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(rect means


Subdue, súb-dů'. v. a. to conquer ; to tame Subordination, súb-or-de-nå'shún. s. the state Subduple, súb'du-pl.

of being inferior

a. containing Subduplicate, sůb-dů'plé-kåte.

Suborn, sůb-órn'. v. a. to procure by indione part of two

Subpæna, súb-pé'nå. s. a writ commanding Subjacent, sůb-já sént. a. lying under


[one part of four Subject, cúb-jékt'. v.a. to put under ; to reduce Subquadruple, sûb-kwôd'dry-pl. a. containing Subject, súb-jekt. a. placed or situated under ;| Subquintuple, súb-kwin'tu-pl. a. containing exposed

one part of five Subject, súb'jêkt. s, one who lives under the Subscribe, sûb-skribe'. v. a. to give consent

dominion of another ; that on which any to by underwriting the name; to attest operation is performed

Subscriber, sůb-skrl'bůr. 8. one who subscribes Subjection, súb-jék'shủn. s. the state of being|| Subscription, sůb-skrip'shủa. s. any thing un under government

derwritten; the act or state of contributing Esbjective, súb-jék’tiv. a. relating to a subject to any undertaking

[following Subjoin, sůh-join'. v. a. to add at the end Subsequence, sůb'se-k wense. s. the state of Subitaneous, sûb-e-tảne-ús. a. sudden, hasty|Subsecutive, súb-sẽk'ků-tiv. a. following in Subjugate, sûb'jų-gåte. v. a. to conquer, to


(train subdue

(duing Subsequent, sůb'se-kwếnt. a. following in Subjugation, sửh-jú-gå'shỉn. s. the act of sub-Subsequently, súb'sė-iswềnt-lé. ad. so as to Subjunction, súb-jủngk’shủn. s. the act of follow in train

(dination subjoining

Subserve, súb-serv'. v. a. to serve in suborSubjunctive, sůb-jủngk'tiv. a. subjoined to Subserrience, súb-sêr' vé-&nse.

s. instrusomething else

[sublimed Subserviency, súb-ser'vé-en-se. Sublimable, sůb-llmå-bl. a. possible to be mental fitness Sublimate, súb'le-nåt. 8. quicksilver raised in Subservient, súb-sểr'vé-ént. a. subordinate the retort

Subside, súb-side'. v. 0. to sink, to tend Sublimate, sůb'le-måte. v. a. to raise by the downwards force of chymical fire

Subsidence, súh-slidinge.

8. the act of Sublimation, sứb-le-ma'shủn. s. a chymical Subsidency, súb-si'den-sè. operation by fire

sinking Sublime, sûb-bilme'. a. high, exalted Subsidiary, súb-sid'é-a-ré. a. assistant Sublime, súb-b]ime'. s. grand or lofty style Subsidize, sůh'sé-dize. v. a. to give money to Sublime, sůb-blime'. v. a. to raise by a chy

receive aid or assistance mical fire

Subsidy, sůd'sé-dé. s. aid, commonly such as is Sublimely, súb-blline'le. ad. loftily, grandly

given in money Sublimity, súb-blim'e-tė. s. loftiness Subsign, sůb-sine'. v. a. to sign under Sublingual, súb-ling'gwål. a. placed under the Subsist, súb-sist'. v. n. to continue ; to have tongue

means of living, to be maintained Sublunary, súb'ld-nár-é. a. terrestrial Subsistence, súb-sis'tense. s. means of support Submarine, súb-må-réen'. a. lying under the Subsistent, sủh-sis'tếot. a. having real being

Substance, súb'stanse. s. being; essential Submersion, sỉb-mêr'shồn. s. the act of

part; body; wealth drowning, state of being drowned Substantial, sůb-stân'shâl. a. real; solid ; ubmiss, súb-mis'. a. humble, obsequious moderately wealthy ubmission, súb-mlsh'ún. s. obsequiousness, Substantiality, súb-stån-she-kl’d_tė. s. real exobedience

istence ; corporeity Subinissive, sůb-mis'sir. a, humble

Substantially, súb-stån'shål-d. ad. strongly, Submissively, súb-mis'siv-lé. ad. humbly solidly; with competent wealth Submit, súb-mit'. v. a. to resign to authority;s/Substantiate, siůb-stân'sbé-åte. v. a. to make, to refer to judgment

to exist

(ing the thing Sibrit, sứb-mit'. v. n. to be suhject Substantive, súb'stan-tiv. s. a noun betokenSubmultiple, súb-mủl'tė-pl. s. that which is substitute, sůb'stė-túte. V, a. to put in the contained in another number, a certain

place of another number of times exactly

[eight Substitute, sûb'stė-tůte. 8. one put to act in Suboctave, súb-k'tåve.

the place of another Suboctuple, súb-ok'tu-pl.

a. one part of substract, sůb'strakt'. v. a. to take away part Subordinancy, súb-8r'dé-nán-se. s. the state of from the whole being subject

Corder Substraction, sûb-stråk'shịn. s. the act of tak. Subordinate, sûb-er-de-nåt. a. inferior in ing part from the whole Subordinately, súb-or'de-båt-lè. ad. in a series Substruction, sub-strůk'shủn. s. underbuild. regularly descending




Subsultory, súb'súl-túr-ė. a. bounding, mov-||Suction, súk'shủn. s. the act of sucking ing by starts

Sudation, sů-dá'shủn. 8. sweat Subtend, sůb-tênd'. v. a. to be extended under Sudatory, sú'da-tůr-ė. s. a sweating bath Subtense, súb-tense'. s. the chord of an arch Sudden, sed'din. a. without previous notice ; Subterfuge, súb'tếr-fädje. s. a shift, an eva hasty, precipitate

(manner [under the earth Suddenly, súd'din-lè. ad. in an unexpected Subterranean, sûb-tér-rå'nd-an.

Suddenness, sůd'din-nês. 's. state of being a. lying

sudden, unexpected presence Subtile, súb'til. a. thin; piercing, acute Sudorifick, su-dd-rîf'rik. 2. causing sweat Subtiley, súb'til-lé. ad finely, cunningly Suds, sůdz. 8. a lixivium of soap and water Subtiliate súb-til'yáte. v. a. to make bin Sue, sú. v. a. to prosecute by law Subtilty, sib'tii-té. s. thinness, cunning Sue, sú. v. n. to entreat, to petition Subtilization, sůb-til-e-za'shủn. 5. refinement,||Suet, si'it. s. a hard fat, particularly tbat superfluous acuteness

[fine about the kidneys
Subtilize, sûb'til-ize. v. a.'to make thing to re-1 Svety, súlt-é. a. consisting of suet
Subtle, sút'tl. a. sly, artful, cunning Suffer, sůr'sůr. v. a. to bear; to allow
Subtlety, sůt'tl-tė. 6. artfulness, cunning Sufferable, suf'fúr-å-bl. a. tolerable
Subtract. --See Substract

Sufferance, sủf'fúr-ånse. s. permission
Subtraction.---See Substraction

Sufferer, sůr'fůr-úr. *. one who endures pain; Suburb, súb'ůrb, s, building without the walls

one who permits of a city; the confines

Suffering, sůl'für-ing. s. pain suffered Subversion, sút-vêr'shún. s. overthrow, ruin Suffice, sůf-fize'. v. n. to be enough [enough Subversive, súb-ver'siv. a. having tendency to sufficiency, sif-fish'én-sé. . competence, overturn

(stroy|Sufficient, súf-fish'ént. a. equal to any end or Subrert, sůb-vêrt'. v. a. to overthrow, to de

purpose ; competent Succedaneous, súk-se-då'né-is. a. supplying Sufficiently, súf-fish'ént-lé, ad. enough the place of sometbing else

Suffocate, sůr'fb-kåte. v. a. to choke by excluSucceed, súk-sééd'. v. n. to follow in order ; sion of air to obtain one's wish

Suffocation, sůf-fb-kå'shủn. s. the act of choke Success, sůk-sés'. a. the termination of any ing, state of being choked affair happy or unhappy

Suffragan, sůr'frå-gủn. s. a bishop considered Sucressful, sůk-sés'fùl. a. prosperous, happy, as subject to his metropolitan tortunate

(luckily Suffrage, sůl'fridje. s. vote, voice given Successfully, sủk-sex'tit-e. ad. prosperously ||Surfumigation, sẵt-fu-me-gioshủn, s, operation Successfulness, súk-sés'fdi-nés. s. hapry con of fumes raised by fire clusion, series of good fortune

Suffuse, såf-fúze'. v. a. to 'spread over with a Succession, súk-sêsh' in. s. a series of things or vapour or tincture

persons following one another; a lineage ;| Suffusion, sůr-lů’zhủn. s. the act of overspreadorder of descendants

ing with any thing

(cane Successive, súk-sés'sir. a. following in order Sugar, shúg’úr. s. the native salt of the sugarSuccessively, súk-sés'sív-lè. ad, in uninterrupt-Sugar, shỉg'ůr. 6. a. to impregnate or season ed order

with sugar Successor, sůk’sés-sûr. s. cne that follows in Suggest, såg-jểst'. v. a. to hint to intimate the place or character of another

suggestion, súg-jés'tshủn. ε. hint; intimation Succinct, súk-singkt'. a. girded up; concise Suicide, sů e-side. 8. self-murder Succinctiy, súk-singkt'lė. ad. briefly, concisely Suit, såte. 5. a set; clothes made one part to Succour, sůk'kúr. v. a. to help, to relieve angwer another ; courtship Succour, sůk'kúr. s. aid, assistance

Suit, site. v. a. to fit ; to be fitted to, co Succulency, sủkoku-lên-se. 6. juiciness


[ble to Succulent, sůk'k-lent. a. juicy, moist Suitable, si'ta-bl. a. according with, agreeaSuccumb, sůk-kîmb'. v. a, to yield, to sink Suitableness, sú'tå-bl-nés. s. fitness, agreeable

under difficulty Such, sítsa. pron. of that kind

Suitably, sú'tå-blè. ad. agreeably Suck, sok. v. a. to draw in with the mouth Suiter,

sd'tůr. s. a petitioner ; a wooer Suck, sůk. s. the act of sucking ; milk given Suitor, by females

Sulky, sůl'kè. a, silently sullen, morose Sucker, sůk'kůr. 8. any thing that draws by suc-|Sulkines, sůl'ké-nés. s. silent sulliness, men

ticn; a young twig shooting from the stock| Suckle, sůk'kl. v. a. to burse at the breast Sullen, sůl'lin. a. gloomy; obstinate Suckling, sik'kling. s. a young creature yet Sullenness, sůl'lin-nés. &. gloominese, mo.





fed by the pap


Sully, súllé. v. a. to soil, to spot

Superb, eu-pérb'. a. grand, pompous Sulphur, sůlrúr. s. brinstone

Supercargo, su-per-kår'gd. s. an officer who a. containing

manages the trade of a ship Sulphurous, sůlrůr-ús.

Supercelestial, sů-per-sé-lés' tshål. a. placed sulphur

above the firmament

(matical Sulphury, sůl’für-ė. a. partaking of sulphur Supercilious, su-per-sîl'yús. a. haughty, dog. Sultan, sůl'tan. s. the Turkish emperor Superciliously, su-per-bil'yús-lè. ad. haughSultana, sůl-ta' nå. 8. the queen of an eastern tily, contemptuously ernperor

(sultry Supereminence, sú-per-êm'me-nếnse. s. Sultrisess, sůl'tré-nês. s. the state of being common degree of eminence Sultry, sůl'tré. a. hot and close

Supereminent, ed-per-ểm mê-nent. a. emiBun, súm. s. the whole of any thing ; quan nent in a high degree tity of money ; the amount

Supererogate, sú-pêr-ér'ro-gåte. v. n. to de Sum, sům. v. a. to compute

more than duty requires Sumless, sům'lės. a. not to be computed Supererogation, su-pểr-êr rd-gå'shủn. 5. perSummary, súm'mi-ré. a. short, brief (ment formance of more than duty Summary, súmn'ma-ré. s. compendium, abridg-|Superexcellent, sů-pér-ék'sểi-lênt. a. uncom Summer, sům'múr. s. the season in whicb monly excellent

[face; shallow the sun arrives at the bither solstice Superficial, sů-per-fish'al. a. lying on the surSuminit, súm'mît. s. the top, the utmost height Superficially, så-per-fish'ål-lè. ad.

on the Simmon, sửm'mản, v. a. to call with authority surface Summons, sum'mủnz. s. a call of authority Superficies, su-per-fish'éz. s. outside, surface Sumpter, súm'tủr. s. a horse that carries Superfine, sů-per-fine'. a. eminently fine clothes or furniture

Superfluitant, sů-per-fiú'è-tânt. a. floating Simption, sửm'shủn. s. the act of tåking above Sumptuary, sửm'tshů-å-ré. a. regulating the Superfluity, su-per-Atů'l-té. s. more than enough cost of life

Superfluous, så-pêr’Ad-ús. a. exuberant, more Sumptuous, sửm'tshd-ús. a. costly, expensive than enough

(more than is wanted Sumptuously, sům'tshủ-ủs-lė. ad. expensively Superflux, su'pér-fůks. 8. that which is Sumptuousness, sům'tshu-ús-nés. 8. costliness Superincumbent, sd-pér-in-kům'bếnt. a. lying Sun, sún. s. the luminary that makes the day on the top of something else Sun, sủn. V. a. to expose to the sun

Superinduce, sů-pér-in-dåse'. v. a. to bring in Sunbeam, sủn'bême. 8. ray of the sun

as an addition

(to overlook Sunburnt, sủn'burnt. part. a. tanned Superintend, sů-pér-in-tênd'. v. a. to oversee, Sunday, sủn'dė. s. the Christian sabbath

Superintendence, sú-per-in-tênd'énse.
Sunder, sủn'dúr. v. a. to part, to separate
Sundial, sủn'di-il. s. a marked plate on which the act of overseeing
the shadow points the hour

Superintendent, su-per-in-tên'dênt. s.
Sundry, sủn'dré. a. several

who overlooks others Sung, sủng. pret. and part. pass. of sing Superiority, sú-pé-ré-or’é-tė. s. pre-eminence, Sunk, sủngk, pret. and part. pass. of sink the quality of being greater Sunless, sủn'lès. a. wanting sun

Superior, su-pe're-ûr. a. higher Sunny, sủn'nė. a. bright; exposed to the sun Superior, sů-pe'ré-úr. 8. one more excellent Sunrise, sản rize.

or dignified than another s. the appearance of Sunrising, sửp'riz-ing.

Superlative, sů-pêr'lå-tiv. a. implying or exthe sun

pressing the highest degree

[moon Sunset, sủn'sét. 8. close of the day

Superlunar, su-per-lu'når. a. placed above the Sunshine, sủn'shine. 6. action of the sun Supernal, sd-pèr'nal. a. placed above, celestial Sup, súp. v. 1. to eat the evening meal Supernatant, si-per-nå'tânt. a. swimming Sup, súp. s. a small draught

above Superable, su'pér-a-bl. a. conquerable Supernatural, bů-per-nåt'tshd-rål. a. above the Superabound, su-per--bbûnd'. v. n. "to be powers of nature stored with more than enough

Supernumerary, sů-per-o''mer-år-é. a. above Superabundance, sú-per-a-hứn'dânse. s. more a stated purnber than enough

[more than enough Superscribe, su-per-skribe'. v. a. to inscribe Superabundant, sd-per-a-bủn'dånt. a. being

upon the top or outside Superadd, su-pêr-ad'. v. a. to add over and Superscription, sú-pêr-skrip'shủn. s. that above

which is written on the top or outside Superaddition, sů-per-ad-dish'ún. s. that Supersede, sd-per-séde'. v. a. to set aside which is added

(qualify by age Supersedeas, sů-per-se'dè-ås. 8. the name of a Superannuate, sú-per-Xo'nd-ate. v. a. to dis-ll writ to set aside some proceeding at law

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Superstition, sd-péri-stisb'ún. s. false religion ;||Suppress, súp-prés'. 5. a. tu crush, to subdue ,
(superstition to conceal

[pressing Superstitious, su-pển-stfshỉ. a. addicted to suppression, sủn-prpshoản.

s. 'the act of supSuperstrain, su-per-stråne'.

.v. a. to strain be- Suppurate, súp'pů-råte. v. a. to generate pus yond the just stretch

[any thing or matter Superstruct, sů-per-strúkt'. v. a. to build upon Suppuration, sửp-på-ra'shủn. s. the ripening, Superstruction, så-per-strůk'shủn. s. an edifice of the matter of a turnour into pus raised on any thing

Surpurative, súp'pů-rå-tiv. a. digestive Superstructure, sů-per-strůk'tshủre. s. that Supputation, sůp-på-ta'shủn. s. reckoning, ac

which is built upon something else Supervene, sd-pér-véne'. v. n. to come as an Suppute, sủp-pdte'. v.a. to reckon, to calculate extraneous addition

Supremacy, sú-prém’å-sė. s. highest place, Supervenient, sú-pér-vé'ne-ênt. a. added, ad highest authority ditional

(supervening |Supreme, sú-préme'. a. highest in dignity o Supervention, si-pér-vén'shủn.


[degret Supervise, où-pér-vize'. v. a. to overlook, to Supremely, sů-prème'lė. ad. in the bigher

Sural, sú'rål. a. being in the calf of the leg
Supervisor, sů-per-vl'zůr. 3. an overseer Surance, shủ'rânse. s. warrant, security
Supine, su-pine'. a. lying with the face up-Surcease, sůr-sėse'. v. n. to stop, to cease
ward ; careless, indolent

Surcharge, súr-tshảrje'. s. overburden
Supine, sů'pine. s a kind of verbal noun Surcharge, sảr-tshảrje'. v. a. to overload, te
Supinely, sd-pine'lė. ad. with the face up overburden
ward; indolently

Surcingle, sửr'sing-gl. s. a girth Supineness, sů-płne'nểs. s. posture with the Surcle, sůrk'kl. s. a shoot, a twig, a sucker face upward; indolence

Surcoat, súr'kdte. 8. a short coat worn over Supper, súp'půr. 8. the evening repast

the rest of the dress Supperless, súpʼpúr-les. a. wanting supper Surd, sůrd. a. deaf; unbeard Supplant, súp-plånt'. v. a. to displace by Sure, shdre. a. certain ; firm stratagem

Sure, shủre. ad. certainly, doubtless Supplanter, sủp-plånt'ůr. 8. one that supplants | Surely, shůre'lè. ad. certainly, undoubtedly Supple, súp'pl. a. pliant, flexible

Surety, shůre'tė B. certainiy; security ; hosSupplement, sủp'ple-mếnt. s. addition to any tage

[against the shore or a rock thing by which its defects are supplied Surf, sůrf. s. the swell of the sea that beats Supplemental, súp-plé-roent'ål.

-ré. }

Surface, súr'íảs. e. superficies, outside

Surfeit, sůr'fit. v. a. to feed with meat of ditional, such as may supply the place of drink to satiety and sickness what is lost

Surfeit, sůr' fit. s. sickness or satiety caused by Suppleness, súp'pl-nês. s, pliantness, flexibility, over-fulness Suppletory, súp'ple-tůr-ė. s. that which is toSurge, sůrje. s. a swelling sea fill up deficiencies

Surgeon, sůr'jún. s. one who cures by manual Suppliant, súp'plė-ânt. a. entreating


(manual operations Suppliant, súp'plé-ånt.

Surgery, sůr'jêr-ė. s. the act of curing by

one that enSupplicant, sůp'ple-kânt.

Surgy, sûr'jé. a. rising in billows treats or implores

Surliness, sůr'ld-nés. s. moroseness, sour anger Supplicate, sủpplė-kåte. V. a. to implore, to|Surly, súrlé. a. gloomily morose

(bly delivered | Surmise, sůr-mize'.v. a. to suspect, to imagine Supplication, sỏp-plė-k&'shủn. s. petition hum imperfectly Supply, súp-pil. F. a to give something Surmise, sůr-mize'. s. imperfect hotion wanted, to afford; to relieve

Surmount, sůr-moint'. v. a. to rise above ; to Supply, súp-pil'. s. relief of want (to endure Support, sủp-port.' v. a. to sustain, to prop ;| Surmountable, sůr-mdint'a-bl. a. conquerable Support, sůr-port'. s. prop, supply

Surname, sûr nåme. s. the name of the family Supportable, sủp-párt'á-bl. a. tolerable Surpass, sảr-pås'. v. a. to excel, co-exceed Supporter, súp-pórt úr. 5. one that supports ; a Surpassing, sůr-pås'sing. part. a. excellent in prop

[proof, belief
a high degree

[by the clergy Supposal, sůp-po'zål. 8. position without Surplice, sůr'plis. 8. a white garment worn Suppose, sủp-pdze'. v. a. to lay down without Surplus, sůr'plís. 3. overplus proof; to imagine (down, hypothesis Surprisal, sůr-prizál.

s. the state of being Supposition, súp-pd-zish'in. s. position laid|Surprise, sůr-prize'. Supposititious, súp-poz-é-tisb'ús. à not genu taken unawares; sudden confusion or per ine


a. ad



Surprise, sůr-prize'. v. a. to take unawares (Swallow, swol'ld. y. a. to take down the
Surprising, şir-prl'zing. part. a. wonderful throat ; to receive without examination
Surrender, súr-rên'důr. v. a. to yield up Swam, swam. pret. of swim
Surrender, súr-rén'důr. s. the act of yielding | Swamp, swomp. s. a marsh, a fen
Surreption, sůr-rép'shứn. 5. surprise, sudden Swampy, swôm'pė. a boggy, fenay
and unperceived invasion

Swan swôn. s. a large water-fowl Surreptitious, sůr-rép-tish'ús. a. done by Swanskin, swôn’skin. 8. a kind of soft Aannel stealth, gotten fraudulently

Swap, swởp. ad. hastily Surrogate, sûr'rd-gåte. s. a deputy, a delegate Sward, swård. s. the surface of the ground Surround, sůr-rôůnd'. v. a. to environ, to en-Sware, cwåre. pret. of swear compass

[all the rest | Swarm, swårm. 8. number of bees or other Surtout, sửr-t33t'. 8. a large coat worn over small animals ; a multitude Survene, sûr-véne'. v. a. to supervene Swarm, swårm. v. n. to rise as bees in a body, Survey, súr-rå'. v, a. to overlook

and quit the hive ; to appear in multitudes, Survey, súr-vá'. s. view, prospect

to crowd

(complexion Surveyor, sůr-vá'ůr. s. an overseer ; a measur-Swarthiness, swår'the-nés. g. darkness of er of land

Swartby, swår'the. a. dark of complexion, Survive, súr-vive'. v. 0. to live after the

tawny death of another

[other Swash, swósh. v. n. to make a great clatter or Surviver, sir. vl'vůr. s. one who ontlives an noise

(bands and rollers Survivorship, sứr-vtvůr-ship. 9. the state of Swathe, swathe. v. a. to bind as a child with outliving another

Sway, swà. v. a. to wave in the hand; to goSusceptibility, sús-sép'tė-bil'é-tė. s. quality of vern, to influence [pon; power, dominion admitting

(ting Sway, swà. '8. the swing or sweep of a weaSusceptible, sủs-sép'te-bl. a. capable of admit- Swear, svåre. v. n. prei. swore, or sware ; Susception, sús-sép'ahủn. s. act of taking part. pass. sworn. to utter an oath; to de Susceptive, sủs-sep'tiv, a. capable to admit clare upon oath Suscipient, sús-sippe-ent. s. one who takes Swear, swåre. v. a. to put to an oath Suscitate, sủs'se-tåte. v. n. to rouse, to exciteSweat, swết. s. the matter evacuated at the Suspect, sủs-pêkt'. v. a. to imagine with a de pores by heat or labour

gree of fear and jealousy what is notSweat, swết. v. n. pret. sweat, sweated ; part. known; to hold uncertain

pass. sweaten. to emit moisture Suspend, sủs-pênd'. v. a. to hang ; to delay ||Sweaty, swet'tė. a. moist with sweat Suspense, sús-pénse'. s. uncertainty Sweep, sweep. v. a. to clean with a besom; Suspension, sửs-pén'shủn. s. act of delaying or to carry with pomp; to pass over with cewithholding; interruption, temporary ces


[tion of any motion sation

Sweep, swèèp. s. the act of sweeping ; direcSuspicion, sús-pish'ún. s. the act of suspectingSweepings, sweep’ingz. s. that which is swept Suspicious, sủs-pish'ís. a. inclined to suspect ; away

Call ; a prize at a race liable to suspicion

Sweepstake, swéép'ståke. s. a man that wins Suspiration, she spe-ra’shồn. s. a sigh Sweet, sweet. a. luscious to the taste ; fraSuspire, sús-spire'. v. n. to sigh

grans to the smell; melodious to the ear; Sustain, sủs-táne'. v. a. to bear ; to support pleasing to the eye Sustainer, sús-ca'nür. s. one that supports ; a Sweet, swéét. s. sweetness ; a perfume sufferer

Inance Sweetbread, swéét'bred, s. the pancreas of the Sustenance, sús'te-nå nse. b. support, mainte calf

(liate Sutler, sůt'lůr. s. a man that sells provisions Sweeten, sweet'tn. v. a. to make sweet; to palSuture, si'tshủre. s. a manner of sewing or Sweetheart, swéét'hảrt. s. a lover or mistress stitching wounds

Sweetly, sweet'le. ad. in a sweet manner Swab, swob. s. a kind of mop

Sweetmeat, sweet'méte. . fruits preserved Swabber, swob'bůr. s. a sweeper of the deck

[ing sweet Swaddle, swód dl. v. a. to swalne

Sweetness, swéét'nés. s. the quality of be. Swag, swag. v. n. to sink down hy its weight||Swell, swell. v. n. part. pass. swollen. to grow Swagger, swag'g`r. v. n. to bluster, to bully bigger; to be exasperated Swaggerer, swåg'gửr-ứr. s. a blusterer ; a Swell, swell. s. extension of bulk bully

Swelling, swéi'ling. 8. morbid tumor; proSwain, swane. s. a pastoral youth


[with heat Swale, swale.

Swelter, swel'tửr. v. a. to parch, or dry up V. 2. to waste or blaze Sweal, swèle.

Sweltry, swêl'tré. a. suffocating with heat away

Swept, swept. part. and pret. of sweep Swallow, swôl'18. 8. a small bird the throat Swerve, swirv. v 1. to wander; to deviate

with sugar

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