, spis'se-túde. s. grossness, thickness Spheroid, sfè'rold. 8. a body approaching to Spit, spit. 6. an utensil to roast meat on Spherule, sfêr'dle. 8. a little globe

Spit, spit. v. a. pret, spat; part. pass. spit or Sphinx, sfinks. 8. a fabled monster in Egypt, spitted. to put upon a spit; to thrust through having the face of a virgin and the body of Spit, spft. v. n. to eject from the mouth; to

throw out spittle Spice, spise. s. a vegetable production fragrant|Spite, spite. s. malice, rancour, hate

to the smell and pungent to the palate Spite, spite. v. a. to vex, to thwart malignantly Spice, spice. V. a. to season with spice Spiteful, spłte'fill. a. malicious Spicery, spł'sůr-ė. s. the commodity of spices ; Spitefully, spite'fůl-ė. ad. maliciously a repository of spices

(of spice||Spitefulness, spłte'fûl-nês. s. malignity Spicy, spi'sė, a. aromatick, having the quality Spittle, spit'tl. 8. moisture of the mouth Spider, spłdůr. 8. the anirnal that spins a web Splash, splásh. v. a. to daub with dirt in great for flies

(faucet quantities Spigot, spig'lt

. 8. a pin or peg put into the Splashy, splash'è à. apt to daub Spike, spike. s. an ear of corn; a nail Splayfoot, splá'růt. a. having the foot turned Spike, spike. V. a. to fasten with long nails; inward

(humour to set with spikes

Spleen, spléen. 9. the milt; anger, spite, ill. Spikenard, splike’nắrd. 8. the name of a plant||Spleenful, spléen'fůl. a. angry, peevish, fretful Spill, spill. s. a small shiver of wood; al Splendent, splên'dênt. a. shining, glossy small quantity

Splendid, splen'did. a. showy, magnificent Spill, spill. v. a. to shed

Splendidly, splên' did-lè. ad. magnificently Spin, spin. v. a. pret. spun, or span; part. Splendour, splén'důr. s. lustre, magnificence spun. to draw out into threads ; to protract ; |Splenetick, splén'é-tik. a. fretful, peevish to draw out tediously

Splice, splise. v. a. to join the two ends of a Spinal, spinal. a. belonging to the back-bone rope without a knot

(surgeon Spindle, spin'di. s. the pin by which the thread Splint, splínts. a thin piece of wood used by is formed ; a long slender stalk

Splinter, splint’úr. v. a. to secure by splints Spine, splné. s. the back-bone

to shiver Spiuet, spin-net 8. a small harpsichord Splinter, spl?nt'ír. s. a thin piece of wood Spinner, spin'nůr. s. one skilled io spinning Split, split. v. a. pret. split. to cleave ; to Spinous, spt'nủs. a. thorny, full of thorns break into discord (culate speaking Spinster, spins'tür. 8. a woman that spins ; the Splutter, splût'tůr. s. bustle ; basty and inarti

general term for a girl or maiden woman Spoil, sp8 l. v. a. to rob; to plunder Spiny, spl'nė. a. thorny, perplexed Spoil, spõll. s. plunder; pillage Spiracle, spir'a-kl. 8. a breathing hole, a vent Spoiler, spôsı'úr. s. a robber, a plunderer Spiral, spi'rål. a. curve, winding

Spoke, spöke, 3. the bar of a wheel Spire, spire. 8. a curve line ; any thing grow-|Spoke, spdke. pret. of speak ing up taper ; a steeple

Spoken, spo'kn. part. pass. of speak Canother pirit, spir'it. s. breath; an apparition ; ar- Spokesman, spoks'mån. 8. one who speaks for

dour ; vigour of mind; desire ; an inflam. Spoliate, spo'lė-åte. v. a. to rob, to plunder mable liquor raised by distillation

Spoliation, spô-le-–'shủn. s. the act of robbery Spirited, spir'it-êd. n. lively, full of fire Spondee, spôn'de. s. a foot in poetry of two Spiritedness, spir'it-êd-nés. 8. disposition or long syllables make of mind

[pressed Sponge, spủnje. s. a soft porous substance reSpiritless, sptr'it-lég. a. dejected, low, de markable for sucking up water Spiritous, 'spir”ft-ús. a. refined, advanced near Sponge, spůnje. V. a. to blot, to wipe away as to spirit

with a sponge

(stitial holes Spiritual, spir'it-tshủ-al. a. immaterial, incor- Ispongy, spủn'jè. a. soft and full of small inter

poreal; relating to the things of heaven Sponsal, spõn'sål. a. relating to marriage Spirituality, spir-it-tslid-al'é-té. s. immateria-| Sponsion, spån’shủn. s. the act of becoming lity [act of spiritualizing

surety for another Spiritualization, spir-it-tsbu-al-é-zá'shủn. s. |Sponsor, spón’súr. s. a surety



Spontaneous, spön-ta'nė-ús. a. voluntary Sprout, spróút. v. n. to shoot by vegetation, Spontaneously, spôn-tå'nė-is lė. ad. volun- to germinate tarily

Sprout, spróút. 8. a shoot of a vegetable Spoon, spðin. 6. a concave vessel with a Spruce, spróðse. a. nice, trim, neat handle, used in eating liquids

Sprucebeer, sprose-hédr'. s. beer tinctured Spoonful, spo3n'tůl. s. as inuch as is generally with branches of fir

(elegance taken at once in a spoon

Spruceness, sprð/se'nès. 8. neatness without Spoonmeat, spáðn'mėte. s. nourishment taken Sprung, sprủng. pret. and part. pass. of sprius with a spoon

Spud, spůd. s. a short knife
Sport, sport. s. play, diversion; mock Spume, spåme. s. foam, froth
Sport, sport. v. n. to play, to frolick, to game Spume, spåme, v. n. to foam, to froth
Sportful, sport'fùl. a. merry, frolicksome, in Spumous, spá'mås.

a. frothy, foamy jost

Spumy, spú'rné. Sportive, spor'tiv. a. gay, merry

Spun, spủn. pret. and part. pass. of spin Sportiveness, spor'tiv-nés. s. gayety, play Spunge, spủnje. S.----See Sponge Sportsman, sports'mån. s. one who pursues Spunge, spủnje. v. 0. to hang on others for the recreations of the field


(soft like a sponge Spot, spot. s. a blot; a taiut, a disgrace ; any||Srungy, spủn'je. a. full of small hoies, and particular place

Spur, spúr. s. a sharp point fixed in the rider's Spot, spot. v. a. to mark with discolouration ; heel; incitement; instigation; a stinulus to corrupt, to disgrace

Spur, spår. v. a. to prick with the spur ; to Spotless, spởt'lês. a. immaculate, pure

instigate Spousal spou'zål. a. nuptial, bridal

Spurious, spử'ré-66. a. counterfeit, adulterine Spouse, spôize. s. a husband or wife

Spurn, spůrn. 5. a. to kick; to scorn; to Spout, spóút. s. a pipe, the mouth of a vesse) treat with contempt out of which any thing is poured ; a ca-Spurrier, şpůr’re-ửr. s. one who makes spurs

[speak speeches out of plays Spurt, spürt. v. n. to fly out with a quick Spout, sport. v. a. to pour with violence; to stream Sprain, språne. s. extension of ligaments Sputter, spåt'tůr. v. n. to emit moisture in without dislocation of the joint

small fying drops ; to speak hastily Sprang, språng. pret. of spring

Spy, spl. s. one sent to watch the conduct of Sprat, sprât. s. a small sea-fish

others Sprawl, språwl. v. n. to struggle ; to tumble Spy, spl. v. a. to discover with agitation

(roam of the sea Spy, spl. v. n. to search narrowly Spray, sprả. s. the extremity of a branch ; the Spyboat, spi'bote. s. a boat sent out for intelliSpread, spred. v. a. to extend ; to cover over gence

(stout, awkwardly bulky Spread, spred. s. extent, compass

Squab, skwôb. a. nnfeathered; fat, thick and Sprig, sprig. s. a small branch

Squabbish, skwôb'bish. a. thick, heavy Spright, sprite. s. apparition

Squabble, skwob'bl. v. n. to quarrel, to Sprightliness, sprite'lé-nés. s. liveliness, brisk wrangle ness, gayety

Squabble, skwob'bl. s. a low brawl [fieet Sprightly, sprite'lé.

Squadron, skwà'drún. s. part of an army, or Spring, spring. V. n. pret. sprung, or sprang. Squalid, skwol'lid. a. foul, nasty, filthy

to begin to grow; to issue forth; to arise ;| Squall, skwåll. v. n. to scream suddenly to bound; to jump, to fly with elastick Squall, skwåll. s. loud scream, sudden gust osa power

wind Spring, spring. v. a. to rouse game; to pro-Squally, skwåll'le. a. windy, gusty

duce to light; to discharge a mine Squamous, skwà'můs. a. scaly, covered with Spring, spring. s. a season of the year; elas

scales tick force; a leap, a bound; a fountain ; Squander, skwởn'důr. v. a. to spend profusea source ; original

ly; to dissipate Springe, sprinje. s. a gin, a noose

Square, skware. a. having right angles ; corSpringiness, spring'e-nês. 8. elasticity, power nered; parallel ; exact

of restoring itself (moon, high tide Square, skwảre. s. a figure with right angles Springtide, spring'tide. 5. tide at the new and equal sides ; an area of four sides wités Springy, spring'è. a. elastick; full of springs houses on each side ; a rule or instrument; or fountains

(to besprinkle level, equality Sprinkle, spring'kl. v. a. to scatter in drops :) Square, skware. v. a. to form with right aj. Spritsail, sprit'sále. 8. the sail which belongs gles ; to accommodate (soft bodies to the boltsprit

Squash, skwôsh. B. a sudden fall; a shock of Sprite, sprite. 8, a spirit

Squat, skwot. v. a. to sit close to the ground

a. gay, brisk

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