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[a cottag

Butcher, båt'tshůr. v. a. to kill, to murder Cabal, ká-bal'. v. n. to form close intrigues
Butcheriy, båt'tshảr-le. a bloody, barbarous Cabalist, käb'á-list. s. one skilled in the trar
Butchery, båt'tshůr-ré. s. the trade of a ditions of the Hebrews
butcher; murder

Caballistical, kåb-a-lis'te-kål.

a. that has Butler, bútlör. B. a servant eroployed in Caballistick, kâb-aí-lis'tik. furnishing the table

an occult meaning Butt, båt. s. a mark; a man upon whom the Caballer, kå-bål'lúr. 8. he who engages in

company break their jests; a vessel con close designs, an intriguer taini.g 126 gallons

Cabbage, kāb'bidje. s. a plant Butt, bút. v, a. to strike with the head Cabbage, kåb'bỉdje. v. a. to steal in cutting Butter, bůt'tůr. s. an unctuous substance made clothes from cream

Cabin, kåb'bln. s. a small chamber in a ship i Butter, bůt'tůr. v. a. to smear with butter Cabin, kåb'tin. V. n. to live in a cabin Butterfly, bůt'tůr-fl. s. a beautiful insect Cabin, kab'bỉn. v. a. to confine in á cabin Buttermilk, bůt'túr-milk. 8. the wbey of|Cabinet, káb’in-ét. 8. a set of drawers for cu churned cream

(foretooth riosities; a private room in which consul Buttertooth, bắt'tůr-t8th. s. the great broad tations are held Butterwoman, bắt'túr-wủm-ỉn. s. a woman Cable, ka'bl. s. the great rope of a ship to that sells butier

which the anchor is fastened Buttery, bắt'tůr-ré. s. the room where pro-|Cackle, kåk'kl. v. n. to make a noise as a visione are laid up

(the taill goose, or a hen; bo giggle Buttock, bůc'tůk. 8. the rump, the part near Cackle, kåkskl. s. the noise of a goose or fowl Button, bắt'tn. s. any knob or ball; the bud Cackler, kåk'lúr. s. a fewl that cackles ; a of a plant

telltale Button, bût'tn. v. a. to dress, to clothe ; toCacochyiny, kåk'«d-kim-mė. s. a depravation fasten with buttons

of the humnours from a sound state Buttonhole, bắt'th-bðle. 8. the loop in which||Cacophony, ka-köf*-nė. s. a bad sound o the button is caught

words Buttress, bůt'tris, 8. a prop, a support Cacurninate, ka-kime-nåte. v, a to make Buxom, bük'sům. a. lively, brisk; wanton, sharp or pyramidal jolly

[rously|Cadaverous, ka-dáv'è-růs. a. having the apBuxoinly, bůk'sům-lè. ad. wantonly, amo pearance of a dead carcass Buxomness, bůk'sům-nès. 5. wantonness, amo-li Caddis, kad'dis. s. a kind of tape ; a worm

[paying a price or grub Buy, bl. v. a. to purchase, to acquire by Caje, kåde. a. tame, soft Buyer, blůr. s. be that buys, a purchaser Cadence, ká'dense. s. fall of the voice ; a tono Buzz, bůz. v. A. to hum, to make a noise like|Cadent, ka'dént. a. falling down bees

(hawk; a blockhead, a dunce Cadet, bå-dét'. b. a younger brother ; a toBuzzard, bủz'zůrd. s. a degenerate species or lunteer Buzzur, búz'zúr. s. a secret whisperer Cadi, ka'dė. s. a magistrate among the Turks By, bl. prep. it notes the agent, instrument. Caduceus, kå-du'she-ús. s. the rod or wand cause, or means

with which Mercury is depicted By, bl. al. near, at a small distance, ; beside, Caducity, ka-do'se-té. s. tendency to fall passing ; in presence

Cæsura, sé-zì'rå. 8. a figure in poetry, by By and by, bland-bl. ad. in a short time which a short syllable after a complete foot By-end, bl’énd'. s. private interest, secret ad

is made long vantage

Caftan, kåf'tán. 8. a Persian vest or garment By-law, blåw'. s. a private law

Cag, kåg. s, a barrel or wooden vessel, con By-name, bi'nåme'. s. a nickname

taining 4 or 5 gallons By-path, b'path'. s. a private or obscure pathl|Cage, kaje. s. an enclosure for birds or wild By-stander, bl'stân'důr. a. a looker on, one beasts; a prison for petty malefactors unconcerned

(reproach Cage, kåje. v. n. to enclose in a cage By-word, bi'würs. s. a proverb; a term of Cajole, ka-jole'. v. a tu flatter, to soothe

Cajoller, kå-jblir. 6. a flatterer, a wheedler
Cajollery, ká-jO'lür-ré. s. dattery

Caitilf, ka'tlf. 8. & Dean viljain, a despicable CAB, káb. 8. a Hebrew measure, containing kpave about three pints

Cake, kåke. a kind of delicate bread Caba!, kå-báť. s. the secret science of the Cake, kågs. v. n. to harden as dough in the Het-rew rabhins; a body of men united in over

(woollen stuff some close desigo

I Calamanobo, kål-i-inang' kb. 6. a kind a


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Calamine, kålå-miue. 2. a kind of fossil bitu-||Calling, kåwi'ling. s. vocation, profession, minous earth

(happy, wretched trade; employment Calamitous, kâ-låm'é-tůs. a. miserable, un-Callosity, kål-lös'é-tė. s. a kind of swelling Calamitousness, kå-låm'è-tủs-nés. s. misery, without pain distress

(misery || Callous, kål'ús. a. hardened, insensible Calamity, ká-lám'é-tè. s. misfortude, cause of Callow, kâ l'18. a. unfledged, wanting feathers Calash, kå-lásh'. s. a carriage of pleasure Callus, kål'hús. s. an induration of the fibres ; Cascarious, kål-kå'rė-ús. a. partaking of the the hard substance by which broken bones nature of calx

[shoes are united Calceated, kål'she-à-têd. a. shod, fitted with Calın, kim. a. quiet, serene ; undisturbed Calcination, kål-sé-na'shủn. 8. chymnical, pul-|Calm, kảm. 8. serenity, stillness ; repose verization

Calm, kảm. v. a. to still, to quiet; to pacify Calcine, kål-sine'. v. a. to burn to a caix or Calmly, kảm'lė. ad. without storms or passubstance easily reduced to powder

sions, quietly Calcine, kål-slne'. v. n. to become a calx by Calmness, kảm'nės. 9. tranquillity, serenity; heat [reckon; to adjust freedom from passion

(limed Calculate, kål'ků-låte. v. a. to compute, to Calomel, kál'8-mêl. s. mercury six times subCalculation, kål-ku-la'shin. s. the art of num-Calorifick, kål-d-rif'ik. a. that has the quality

bering; the result of arithmetical ope of producing heat ration

Caltrops, kål’tróps. s. an instrument made Calculator, kål’kd-là-tår. s. a computer

with three spikes, so that which way soever Calculous, kål'ki-lủs. a stony, gritty

it falls to the ground, one of them points Caldron, kåwl'drůn 1. a pot, a boiler, a upright kettle

Calve, kảv. v. n. to bring forth a calf Calefaction, kål-e-råk'shin. s. the act of|Calumniate, ka-lům'ne-åte. v. a. to slander

heating ; the state of being heated Calumniator, kå-lům' ne-à-túr. B. a forger of Calefactory, kål-d-fák'tůr-ė. a. that which accusation; a slanderer beats

[heated||Calumnious, ka-lúm'nė-ús. a. slanderous, Calefy, käi'd-fi. v. n. to grow hot, to be falsely reproachfu! Calendar, kål'én-dúr. s. a register of the Calumny, kál’úm-nė. s. slander, false charge year; an almanack

Calx, kålks. 8, any thing rendered reduciola Calender, kål'én-dûr. v. a. to dress cloth to powder by burning Calender, kål'én-dúr. s. a press in which|Cambrick, kảme'brik. 8. a kind of fine lines clothiers smooth their cloth

Came, káme. pret. of to coine Calends, kål'éndz. s. the first day of the month Camel, kåm'él. 8, a beast of burden among the Romans


kám'lết. 8. a kind of stuff made Calenture, kål'én-tshåre. s a distemper pre- || Camlet, valent in hot climates

with wool and silk Calf, kảf. s. the young of a cow; the thick || Camera Obscura, kam'é-ra-8b-sků'rå. 8. an part of the leg

(barrel of a gun

optical machine used in a darkened chamCaliber, kal'd-bůr. 8. the diameter of the ber Calico, kål'e-kd. 4. Indian stuff made of Camerated, kåm'er-à-têd. a. arched cotton

Cameration, kâm-er-à'shủn. s. a vaulting or Calid, kålrd. a. hot, burning

arching Calidity, ka-lid'de-té. 8. beat

Camisado, kâm-e-sa'dd. s. an attack made in Calif, kå'llf. 8. a title assumed by the suc

the dark, on which occasion they put their Ceiph,

shirts outward Xessors of Mahomet among the Saracers Camp, kamp. s. the order of tents placed by Caligation, kâl-lé-gá'shủn. s. darkness, cloudi armies when they keep the field

Camp, kamp. v. n. to lodge in tents Caliginous, kå-11dje'é-nús. a. obscure, dim Campaign, kåm-påne'. s. a large, open, level Caik, kåwk. v. a. to stop the leaks of a ship tract of ground; the time an army keeps Calker, kåw'kûr. s. one who stops the leaks the field I of a ship

Campestral, kảm-pès'trål. a growing in Call, kảwl. v. a. to name ; to summon or in fields

vite; to make a short visit; to stigmatize Camphire, kảm'fir 8. a kind of resin

with some opprobrious denomination Campbcrate, kâm'fo-råte. a. impregnated Call, kåwl. B. a vocal address; requisition; with camphire

divine vocation ; an impulse ; command ; a Can, kån. s. a cup clạimn; an instrument to ca:l birds, a 00-Can, kån. v. n. to be able, to have power mination

Canaille, ká-nále'. s. the lowest people


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lar tone

Canal, ka-nål'. s. a basin or course of waters Canonical, ka-non'é-kål. a. spiritual, ecclesi

made by art; a passage through which any astical of the juices of the body flow

Canonically, ka-nôn'd-kal-lé. ad. in a manner Canary, ka-nà're. s wine brought from the agreeable to the canon Canaries, sack

(singing bird Canonist, kan'nún-uist. s. a professer of the Canary-bird, Ex-ne'reb3rd. 5. an excellent canon law Cancel, kân'sfl. v. 4. to cross a writing; to Canonization, kân-nd-ne-za'shủn. s. the act efface, to obliterate

of declaring a saint Cancer, kan'sůr. s. a crab-fish; the sign of the Canonize, kan'nd-nlze. V. a. to declare any summer solstice; a virulent sore

Canonry, kån'ún-re. Cancerate, kån'sůr-råte. v. n. to become a Canonship, kän'ûn-ship.

s. an ecclesiasticancer

(lence of a cancer cal benefice in some cathedral or collegiate Cancergus, kản'sůr-růs. a. having the viru church Candent, kan'dênt. a. hot

(genuous Canopied, kan'd-pid. a. covered with a canopy Candid, kân'did. a. white; fair, open, in- Canopy, kån’8-pé. s. a covering spread over Candidate, kân'de-date. s. a competitor, one the head that solicits advancement

Canopy, kän'd-pè. v. a. lo cover with a canopy Candidly, kän'did-lè. ad. fairly, ingenuously Canorous, kå-no'růs. a, musical, tuneful Candidness, kân'díd-nés. s. ingenuousness, Cant, kånt. s. a corrupt dialect used by heg• openness of temper

gars and vagabonds; a form of speaking Candle, kan'dl. s. a light made of wax or peculiar to some certain class of men; a Candlelight, kấn'dl-lite. s, the light of al whining pretension to goodness; barbarous 1 candle

jargon; auction Candlemas, kân'dl-můs. e. the feast of the Cant, kánt. v. n. to walk in the jargon of parpurification of the Blessed Virgin

ticular professions ; to speak with a particu. Candlestick, kån'dl-stsk. s. the instrument that holds a candle

Cant, känt. v. a. to tons or fling away Candour, kån'důr 8. sweetness of temper, Cantata, kån-ta'tk. s. a song purity of mind, ingenuousness

Canter, kan'tůr. s. a hypocrite ; a short gallop Candy, kan'dė. v. a. to conserve with sugar Cantharider, kân-thår'é-déz. s. Spanish dies, Candy, kản'dė. v. n. to grow congealed used to raise blisters Cane, kåne. s. a kind of strong reed; the Canticle, kâ n'tė-kl. s. the song of Solomon

plant which yields the sugar; a lance; a Canto, kân'tb. s. a book or section of a poem reed

Canton, kản'tûn. 5. a small division of land; Cane, kåne. V. a. to beat with a cane or stick a clan Canicular, kå-nik'ú-lår. a. belonging to the Canton, kän'tûn. V. a. to divide into little dog star

[a dog

parts Canine, kå-nine'. a. having the properties of Canras, kän' vás. 8. a kind of cloth woven for Canister, kån'ls-tůr. 8. a small box; a small

solicitation upon an election vessel in which any thing is laid up Canvass, kản' vás. v. a. to sift, to examine ; to Canker, kảng kůr. s. an eating or corroding debate, to controvert

humour; corrosion ; a disease in trees Canvass, kan'vas. v. n. to solicit Canker, kingskůr. v. n. to grow corrupt Canzonet, kản-zd-nét'. s. a little song Canker, kảng'kůr. v. a to corrupt, currode : Cap, kåp. 8. the garment that covers the head to infect

Cap, káp. v. a. to cover the top Cannibal, kan'ne-bál. s. a man-eater

Cap-a-pie, kåp-a-pe'. from head to foot Cannibalism, kấn' né-bål-fzm. s. the manners Capability, ká-på-b?l'é-zė. s. capacity of 2 cannibal

Capable, ka'på-bl. a. intelligent, able, cape Cannibally, kår'nė-bal-lè. ad. in the manner cious, susceptible ; qualified of a cannibal

Capableness, ka på-bl-nés. B. the quality of Cannon, kản'nin. 8. a large gun

state of being capable Cannonadc, kấn-nổn-nåde'. v. n. to attack or Capacious, kå-på'shủs. a. wide, large, exten batter with cannon

sive, equal to great design Cannonier, kån-nủn-néer'. s. the engineer Capaciousness, kå-på'shủs-nés. s. the power that manages the cannon

of holding, largeness Cannot, kan'not. v. n. to be unable

Capacitate, kå-pås'é-tåte. V. a. to enable, to Canoe, kan-n88'. s. a boat made by cutting the qualify

(condition trunk of a tree into a hollow vesse) Capacity, ká-pás'é-tė. s. power, ability; room; Canon, kän'ản. 6. a rule, a law; the books of Caparison, kå-pår'd-sun. s. a sort of cover for Holy Scripture; a dignitary in a cathe a horse

(pously dral; a large sort of printing letter || Caparison, kå-pår'd-sản V. a. to dress pomar

several uses;

Cape, kápe. s. a headland, promontory; the Carabine, or Carbine, kár-bine. s. a small sort neck-piece of a cloak coat

of fire-arms

(maa Caper, ká'půr. s. a leap, or jump; an acid Carbinier, kár-bé-ndėr'.s. a sort of light-horsepickle

(riment|Carack, káråk. s. a large ship of burden, galo, Caper, kå pår. V. n. to dance, to skip íur mer leon Capias, ka pé-ús. Se a writ of execution Carat, kår'åt. 8. a weight of four grains Capillaire, köp-pii-låre'. 8. syrup of maiden-Caravan, kår-a-vån'. 8. a troop or body of hair

[small, minute merchants or pilgrims Capillary, kåp’pil-lå-ré. a. resembling hairs, Caravansary, kår-å-vån'sấ-ré. s. a house for Capital, kåp'e-tal. a. relating to the head the reception of travellers

criminal in the highest degree ; that which Carbuncle, kảr'bảnk-kl. 8. a jewel shining in affects life; chief, principal

the dark; red spot Capital, káp’d-tål. s. the upper part of a pil- Carcass, kár kås. s. a dead body of an animal lar; the chief city of a nation

the main parts, without completion or orCapitally, kåp'e-tål-lé. ad. in a capital man nainent; a kind of bomb der, so as to affect life

[heads Card, kảrd. s. a paper painted ; a note ; the Capitation, kåp-é-tá'shủn. s. numeration by instrument with which wool is combed Capitulate, kå-pîtsh'ú-låte. v. n. to draw up Card, kảrd. v. a. to comb wool

any thing in heads or articles ; to yield on Cardiack, kår'dé-åk. a. cordial, invigorating certain stipulations

Cardinal, kår'dé-nål. a. principal, chief Capitulation, kå-pitsh-ì-lå'shủn. s. stipulation, Cardinal, kır’de-nål. s. one of the chief goterms, condition

verrors of the Romish church Capon, ka'pn. s. a castrated cock

Care, kåre. 8. solicitude, anxiety, concern; Caprice, kå-préèse'. s. fancy, whim

caution; charge Capricious, kå-prish'ús. a. whimsical, fanciful! Care, kåre. v. n. to be anxious or solicitous ; Capriciousness, kå-prish'ús-nes. s. humour, to be inclined; to be affected with whimsicalness

Careen, kå-réép'. v. a. to calk, to stop up Capricorn, kåp'pre-kórn. s. ore of the signs leaks

(speed of the zodiack, the winter solstice Career, kå-réer'. s. a course, a race; full Capstan, kåp'stản. 8. a cylinder with levers to Career, kå-réèr'. v. n. to run with a swift mowind up any great weight


[dent, watchful Capsular, kåp'shd-lår. a. hollow like a chest Careful, kåre'rål. a. anxious, solicitous, proviCapsulated, kåp'shu-là-têd. a. enclosed, or in a Carefully, kåre'sůl-lè. ad, heedfully, watchbox

fully Captain, kåp'tin. 8. the commander of a com- || Carefulness, kåre'sål-nës. 8. vigilance, caution

pany in a regiment, the chief commander Carelessly, kåre'lès-lė, ad. negligently, heedof a ship

(of a captain

(attention Captainskip, kåp'tin-shịp. 8. the rank or postCarelessness, kåre'lês-nés. s. heedlessness, inCaptation, kåp-tà'shủn. s. the practice of Careless, kảre'lés. 2. unconcerned, negligent, catching favour

[person beedless, unmindful Caption, kåp'shản. s. the act of taking any Caress, kå-rés'; v. n. to endear, to fondle Captious, ķáp'shủs. a. given to cavils, insidi- Caress, kå-rés'. s. an act of endearment. ous, ensnaring

{to objectCaret, ká'rét. s. a note which shows where Captiously, kåp'shủs-lè. ad. with an inclination something interlined should be read, as [4] Captiousness, kåp'shủs-nès. s. inclination col Cargo, kảr’gd. s. the lading of a ship object; peevishuess

Caricature, kär-ik-a-tshůre'. s. exaggerated Captivate, kap'te-våte. v. a. to bring into ben character, redundant in soine of its parts, dage; to charm, to subdue

and defective in others Captivation, kåp-te-va'shủn. s. the act of tal-Caries, ka'ré-fz. 8. rottenness ing one captive

Carious, kå'ré-ìs. a. rotten Captive, kåp'tiv. $. one taken in war ; one Carle, kảrl. s. a rude brutal man, a chur] charted by beauty

Carman, kảr’mån. s. a man whose employCaptive, káp'tív. a. made prisoner in war ment it is to drive carts Captivity, kåp-tiv'e-tè. s. boudage ; slavery Carmelite, kår'mé-lite. e. one of the order of Captor, kåp'túr. 8. be that takes a prisoner, or White Friars a prize

(thing; a prize Carminative, kảr-min'á-liv. s. soinething that Capiure, kåp'tshủre. 8. the act of taking any dispels wind, aud promotes insensible perCapuchin, káp-d-sheen'. 6. a cloak and hood, spiration

Icarminatives made in itation jof the drese of capuchir: Carminative, kår-min'a-tiv. a. belonging to monks

[ct of war || Carmine, kår-mine'. s. a powder of a bright Car, kåt. 8. a small carriage of burden; chari red or crimson colour

(from a post

Carnage, kår'nidje. s. slaughter, havock Cascade, kas-kade'. s. a cataract, a water-fall
Oarnal, kår'nål. a. fleshly, lustful, lecherous Case, kase. s. a box, a sheath ; state of things;
Carpality, kár-nål'e-tė. s. Aleshly lust; gross contingence; the variation of nouns
ness of mind

(colour ; a flower Case, kåse. v. a. to put in a case or cover : to Carnation, kảr nå'shủn. s. the natural flesh strip off the covering Carneous, kår'ne-ús. a. fleshy

Caseharden, kåse' hår-dn. . a. to harden or Carniva), kár'nė-val. 8. the feast held in Ro-1 the outside

(upor hinges man Catholick countries before Lent Casement, káze'ment. s. a window opening Cwaivorous, kår-nis'sd-růs. a. Alesh-eating Cash, kåsh. 8. money, ready money Carhosty, kår-rôs'se-té. s. fiesby excrescence Cashier, kå-shéėr'. s. he that bas charge of the Chenous. kår'nòs. 2. feshy

money wrot, kår'rol. s. a song of devotion Cashier, kå-sheer'. v. a. to discard, to dismise varoi, kár'rúl. v. n. to sing, to warble Cask, kásk. s. a barrel Carol, kår'rhl. v. a. to praise, to celebrate I/Casque, kask. s. a helmet, armour for the bead Carousal, ka-ro'zal. s. a festival

Casket, käs'kft. s. a small box for jewels Carouse, kå-roúz'. v. n. to drink, to quaff Cassate, kas såte, v. a. to vacate, to invalidate Carouser, ka-ros'zúr. 8. a drinker, a toper Cassock, kás’súk. 6. a close garment Carp, kå. p. s. a pond-fish

Cast, kast. v. a. to throw with the hand; to Carp, kảrp. v. 1. to censure, to cavil

shed; to moult; to lay aside; to overCarpenter, kâr'pền-tů:. 3. an artificer in wood weigh, tu make to preponderate ; to comCarpet, kår'pft. s. a covering for a floor pute, to reckon; to fix the parts in a play, Carpet, kár'pit. v. a. to spread with carpets to direct the eye; to model, to forin Carping, kår'ping. part. a. captious, cen-Cast, kást. v. n. to contrive ; to admit of a sorious

form by casting or melting; to warp Carriage, kar’rldje. s. the act of carrying o Cast, kást. s. the act of casting or throwing,

transporting ; vehicle ; behaviour, conduct a throw; motion of the eye; a mould, a Carrier, kár're-ịr. s. one who carries some form; exterior appearance, manner, air thing; a species of pigeon

Castanet, kas'tå-nét. s. small shells of ivory, Carrion, kår'ré-ún. s. the carcass of something or hard wood, which dancers rattle in their not proper for food ; corrupted flesh

hands Carrot, kår'růt. s. garden roo:

Castaway, kast'a-wå. s.

a person lost, or Carroty, kår'růt-é. a. spoken of red hair abandoned by Providence Carry, kår'rė. v. a. to convey; to bear ; to Castigate, kis'te-gåte. v. a. to chastise, to behave, to conduct


(correction Cart, kárt. 8. a wheel-carriage for luggage Castigation, kis-te-gå-shản. 6. punishments Cart, kảrt. v. a. to expose in a cart

Castigatory, kås'te-gå-túr-ė. a. punitive
Cart, kårt. v. n. to use carts for carriage Castle, kas'sl. s. a house fortified
Cart-blanche, kảrt-blånsh'. .. a blank paper to Castor, kås'tûr. s. a beaver

be filled up with sush conditions as the per Castrate, kås'tråte. V. a. to geld

son to whom it is sent thinks proper Castration, kås-tra'shủn. s. the act of gelding Cartel, kår-tel'. s. a writing containing sti-Casual, kazh'3-ål. a. accidental, arising from pulations


(cut desiga Carter, kártúr. 8. the man who drives a cart Casually, kázb'd-al-lè. ad. accidentally, withCartilage, kår'id-1fdje. 8. a gristle

Casualty, kazh' v-al-té. 6. accident, a thing Cartilaginous, kár-té-lådje'd nủs. a. consisting happening by chance of gristle

(paper Casuist, kazh'u-ist. 8. one that studies and Cartoon, kâr-188n. s. a painting upon large settles cases of conscience Cartouch, kår-t88tsh'. s. a case for balis Casuistical, kizh-4-is'te-kål. a. relating to Cartridge, kår'tridje. s. a case of paper or cases of conscience

(casuint parchment filled with gunpowder Casuistry, kazh'U-is-tre. s. the science of a Cartrut, kárt'růt. s. the track made by a cart-|Cat, kåt. s. a domestick animal, a sort of ship wheel

Catachrestical, kát-a-krés'tė-kål. 2. forced, Cartwright, kårt'rite. 8. a maker of carts far-fetched

[inundation Carve, kảrv, v. a. icut wood, or stude; to Cataclysm, kåt'i-klizm. 8. a deluge, an cut meat at the table

Catacombs, kåt'a-ktmz. B. subterraneous caCarve, kårv. v, n. to exercise the trade of a vities for the hurial of the dead

sculptor ; to perform at table the office of Catalogue, kåt'a-log. 6. ka ecumeration of supplying the company

particulars, a list Carver, kår'vůr. r. a sculptor ; be that cuts up/Cataplasm, kåt'a-plâzm. s. poultice the meat at the table

Cataract, kåt'a-råkt. s. a fall of water; 1 cuCarring, kår'rlog. 8. sculptwe, figures cartell cade ; a disease of the eyes

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