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Worm, wúrm. 8. a small harmless serpent ;(Wreck, reb. v. a. to destroy by dashing on animal bred in the body; a grub; some-||

rocks or sands. to ruin thing tormenting ; any thing vermiculated Wren, ren. s. a small bird (wrest, to force Worm, wúrm. v. 0. to work slowly, secretly, Wrench, rénsh. v. a. to pull by violence ; to and gradually

Wrench, rénsh. 8. a violent pull or twist ; * Wormeaten, wurm'é-tn. a. gnawed by worms sprain

(tort by force Wornwood, wủrm'wid. 8. a plant

Wrest, rést. v. a. to twist by violence, to er Wormy, wärm'è. a. full of worms

Wrest, rest. s. distortion, violence Worn, wdyn, part. pass. of wear

Wrestle, rés'sl. v. n. to contend who shall Worry, wûr'ré. 5. a. to tear or mangle

throw the other down; to struggle Worse, wứrse. 2. comparative of bad. more! Wrestler, rês'lůr. 8. one who wrestles bad, more : 11

Wretck, rétxh. 8. a miserable mortal Worse, wứrse. ad. in manner more bad (good Wretched, rêtsh'êd. a. miserable ; calamitous Worse, wirse. 8. the loss; something less worthless; despicable Worship, wůr'sh?p. s. dignity, a character of Wretchedly, rêtsh’éd-lè. ad. miserably; un.

honour; a term of ironical respect ; re happily; despicably

ligious aut of reverence ; idolatry of lovers Wretchedness, rétsh'ld-oes. s. misery, une Worship, wůr'ship. v. a. to adore ; to honouril_happiness ; pitiful despicableness Worshipful, wủr'shỉp-fůl. a. claiming respect Wriggle, rlg'gl. v. n. to move to and fro by any character or dignity

with short motions Worshipper, wür'ship-půr. s. one that wor-Wright, rite. 5. a workman ships

{bad, more ill Wring, ring. 5.a. pret. and part. pass, wringWorst, würst. a. the superlative of bad. more ed and wrung, to twist; to squeeze, to Worst, wủrst. s. the most calamitous or wick press; to extort; to barass, to torture ; to ed state

persecute with extortion Worst, wủrst. v. a. to defeat, to overthrow Wrinkle, ring'kl. s. furrow of the skin in the Worsted, wurs'tid. s. woollen yarn (new beer face; any roughness

(rows Wort, wůrt. s. a plant of the cabbage kind Wrinkle, ring'kl. v. 2. to contract into furWorth, wůrth. s. price, value ; virtue Wrist, rist. s. the joint by which the hand is Worth, wurth. a. equal in value to

joined to the arm (shirt at the hard Worthily, wür'thé-lé, ad. suitably; deserved | Wristband, rist'bånd. s. the fastening of the ly; justly

[lence, dignity Writ, rit. s. any thing written; Scripture; Worthiness, wûr'thé-nés. 4. desert, excel-Writ, rit. pret. of write [a judicial process Worthlese, wůrth'lês. a. having no value Write, rite. v. a. pret. writ or wrote ; part Worthlessness, würth'lég-nés. 8. want of value pass. written, writ, or wrote, to express by Worthy, wúr'thé. a. deserving

means of letters Wurthy, wůr'the. s. a man laudalle for any Writer, rl'tůr. s. one who practises the art eminent quality, particularly for valour of writing ; an author

(wrest Wut, wöt. v. n. to know, to be aware

Writhe, rithe, v. a. to distort; to twist; to Would, wảd. pret. of will

Writing, rl'ting. 9, a legal instrument; a Wvurd, wiend. s. a hurt given by riolence

composure, a book Wound, w78nd. v. a. to hurt by violence Written, rit'tn. part. pass. of write Wound, wởind. pret. and part. pass. c. co wind Wrong, rồng. s. an injury Wrangle, rång'gl. y. n. to dispute peevishiy Wrong, ring. a. not right; unfit, unsuitable Wrangle, rång'gl. s. a quarrel, a perverse dis- Wrong, rừng. ad. not rigátly, amies pute (tive man Wrong, rộng. v. a. to injure

[son Wrangler, rång'gi ir. 3. a perverse disputa- Wrongdoer, rông'd88-ửr. 8. an injurious perWrap, råp. v. a. to roll together, to complicate Wrongful, rộng'sůl.a. injcrious, onjust Wrapper, råp'půr. s. one who wraps ; that is Wrongfully, ròng'fil-d. ad. unjustly which any thing is wrappeil

Wrongly, rông'le. ad. unjustly ; amiss Wrath, róth. s. anger, fury, rage

Wrote, rdte. pret. and part of write Wrathful, rôth'fùl. a. angry, furious [ately Wrought, råwt. pret. and perto ness. 3f work. Wrathfully, rôth'ral-d. ad. furiously, passion effecte-1, performed ; worked; operated W reak, Téke. v. a. to revenge

Wrung, rủng. pret. and part. pass. of wring Wreaksul, réke'fål. a. revengeful

Wry, rł. a. crooked; distorted
Wreath, rethe. 5. a garland, a chaplet
Wreath, réthe. v. a. pret. wreathed ; part.

pass. wreathed, wreathen. tu curl, to twist
to encircle as a garland

X, says Johnson, 18 a letter which, though Wree:hy, rè'the. a. spiral, corled

found in Saxon words, begids no word in Wreck, rék. s. destruction, ruin

the English language



Xerodes, ze-rðdéz. &. any turnour attended||Yoke, yoke. v. a. to bind by a yoke; to colwith dryness

[inent ple with another Xeromirum, aer-8-mi'rům. 6. a drying oint-Yokefellow, yöke'rêl-18.

B. companion in soreness or itching in the eyes

labour ; mate

[within view Xerotes, zé-ró'tez. s. a dry habit or disposi - Yon, yon. tion of body

a. being at a distance

Yonder, yồn'dir. Xipbias, zir'e-ks. B. the sword fish

Y ore, ydre, ad. of old time, long ago Xylobalsamum, zl-18-bål så-mỦm. s. the wood You, y88. pron. the oblique case of ye

of the balsam tree (scrape bones with Young, yùng. a. in the first part of life Xyster, zis'tür. 6. a surgeon's instrument to Young, yủng. 8. the offspring of anivoals col


8. a young person

Younker, yảngk'úr. YACHT, yšt. s. a small ship for carrying Your, y8br. pron. belonging to you passengers

Yourself, yứr-self.' s. yon, even you Yard, yård. 8. enclosed ground adjoining to a Youth, yoởth. s. the part of life succeeding to

house; a measure of three feet; the sup childhood; a young man, young men port of a sail

Youthful, yilth'fl. a young (nianner Yare, yåre. 2. ready, Jexteros, eager Youthfully, yizth'fül-é. ad. in a youthful Yarely, yåre'lė. ad. dexterously, skilfully Yarn, pårn. s. spun wool

Z. Yarrow, yår'rd. s. a plant Yawl, yawl. s. a ship's boat Yawn, gåwn. V. n. to gape ; to open wide ZANY, zané. s. a merry-andrew, a buffoon Yawn, yåwn. 8. oscitation ; Sape

Zeal, zéle. 6. passionate ardour lany cause Yawning, påwn'ing. a. sleeping, slumbering | Zealot, zei'it. 8. one passionately ardent in Ye, ye. the solemn nominative plur. of thou Zealous, zèl'íis. a. ardently passionate Yea, ye. ad. yes

Zealously, zèl'ús-iė. ad. with passionate arYean, yene. 7. n. to bring young


(ing zealous Yeanling, yène'ling. s. the young of she Zerlousness, zél'ůs-nés. s. the quality of neYear, yère. s. tweive months

Zenith, zè'nfco. B. the point overhead orros Yearling, yère'ling. a. being a year old site the nadir Yearly, yére'lè. a. annual

Zephyr, zết'fếr. Yearly, yère'ıé. ad. annually seasiness | Zephyrus, bélfér-ús. } 6. the west wind Yearn, yérn. V. n. to feel great internal un-|| Zebt, zést. s. the peel of an orange squeezed Yelk, yelk. s. the yellow part of an egg into wine ; a relish

(relish Yell, yell. v. n. to cry out with horror and||Zest, zést. v. a. to heighten by an additional Yell, yèll. s. a cry of horror [agony||Zetetick, ze-têt'ík. a, proceedingly inquiry Yellow, yêi'ld. a. of a bright glaring colour Zigzag, zig'zág, 5. any thing cuinposed of Yellowish, yêl-18-{sh. a. approaching to yel short turns low

(yellow | Zigzap. zlg'zág. a. having many short turnYellowness, yêi'18-nés. the quality of being ings, turning this way and that Yeip, yêlp. v. n. to tark as a hound Zinc, zingk. s. a semi-metal of a brilliant Teoman, yomân s, a man of small estate in white colour approaching to blue

land, a gentleman farmer [of yeomenZodiack, zö'de-ak. s. the track of the sun Yeomarry y&mån-ré. s. the collective body through the twelve siga; a great circle of Yes, y is. ad, a term of affirmation

the sphere, containing the twelve signs Yest, yèst. s. the foam or spume of beer in|| Zone, zone, 6. a girdle, a division of the earth fermentaticn; baim

Zoographer, zd- og'grå-fúr. 8. one who deYesty, yes'tė. a. frothy, spumy

scribes the nature, properties, and forms of Yesterday, yes'tûr-då. s. the day last past animals

[animals Yesternight, yềs'túr-nite. B. the night before Zoography, z3-8g'grå-fè. s. & description of this night

Zoology, 28-81'13-jé, 8. a treatise concerning Yet, yết. conj. nevertheless, notwithstanding! living creatures Yet, yêt. ad. beside, over and abcve; still; || Zoophyte, zo'dante. 8. vegetables which once again; after all

partake of the nature both of vegetables Yew, y88. B. a tree of tough wood

apd animals [the bodies of brute beasts Yield, yèèld, v. a. to produce; to resign Zootomist, zd-st'td-mist. s. a dissector of Yoke, pike. 5. a bandage placed on the neck ; || Zootomny, z0-6t'td-mė. s, dissection of the a mark of servitude ; a chain, a boad

bodies of beasts

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