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Bow, båú. s. ån act of reverence or submis-||Brain, bråne. s. a collection of vessels and sion

organs in the head ; understanding (brain Bow, bd. s. an instrument of war; a rain-Brain, brảne. v. a. to kill by beating cut the

bow; the instrument with which string! Brainish, bráne'lsh. a. hot-headed, furious instruments are played upon

Brainless, brâne'lès. a. silly (the brains Bow, 18. v. a. to bend sideways

Brainpan, bråne'pån. s. the skull containing Bow-bent, b'bênt. a. crooked

Brainsick, bråne'sik. a. addlebeaded, giddy Bowels, bồu'els. 8. intestines ; the inner Brainsickness, bråne'sik-nes. s. indiscretion, parts; tenderness, cornpassion

giddiness Bower, bôi' úr. s. an arbour, an anchor Brake, bråke. pret. of break Bowery, bồu'úr-ré. a. full of bowers Brake, bråke. s. fern, brambles ; an instru. Fowl, bóle. s. the hollow part of any thing ment for dressing flax; a kneading trougte

a basin, a fountain ; a round mass rolled Braky, hıă'ké. a. thoroy, prickly, rough

along the ground (bowls at any thing|Bramble, branı'bl. s. any rough prickly shrub Bowl, bóle. v. a. to play at bowls; to throw Bran, brån. s. the husks of corn ground Bowler, bd'lůr. s. he that plays at bowls Branch, brânsh. s. the shoot of a tree; any Bowling-green, bo'ling-gréėn. 8. a level

part that shoots out from the rest ; offspring piece of ground, kept for bowlers Branch, bränsh. v. n. to spread in branches Bowman, bo'man s. an archer

to speak diffusively Bowsprit, bo'sprit. 8. a mast running out aslope Branch, brânsh. v. a. to divide as into branch

at the head of a ship (a bow is kept bent es; to adorn with needlework Bowstring, bd'string. s. the string by which Branchless, brânsh'lês. a. without shoots or Bowyer, bd'yúr. s. an archer; one whose houghs; naked trade is to make bows

Branchy, brån'sbé. a. full of branches Bex, boks. e. a tree; the wood of it ; seat ;|| Brand, brand. 8. a lighted stick; a sword; a case of wood; a blow

mark made by a bot iron

[infamy Box, bôks. v. a. to enclose in a box

Brand, brând. v. a. to mark with a note of Box, bôks. v. n. to fight with the fist [box]Brandish, brån'dish. v. a. to wave or share, Boxen, bởk'sn. a. made of box, resembling to flourish

[from wine Boxer, bôks’úr. s. a man who fights with his Brandy, brân'dè, 8. a strong liquor distilled fists

(contempt Brangle, brang'gl. 8. squabble, wrangle (ble Boy, bêè. s. a male child; youth ; a word of Brangle, brâng'gl. s. n. to wrangle, to squabBoyhood, bie'hůd. s. the state of a boy

brân'né, a. having the appearance of Boyish, bde'lsh. a. childish, trifling


(in brass; a pan to hold coals Boyishly, båd’ish-le. ad. childishly, triflingly|Brasier, bra'zhůr. s. a manufacturer that works Boyishness, båd'Ish-nés. s. childishness, tri-Brass, brås. s. a yellow metal; impudence Aingness

Brassy, brås'sė. a. partaking of brass ; hard Brabble, bráb'bl. s. a clamorous contest as brass ; impudent

(the offspring Brabble, brab'bl. v. n. to contest noisily Brat, bråt. s. a child, so called in contempt; Brace, bráse. v. a. to bind, to straio up Bravado, bra-va'dd. s. a boast, a trag Brace, bråse. e. a bandage; a pair; a crooked Brave, brảve. a. courageous, gallant, excelline; tightness

lent, noble

(challenge Bracelet, bråse'lết. s. an ornament for the Brare, bråre. s. a hector, a bully; a boast, a arms

Brave, bráve. V. a. to defy, to challenge Bracer, bra'sûr. s. a cincture, a bandage Bravely, bråve'lè. ad. courageously, gallantly Brachial, bråk'yål. a. belonging to the arm Bravery, brá'vůr-ré. 6. courage; magnifiBrack, bråk. f. a breach

cence ; bravado, boast Bracket, bråk'kst. 8. a small support of wood Bravo, brả'vð. s. a man who murders for bire Brackish, bråk'lsh. a. salt, something salt Brawl, brảwl. v. n. to speak loud and indeBrackishness, bråk'ish-nès. s. saltness

cently Brad, bråd. s. a sort of pail to door rooms Brawl, bråwl. s. quarrel, noise, scurrility with

Brawler, bråw'lůr. s. a wrangler Brag, bråg. v. n, to boast, to display ostenta- Brawo, brảwn. s. the flesh of a boar; a boar; tiously

calf of the leg

(ness Brag, brag. s. a boast; a proud expression Brawniness, bråw'né-nês. A. strength, hardiBraggadocio, bråg-gb-ddʻshể-6. s. boasting Brawny, bråe'nė. a. musculous, fleshy, bulky fellow

Bray, bra. v. a. to pound or grind small Braggart, bråg' sårt. s. a boaater

Bray, brà. v. 2. to make a noise as an ass Bragger, bråg'gúr. s. a boaster

Bray, brå. . nnise, sound Braid, bråde. 7. a. to weave together Brayer, brå'ůr. s. one that brays like an ass ; Braid, brade. s. a texture, a knot

instrument to temper ink



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a wave

Braze, bráze. v. a, to solder with brass Breeder, bree'dor. s. that which producer any Brazen, brà'zn. a. made of brass ; impudent thing ; the person which brings up anorder; Brazen, bra'zn. v. n. to be impudent, to bully ole that takes care to raise a breed Brazenface, brà'zn-fåse. S. an impudent Breeding, bréè'ding. 6. education; manners wretch

[shameless ||Breeze, brééz. 3. a gentle gale Brazenfaced, brá'zn-fåste. impudent, Breezy, bréè'zė. ad. fanned with gales Brazenness, bra'zn-nés. s. appearance like|Brethren, bréth'rên. 8. the plural of brother brass ; impudence

Breviat, brève'yát. 8. a short compendium Breach, bréétsb. s. the act of breaking any|Breviature, breve'yå-tshůre. s. an abbrevis thing ; state of being broken; a gap ; dif

tion ference, quarrel

Brevity, brểv'é-té. s. conciseness, shortness Bread, bred. s. food made of ground corn Brew, br.8. v. a. to make liquors; to con Breadth, bredth. s. the measure from side to trive, to plot

[brewer side

Brew, br.8. v. n. to perform

office of Break, bråke. V. a. to burst, or open by force ; || Brewage, bróð'idje. 8. mixture of various to destroy by violence; to overcome, to things

(is to make beer tame; to make bankrupt

Brewer, brölür. s. a man whose profession it Break, bråke. v. n. to part in two ; to open Brewhouse, br&B'hõlis. s. a bouse appropriated and discharge matter ;'to open as the to brewing

(brewed morning ; to burst forth; to become bank- | Brewing, brób'ing. 8. quantity of liquor rupt; to decline in health and strength, Brewis, brób'ls. 8. bread soaked in boiling fat to fall out

pottage Break, bråke. 8. an opening; a pause, an in-Bribe, bribe. s. a gift to pervert the judgment terruption ; a line

Bribe, bribe. v. a. to give bribes Breaker, bráskúr. 8. he that breaks any thing ; Briber, brisbúr. s. one who pays fur corrupt

[in the day

practices Breakfast, brek'fást. v. n. to eat the first meal Bribery, brl'bůr-ré. . the crime of taking Breakfast, brek'fåst. s. the first meal in the rewards for bad practices day

(the conscience Brick, brik, 8. a mass of burnt clay ; a loaf Breast, brést, s. part of the body; the heart; shaped like a brick Breastbone, brést'bỏne. 8. the bone of the Brick, brik. v. a. to lay with bricks breast, the sternon

Brickbat, brikbåt. s. a piece of brick Breasthigh, bréet'bl. a. up to the breast Brickdust, brik'důst. s. dust made by poundBreastknot, brést'nôt. 8. a knot of ribands ing bricks

(in worn on the breast

Brick-Rua, brik'kil. 8. a place to burn bricks Breastplate, brêst'plåte. Br armour for the Cricklayer, brik'là-úr. 8. Å brick-mason breast

Brickmaker, brik'ma-kúr. s. one whose trade Breastplough, brést'p188. 8. a plough driven it is to make bricks by the breast

Bridal, bri'dål. a. belonging to a wedding. Breastwork, brést'wůrk. 8. works thrown up nuptial

as high as the breast of the defendants Bride, bride. s. a woman Dewly married Breath, bréth. 8. the air drawn in and ejected Bridebed, bride'běd. 8. marriage-bed

out of the body ; life ; respiration ; res- Bridecake, bride'káke, B. a cake given to the pite ; breeze, moving air

guests at a wedding

(man Breathe, brėthe. v. n. to draw in and throwBridegroom, bride'gróðm. 6. & new married out the air by t'ae langs ; to live; to rest ; | Brideinen, bride'men.

3. attendants to take breath; to exercise

Bridemaids, bride'mádz. Breathing, bre'thing. &. aspiration, secret on the bride and bridegroom prayer; vent

(dead Bridewell, bride'wél. s. a house of correction Breathless, breth'lès. a. ont of breath, spent ;| Bridge, brldje. s. a building raised over water Bred, bred. part. pass. of to breed

for tbe convenience of passage ; part of the Breech, bréétsh. 8. the lower part of the

nose, or of a violin body; the binder part of a piece of ord- ||Bridle, brťdl. . the headstall and reina ling

(to fit with a breech which a horse is governed ; a restrain., & Breech, bréétsh. v. a. to put into breeches check Breeches, britch'iz. s. the garuent wora by Bridle, bridl. v.a. to guide by a bridle ; to

men over the lower part of the body restrain, govern Breed, brééd. v. a. to procreate, to generate ;| Bridle, bri'al. v. n. to hold up the head to educate, to bring up

(a breed Bridlehand, bri'al-hånd. s. the hand which Breed, brééd. v. n. to bring young ; to raise

holds the bridle in riding

(narrow Breed, brééd. s. a cast, kind, progeny, hatchl|Brief, bréé de short, concise ; contracted,



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Brief, brééf. s. a short extract, or epitome ; || Broacher, brotsh'úr. s. an opener, or utterer

writing given to pleaders, containing the of any thing case ; lettere patent

Broad, bråwd. a. wide, extended ; open; Briefly, bréérlé. ad. concisely, in a few words

coarse; fulsone Briefness, Sréét' nés. s. concise ness, shortness Broad Cloth, bråwd'klóth. 6. a fine kind of Brierobrl'sr. s. a plant

cloth Brieur brl'úr-ré. a. rough, full of briers Broaden, bråw'dn. y. n. to grow broad Brigade, bré-gåde'. o. division of forces, a Broadly, brảwd'lė. ad. in a broad manner body of men

Broadness, bråwd'nés. s. breadth, extent from Brigadier-general, brig-a-dėér'-jếu'êr-ål. s. side to side ; coarseness, fulsomeness

an officer next below a major-general Broadside, brằwd'side. s. the side of a ship, B.igantine, brig'ân-tlne. s. a light vessel; a volley of shot fired at once coat of mail

Broadsword, bråwd'sord. s. a sword with a Bright, brite. a. shining, glittering ; clear broad blade illustrious ; witty

Brocade, bró-kåde' s. a silken stuff variegated Brighten, bri'tn. v. a. to make bright; to Brocaded, bro-ka'děd. a. drest in brocade. make luminous; alert, or acute

woven as brocade Brighten, brl'to. v. n. to grow bright, to Brocage, bro'kidje. s. the gain gotten by

promoting bargains ; the trade of dealing Brightly, brite'lè. ad. splendidly, with lustre in old things Brightness, brite'nés. 6. lustre, splendour ; Broccoli, brok’kd-1d. 8. a species of cabbage

Brock, brók. 8. a badger

Cold Brilliancy, bril'yân-sd. s. lustre, splendour Brocket, brok’kft. 6. a red deer, two years Brilliant, brilyant. a. shining, sparkling Brogue, brog. s. a kind of shoe ; a corrupt Brilliant, brli'yânt. s. a diamond of the finest dialect

(of needlework

(lustre Broider, brøe'dir. v. a. to adorn with figures Brilliantness, brfl'fânt-nés. s. splendour, Broidery, brởé'dúr-ré. .. embroidery, flowerBrim, brific s. the edge of any tlring; the work

top of any liquor ; the bank of a fountain ||Broil, bröll. s. a tumult, a quarrel Brim, brini. v. a. to fill to the top Broil, brðfl. v. a. to cook by laying on the Brim, brin. v. n. to be full to th: brim

coals Brimful, urlin'fdl. a. full to the top

Broil, brol. v. n. to be in the heat Brimmer, trim'můr. s. a bowl full to the top | Broke, bróke. pret. of to break Brimstone, brim'stone, 8. sulphur

Broken, bro'kn. part. pass. of break Brinded, brin'ded. a. streaked, tabby Broken-hearted, brókn-hår'têd. a having Brindled, brin'dld. a. brinded, streaked the spirits crushed by grief or fear Brine, brlue. 8. water impregnated with salt, Broker, bro'kúr. s. factor, one who does the sea; tears

business for another Bring, bring. v. a. to fetch ; to attract, to Brokerage, brdskůr-idje, s. the pay or reward conduct ; to induce, to prevail upon

of a broker Bringer, bring'ůr. 6. the person who brings Bronchial, brôn’ké-ål.

a. belonging to any thing

Bronchick, bron'kik. Brinish, briolsh. a. having the taste of brine, the throat salt

Bronze, bronze. s. brass ; a medal Brinishness, bri'nish-nés. 8. saltness Brooch, brodtsh. s. a jewel, an ornament of Brink, brink. s. the edge of any place, as of|| jewels a precipice or a river

Brood, bród. v. 1. to sit on eggs; to cover Brisk, brisk, a. lively, vivacious, gay; bright chickens under the wing ; to consider any Brisket, bris'kit. s. the breast of an animal thing anxiously ; to nature by care Briskly, brisk'le. ad. actively, vigorously Brood, brood. v. a. to cherish by care, to Briskness, brisk'nės. 6. liveliness, vigour, hatch quickness

Brood, br33d. 8. offspring, progeny ; a hatch, Bristle, bris'sl. s, the stiff hair of swine the number hatched at once leggs Bristle, bris'sl. v. a. to erect in bristles Broody, brib'de. a. in a state of sitting on the Bristle, bris'sl. v. n. to stand erect as bristles Brook, brölk. 8. a running water, a rivulet Bristly, bris'lé. a. thick set with bristles Brook, br68k. v. a. to bear, to endure Brittle, brit'tl. a. fragile, apt to break Broom, brëm. s. a shrub, a besom Brittleness, brit'tl-pés. . aptness to break Broomy, br&B'mė. a. full of broom Broach, brdtsh. s. a spit

Broth; broth. s. liquor in which feak ho Broach, bedtsh. v. a. to spit, to pierce; to

boiled open, to give out, to utter

Brotbel, broth'll. s. a bawdy-boute


Brother, brúth’úr. $. a male born of the same (Bucket, bák'kit. s. a vessel to carry water in

parents ; any one resembling another in Buckle, bůkskl. s. a link of metal, with manner, forn, or profession

tongue or catch made to fasten one thing Brotherhood, brůth'úr-båd. s. the state or to another; the state of the hair crisped

quality of being a brother ; a fraternity and curled Brotherly, brůth'ůr-lė. a. such as becomes or Buckle, bůk'kl. v. a. to fasten with a buckle; beseems a brcther

to confine

in Brought, brảwt. part. pass. of bring Buckler, bůk'lúr. 8. a shield Brow, brðů. s. the arch of hair over the eye ; Buckram, búkórúm. 8. a strong linen cloth, the forehead; the edge of any high place

stiffened with gum Browbeat, brot'bėte. v. a. to depress with Bucolick, bú-kôl'ík. 8. a pastoral stern looks

Buj, búd. s. the first shoot of a plant, & Brown, brðun. a. the name of a colour


germs; to be in the bloom Brownness, broun'nes. e. a brown colour Bud, bảd. v. n. to put forth young shoots, ou Brownstudy, brồån-stůd'dė. s. gloomy medi-Bud, bảd. v. a. to inoculate tations

(shrubs Budge, bůdje. v. n. to stir Browse, brðize. V. a. to eat branches or Budget, bůd'jết. 8. a bag ; a store, or stock Bruise, brooze. V. a. to crush or mangle with Buff, bůf. s. leather prepared from the skin of a heavy blow

(and heavy
the buffalo; a colour

(cow Bruise, brbbze. s. a hurt with something blunt Buffalo, bởi'fa-18. s. a kind of wild bull or Bruit, brgët. 8. rumour, noise, report Buffet, bůr'rit. 8. a blow with the fist Brumal, br&B'mål. a. belonging to the winter Buffet, bůr-let'. 8. a kind of cupboard Brunett, bróð-net'. s. a woman with a browo|Butfet, búfrit. v. a. to box, to beat complexion

Buffet, bůr'rit. v. n. to play a boxing match Brunt, brúnt. s. shock, violence ; blow, strokeButleter, bůt'fit-iủs s. a boxer Brush, brúsh, s. an instrument for rubbing ; Buffie headed, búf 6-hed'éd. a. dull, stupid a rude assault, a shock

Buffoon, bůf-fbón'. s. a man whose profession Brush, brúsh. v. a. to rub with a brush; to is to make sport by low jests and antick strike with quickness

postures Brush, brúsh. v. n. to move with haste; to Buffoonery, búf-f88n'ůr-ré. s. the practice of skim lightly

Ithickets a buffoon; low jests Brushwood, brůsh'w88d. s. rough shrubby Bug, búg. s. a stinking insect Brushy, brůsh'é. a. rough or shaggy, like a Bugbear, búg'båre. s. a frightful object, • brush

false terror Brustle, brůs'sl. v. n. to crackle

Buggy, búg'gè. a. abounding with bugs
Brutal, brol'tál, a. savage, cruel, inhuman Bugle, bu'gl. s. a shining bead of glass
Brutality, bróð-tal'e-tė. s. savageness, churi-Bugle, bü'gl.

Cor savage Buglehorn, bo'gl-hồrn. } 1. a hunting born
Brutalize, br??'tå-lize. v. n. to grow brutal Build, bild, v. a. to make a fabrick; to raise
Brutally, brðl'àl-lé. ad. cburlishly, inhu any thing on a foundation

Build, bild. v. n. to depend on, to rest on Brute, br38t. a. senseless, unconscious ; sa-Builder, bild'úr. s. he that builds, an archio

vage, irrational ; rough, ferocious Brute, bróbt. s. a creature without reason Building, bild'ing. 8. a fabrick, an edifice Brutify, brðốt'te-n.. y. a. to make a man Bulb, bởlb. s. a round root brute

[ignorant Bulbous, búlbús. a. containing bulbs Brutish, brol'tish. a. bestial, savage, ferocious; Bulge, bůlje. v. n. to take in water, lo Brutishly, br88't ish-lé. ad. in the manner of all founder; to jut out brute

(vageness Bulis, bůlk. 8. magnitude, size ; the majority Brutishness, brol'tish-nés. 8. brutality, sa main fabrick; part of a building jutting Bubble, bůd'bl. b. a small bladder of water;

(or size a cheat, a false show

Bulkiness, bil'ké-nés. . greatness of stature Bubble, bûb'bl. v. n. to rise in bubbles ; to Bulky, bůl'kė. a. of great size or stature run with a gentle prise

Bull, bůl. s. the male of black cattle ; one of Bubble, bůb'bl. v. a. to cheat

the twelve signs of the zodiack; a letter Bucaniers, oủk-á-néerz'. s. American pirates published by the Pope ; a biunder Buck, bůk. s. the liquor in which clothes are Bullbaiting, bul'bå-ting. 8. the sport of bait

washed; the male of fallow deer, rabbits. ing bulls with dogs and other animals

Bull-dog, bulldog. s. agalog remarkable for Buckbasket, bûk'bás-két. 8.

the basket in Bull-head, bůl'hed. s. a stupid fellow; a fish which clothes are carried to the wash Bullet, bål'lit. , a round ball of metal






$. a cup filled


Bullion, búlyún. s. gold or silver unwrought||Burlesque, bůr-lésk'. a. jocular, tending to Bullition, bůl-Iish'ủn. 4. the act or state of raise laughter boiling

Burlesque, bůr-lesk'. s. ludicrous language Bullock, bål'lůk. s. a young bull

Burlesque, bůr-lesk'. v. a. to tura to ridicule Bully, bål'lė. s. a noisy, quarrelling fellow Burliness, bůr'le-nés. s. bulk, bluster Bulwark, hůl'wůrk. s. a fortification, security/ Birly, bůrólé. a. big of stature Bun, him. s. the part on which we sit Burn, bůrn. v. a. to consume with Sre; Burnbailif, bản-ba?lit. B. a bailiff up the wound witb fire mea nest kind

Burn, bảrn. v. n. to be on fire ; to be in Bump, búmp s. a swelling, a protuberance flamed with passion; to act as fire Bumper, búm'půr.

Burn, bůrn. s. a hurt caused by fire Bumpkin, búm'kin. 8. an awkward heavy Burning, bůr'ning, s. state of inflammation rustick

(cluster Burning-glass, bůr'ning.glås. 8. a glass whicla anch, bảnsh. s. a hard lump: a knob ; a collects the rays of the sun Bunsly, bảc'shế. a. growing into bunches Burnish, bůr'nish. v. a. to polish Bundle, bủn'dl. s. a number of things bound Burdish, búr'nish. v. n. to grow bright or together


(struinent that burnishes Bundle, bûn'dl. v. a. to tie in a bundle Burnisher, bůr'nish-ảr. s. the person or in Bung, bảng. 4,8 stopper for a barrel Burnt, bůrnt. part. pass. of burn Bung, bủng. v. a. to stop up

Burr, bůr. s. the lobe or lap of the ear Bunghole, bủng'hole. s. the hole at which the Burrow, bảr'ro. s. à corporate towa; a barrel is filled

rabbit hole Bung!e, bủng'gl. v. n. to perform clumsily Burrow, bůr'rb. v. n. to mine as rabbits Bungle, bủng'gl. v. a. to botch, to manage Bursar, bůr'sůr. 8. the treasurer of a college Bungle, hủng'gl. 8. a botch, an awkwardnes Burse, bůrse. s. an exchange where merchants Bungler, bủng'glúr. 8. a bad workman Bunglingly, bảngʻgling-lè. ad. cluinsily, awk- Burst, bůrst. V. n. to fly open ; to fly asunder wardly

Burst, bỏrst. v. a. to break suddenly, to make Bupo, bản. s. a kind of sweet bread

a quick and violent disruption Bunte:, bản’tủy. S. a low vulgar woman Bury, bér'rè. v. a. to inter, to put into a Buoy, bude. s. a piece of cork or wood Aoat

grave; to conceal ing, tied to a weight

Bush, bůsh. s. a thick shrub [gallons Buoy, bå3ė. v. a. to keep afloat

Bushel, bůsh'fl. . a measure containing eight Buoyancy, blue”ản-se.

the quality of Bushiness, bůsh-é-nés. 8. the quality of being Soating

bushy Buoyant, burd'ânt. a. which will not sink Bushy, bůsh'è. a. thick, full of small branches Burden, bůr'dn. 8. a load; a birth; the verse Busily, bíz'zê-lè. ad. with hurry, actively repeated in a song

Business, biz'nes. s. employment; an affair Burden, bir’dn. v. a. to load ; to encumber the subject of action; serious engagement Burdensome, bůr'dn-sům. a. grievous, trou-Busk, búsk. 8. a piece of whalebone, worn by blesome

[uneasiness women to strengthen their stays Burdensomeness, bůr'dn-sûm-nés. . weight, Buskin, vủs' kin. s. a kind of balf boot worn Burea), bu-ro'. s. a chest of drawers

on the stage Burgage, bůr' gådje. s. a tenure proper to cities|Buekined, bůs'kind. a. dressed in buskins · and towns

Busky, bůs'kė. a. woody Burgeois, bůr-jdise'. s. a burgess ; a type of Buss, bús. s. a kiss ; a boat for fishing a particular size

Bust, bůst. s. a half statue Burgess, bảr jés. s. citizen; a representa-Bustle, bůsísl. v. D. to be busy, to stir tive of a town corporate

Bustle, bůs'sl. s. a tumult, a hurry Burgh, búrg. n. a corporate town or bo-Bustler, bảs'lúr. s. an active stirring man rough

Busy, biz'zė. a. employed; bustling, active, Borglier, bảr'gůr. e. nne who has a right to meddling Certain privil ges in this or that place

Busy, bizʻzé. y. a. to employ, to engage Burgbersbip, bảrígúr-ship. b. the privilege of Busy body, bíz’zê-hôd-de. s. a nieduling, fan

a burgher Burglary, bảr'glá-ré. 8. robbing a house by But, bất. conj. except; yet, nevertheless;

night, or breaking in with intent :o rub now; only; than; however, howbeit Burgomaster, bür'gd-mås túr. s. ong em-i But-end, båt'end'. s. the blunt end of any ployed in the government of a city

thing Burial, bér'ré-al. s. the act of burying, se-Butcher, bởt'tshůr. s. one that kills animals to pulture, interment

sell their flesh one who delights in blood


tastical person

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