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Bastard, bås'tard. a. born out of wedlock;s Bawl, båll. v. n. to hoot, to cry, out spurious

Bawl, bảwl. v. a. to proclaim as a crier Bastardize, bås'tår-dize. v. a. to convict of Bay, bả. a. a colour

being a bastard; to beget a bastard Bay, bå. s. an opening in the land ; the state Bastardy, bas'tar-dė. s. an unlawful state of of any thing surrounded by enemies; an birth

honorary crown or garland Baste, 'vriste, v. 2. to beat with a stick; to Bay, bả. v. n. to bark as a dog at a thief

drip butter upon meat on the spit; to sew Bay Salt, bå’sålt. 8. salt made of sea water, slightly

and so called from its brown colour Bastinado, bás-té na'd8. s. a Turkish punish-Bayonet, bá’yủn-êt. s. a short sword fixed at

ment of beating an offender on his feet the end of a musket Bastinado, bâs-te-na'dd. v. a. to beat Bdellium, dél'yům. 8. an aromatick gum Bastion, bås'tshủn. s. a huge mass of earth,|Be, béė. v. n. to have some certain stale, com faced with sods; a bulwark

dition, or quality Bat, båt. s. a heavy stick; a winged animal Beach, béėtsh. s. the shore, the strand resembling a mouse

Beacon, bé'kn. s. something raised on an Batch, båtsh. s. the quantity of bread baked eminence to be fired on the approach of an

at a time ; any quantity made at once enemy; marks erected to direct navigators Bate, båte. s. strife, contention

Bead, béde. s. a small globe or ball, of which Bate, båte. V. a to sink the price; to lessen necklaces and rosaries are made a demand

Beadle, be'al, 8. a messenger or servitor beBateful, båte'fil. a. contentious

longing to a court; a petty officer in Bath, bấth. s. a place to wash or bathe in parishes

(praying for another a sort of Hebrew measure

Beademan, béédz'mân. 8. a man employed ia Bathe, båtte. v. a. to wash in a bath; to Beagle, bè'gl. s. a small hound supple or soften

Beak, béke. s. the bill of a bird; any thing Bating, ba'ting. prep. except

ending in a point like a beak Batoon, bå-tóðn'. s. a staff or club, a trun-Beaker, bėíkůr. s. a cup with a spout in the cheon or marshall's staff

form of a bird's beak Battailous, båttà-lús. a. Warlike, with mi-Beam, béme. 8. a large and long piece of time litary appearance

ber; part of a balance; a ray of light Battalia, båt-tåle'yå. s. the order of battle Beamy, bé'mė. a. radiant, shining Battalion, bât-tål'yin. s. a division of an ar-|Bean, bène. s. the common garden bean, the soy, a body of forces

horse bean Batten, båt'tn. V. a. to fatten, to make fat Bear, båre. V. a. to carry as a burden, or in Batten, båt'tn. 5. n. to grow fat

the mind, to endure; to suffer, to undergo; .Batter, båt'tûr. V. a. to beat down; to wear to produce, to bring forth; to support with beating

Bear, båre. V. n. to suffer pain ; to be paBatter, båt'tůr. s. a mixture of several ingre tient; to be fruitful or prolifick dients beaten together

Bear, båre. 8. • rough savage animal; a Battery, båt'tůr-ré. s. the act of battering; constellation

the frame upon which cannons are mounted Bear-garden, bảre'går-dn. 8. a place in which Battle, bât'tl. 8. a fight; an encounter be bears are kept for sport; any place of tutween opposite armies

mult or misrule Battle, bât'tl. v. n. to contend in fight Beard, béèrd. s. the hair that grows on the Battle-door, båt'tl-dore. s. an instrument to lips and chin; sharp prickles growing upon strike a ball or shuttlecock

the ears of corn ; a barb on an arrow Battlement, båt'tl-mếnt. s. a wall with open|Beard, béèrd. 5. a. to take or pluck by the

places to look through or annoy an enemy beard ; to oppose to the face Bavin, båv'in. s. a stick like those bound upBearded, beérd'éd. a. having a beard; havn in faggots

ing sharp prickles; barbed or jagged Bawble, båw'bl. s. a gewgaw, a trifling piece Beardless, bedrd'les. a. without a beard ; Bawbling, bảw'bling. a. trifling, contemptible youthful Bawd, båwd. s. a procurer or procuress, Bearer, båre'ir. s. a carrier of any thing Bawd, bảwd. v. n. to procure

Bearherd, båre'hůrd. 4. a man that tenda Bawdily, båw'de-lé. ad. obscenely

bears Bawdiness, båw'de-zés. s. obscenenes Bearing, båre'ing. s. the site or place of any Bawdry, bảw'dre. .. ohscenity

thing with respect to something else ; ges. Bawdy, båw'de. a. obscene, unchaste

«ture, mein, behaviour Bawdy-house, båw'dé-hồise. s. a house where Beast béést. s. an irrational animal ; a bru. traffick is made by debauchery

tal savage map

(of finery


blissful ;

same bed


Beastliness, béést'le-nês. s. brutality Becoming, bé-kúm'ming. part. a. that which Beastly, beest'lė. a. brutal; having the na pleases by an elegant propriety, graceful ture or form of beasts

Becomingly, bé-kům'ming-le. ad. after a be Beat, béte. v. a. to strike ; to punish with coming manner

stripes ; to mark the time in musick Bed, běd. s. something made to sleep on; Beat, bête. v. n. to move in a pulsatory man bank of earth raised in a garden; the chan

ner ; to throb; to fluctuate, to be in motion nel of a river, or any holiow; a layer, Beat, bete. 8. a stroke, or a striking

stratum Beaten, be'tn. particip. from beat

Bed, bid. v. a. to go to bed with; to be placBeatifcal, be-a-tir'e-kál.

ed in bed ; to sow or plant in bed; to sow Beatifick, he-a-trik.

or plant in earth; to lay in order, or in belonging to the happy after death


(sprinkle Beatifically, bé-å-tird-kål-lė. ad. in such a Bedabble, be-dåb'bl. v. a. to wet, to be

manner as to complete happiness Bedaggle, bé-tåg'gl. v. a. to bemire Beatification, bé-at-e-fe-kà'shủn. B. an ac-| Bedawb, be-dåwb'. v. a. to besmear

knowledgment by the Pope, that the per-|| Bedchamber, bềd'tshảme-bůr. s. the chamson beatified is in heaven, and may be reve ber appropriated to rest renced as blessed

Bedclothes, bed'cloze. B. coverlets spread Beatify, be-at'e-fi. v. a. to bless with the over a bed

completion of celestial enjoyment Bedding, bed'ding. 8. the materials of a bed Beating, bete'ing. 5. correction by blows Bedeck, bé-dék'. v. a. to deck, to adorn Beatitude, be-at’é-tůde. s. blessedness, feli-Bedew, be-dů'. v. a. to moisten gently, as city, happiness

with fall of dew Beau, bỏ. 5. a man of dress

Bedfellow, będ'fél-18. s. one that lies in the Beauish, bd'ish. a. befitting a beau, foppish Beaumonde, bd-mond'. B. the fashionable Bedinn, dé-dim'. v. 2. to obscure, to cloud, world

(forin to darken Beauteous, bů'tshê-ús. a. fair ; elegant in Bedizen, be-di'zn. a. to dress out Beauteously, bů'tshe-ús-le. ad. in a beauteous Bedlam, bed'lim. s. a madhouse

(being beauteous Bedlamnite, bed'lúm-lte. s. a madman Beauteousness, bi'tshe-ůs-nés. 8. the state of Bedpost, bêd'pdst. s. the post at the corner of Beautiful, bu'tê-rål. a. fair

the bed, which supports the canopy [clothes Beautifully, bị'tė-fůl-lé. ad. in a beautiful Bedraggle, be-dråg'gl. v. a. to soil the

(being beautiful Bedrid, będ'rid. a. confined to the bed by Beautifulness, bå'te-ról-nés. &. the quality of

age or sickness Beautify, bů'te-fl. v. a. to adorn, to embellish Bedrop, be-drop'. v. 2. to besprinkle, to Beauty, bů'tė. s. that assemblage of graces

mark with drops

(the bed is placed which pleases the eye; a particular grace ;// Bedstead, bed'stèd. s. the frame on which a beautiful person

Bedtime, hêd'tlme. s. the hour of rest Beauty-spot, bd'tė-spôt. 8. a spot placed to Bedung, be dủng'. v.a. to cover with dung heighten some beauty

Bedward, będ'wård. ad. toward bed Beaver, béè'vůr. &. an animal; a hat of the Bee, bèė. s. the insect that makes honey best kind; part of a helmet

Bee-garden, beé'går-dn. . à place to set Beavered, béé vůrd. 2. covered with a beaver hives of bees in Becalm, bé-kảm'. v. a. to still the elements ;|| Bee-hive, béé'hive. S. the case or box, in to keep a ship from motion; to quiet the which bees are kept

(bees mind

Bee-master, béė'mảs-túr. 8. one that keeps Became, be-kame'. pret. of become Beef, beér. s. the flesh of an ox or cow Because, békéwz'. conj. for this reason; on Beef-eater, béėr’é-túr. s. a yeoman of the this account

(happen tol

guard Bechance, bê-tshånse'. v. n. to befall, to|| Been, bin part. pret. of to be Beck, bék. s. a sign with the head, a nod: a Beer, béér. s. liquor made of malt and hops nod of command

Beet, béét. s. the name of a plant Beckon, bék'kn. v. n. to make a sign Beetle, béé'tl. &. an insect; a heavy inallet Become, bé-kům'. f. n. to enter into some Beetlebrowed, béėt'tl-broid. a. having pro

state or condition; to be the fate of, to be minent brows the end of

Beeves, héévz. s. black caitle, oxen Become, bé-kảm'. v. a. to appear in a man-Befall, bè-făwi'. v. 0. to happen to; to } per suitable to something; to be suitable to come to pass something; to be suitable to tbe pepton; to Befit, he-tit'. v. a. to suit, to be suitable to velit

Befool, bé-r621 v. a. to infatuate, to fool




(a place

Before, bé-fore'. prep. farther onward in Beholden, be-hol'dn. part. a.

bound place ; in the front of, in the presence of ; gratitude preceding in tine ; in preference to

Beholder, be-hh1kdẫr. 1. spectaoor Before, bé-fore'. ad. sooner than ; earlier Behoof, bé-bbf. s. profit, advantage previously to; hitherto

Behoove, bé-h88v v. n. to be fit, to be meet Beforehand, bé-fère' hånd. ad. in a state of Being, bê'ing. s. existence, a particular stat.

anticipation; previously ; before any thing or condition; the person existing is done

Being, bê'ing. conj. since Beforetime, bê-lore'time. ad. formerly Belabour, bé-là bảr. v. 2. to beat, to thump Befoul, be-Toil'. v. a. to make foul, to soil Belated, bé-là têd. a. benighted Befriend, bé-frend'. v. a. io favour; to be Belay, bé-lá. ¥. a. to block up, to stop the kind to

passage, to place in ainbush Beg, bég. v. n. to live upon alms

Belch, belsh. v. n. to eject wind from the Beg, bėg: v. a. to ask, to seek by petition stomach Beget, bégét'. v. a. to generate, procreate, Belch, bělsh. s. the action of eructation produce

(begets Beidam, bél'dam. 8. an old woman, a hag Begetter, be-gết'tửr. s. he that procreates or Beleaguer, bé-lesgúr. 4. a. to besiege, to Beggar, hég'gúr. s. One who lives upon alms ; block up a place a petitioner

Beleaguerer, be-lè'gůr-Ủr. 8. one that besieges Beggar, hềg'gủr. v. a. to reduce to beggary, Belfry, bểl'fré. s. the place where the bells to impoverish

are rung

(lumniate Beggarliness, bêg'gůr-lê-nês. 6. the state of Belie, be-ii'. v. a. to feign, to mimick; to cabeing beggarly

Belief, bé-léer. s. credit given to something; Beggarly, beg'gir-lè. a. mean, poor, indigent the body of tenets held; persuasion; creed Beggary, beg zúr-ė. s. indigence

Believable, bé-lée'va-bl. a. credible Begin, be-gio'. v. n. to enter upon ; to com- Believe, bé-léèv'. v. a. to credit upon the avmence; to take rise

thority of another Begin, bế-gin'. v. a. to do the first act or Believe, bl-ider'. v. 0. to have a firm per

any thing ; to hegin with, to enter upon suasion of any thing; to exercise the virtue Beginner, bé-gin'nůr. s. be that gives the of faith first cause; an unexperienced attempter

Believer, bé-léè'vůr. s. he that believes ; a Beginning, he-gio'uing. 8. first original or professor of Christianity

Belike, be-ilke'. ad. probably, likely, perhaps Begird, bê-gêrď. v. a. to bind with a girdle,|| Bell, bell. s. a hollow sounding body of cast to surround; to shut in

(away metal Begone, bėgón'. interj. go away, hence, Belle, bèll. s. a gay young lady Begot, bê-got'

Belles Lettres, hél-là'tór. polite literature Begotten, be-gôt'tn.

part. pass. of beget

Belligerent, bêl-Iidje'é-rént. a. waging war Begrease, bé-grèze'. v. a to soil or dawb|| Bellow, bèi'ld. v. n. to make a poise as a with fat matter

[deeply impressed bull; to vociferate ; to roar as the sea or Begrirne, bé-grime'. v. 2. to soil with dirt the wind

(blow the fire Beguile, bé-gulle'. v. x. to impose upon, de-Bellows, hel'lủs. 8. the instrument used to Jude ; in deceive

Belly, bèl'lė. 8. that part of the human body Begun, be-għn'. past. pass. cf begin [port which contains the bowels Behalf, bé- nåf'. s. favour, vindication, sup-|Belly, hèl'lė. v. n. to hang out, to bulge out Bebave, bé-håve'. v. a. to carry, to conduct Bellygod, hèt'le-gôd. 8. a glutton Behave, bé-håve'. v. n. to act, to conduct Belman, bell'inan. 5. a town crier one's self

Belineta!, héil'mêt-tl. s. the meial of which Behaviour, bid-háve'yảr. s. manner of heha bells are made

ving one's self, conduet, course of life Belong, bê-lång'. v. n. to be the property of; Behead, be-hêu. v. a. to kill by cutting on to have relation to the head

Beloved, bê-luv'êd. a. dear Beheld, bén-éld'. part. pass. from behold Below, bé-18'. prep. under; inferior in digBebemost, bé'hé-moth. s. the hippopotamus, nity ; unbefitting

(the dead or river horse

Below, bé-18'. ad. on earth, in the regions of Bebest, bê-hest. s. command

Belt, télt. s. a girdle, a ciacture Behind, bé-hind'. prep. at the back of another Belwether, bểil'wéth-úr. s. the sheep which on the back part ; inferior to another

leads the flock Behind, bé-hind'. ad. backward

Bemire, bė-mire'. v. a. to drag, or encuraber Behold, bé-hdid'. v. 2. to view, to see

in the mire Behold, bé-bold'. interj. see, lo

Bemporn, bê-ındae', v. a. to lament, to hewail




or soot

Bemoaner, be-mo'nůr. s. a lamenter Bergamot, her gå-môt. s. a sort of pear, as Bench, bếnsh. s. a seat; a seat of justice ; essence or perfume ; a sort of snur the persons sitting upon a bench

Berhyme, bé-rime'. v. a. to celebrate in Bencher, bên'shủr. 8. a senior member in one rhyme of the inns of court

Berlin, bér-lin'. s. a coach of a particular form Bend, bånd. v. a. to make crooked ; to in-Berry, bêr'rė. s. any small fruit with many cline; to subdue

seeds Bend, bênd. v. n. to be incurvated, to bow Beryl, bểr'ril. s. a precious stone Bend, bềnd. 8. Alexure, incurvation Beseech, bé-séétsh'. v. a. to entreat, suppliBender, bến'důr. 8. the person who bends; cate, beg, ask

the instrument with whick any thing is Beseem, bé-séém'. v. n. to become, to be fit bent

Beset, bê-set'. v. a. to besiege, to hein in, to Beneath, bl-nethe', prep. under, lower in waylay

(to happen ill to place, rank, excellence, or dignity Beshrew, be-shr88'. v. a. to wish a curse to; Bedeath, be- nethe'. ad. in a lower place, Beside, be-side'. under ; below

Besides, bé-eldes'. prep. over and above Benediction, bền-e-dikoshần. 1. a blessing Beside, bê-side'.

ad, over and above Benefaction, bên-e-fák'shủn. 8. the act of Besides, be-sides'.

conferring a benefit; the benefit conferred ||Besiege, bê-séėje'. v. a. to lay siege to, to Benefactor, bên-e-fåk'tür. s. he that confers a beset with armed forces benefit

(confers a benefit|| Besieger, bé-séè'júr. s. one employed in a siege Benefactress, bên-e-råk'trés. 8. a woman who Besmear, bê-smélr'. v. 2. to tedaub; to soil Benefice, bên'é-fis. s. an ecclesiastical living Besmirch, bê-smếrtsh'. v. a. to soil, to disBeneficed, bềne-flat. possessed of a colour

(harden in sinoke benefice

Besmoke, bé-smoke'. 1. a. to foul with, or Beneficence, be-nêr'e-sense. 8. active good-Besmut, be-smút'. v. a. to blacken with smoke Beneficent, be-néré-sent. a. kind, doing good||Besom, bé'zim. 8. an instrument to sweep with Beneficial, bên-e-fish'al. a. advantageous, Besot, bé-s8t'. v. a. to infatuate, to stupefy profitable

Besought, bė-sảwť. part. pass. of beseech Beneficiary, bên-é-fish'ya-rè. a. holding some-|| Bespangle, bê-spång'gl. v. a. to adorn with thing in subordination to another

spangles Beneficiary, bển--fish'yå-ré. s. one that has a Bespatter, bě-spåt'tůr. v. a. to spot or sprinbenefice

kle with dirt or water Benefit, bên'é-fft. 8. advantage, profit, use Bespawl, bê-spiel. . to daub with Benefit, bên'é-rit. v. a. to do good to

spittle Benefit, bển'é-fit. v. n. to gain advantage Bespeak, bl-speek'. v. a. to order beforeBenevolence, be-ner'vő-lénse. s. disposition to hand; to speak to, to betoken do good, kindness

(good willBespeaker, bé-spěé kúr. 8. he that bespeaks Benevolent, bé-něv'vd-lènt. a. kind, having

any thing

[speckles Benight, bê-nite'. v. å to surprise with the Bespeckle, be-spěk'kl. v. a. to mark with ccming on of night

(some Bespice, bé-spise'. V. a. to season with spices Benign, bê-ninė'. a. kind, generous, whole-Bespit, bê-spit'. v. a. to daub with spittle Benignity, bê-nig'nė-tě. 8. graciousness, ac-Bespot, bé-spôt'. v. a. to mark with spots tual kindness; salubrity

Bespread, bé-spréd'. v. a. to spread over Benignly, bê-nine'lé. ad. favourably, kindly Besprinkle, bê-sprink’kl. v. a. to sprvikle Benison, bên'ne-zn. s. blessing, benediction Bent, bềnt. s. the state of being bent, decli-|Best, bêst. a. most good

[ness vity

Best, bêst. ad, in the highest degree of goodBent, bềnt. part. of to bend. Made crooked ;|| Bestead, bè-stêd. v. 2. to profit; to treat, directed to, determined upon

to accommodate

(brutal Benumb, be-nům'. r. a. to make torpid, to Bestial, bês'tshé-ål. a belonging to a beast; . stupefy

Bestiality, bês-tshe-a l'e-tê. s. the quality of Bepaint, be-pånt'. V. a. to cover with paint beasts

[thing Bepinch, bé-pinsh'. y. am to anark with Bestick, pé-stik'. v. a. to stick over with any pinches

(to another Bestir, bé-stůr'. v. a. to put into vigorous 5equeath, bé-kwethe'. v. a to leave by will action

(to lay out Bequest, bé-kwest'. 8. something left by willBestow, bê-st&'. v. a. to give, to confer upon, Bereave, bé-réve'. v. a. to deprive oi; to Bestrew, be-stro'. v. a. to sprinkle over

Bestride, be-stride'. v. a to suside over any Berest, bé-réft'. part. pass of bereave

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Bet, bêt. s. a wager

||Bibliothecal, bib-le-otb'e-kål. a. belonging Bet, bết. V. a. to wager, stake at a wager to a library Betake, bê-tåke'. v. a to take, to seize ; to Bibulous, bib’u-lús. a. that has the quality of have recourse to

drinking moisture Bethinks be-think'. v. a. to recall to refection Bicker, bik'kůr. v. n. to skirmish, fight Bethral, bê-thråll'. v. a to enslave, to con off and on; to quiver quer

[to come to pass Bickerer, bik'úr-úr. s. a skirmisher Belide, he-tlde'. v. n. to happen to, to befall:Bicorne, bt'kårn.

a. having two Betimes, bé-timz'. ad. seasonably, early; soon Bicornous, bi-kör'nủs. Betoken, bê-to'kn. V. a. to signify, to repre


(dies sent; to foreshow

Bicorporal, bl-kôr'pd-rál. a. having two hoBetook, bê-t38k'. irreg. pret. from betake Bid, bid. v. a. to desire, to order; to offer, Betray, bê-tra'. v. a. to give into the hands of to declare enemies; to discover a secret

Bidden, bid'dn. part. pass. invited ; comBetrayer, bê-ri dr. se he that betrays, a manded traitor

[one, to affiance Bidder, bid'důr. s. one who offers a price Betroth, bé-trôth'. v. a. to contract to any||Bidding, bid'ding. s. coinmand, order Better, bêt'tûr. a. having good qualities in a Bide, bide. v. a. to endure, to suffer

greater degree than something else Bide, bide. v. n. to dwell, live, inbabit Better, bêt'túr. ad, well in a greater degree Bidental, bl-dén'tål. a. having two teeth Better, bết'túr. v. a. to improve, to melio-Biding, bl'aîng. 8. residence, habitation rate; to surpass, to exceed

Biennial, bi-èa'nė-ål. a. of the coaținuance of Better, bết'túr. s. superior in goodness

two years Bettor, bét'tůr. s. one that lays bets or wa-|Bier, bedr. s. a carriage on which the dead gers (space; belonging to twoll are carried to the grave

(calving Between, bl-tween': prep. in the intermediate Biestings, bėés'tingz. s. the first milk after Betwixt, bé-twikst'. prep. between

Bifariohs, 6-fe're-ås. a. twofold Bevel, bều'll

. s. in masonry and joinery, a Biferous, bir-fé-růs. a. bearing fruit twice a kind of square


year Beverage, bểv'ůr-ldje. s. drink, liquor to be Bifid, brid. a. opening with a cleft Bevy, bér'e. s. a flock of birds; a company Bifold, birdid. a. twofold, double Bewail, be-wåle'. v. a. to bemoan, to lamentBifurcated, bl-für’ka-têd. a. shooting out into Beware, bè-wåre'. v. n. to regard with cau two heads

tion, to be suspicious of danger from Big, big. a. great, large; pregnant; swollen Beweep, bê-wéép'. v. a. to weep over or upon||Bigamist, big'ga-mist. s. one that has comBewet, bé-wết'. v. a. to wet, to moisten mitted bigamy Bewilder, bé-wil'důr. v. a. to lose in pathless Bigamy, big'ga-mė. s. the crime of having places, to puzzle

two wives at once Bewitch, bé-witsh'. v. a. to injure by witch-|Bigbellied, big'bêl-lid. a. pregnant craft; to charm

[charm||Bigly, big'lė. ad. tumidly, haughtily Bewitchery, bé-witsh'ůr-ré. 6. fascination,||Bigness, big'vés. 8. greatness of quantity; Bewray, bé-rá'. r. a. to betray, discover per

(party fidiously, to make visible

Bigot, big'got. s. a man devoted to a certain Bewrayer, he-rá úr. s. betrayer, discoverer Bigoted, big'gůt-éd. . blindly prepossessed Beyond, be-yonu'. prep. at a distance not in favour of something

reached; ou the farther side of; out of the Bigotry, bigʻgût-trė, s. blind zeal, prejudice reach of, above

Bilander, bil'an-dúr. 8. a small vessel used for Bezoar, bé-zdre'. s. a medicinal stone

the carriage of goods Biangulous, bl-ang-gd-lús. a. having two Bilberry, bii'bêr-rė. s. Whortleberry angles

Bilbo, bil’h8. . a rapier, a sword Bias, bl'ús. s. the weight lodged on one side Bilboes, bil'bêze. s. a sort of stocks

of a bowl; propension, inclination Bile, bile. 8. a yellow bitter liquor, separated Bias, bl'as. v. a. to incline to some side in the liver, and collected in the gall Bib, bib. s. a piece of linen put upon the bladder; a sore angry swelling breasts of children

[drinking|Bilge, bilje. v. n. to spring a leak Bibacious, bi-bå'shứs. a. much addicted to Bilinsgate, billingz-gáte. s. ribaldry, foul Bibber, bib'bảr. 8. a tippler i

language Bible, bolo be the sacred volume, in which Bilinguons, bl-ling'gwús. to having two are contained the revelations of God

tongues Bibliographer, bib-lé-og'grå-fúr. th a trans - Bilious, btl'yús. a. consisting of bile cribor

Bilk, bilk. v. a to cheat, to defraud


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