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the person

Attractive, åt-tråk’tiv. a. inviting, alluring, || August, ảw'gủst. s. the eighth inonth of the enticing

[power of attracting year Attractively, at-tråk'tiv-le. ad. with the Aulick, åw'lík. a. belonging to the court Attractor, at-tråk'tứr. s. the agent that at-Aunt, ảnt. s. a father or mother's sister

(may be ascribed Aurelia, áw-ré'lė-å. 8. the first stage of an Attributable, åt-trib'ů-tå-bl. a. that which insect before it becomes a fly, the chrysalis Attritute, at-trib'úte. v. a. to ascribe, to Auricle, kw'rė-kl. s. the external ear : an impute

appendage of the heart

(secret Attribute, át'tre-båte. 8. the thing attributed|| Auricular, åw-rík'u-lår. a. within hearing,

to another : quality adherent ; an appen- | Auriferous, Åw-rif“fé-růs. a. that produces dant

gold Attrition, åt-trish'ản. 8. the act of wearing Aurora, åw-rð'rå. 6. a herb; poetically the

things by rubbing; the lowest degree of morning repentance

(tune Auspice, Åw'spfs. 8.'an omen drawn from Attune, åt-túne'. v. a. to make musical; toll birds ; protection ; influence Auburne, Åw'bůrn. a. brown, of a tan colour Auspicious, Åw-spish'ús. a. with omers of Auction, åwk'shủn. 5. a manner of sale in success; favourable, kind, propitious

which one person bids after another Auspiciousness, ảw-spish'ús-ness. s. prosperi Auctionary, Åwk'shủn-å-ré. a. belonging to ty, happiness an auction

Austere, åw-stère'. a. severe, harsh, rigid, soor Auctioneer, åwk-shủn-der'. $.


3. severity, nirictness; that manages an auction

cruelty Audacious, ảw-då'shủs. a. bold, impudent Austral, å ws'tral. a. southern Audaciously, dw-då'shủs-le. ad. boldly, in- Authentical, sw-thên'tė-kål. a. authentick pudently

Authentically, áw-thến'té-kål-le. ad. with Audaciousness, åw-då'shůs-ness. s. impudence circumstances requisite to procure authority Audacity, Åw-dås'é-tê. s. spirit, boldness Authenticalness, ảw-thcnkte-kil-ness, a. the Audille, sw'de-bl. a. that may be perceived quality of being authentick, genuiveness by hearing

[being heard Authenticate, åw-thển'tė-kåte. r. a. to es. Audibleness, Åw'de-bl-ness. s. capableness of tablish anything by authority Audibly, ảw'de-ble. ad. in such a manner as|| Authenticity, ảw-then-tis'sé-té. ., authority, to be heard

genuineness Audience, Åw'je-ense. B. the act of hearing ; || Authentick, åw-thần'tîk. a. that has every

the liberty of speaking granted, a hearing thing requisite to give it authority persons collected to hear

Author, åw'thảr. s. the first beginner or moAudit, åw'dit. 8. a final account

ver of any thing; a writer Audit, &w'dit. v. a. to take an account Anthoress, św'thủr-éss. s. a female writer finally

Authoritative, ảw-thor'è-tå-tfv. a. baving due Auditor, &w'dè-tůr. %. a hearer; a person authority, having an air of authority

employed to take an account ultimately Authoritatively, kw-thor'é-tå-tiv-lé, ed. in an Auditory, áw'dd-túr-ré. a. that has the power authoritative manner

(fluance, rule of hearing

Authority, åw-thör'e-té. z. legal power; inAuditory, ảw'dê-tůr-re. s. an audience, a col-|| Authorization, An-thd-ré-za-'shún. s. estas

lection of persons assembled to hear; a blishment by authority

place where lectures are to be heard Authorize, åw'thd-rize. v. a. to give authoAnditress, åw'dé-trés. 8. a woman that hears rity; to make legal ; to establish Auger, åw'gủr. s. a tool to bore holes with Autocrasy, ảw-tök'ra-se. s. independent power Aught, Åwt. s. any thing

Autograph, åw'td-gråf. s. a particular perAugment, åwg-ment' v. a. to increase, to sop's own writing, the original make bigger

Automaton, Zw-tômoi-tôn. 8. a machine that Augment, Åwg-mênt'. v. n. to increase, to has the power of motion within itself grow bigger

Automatous, åw-tôm'a-tủs. a. having in itself Augmentation, åwg-mén-ta'shủn. 8. the act the power of motion of increasing, increase

Autopsy, kw'top-bė. s. ocular demonstration Augur, &w'gůr. s. one who predicts by the Autoptical, åw-top'tė-kål. a. perceived by fight of birds

one's own eyes Augur, &w'gůr. v. n. to conjecture by signs Autumn, kw'tům. s. the season of the year Augury, áw'gů-ré. 6. the act of prognostica between summer and winter

(tumn ting by omens

Autumnal, Åw-tům'nal. a. belonging to auAugust, dw-gúst's a. grand, royal, magnifi-| Auxiliary, dwg-zil'ya-rè. a. helping, age een:


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Avail, å-våle'. v. a. to profit; to promote,||Avowable, å-vdu'a-bl. a. that may be openly to prosper

declared Avail, a-våle'. e. profit, advantage, benefit Avowal, å-vdi'kl. s. justificatory declaration Available, å-válá-bl. a. profitable, advanta-|| Avowedly, å-vođ'éd-lè. ad. in an avowed geous; powerful [tage

(fies Availment, a-våle'ment. s. usefulness, advan-Avower, a-vol'úr. & he that avows or justiAvale, a-våle'. v. a. to let fall, to depress Avowtry, i-vòi trẻ. 1. adultery Avant-guard, å-vânt'gård. s. the van Avulsion, å-vůl'shủn. s. the act of pulling one Avarice, av'a-ris. 5. covetousness

thing from another

(tend Avaricious, av-a-rish'îs, a. covetous Await, å-wåte'. v. a. to expect, wait for, atAvariciously, áv-a-rish'ús-lè. ad. covetously | Awake, å-wåke' v. a. to rouse out of sleep: Avariciousness, åv-å-rish'ús-ness. s. the qua to put into new action lity of being avaricious

Awake, a-wåke'. v. n. to break from sleer Avaunt, å-vånt'. interj. a word of abhor to cease to sleep

rence by which any one is driven away Awake, a-wåke'. a. without sleep, not sleeping Avel, a-vål'. v. a. to pull away

Award, å-wård'. v. a. to adjudge, to deterAvemary, a-ve-ma'rė. s. a form of worship

mine in honour of the Virgin Mary

Award, å-wård'. 6. sentence, determination Arenge, a-vênje'. v. a. to revenge ; to punish| Aware, å-wåre'. a. vigilant, attentive Avengement, å-vénje'mếnt. 5. vengeance, re- 4 ware, å-wåre'. v. n. to beware, to be case venge


tious Avenger, a-ren'júr. & revenger, taker of Away, a-wa'. ad. absent ; let ng go; begone Avenue, av'é-nů. k. a way by which any Awe, åw. 8. referential fear, reverence

place may be entered ; an alley, or walk of Awe, åw. v. a. to strike with reverence cr trees before a house


(fills with reverence ; timorous Arer, -vêr'. v. a. to declare positively Awful, áw'fill. a, which strikes with awe, cr Average, år'úr-idje. s. that duty or service Awfully, åw'ful-lè. ad. in a reverential man which the tenant is to pay to the king; a

C... with awe, solemnity mean proportion

Awfulness, kw'td)-ness. s. the qnality of strikAverment, 'à-vêr'ment. s. establishment by A while, i-while'. ad. some time (clumsy evidence

[ble Awkward, Åwk'wûrd. a. unpolite, unhandy, A verse, a-vérse'. a. malign, not favoura- | Awkwardly, Åwk'wúrd-lè. ad. cluinsily, inela Aversely, a-vêrse'lè. ad. unwillingly; back egantly

(clumsiness wardly

(backwardness Awkwardness, áwk'wảrd-néss. 8. inelegance, Averseness, a-vérse'ness. 8. unwillingness ; Awl, dll. s. an instrument to bore holes Aversion, a-vêr'shủn. s. hatred, dislike, de la wning, åw’ning. s. a cover to keep off the testation

weather Avert, a-vêrt'. y. a. to turn aside, to put ty A woke, å-wöke'. pret. of awake Aviary, a'ré-å-ré. s. a place enclosed to keep Awry, a-ri'. ad. obliquely; asquint birds in

Axe, aks. s. an instrument used to cut wood A vidity, a-vid'é-tè. e. greediness, eagerness Axiom, åk'shúm. & a proposition evident at Avize, å-vize'. v. a. to counsel ; to consider first sight Avocate, av'vd-kåte. V. a. to call away Axis, álı'sis. s. the line, real or imaginary, Avocation, áv-vb-ka'shủn. s. the act of calling that pasees through any thing on which it aside ; the business that calls [quit

may revolve Avoid, 4-vold'. v. d. to shun, to escape ; to Axle, åk's). Avoid, a-völd'. v. n. to retire; to become Axle-tree, ák'sl-trée.

8. the pin which void or vacant

passes through the midst of the wheel of a Avoidable, å-rold'á-bl. a. that may be avoided carriage Avoidance, å-void anse'. s. the act of avoid- Ay, åė. ad, Yes

ing; the course by which any thing is car-|| Aye, åė. ad. always, to eternity, for ever ried off

Azure, a'zhůre. a. blue, faint blue
Avoidless, &-v&id'lês. a. inevitable
Avoirdupois, äv-er-di-påfz'. a. & weight of

which a pound contains sixteen ounces
Avolation, åv-d-La'shủn. s. the act of flying|| Baa, bł. s. the cry of a sheep

(tain; to vindicate Baa, bả. y. n. to cry like a sheep (talk idly dvouch, å-voltsh'. v. a. to affirm, to main | Babble, båb'bl. v. n. to prattle like a child, to Avoucher, a-voitsh'ér. 8. he that avouches Babble, båb'bl.

8. senselesa Avow, a-vod. v a. to justify, to declare Babblement, båb'li meat. opealy


Babbler, håb'blúr. 8. an idle lalker; a teller || Bagnio, bån'yo. s. a house for bathing and of secrets

sweating Babe, båbe. s. an infant

Bagpipe, båg'pipe. 3. a musical instrument Babery, bå'bůr-ré. e. finery to please a babe Bail, båle. s. the setting at liberty one arBabish, ba'bish, a. childish

(kind ested upon action under security taken for Baboon, bå-b8n'. s. a monkey of the largest his appearance

admit to bait Baby, bå'be. 8. a child, an infant

Bail, båle. v. a. to give bail for another ; to Bacchanalian, båk-ka-na’ld-an. 8. a drunkard|| Bailable, ba'la-bl. a. that may be set at libero Bacchanals, bak'ka-nålz. 8. the drunken feasts

ty by bai! of Bacchus

Bailiff, bå'lff. 8. an officer whose business it Bachelor, båtsh'd-lůr. 8. a man unmarried ; a is to execute arrests; an under-steward of man who takes his first degrees ; a knight of a manor

(bailift the lowest order (tion of a bachelor|Bailiwick, bå'le-wik. s. the jurisdiction of a Bachelorship, båtsh'd-lůr-shỉp. 6. the condi-Bait, båte. v. a. to put meat to tempt aniBack, bấk. s. the hinder part of any thing; mals; to set dogs upon

(freshment the rear

Bait, båte, v. n. to stop at any place for reBack, båk. ad. to the place whence one Bait, båte. s. meat set to allure animals to a

came ; backward from the present station; snare ; a temptation, an enticement. a reagain, a second time

freshment on a journey Back, hák. v. a. to mount or break a horse Baize, håze. s. a kind of coarse open cloth to maintain, to justify, to support

Bake, båke. v. a. to dress provisions in an Backbite, båk'bite. v. a. to censure or re oven; to harden with heat proach the absent

(absent|| Bake, båke. v, n. to do the work of baking Backbiter, båk'bl-túr. s. a censurer of the Bakehouse, båke'hoảse. s. a place for baking Backfriend, båk'frend. 6. an enemy in secret bread Backgammon, båk-gåm'mản. 8. a game with Baker, bå'kůr. s. he whose trade is to bake dice and tables

Balance, bål lånse. s. a pair of scales ; that Backside, båk'slde. 8. che hinder part of any which is wanting to make two parts of an hing ; the ground behind a house

account even ; equipoise ; the beating part Backslide, båk-sllde'. v. n. to fall off of a watch; the sign Libra Backslider, bak-sll'důr. 8. an apostate Balance. bal'lanse. V. a. to weigh in a balance : Backsword, båk'sòrd. 8. a sword with one to counterpoise ; to regulate an account sharp edge

Balance, bal'lanse. v. n. to besitate, to Backwarde, båk'wůrdz. ad. with the back for fluctuate

wards; regressively; towards something Balcony, bål-ko'nė. s. a frame of wood, or past; in time past

stone, before the window of a room Backward, båk'würd. a. unwilling, hesita- Bald, bắwld. a. without hair ; unadorned ting ; sluggish, dull

[aversely| Balderdash, bảwl'dûr-dash, s. rude mixture Backwardly, bak'wůrd-le. ad. unwillingly, Baldly, båwld'lė. ad. nakedly, meanly Backwardness, . båk'wỦrd-nes. 8. dulness, Baldness, båwld'nês. s. the want or loss of sluggishness

(dried hair ; meanness of writing Bacon, bå'kn. s. the flesh of a hog salted and Bale båle. s. a bundle of goods Bad, båd. a, ill; vicious, unhappy, hurtful, Baleful, båle'tůl. a. sorrowful, sad ; full of sick

mischief Bade, båd. the pret. of bid

Balk, båwk. s. a great beam ; a ridge of Badge, bidje. s. a particular mark or token land left unploughed ; a disappointment Badge, bådje. v. a. to mark

Balk, båwk. v. a. to disappoint, to frustrate Badger, båd'júr. 8. a brock, an animal Ball, båwl. 8. any thing round; a globe; an Badger, bådíjůr. 8. one that buys corn in one entertainment of dancing place, and sells it in another

Ballad, bål'ad. 8. a song Badly, båd'lė. ad. not well

Ballast, bål'list. s. something put at the bot Badness, båd'nes. e. want of good qualities tom of a ship to keep it steady Bafile, båf'f. 5. a. to elude ; to confound; to Ballette, bal'lêt. s. a dance crush

Balloon, bål 188n'. s. a vessel used in chyBafler, bar'fůr. s. he that ballies

mistry; a ball placed on a pillar ; a large Bag, båg. 8. a sack, or pouch

(with a bag

hollow ball of silk filled with gas, which Bag, båg. v. a. to put into a bag ; to load makes it rise into the air Bag, båg. v. n. to swell like a full bag Ballot, ballût. s. a little ball or ticket used Bagatelle, båg-a-těr. 8. a trifle

in giving votes; the act of voting by Baggage, båg'gîdje. s. the furniture of an ar ballot my ; a worthless womad

Il Ballot, bållit v. 0. to choose by ballot

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Balm, bầm. s. the juice of a shrut remarka- || Banneret, bảo'nůr-êt. s. a koight made in bly odoriferous ; any fragrant ointment; a the field

(streamer plaut

Bannerol, bản'nůr-roll. s. a little flag or Balmy, bảm'è. & having the qualities of Bannian, bån-yan'. s. a man's undress, or

halm; producing balm; soothing, soft ; morning gown odoriferous

Bannock, bån'nůk. B. a kind of oaten or Balneary, bál'ne-a-rè. s. a bathing-room pease-meal cake Balneation, bål-né-a'shữn, s. the act of Banquet, bảnk'kwet, 8. a feast bathing

[a bath Banquet, bånk'kwet. V. n. te feast, to fare Balneatory, bål-ne-a'túr-ré. a. belonging to daintily Balsam, båwl'sům. s. ointment, unguent Banqueting-house. bank'kwêt-ing-hðise. 8. a Balsamical, bål-sâm'e-kål.

house where banquets are kept

a. unctuous, Balsamick, bål-sâm'lk.

Banter, bån'tûr. v. a. to play upon, to rally mitigating [pillars called balusters Bânter, bån'tửr. s. ridicule, raillery Balustrade, bål-us-tråde'. s. a row of little|Banterer, bån'tůr-úr. e. one who banters Bamboo, bâm-b36'. 8. au Indian plant of the Bantiing, bånt'ling. s. a little child reed kind

[impose upon Baptism, bap'tizm. s. a sacrament that ad Bamboozle, båm-bbo’zl. v. a. to deceive, to mits into the church

(tisin Ban, bån. s. public notice; a curse ; inter-Baptismal, håp-tiz'mål. a. pertaining to bapdiction

Baptist, båp'tist. s. he that administers baptism F and, bånd. s. a bandage, any union or con- Baptistery, bảp'tis-tảr-ė. s. the place where

nexion ; any thing bound round another; a the sacrament of baptism is administered

kind of ornament worn chiefly by the clergy Baptize, båp-tize'. v. a. to christen, to adBind, bånd. v. a. to unite together into one minister the sacrament of baptism

body or troop; to bind over with a band Baptizer, bâp-ti'zůr. , one that christens, Bandage, bån'dldje. 8. a fillet or roller one that administers baptism Bandbox, bånd'bôks. s. a slight box used for Bar, bảr. s. a cross beam, bolt ; obstacle; things of small weight

(fillet any thing used for prevention; the place Bandelet, bån'de-lệt. . any flat moulding or where causes of law are tried ; an enclosed Banditti, van-dit'te. 8. a company of out place in a tavern; stroke drawn perpendilawed robbers

cularly across the lines of a piece of musick Bandoleers, bån-d3-1éérz'. s. small cases for Bar, bảr. v. a. to fasten or shut any thing charges of powder

with a bolt or bar; to hinder, to obstruct Bindrol, band'roll. s. a little flag or streamer Barb, bảrh, s. a beard; the points that stand Bindy, bản'dė. s. a club turned round at bot backward in an arrow; a Barbary horse tom for striking a ball

Barb, bảrb. v. a. to shave the beard ; to furBindy, bán'dė. v. a. to beat to and fro, one nish a horse with armour ; to jag arrows to another ; to agitate, to toss about

with hooks B .ndyleg, bắnde-leg. A. a crooked leg Barbacan, bảr'ba-kan. 8. a fortification placed Bine, båne. 8. poison ; mischief, rain

before the walls of a town R ineful, bảne'fil. a. poisonous ; destructive Barbarian, bảr-bå'ré-an. 9. a man uncivilized, Panefulness, båne'tål-nês. 8. poisonousness, a savage destructiveness

(dle roughly Barbarick, bảr-bår'ik. a. foreign, far fatched Fang, bâng. v. a. to beat, thump; to ban-Barbarisin, bár'bå-rizm. s. a form of speech hang, bảng. 8. a blow, a thump

contrary to the purity of language; ignoHanish, bán'nish. y. a. to condemn to leave rance; brutaliy cruelty his own country ; to drive away

Barbarity, bảr-bår'e-té. s. savageness, inciBanishment, bån'nish-mênt. 8. the act or vility ; cruelty

(rous banishing another; the state of being ba-Barbarize, bảr'ha-rize. v. a. to make barbanished

[ry for money Barbarous, bảr'bå-růs. a. stranger to civiliBank, bank. s. a ridge of earth; a reposito ty, savage, uncivilized; unacquainted with Bank, bånk. v. a. to lay up noney in a

arts; cruel, inhuman bank; to enclose with banks

Barbarousness, bảr'bå-růs-nès. $. incivility Bank-bill, bånk’bill. s.

a note for money of manners; impurity of language ; cruelty laid up in a bank

(ney Barbecue, bår' bé-ků. v. a. to dress a hog Banker, bånk'úr. s. one that trafficks in mo whole Bankrupt, bảnk'rčpt. a. in debt beyond the Barbecue, bår/be-ků. 8. a hog dressed whole power of payment

(bankrupt|Barbed, bảr'bêj. part. a. furnished with ar Bankruptcy, bånk'růp-sė. s. the state of a mour ; bearded, jagged with hooks Banner, bån'nůr. 3. a dag, a standard, a Barbel, bảr'bl. s. a kind of fish found in streamer



Barber, bảr'bůr. b. a man who shaves the Barrenness, bår'rên-nés. s. want of the power beard

of procreation ; sterility; want of invenBard, bảrd. s. a poet

tion; want of matter ; in theology, want Bare, båre. a. naked, uncovered, unadorned, of sensibility

detected; poor, mere; threadbare Barricade, bår-re-kåde'. 8. a fortification to Bare, båre. v. a. to strip

keep off an attack; any stop or obstruction Barefaced, båre-fåste'. a. with the face naked Barricade, bår-ré-kảde'. v. a to stop up a not masked: shameless


[bar Barefacedly, bảre-fåste'lė. ad. openly, shame-Barricado, bar-re-ka'dd. s. a fortification, a lessly, without disguise

Barricado, bår-ré-ka'dd. v. a. to fortify, to Barefacedness, båre-fåste'nès. 8. affroutery, bar assurance, audaciousness

Barrier, bår'rt-úr. s. a barricade, an Barefoot, båre'fit. a, without shoes

trenchment; a fortification ; a stop, an obBareheaded, båre'hed-ded. a. uncovered in struction ; a boundary

(pleader respect

Barrister, bår'rís-túr. s. 34 advocate, a Barely, bảre'lé. ad. nakedly; merely, only Barrow, bår'rd. s. any carriage moved by the Bareness, bảre'nès. 8. nakedness ; leanness; hand, as a band-barrow mean dess of clothes

Barter, bảr'tûr. v. n. to traffick by exchange Bargain, bảr'gin. s. a contract or agree. ing one commodity for another

ment concerning cale ; the thing bought or Barter, bår'túr. V. a. to give any thing in exsold; stipulation

(sale change Bargain, bảr'gin. 5. n. to make a contract for Barter, bảr'tür. s. the act or practice al Bargainer, bảr'gin-nůr. s. the person who trafficking by exchange proffers or makes a bargain

Basaltes, bå-sal'téz. s. a kind of marble Barge, bảrje. 8. a boat for pleasure or burden Base, båse. a. mears, worthless ; disingen Bark, bảrk. s. the rind or covering of a tree; nuous, illiberal; born out of wedlock a small ship

Base, bảse. s. the bottom of any thing; • Bark, bảrk. v, a. to strip trees of their bark pedestal Bark, bảrk. v. n. to make a noise like a dog ;|\Base-born, båse'börn. a. born out of wedlock to clamour at

Basely, båse'lè. ad. meanly, dishonourably Barker, hår'kůr. s. one that barks or cla- Baseness, båse'nés. . ineanness, vilencas; monra ; one employed in stripping trees bastardy

(ish province Barley, bảr'lė. B. a grain, of which malt is Bashaw, bash-Åw'. s. the viceroy of a Turkmade

Bashful, båsb'fil. a. modest, shamefaced, Barleycorn, bår'le-korn. s. a grain of barley

(or rustick shame Barm, bảrm. s. yest, the ferment put into Bashfulness, bash'fil-nes. s. modesty ; foolisha drink to make it work

Basilikon, bå-zli'd-køn. s. an ointment Barn, bårn. &. a place for laying up any sortBasilisk, bâz'è-lisk. 8. a kind of serpent, • of grain, hay, or straw

cockatrice ; a species of cannon Barnacle, bár nå-kl. 8. a bird like a goose ;||Basin, bå’sn. s. a small vessel to hold water a species of she!!-fish

for washing, or other uses; a small pond; Barometer, bå-rôm'me-tûr. s. a machine for

a part of the sea enclosed in rocks measuring the weight and variations of the Basis, bå'sis. s. the foundation of any thing: atmosphere

(to the barometer the lowest of the three principal parts of a Barometrical, bár-8-mêt'trè-kål. a. relating column; the pedestal; the ground-workBaron, bår'růn. 5. a degree of nobility next||Bask, båsk. V. a. to warm by laying out in to a viscount (baron the heat

(heat Baronage, bár'růn-&dje. s. the dignity of a Bask, båsk. 1, n. to lie in a place to receive Baronness, bår'růn-és. s. a baron's lady Basket, bås'klt. 5. a vessel made of twigh Baronet, bár'růn-êt. s. the lowest degree of rushes, or splinters honour that is hereditary

Bass, båse. a. 'a part in musick, grave, deep Barony, bår'růn-é. 6. the honour or lordship Bass-viol, båse-vl'll. s. a musical instrument that gives title to a baron

(diers Bass, bås. 8. a mat used in churches Barrack, bâr'råk. B. a building to lodge sol-Bass-relief, bâs-ré-létr'. s. sculpture, the Barrel, bir'ril. s. a round wooden vessel ; figures of which do not stand out from the

any thing hollow, as the harrel of a gun; ground in their full proportion a cylinder

(barrei Basset, bas'sit. s. a game at carda Barrel, bår'rll. v. a. to put any thing in all Bassoon, bås-823n'. s. a musical wind instruBarren, bâr'rên. a. unfruitful, steril; scanty 1 udmeaning, dull

Bastard, bâs'tård. B a person borg out Barrenly, bár'ren-id. ad. unfruitfully




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