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Bill, bill. 8. the beak of a fowl; a kind of|Biscuit, bis'kit. s. a kind of hard dry bread,

hatchet; a written paper; an account of made to be carried to sea; a small sweet money; a law; an advertisement


(parts Bill, bill. ú. n. to caress, as doves by joining Bisect, bl-sekt'. v. a. to divide into iwo bills

Bishop, bish'ủp. . one of the head order of Bill, bill. v. a. to publish by an adrertisement the clergy; a cant word for a mixture of Billet, hi!'lst. s. a small paper, a note, a smalli wine, oranges, and sugar [bishop log of wood

Bishoprick, bish'úp-rik. s. the diocese of a Billet, bil' llt. v. a. to direct a soldier where Bisinuth, biz'můth. 8. marcasite, a hard, he is to lodge; to quarter soldiers

white, mineral substance, of a metalline Billiards, hil'yårdz. s. a kind of play Billow, bil'ld. s. a wave swollen

Bissextile, bis-seks'til, s. leap year Billowy, bil 18-é. a. swelling, turgid Bistoury, bís'túr-é. s. a surgeon's incision Bin, bin. s. a place where bread or wine is instrument reposited

(compass-boxBit, bít. s. the iron part of a horse's bridle ; Binnacie, bin'a-kl. s. a sea term, meaning the as much meat as is put into the mouth at Bind, bind. v. a. to confine with bonds, to once; a small piece of any thing; a Spag. gird, to enwrap; to fasten any thing

ish West India silver coin Bind, bind. v. n. to contract, to grow stiff ;i Bitch, bitsb. s. the female of the dog kind to be obligatory

Bite, bite. v. a. 10 crush or pierce with the Binder, bind'úr. s. a man whose trade it is to teeth; to cheat, to trick

bind books; one who binds sheaves; a Bite, bite. s. the seizure of any thing by the Ellet

teeth; a cheat, a sharper Binding, bind'ing. s. a bandage

Biter, bl'tûr. s. he that bites; a tricker, a Binocle', bin'nd-kl. s. a telescope fitted soll deceiver

with two tubes, as that a distant object may| Bitter, bit'tứr. a. having a hot, acrid, biting be seen with both eyes

taste; sharp, cruel, severe ; calamitous, Binocular, bl-nok'd-lỏr, a. having two eyes miserable ; satirical Biographer, bl-og'gra-fúr. s. a writer of lives Bitterly, bit'tůr-ld. ad. with a bitter taste; Biography, bl-og'grå-fé. s. an historical ac in a biting manner, sorrowfully, sharply count of the lives of particular men

Bitterness, bit'tůr-nés. 3. a bitter taste ; maBiparous, bip'på-růs. a. bringing forth two at lice, implacability ; severity of teinper, a birth

(pondent parts satire; keepness of reproach ; sorrow, af. Bipartite, bipʼpår-tlte. a. having two corres fiction Biped, hi'ped. 8. an animal with two feet Bitumen, bé-tå'mên. 4. a fat onctuous matBipenpated, bl-pén' na-ted. a. having two ter dug out of the earth, or scummed off wings (flower-leaves lakes

(of bitumen Bipetalous, bl-pét'ta-kús. a. consisting of two Bituminous, be-te'mė-nủs. a. compounded Biquadrate, bl-qwà'dråte.

8. the fourth

Bivalve, bi'vâlv. Biquadratick, bi-qwå-dråt'ik.

Bivalvular, bl-vil'vd-lár.

a. having two power arising from the multiplication valves square by itself

Blah, blåb. v. a. to tell what ought to be kept Birch, bůrtsh. s. a tree

secret Birchen, bůr'tshn. A. made of birch

Blab, blåb. s. a tell-tale

Idisma Bird, bỏrd. s. a general term for the tea-Black, blåk. a. dark; cloudy, sullen ; wicked, thered kind, a fowl"

Black, blåk. s. a black colour; mourning, • Birder, búrd'ur. s. a birdcatcher

black muor Birdlime, bird'Ilme. 8. a glutinous substance Black, blåk. F. a. to make black, to blacker used to catch birds

Black-cattle, blåk'kåt-tl. 1. oxen, bulls, and Bird-nest, bůrdz'oèst. s. the place where al

(dirty fellow bird lays her eggs and hatches her young Blackguard, biåg'gård. s. a low term for a Birth, bérth, s. the act of coming into life; Black-lead, blåk-led'. s. a mineral much used

extraction, lineage, condition; thing born for pencils Birthday, bërth'dà. s. the day on which ary Blackberry, blåk’tér-re. s. a species of bramone is born

(any one is born ble; the fruit of it Birthnight, bêrtb'nite. s. the night in which Blackbird, blåk'bůrd. s. the name of a bird Birthplace, bêrth'place. s. place where any|Blacken, blåk'ko. V. a. to make of a black One is born

colour; to darken, to defame Birthrigbt, bérth'rite. h. the rights and pri-Blacken, blák kn. v. n. to grow black

vileges to which a man is born; the right|Blackish, blåk'ish. a. somewhat black of the first boro

Blackmoor, blåk'more. h. a negro

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Blackness, blåk'nés. s. black colour ; dark-|| Blazon, blå'zn. v. a. to paint the figures on ness

(in iron ensigns armorial ; to embellish; to display, Blacksmith, blåk'smith. 8. a smith that works to make publick B ladder, blad'důr. 8. the vessel which con-Blazonry, blå'zn-rè. s. the art of blazoning

tains the urine ; a blister, a pustule Bleach, bléétsb. v. a. to whiten Blade, blåde. s. a spire of grass, a green Bleak, bléke. a. pale; cold, chill shoot of corn

Bleakness, bléke'Rés. . coldness, chiloess Blade, blåde. s. the sharp or striking part of|Blear, bléér. a. dim with rheum or water

a weapon or instrument; a brisk man, obscure in general either fierce or gay

Blearedness, blée'red-nês. s. the state of ha Blain, blåne. 6. a pustule, a blister

ing dimmed with rheum Blameable, blå'ma-bl. a. culpable, faulty Bleat, bléte. v. n. to cry as a sheep Blameably, blå må-ble. ad. culpably

Bleat, bléte. s. the cry of a sheep or lamb Blaine, blåme. V. a. to censure, to charge Bleed, blééd. v. n. to lose blood, to run a with a fault

(crime, hurt

drop as blood Plame, blåme. s. imputation of a fault; Bleed, bleed. v. a. to let blood Blameless, blåme'lês. a. guiltless, innocent Blemish, blém'ish. v. a. to deform ; to de Blamelessly, blåme'lès-lé. ad. innocently fame

(scar; reproach, disgrace Blameworthy, blåme'wůr-thė. a. culpable, Blemish, blêm'ish. 6. a mark of deformity, • blaneable

Blend, olend. v. a. to mingle together Blanch, blânsh. v. a. to whiten; to strip or Bless, blés. v. a. to make happy ; to praise peel such things as have husks

Blessed, bles'sed. part. a. happy, enjoying Bland, blând. a. suft, mild, gentle

beavenly felicity Blandish, blân'dish. v. a. to smooth, to Blessedness, blés'sed-nês. s. happiness, felicity soften

Blessing, blés'sing. 8. benediction; the means Blandishment, blån'dish-mênt. 8. act of fond of happiness ; Divine favour

Dess, expression of tenderness by gesture Blest, blést. part. a. happy Blank, blånk. a. white; unwritten ; con- Blew, blú, the pret. of blow fused; without rby me

Blight, bilte. s. mildew, any thing nipping Blank, blank. s. a void space; a lot by which or blasting

nothing is gained ; a paper unwritten Blight, blite. v. a. to blast, to hinder from Blanket, blank'it. s. a woollen cover for a bed fertility Blanket, blank'it. v. a. to cover with or toss Blind, blind. a. without sight, dark ; obscure in a blanket

Blind, blind, v. a. to make blind, to darken Blankly, blånk'lė. ad. in a blank manner, || Blind, bUnd. s. something to bioder the sight; with paleness or confusion

something to mislead Blaspheme, blås-féme'. v. a. to speak in Blindfold, blind'rdid. v. a to hinder from seeterms of impious irreverence of God; to ing by blinding the eyes

(vered speak evil of

[phemy Blindfold, olind'rdid. a. having the eyes co. Blaspheme, blås-féme'. v. n. to speak' blas- Blindly, blina'lė. ad. without sight; without Blasphemer, blás-fé'můr. s. a wretch that examination, judgment, or direction

speaks of God in impious and irreverent|Blindinan's Buti, blind-inanz-båt'. s. a childish terms [verent with regard to God play

[rance Blasphemous, blis'fe-mi. a. impiously irre-Blindness, blind' nês. 8. want of sight; ignoBlasphemously, blås' fé-mis-lè. ad. impiously, Blindside, bllnd-side'. s. weakness, foible with wicked irreverence

Blink, blink. v. n. to wink ; to see obscurely Blasphemy, blis'fe-mė. s. an offering of in-Blinkard, blink'úrd. r. one that has bad eyes dignity unto God

Bliss, blis. s. the highest degree of happiness Blast, blåst. 6. a gust, or puff of wind ; the felicity

(gree sound made by any instrument of wind- || Blissful, bis'fil. a. happy in the highest de musick

Blister, blls'củr. s. pustule formed by raising Blast, blåst. v. a. to injure, to invalidate ; to the cuticle froin the cutis confound

Blister, blis'tır. v. n. to rise in blisters Blatant, bld'tant. a. bellowing as a call Blister, blis'túr. v. a. to raise blisters by some Blatter, blåt'tür. r. n. to roar

Blaze, blize. 8. a Name ; publication ; a white Blithe, bllthe. a. gay, airy
mark upon a horse

Blithsome, blith'san. a. gay, cheerfui
Blaze, bláze. v. 0. to flare, to be conspicuons Bloat, blote. v. a. to swell
Blaze, biảze. . a. to publish, to make Bloat, blåte. v. to grow torgid
koown; to blazon; to inflame

Blatedoess, bld'têd-née.s. turgidners · swell Blazer, bll'zúr. o. one that spreads reports sng

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Biobherlip, blob'bůr-lîp. s. a thick lip Blubber, blúb'bûr. s. the part of a wbalo Block, blok. 8. a short heavy piece of timber; that contains the oil

a rough piece of marble ; an obstruction, a Blubber, blůb'bůr. v. n. to weep in such a pulley ; a blockhead

manner as to swell the cheets Block, blok. y. shut up, to enclose Bludgeon, blůd'jún. 8. a short stick, with one Blockade, blok-kảde', s. a siege carried on end loaded

(lours by shutting up the place

Blue, blů. a. one of the seven original coBlockade, blok-kåde'. v. a. to shut up Bluely, blú'lė. ad, with a blue colour Blockhead, blok’hed. s. a stupid fellow, Blueness, blůnés. s. the quality of being blue dolt

Bluff, blår. a. big, surly, blustering Blockish, blok'ish. a. stupid, dull

Bluish, blo'ish, a, blue in a small degree Blockishness, blok'ish-nés. s. stupidity

Blunder, blủn'dịr. v. 1. to mistake grossly Blood, blảd. s. the red liquor that circulates to stumble

(blindly in bodies; kindred; murder

state of the Blunder, blủn'důr. v. a. to mix foolishly, or passions ; man of fire

Blunder, blin'důr. s, a gross or shameful mis Blood, blúd. v. a. to stain with blood; take inure to blood; to exasperate

Blunderbuss, blin'dir-bûs. 8. a short gon Blood-flower, blûd'Aðir. s. a plant

Blunderer, blůn'dkr-úr. s. a blockhead Bloodguiltiness, blúd-gilt'é-nès. s. murder Blunt, blúnt. a. dull; rough, abrupt Blood-bound, blůd'hôůnd. s. a bound that Blunt, blůnt. v. a. to dull the edge or point follows by the scent

Bluntly, blůnt'lè. ad. without sharpness ; Bloodly, blůd'é-lé, ad. cruelly

coarsely, plainly

(nesa Bloodinese, blůd'é-nés. s. the state of being||Bluntnees, blůnt nés. 8. want of edge ; rude bloody

(without s.aughter|Blur, blúr. 8. a blot, a stain Bloodless, blad'lês. a. without blood, dead ; Blur, blúr. v. a. to blot, to efface ; to stain Bloodshed, blỏd'shed. s. the crime of blood, Blush, bhish. v. n. to betray shame or confuor murder ; slaughter

sion, by a red colour in the cheeks; to Bloodshot, blúd'shỏt.

a. filled with

carry a red colour Bloodshotten, blåd'shot-tn.

Blush, blåsh. s. a red colour in the cheeks ; blood bursting from its proper vessels

sudden appearance

(pud Bloodsucker, blúd'sůk-ůr, 8. a leech, a fly, any Bluster, blús'tảr. v. n. to roar, to bully, to thing that sucks blood

Bluster, blús'tůr. s. roar, noise, tumuit; bois Blood-thirsty, blůd'thúrs-té. a. desirous to terousness shed blood

Blusterer, blis'tür-ứr. s. a swaggerer, a bully Bloody, blůd'è. a. stained with blood ; cruel, Blustrous, blås'trůs. a. tumultuous, noisy murderous

Bo, bd. interj. a word of terror Bloom, b1b8m. s. a blossom ; the state of Boar, bore. s. the male swine immaturity

Board, bord. s. a piece of wood of more Bloom, blolm. v. n. to bring or yield blos length and breadth than thickness; a table soms; to be in a state of youth

at which a court is held Bloomy, b186m'mė. a. full of bloom, flowery Board, bord. v. a. to enter a ship by force ; Blossom, bles'sům. s. the flower that grows to lay or pave 'with boards on any plant

Board, bord, v. n, to live in a house where a Blossom, blos'sům. V. n. to put forth blossoms certain rate is paid for eating Blot, blôt. v. a. to obliterate, to efface, toiBcard-wages, bỏrd-wa'jfz. 8. an allowance

erase ; to disgrace, to disfigure ; to darken for victuals Blot, biót. s. an obliteration of something Boarder, bor'dúr. s. one who diets witte written; a blur, a spot

[skin another Blotch, biðtsh. s. a spot or pustule upon the Boarish, bóre'ish. 3. swinish, brutal, cruel Blow, 618. s. a stroke ; a single action, a sud-Boast, bóst. V. n. to display one's own worde den event

or actions Blow, bl8. v. n. to move with a current of Boast, bost. ... to brag of ; to magnify, air ; to breathe hard ; to sound by being to exalt

ling blown ; to play musically by wind; to Boast, bost. s. a proud speech ; cause of boast bloom; to blossom

Boaster, bóst'ůr. 8. a bragger Blow, bid. v. a. to drive by the force of||Boastful, bost'fål. a. ostentatious

the wind; to inflate with wind ; to swell Roastingly, bèst'ing-le. ad. ostentatiously into size; to sound an instrument of wind-||Boat, båte. B. a vessel to pass the water in

musick ; to infect with the eggs of fies Boation, bd-a'shủn. s. roar, noise Blowze, b1d8ze. s. a ruddy fat-faced wench Boatman, bote'mån. s. he that manages a Blowzy, bXyzé. a. sun-burnt, bigh-colouredil bout


Boatswain, bo'sn. 3. an officer on board a Bolt, bolt. v. a. to shut or fasten with a holt

ship, who has charge of all her rigging,|Bolt, bólt. v. n. to spring out with speed and cables, and anchors


(from bran Bob, bôb. v. a. to beat, to drub; to chaat Bolter, bóltúr. 8. a siere to separate meal Bob, bôb. V. n. to play backward and for-Bolting-house, bólt'ing-hỏúse, s. the place i ward

where meal is sifted Bob, bôb. 8. something that harigs loose ; the Bulus, boʻlủs. 6. a medicine made into a soft

words repeated at the end of a stanza ; a mass, larger than pills blow; a short wig

Bomb, bům. s. an iron shell, filled with gusBobbin, Lôb'bin. . a small pin of wood with powder, and furnished with a vent for a a notch

fusee, or wooden tube, filled with comBobcherry, böb'tshér-ıė. s. a play among bustible matter; to be thrown out from a children

[rel of wing Bobtailed, hob'tåld. a. having a tail cut Bombard, bům'bård. s. a great gun; a barBobwig, bob'wig. 8. a short wig Cor Bombard, bún-bảrd'. v. a. to attack with Bode, både. ".a. to portend, to be the omen bombs Bodement, både' mént. s. portent, omen Bombardier, bům-hår-déer'. s. the engineer Bodge, bodje. v. n. to boggle

whose office is to shoot bombs Bodice, bôj'dís. s. a sort of stays

Bombardient, bům-bằrd' mềnt. 8. an attack Bodiless, bid'dé-lés. a. incorporeal, withont made by throwing bombs a hody

Bombasin, húm-bå-zéén'. s. a slight silken stuff Bodily, hodlé-lé. a. relating to the body, real Bombast, bům'håst. s. fustian ; big words Bodily, bôd' lé-lé. ad. corporeal

Bombast, bům-bast'. a. bigh-sounding Bodkin, bôj'kin. 8. an instrument to draw a Bombastick, búm-bas'tik. a. bigh-sounding, thread or riband through a loop

pompous Body, bởd’dd. s. matter, opposed to spirit; Bombulation, bům-bů- la'shủn. s. sound, noise

a person; a collective mass; a corpora-| Bonaroba, bd-na-ro'bå. 3. a prostitute tion

Bond, bồnd, 8. a ligament that holds any Body-clothes, bodde-kloze. s. clothing for thing together; union; a writing of obli. horses that are dieted

gation Bog, bôg. h. a marsh, a fen, a morass Bondage, bên dåje. s. captivity, imprisonment Boggle, bôg'gl. v. n. to fly back; to hesitate Bondinaid, bånd måde. s. a woman slave Boggler, bog'glůr. s. a doubter,'a timorous Bondman, bônd’mản. s. a man slave man

Bondslave, bồnd'slåre. s. a man in slavery Boggy, båg'gė. a. marshy, swampy

Bondsman, bôndz'man. s. bound for Boghouse, bôg'hoise. s. a house of office another Bobea, bo-he'. s. a species of tea

Bondwoman, hônd'wồm-ỉn. 8. a woman slave Boil, boil. v. n. to be agitated by heat ; to Bone, bone. s. the solid parts of the body move like boiling water

(water Bone, bbne. v. a. to tase out the bones from Boil, bởll. v. a. to seeth; to dress in boiling the flesh Boiler, böl'ůr. s. the vessel in which any Boneless, bone'iểs. a. without bones thing is boiled

Bonesetter, bône'set-túr. 8. one who sets Boisterous, bois'têr-ús. a. loud, stormy, bones furious

(turnultuously Bonfire, bôn'fire. 8. a fire made foi triumph Boisterously, båls'tếr-ỉs-lè. ad. violently, Bonnet, bôn'nit. s. a Boisterousness, béis'ter-ús-nés. s. tumultuous-Bonnily, bởn' né-lé. ad. gayly, handsomely ness, turbulence

Bonny, bởn'nė. a handsome, beautiful; gay Bold, boid. a. daring, stout ; impudent Bonny-clabber, bôn-nė-klåb'bůr. 8. sour butBolden, bóld'dn. v. a. to make bold


(bones Boldfaced, hild'fáste, a. impudent

Bony, bo'nè. a. consisting of bones ; full of Boldly, bid'le. ad. in a bold manner Booby, b83'bė. s. a dull stupid fellow Boldness, bold'nés. s. courage, bravery; in-| Book, b68k. s. a volume in which we read or pudence

write Bole, bóle. s. a kind of earth; a corn mea-Book, b88k. V. a. to register in a book sure or six bushels

Bookbinder, 183k'bin-dúr. s. one who binde Boll, böle. 8. a round stalk or stem


[gested knowledge Bolster, böle'stůr. s. sometbing laid in the Bookful, b8%k’tůl. a. crowded with undje

bed, to support the head; a pad or quilt Bookish, b88k'tsh. a. given to books Bolster, bóle'stůr. v. a. to support, maintain Bookishness, book'{sb-nes. s. over-studious Bolt, hdit. s. an arrow, a dart; a thunder

(with bonks bolt; the bar of a door

Book-learning, 688k'iếrn-Ing. 6. acquaintance


hat, a cap



Bookmate, bórk'máte. 8. a schoolfellow |Botanist, bởt'a-nist. s. one skilled in plants Bookseller, b88k'sél-lúr. 1. a man whose pro-Botch, bởtsh. s. a swelling; a part in any fession is to sell books

work ill finished Bookworm, b3lix'wảrm. 8. a mite that eats Botch, bôtsh. v. a. to mend clumsily ; ts holes in books; a close student

mark with botches Boom, boom. 8. a bar laid across a harbour Botchy, båt'tshé. a. marked with totches Boom, bn.. v, a to rush with violence Both, both. a. the two Boon, bón. 8, a gift, a grant

Botn, both. conj. as well Boon, b88n. a. gay, merry

Bottle, bôt'tl. s. a small vessel of glass. or Boor, bốór. Bu a lout, a clown

other matter ; a quantity of wine usually Boorish, bir'ish. a. clownish, rustick

put into a bottle ; a quantity of hay or Boorishness, bőr'ish-nés. . coarseness of grass bundled up

(put on boots Bottle, bot'tl. a. to enclose in bottles Boot, bőőt. V. a. to profit, to advantage; to Bottlescrew, bởt'tl-skroð. 8. a screw to pull Boot, b88t. 8. profit, gain, advantage; a co out the cork

vering for the leg; the place under the Bottom, bột'tům. 8. the lowest part ; tha coach-box

foundation ; a valley Boot-catcher, böle'kếtsb-úr. 8. the person at Bottom, bởt'tảm. v. a. to fix upon as a supan inn who pulls off boots

port; to wind upon something Booted, b861'éd. a. in boots (bonghs Bottom, bôt'tům. vi n. to rest upon as its Booth, bb8th. s. a house built of boards, or support

[tom, fathomless Bootless, bốbt'lês. a. useless, unavailing Bottomless, bôt'tûm-lês. 2. without a bot. Booty, b88'tė. s. plunder, pillage

Bottonry, bột'tům-ré, s, the act of borrowBopeep, öd-pèép. 8. a play among children ing money on a ship's bottom Borachio, bő-råt'tsho. s. a drunkard Bouge, bobdje. v. n. to swell out

(tree Borable, ho'rå-bl. a. that may be bored Bough, hồi. s. an arm or large shoot of a Borage, bůr'idje. a. a plant

Bought, båwt. pret. of to buy Borax, b'råks. s. an artificial salt

Bounce, bôůnse. v. D. to make a sudden leap ; Bordel, bôr'dèl. s. a brothel, a hawdy-house to boast, to bully [noise ; a boast, a threat Border, bůr'důr. 6. the outer part or edge of Bounce, bôůnse. s. a sudden blow, crack, or

any thing; a bank raised round a garden Bouncer, bồin'sůr. s. a boaster, a bully, a liar Border, bör'dúr. 1. n. to contine upon; to Bound, bồúnd. s. a limit, a boundary; a leap, approach nearly to

a jump

(to restrain Border, bỏr'důr. v. a. to adorn with a bor-Bound, bởind. v. a. to limit, to terminate ; der; to reach, to touch

Bound, bồind. v. n. to jump, to spriug ; to Borderer, bor'dûr-úr. s. he that dwells o.

fly back the borders

Bound, boind. part. pass. of bind Bore, bóre. v. a. to pierce in a hole

Bound, bdånd. a. destined, intending to como Bore, bóre. v. n. to make a hole ; to push to any place forwards to a certain point

Boundary, bồin'da-ré. s. limit, bound Bore, bére. s. the hole made by boring ; the Bounden, bồin'dên. part. past. of bind size of a hole

Boundless, bồurd'lês. a. unlimited, unconfined Bore, bore, pret. of bear

Bounteous, bôûn'tché-ìs. a. liberal, kind, Boreal, bồ're-al. a. northern


(generously Bereas, bồ're-ås. s. the north wind Bounteously, bôûn'tché-is-lé. ad. liberally, Boree, bé-rée'. s. a step in dancing Bounteousness, bidn'tchè-us-nés. . munifi Porn, bồrn. part. come into life

cence, liberality

(munificent Borne, borne. part. carried, supported Bountiful, bồin'té-fil. a. liberal, generous, borough, bůr'r. s. a town with a corporation Bountifully, bồin'té-fil-lé. ad. liberally Borrow, bôr'rð. v. a. to ask the use of some-Bountifulness, bởin'tė-fùl-nês. s. the quality of

thing for a time; to use as one's own being bountiful, generosity Borrower, bôr'rd-ór. s. he that porrows Bounty, håin'tė. 's. generosity, munificenza Boscage, bis'kåje. 8. wood, or woodlands Boirn, børne. s. a bous.d, a limit; a bruuk, a Bozky, bôs'kė. a. woody

torrent Bcsom, bolʻzům. s. the breast, the heart; thi House, bốóze. r. n. to drink lavishly

tender affections [som; to concealBousy, bbt'zé. a. drunken B csom, b88ʻzům. v. a. to enclose in the bo- ! Bout, ngit. 8. a turn, as much of an action as Buss, bês. &. a stud; a thick body on any is pe formed at one time kind

Bow, hoi. v. a. to bend; to depress, to crusb Botanical,bd-can'é-kål.

a. relating to herbs | Buw, bổi. 6. n. to bend, to stoop, tu sink up. Banick, bố-tân-nik.



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