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Warfare, wår'fàre. 8. inilitary lite

Watertowi, wa'tûr-loul, s. Iowl that gets Warily, wa'ré-lé. ad. cautiously

their food in water Wariness, wa'ré-nês. 8. caution

Waterman, wa'tůr-mán. 8. a boatman Warlike, wår'like. &. military

Waterinark, wå'túr-márk. s. the utinost limit Warm, wirm. a. heated to a small degree; of the rise of the food

(water zealous

(gree ; to heat mentally Watermill, wå'tür-mill. s. a mill turned by Warm, wirm. r. a. to heat in a gentle de-Waterwork, wå'tůr-wórk. s. any hydraulick Warmly, wårm'lė. ad. with gentle heat ; performance eagerly, ardently

Watery, wa'tůr-é. a. thin, liquid, tasteless Warmth, wårmth. 8. gentle heat ; zeal, passion Wattle, wôt'ts. s. the locse red fiesta that Warn, wårn. v. a. to caution; to admonish bangs below the cock's bill ; a hurdle Warning, wår'ning. 6. caution

Wattle, wôt'tl. v. a. to bind with twigs Warp, wårp. s. the thread that crosses the Wave, wåve. 8. a billow woof

(from the true direction Wave, wáve. V. n. to play loosely Warp, wårp. v. a. to contract; to turn aside Waver, wa'vûr. v. n. to play to and fro; to Warrant, wor'ránt. v. a. to give authority to; be unsettled

to justify [some wight or authority Wavy, wà'vė v. a. rising in waves Warrant, Wör'rånt. 6. & writ conferring Wax, wåks. s matter gathered by the hees Warrantable, wär'rånt-a-bl. a. justifiable any tenacious mass, such as is used to fasten Warrantably, wörrânt-å-blè. ad. justifiably letters; the substance that exudes from the Warranty, wôr'ránt-é. B. authority

(to grow, to increase Warren, wôr'rlo. 8. a kind of park for rabbite Wax, wåks. v. a. to smear or join with wax ; Warrener, wör'rin-år. 6. the keeper of awaren, wak'sn. a. made of wax

Way, wà. 8. road; course, direction of ino
Warrior, wär'yúr. s. a soldier

tiop; passage ; means
Wart, wårt. s. a corneous excrescence Wayfarer, wa'fa-rúr. 8. passenger
Wary, wa'rė. a. cautious, scrupulous Wayfaring, wa'få-ring. *. travelling
Was, woz. pret. of to be

Waylay, wa-la'. v. a. to beset by ambush
Wash, wôsh. v. a. to cleanse by ablution Wayward, wa'wård. a. froward, peevish
Wash, wôsh. . any thing collected by water :/ We, wéé. pron, the plural of I

a bog ; & cosmetick lotion; a superficial Weak, wéke. a. feeble ; infirm; pliant colour ; feed of hogs ; act of washing the Weaken, we'kn, v. a. to dehilitate clothes of a family; the lineu washed at Weakling, wéke'ling. s. a feebie creature

Weakly, wéke'le. ad. feebly Wasts, wish'è. a. watery, damp

Weakness, wéke'nés. e. feebleness ; infirmity Wasp, wôsp.s. a brisk stinging insect

foolishness of mind Waspish, wäsp'ish. a. peevish, irritable Weakside, wéke-side'. s. foible, deficience, in Wast, wort. the second person of was, from firmity to be

Weal, wèle. s. happiness, prosperity Waste, wåste. V. a. to diminish ; to consume Wealth, wélth. s. riches, money Waste, waste, a. destroyed, ruined

Wealthiness, welch'é-nes. s. richness Waste, wåste. 8. consumption ; useless ex-Wealthy, weltb'é. a. rich, opulent

pense; desolate or uncultivated ground Wean, wéne. v, a. to put from the breast Wasteful, waste'fil. a. destructive; lavish Weapon, wép'pn. s. instrument of offence Wastefulness, waste'fól-nès. 8. prodigality Weaponless, wép'pu-lès. a. unarmed Watch, wôtsh. s. forbearance of sleer; guar)| Wear, wáre. V. a. to waste ; to consume ; to

a period of the nigbt; a pocket clock use as clothes Watch, wôteh. a to guard ; to tend Wearer, wà'růr. s. one who wears any thing Watchful, wôtsh'fil. a. vigilant

Weariness, we're-nès. s. lassitude ; fatigue Watchfulness, wôtsh'fól-nes. s. vigilance Wearisome, we'ré-sům. a. tedious, causing Watchhouse, wôtsh'hdůse. &. place where the weariness watch is set

Wearisomeness, we're-súm-nés. s. the quality Watchmaker, wộtsb'må-kúr. B. one whose of tiring; state of being easily tired trade is to make watches

Weary, we're. v. a. to tire, to fatigue Watchman, wôtsb'mân. s. guard, Rentinel Weary, we'rė. a. subdued by fatigue ; impaWatchword, wôtsh'wúrd. s. the word given tient of the continuance of any thing painful

to the sentinels to know their friends Weasand, we'zn. s. the windpipe Water, we'tür. 8. One of the elements ; urine ;l Weather, weth'ûr. s. state of the air lustre of a diamond

2 Weather, wéth'ûr. V. a. to pass with difficulty Water, wi'tür. v. & to irrigate ; to give water|| Weatherbeaten, wétb'ür-be-tn. a. harassed Waterfall, wd'tür-fáil. 8. cataract, cascade and seasoned by bard woather


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pron, har

Weathercock, wéth'úr-kôi. 8. a vane on the || Welter, wél'tûr. v. n. to run in water or mire
top of a spire

Wen, wen. 6. a fleshy or callous excrescence
Weatherglass, wéth'ůr-glås. 6. a barometer Wench, wensh. s. a young woman
Weatherwise, wéth'ür-wize. a. skilful in fore-|| Wencher, wénsh'ùr. s. a fornicator
telling the weather

Wept, wépt. pret. and part. of weef
Weave, wéve. V. &. pret. wove, weaved ; part.! Were, wêr. pret. of the verb to be, which

pass. woven, weaved, to form by texture see; likewise the part. been
Weaver, we'vůr. s. one who makes threads Wert, wért. the second person singular of
into cloth

the pret. of to be
Web, web. s. any thing woven

West, wést. 8. the region where the sun gets
Webbed, webd. 8. joined by a film

West, wést. a. towards, or coming from, the
Wed, wed. v. a. to marry
Wedding, wed'ding. s. marriage, nuptials Westerly, wềst'ůr-lé. a. towards the west
Wedge, wédje. $. a body which, having a Western, wést úr . a. in the west

sharp edge, continually growing thicker, is! Westward, wèst'wård. ad. towards the west
used to cleave timber

Wet, wét. a. humid; rainy
Wedge, wédje. v. a. to fasten with wedges Wet, wết. 8. water, humidity

[driok Wedlock, wed'lók. s. marriage

Wet, wet. v. a. to moisten ; to drench with
Wednesday, wếnz'de. s. the fourth day of the Wether, wéth'ír. s. a ram castrated

(habit of mourning Wetness, wét'nés. s. the state of being wet,
Weed, wééd. 8. a useless or noxious hesh moisture
Weed, wééd. v. a. to rid of noxious plants Whale, hwaie. 3. the largest of fish
Week, wéék. s. the space of seven days Wharf, hwörf. s. a place to land goods at
Weekday, wéék'då. s. any day except Sunday|| Wharfage, hwörr'ídje. 5. dues for landing at
Weekly, week'le. a. happening or done once a wharf

(a wharf Weekly, wéék'ld. ad. once a week (a week Wharfinger, hwör'rin-jůr. 5. one who attende Ween, wéén. v. n. to isragine

What, hwôt. pron. that which , which part
Weer, wéép. v. n. pret. and part. pass. wept,|| Whatever, hwöt-év'úr.
weeped. to shed tears; to lament

Whatsoever, hwt-50-ey'ir.
Weeper, wéép úr. 8.

a mourner; a white ing one nature or another · any thing , this border on the sleeve of mourning dress

or that
Weigh, wá. v. a. to examine by the balance Wheal, hwéle, s. a pustule
Weigher, wa-ûr. s. one who weighs

Wheat, hwète. s. bread corn
Weight, wáte. s. a nass by which bodies are Wheaten, hwè'to. a. made of wheat

weighed; heaviness "; pressure ; importance ;|| Wheedle, bwèè'dl. v. a. to entice by soft


(rvuod upun an axis Weightily, wate-1e. ad. heavily, importantly| Wheel, hwéél. s. a circular body that turns Weightiness, wa'te-ner. s. heaviness ; impor-| Wheel, hwéél. v. 2. to move on wheels ; to

tura ou an axis
Weighty, wa'tė. a. heavy, important Wheelbarrow, hwedi'bar-rð. s. a carriage
Welcome, wel'kům. a. received with gladness driven forward on one wheel
Welcoine, wêl'kůra. int. a form of salutation Wheelright, bwéélrite, s. a maker of wheel
used to a new comer

(new comer carriages
Welcome, wel'kům. s. kind reception of a Wheeze, hwéèze. v. n. to breathe with noise
Welfare, wêlråre. s. happiness, prosperity || Whelk, hwélk. 6. a protuberance
Welkin, wel'kin. s. the visible regions of the air Whelm, liwelm. v. a. to cover, to bury
Well, well. s. a spring, a fountain

Whelp, hwélp. s. the young of a dog, &c.
Well, well. a. not sick; harry

Whelp, hwélp. v. 2 to bring young
Well, well. ad. skiltully, properly ; favourabls|| When, bwén, ad. at the time that
Welladay, wéi'a-dk. intj. alas !

Whence, hwénse. ad. from what place; for
Wellbeing, wél-be'ing. s. happiness, prosperity which cause

(what place soever
Wellborn, wêl-born'. a. not ineanly descend || Whencesoever, hwềnse-sd-év'ůr. ad. from
Wellbred, wêl-bred'. a. polite
[ed! Whenever, hwên-év'sr.

ad. at
Welldone, wél'důn. int. a word of praise Whensoever, bwén-sd-év'ür.
Wellmet, wêl-mêt'. int. a ter:n of salutation whatsoever time
Wellnigh, wêl-n'. ad. almost

Where, hwåre, ad. at which place
Wellspent, wêl'spént. a. passed with virtue Whereabout, hwáre'å-bot. ad. near what
Wellspring, wel'spring. 8. fountain, source place

(ry; at which place Wellwisher, wêl-wish'ùr. 8. one who wishes Whereas, hware-az'. ad.when on the contrathe good of another

Whereat, hwere-it'. ad. at which
Velt, wêlt. s. a border, a guard

Whereby, bwåre-bi'. ad. by which


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Wicked, wik'ld. a. given to vice

Windfall, wind'râu. 8. fruit blown down Wickedly, wik'id-le. ad. criminally

from the tree Wickedness, wik'ld-nés. 8. corruption of man- Windgun, wind'gủn. B. a gun which disners, guilt

charges a bullet by means of wind com, Wicket, wik'st. s. a small gate


[to generate wind Wide, wide. a. broad, extended far each way:ll Windiness, win'dé-nès. s. flatulence ; tendency remote

(extent/Winding, wind'ing. 6. flexure, meander : Wide, wide ad. at a distance ; with great ||Windingsheet, wind'ing-shdét. B. a sheet in Widely, wide'lė. ad. with great extent each which the dead are enwrapped way; remotely

Windlass, wlod'lås. B. a handle by which any Widen, wldn. 7. a. to make wide, to extend thing is turned

(wind Widgeon, wid'jîn. s. a water-fowl

Windmill, windmill. s. a mill turned by the Widow, wld'8. s. a woman whose husband is Window, windo. s. an aperture in a building dead

[wife by which air and light are intromitted Widower, wid'B-úr. 8. one who has lost his Windpipe, wind'pipe. s. the passage of breath Widowhood, wid’ô-hůd. s. the state of a Windward, wind'wård. ad. towards the wind Width, width. s. breadth, wideness (widow Windy, win'dė. a. consisting of wind ; temWield, wééld. v. a. to use with full command pestuous

(grape Wieldy, wéél'dė. a, manageable

Wine, wine. s. the fermented juice of the Wife, wife. s. plur. wives. a woman that has Wing, wing. s. the limb of a bird by which a husband

(sort of cake it dies; the side body of an army Wig, wig. s. false hair worn on the head , a Wing, wing. v. a. to enable to fly Wight, wite. 8. a person, a being (vage Wink, wingk. v. n. to shut the eyes ; to di Wild, wild. a, not tame; not cultivated ; sa rect by the motion of the eyelids; to connive Wild, wlid. s. a desert

Wink, wingk. s. act of closing the eye; a Wilder, wil'důr. v. a. to lose or puzzle in al hint given by motion of the eye pathless tract

Winner, win'nůr. s. one who wins Wilderness, wil'důr-nês. 8. a desert

Winning, wio’ning. part. a. attractive Wildfire, wlld'sire. 8. a composition of in-Winning, win'ning. 8. the sum won

flammable materials, easy to take fire Window, wln'nd. v. a. to separate by means Wildgoosechase, wild-góðs'tshảse. 5. & pur of the wind; to fan

[year suit of something unlikely to be caught Winter, win'tůr. s. the cold season of the Wildness, wild'nes. B. rudeness ; irregularity Winter, win'tûr. v. A. to pass the winter of manners; sapageness

Winterly, wlo'tůr-ld. a. suitable to winter Wile, wlle. s. a deceit, a fraud

Wintry, win'trè. a. belonging to winter Wilful, wil'fil. a. stubborn, perverse Wipe, wipe. V. a. to cleanse by rubbing with Wilfully, wil'fil-é. ad. obstinately (Dess something soft Wilfulness, wil'fól-nés. s. cbstinacy, stubborn-Wipe, wipe. B. a blow, a stroke, a rub Wiligess, wl'le-nés. s. cudning, guile Wire, wlür. 8. metal drawn into threads Will, will. 8. choice ; command

Wiredraw, włûr-dråw. V. a. to spin into wire ; Will, will. v.a. to command, to direct

to draw by art or violence Willing, wil'ling. 'as inclined to any thing I Wiredrawer, wi'ůr-dråw-or. 8. ose who sping complying

(sentWisdom, wiz'dům. 8. sapience (wire Willingly, wil’l?ng-le. ad.with one's own con- Wise, wize. a. sapient, judging rightly Willingness, wii'ling-nés. s. freedom from re- Wise, wize. 3. way of being or acting Willow, wil'13. s. a tree

(luctanceWiseacre, wize'd-kir. s. a fool, a dunce Wily, wilė. a. cunning, sly

Wisely, wlze'lè. ad. judiciously; prudently Win, win. v. a. pret. wan and won ; part. Wish, wish. v. n. to bave strong desire

won. to gain by conquest, to obtain ; to Wish, wish. s. longing desire

gain by courtship (rider, or of pain Wishful, wish'fol. a. longing Wince, winse. V. n. to kick as impatient of a Wishfully, wish'fùl-, ad. with longing Winch, winsh. V. D. to kick with impatience, Wisp, wisp. s. a small bundle as of bay or tu shrink from any uneasiness

Wistful, wist'fol. a. attentive, earnest Istraw Wind, wind. 8. a strong motion of the air :/ Wistfully,wist'fil-lè. ad. attentively, earnestly

breath; flatulence (sound by inflation Wit, wit. s. the intellect ; quickness of fancy ; Wind, wlnd. v. a. to turn round, to twist, to a fan of genius; sense

(arte Wind, wiod. v. a. to turn, to change; to Witcă, witsh. s. a woman given to unlawful move round

Itrary winds Witchcraft, witsh'krift. s. the practice of Windbound, wind'b&bnd. a. confined by con witches

(means Winder, wind'år. 8. an instruinent or person With, with. prep, by, noting the cause or by which any thing is turned round Witbal, witb-dii'. ad. along with the rest

Withdraw, with-dråw'. v. a. to take back; to Wonderful, wủn'dúr-fdl. a. strange, astonishcall away


(ful manner Withdraw, with-dráw'. v. n. to retreat Wondertully, wủn'důr-túlé. ad. in a wonderWithdrawingroom, wlth-dråw'lug-rő3m. 8. Wonderstruck, wủn'důr-strúk. a. amazed

room behind another for retirement Wondrous, wủn'drůs. a. Inarvellous Withe, with. 8. a willow twig; a band Wont, wủnt. v. n. to be accustomed Wither, with'ůr. v. D. to fade ; to waste Wonted, wůnt'éd. part. a. accustomed Withers, with'ůrz. s. the joining of the Woo, w88. v. a. to court, to sue to for love ;

shoulder-bones at the bottom of the deck to court solicitously, to invite with impor. and mane

tunity Withhold, with-hdld'. v. a. pret. and part. Woo, w88. v. 1. to court, to make love,

withheld or withholden, to restrain; to Wood, wůd. s. a large and thick plantation keep back

of trees;

timber Within, with-in'. prep. in the inner part; Woodcock, wid’kók. 5. a bird of passage

not longer ago than ; in the reach of Wooded, wid'êd. a. supplied with wood
Withinside, with-lo'side. ad. in the interior Wooden, wid'dn. a. ligneous

Wrodland, wid'lând. s. ground covered with, Without, with-Sit'. prep. not with ; beyond, wood

[of lark onut within the compass of ; nut by; on the Woodlark, wid'lark. 8. a melodious sort outside of

(cept Woodlouse, wůd'ldiise. s. the millepedes Without, with-88t'. conj. unless, if not, ex-Woodman, wůd'man. s. a sportsman Withstand, with-stând'. v. a. to oppuse, te Woodpote, wid'ndte, s. wild musick resist

Woodnymph, wůd'nimf. 5. a dryad Witless, wit'lês. a. wanting understanding Woody, wůd'é. a. abounding with wood, Witling, wit'ling. 8. a pretender to wit ligneous Witness, wit'nes. s. testimony

Wooer, w38'ůr. s. one who courts a woman
Witness, wit' nës. v. a. to attest (with Woof, woðf. 8. the thread that crosses the
Witticism, wit'te-sizm. 5. a mean attempt at warf
Wittily, wit'te-lè. ad. ingeniously

Wool, wůl. s. the fleece of sheep
Wittingly, wit'ting-le. ad. knowingly Woollen, wil'lín. 2. made of wool
Wittol, wit'tôl. s. contented cuckold Woolpack, wil'påk.
Witty, wit'tė. a. ingenious; sarcastick Woolsack, wůl'såk.

8. a bag of wool Wive, wwe. V. a. to match to a wife Woolly, wil'lè. a. consisting of wool Wives, wivz. s. plur. of wife

Word, wủrd. 8. a single part of speech; ti. Wizard, wiz'ůrd. s. a conjurer

dings ; Scripture ; the second person of Wo, wd. s. grief, sorrow, misery

the adorable Trinity Woad, wóde. s. a plant used in dying Word, würd. v. a. to express in proper words Wobegone, w3'be-gôn. a. lost in wo Wordy, wủrd'è. a. verbose Woful, wo'ril. a. sorrowful, afflicted Wore, wore. pret. of wear Wofully, wé'fil-ė. ad. sorrowfully ; wretch-|| Work, wůrk. v. a. pret. worked or wrought. edly

to labour ; to toil; to ferment; to operate Wold, wold. s. a plain open country Work, wůrk. s. toil, labour ; embroidery of Wolf, wulf. s. a kind of wild dog

the needle

(poor Wolfish, wilf'ish. a. resembling a wolf Workhouse, wůrk'hoise. s. a house for parish Woman, wüm'ún. s. the female of the human Workingday, wůrk'ing-då. s. day on which

[an aversion for the female sex labour is permitted ; not the sabbath Womanhater, wôm'ân-hå-tûr. 8. one who has workman, würk'mån. s. an artificer Womanhood, wim'ún-hid. B. the qualities of Workmanlike, wúrk'min-llke, a. well per


(the art of working Womanish, wim'ản-Ish. a. suitable to a Workmanship, wůrk mån-ship. s. manufacture, Womankind, wim'ún-kylnd. s. the female sex, Workwoman, wůrk'wùm ản. s. the race of women

• skilled in needlework Womanly, wům'ůn-lé. a. becoming a woman World, wůrld. s. the earth; present state of Womb, w38m. s. the place of the fætus in the existence; publick life ; mankind

mother; the place whence any thing is Worlaliness, wůrld'le-nés. 8. coretousness produced

Worldling, wúrld'ling. s. a mortal set upon Women, wim'min. s. plur. of woman

profit Won, wûn. pret. and part. pass, of win Worldly, wůrld'ld. a. secular ; bent upon this Wonder, wûn'důr. v. n. to be struck with ad world; humane miration, to be astonished

Worldly, würld'lė. ad. with relation to the Wonder, wủn'dår. 6. admiration, amazementll present life


a woman


a woman

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