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8. madure

Complot, kôm'plót. s. a confederacy Compressible, kom-prés' sé-bl. a. yielding to Complot, kôm-plot'. v. a. to form a plot, to pressure coaspire

Compressibleness, kom-prés'sd-bl-nês. s. capaComply, kôm-pli'. v. n. to yield

bility of being pressed close Component, kôm-po'nềnt. a. that which con- | Compression, kom-présb'ún. s. the act of stituter the compound body

squeezing close Comport, kom-port'. v. n. to agree, to suit Compressure, köm-présb'shůre. s. the act of Comport, kôm-port'. v. a. to bear, to endure

pressing against Comport, kóm'port. s. behaviour, conduct Comprint, kóm-print' v. a. to print another's Comportable, kôm-por'tå-bl. a. consistent copy

(clude Comportment, kom-port'ment. s. behaviour Comprise, kôm-prize'. v. a. to contain, to ide Compose, kôm-poze'. r. a. to put together ;|Comprobation, kóm-prð-ba'shủn. s. proof, ato

to quiet ; to adjust; to arrange letters testation to form a tune

Compromise, kôm'prd-mize. 8. an'adjustment Composed, kôm-pdzd'. part. a. calm, serious of a difference of parties by mutual concer Composedly, kôm-poʻzęd-lè. ad. calmly, se sions riously

Compromise, kôm'prd-mize. V. a. to adjust a Composer, kôm-po'zúr. 8. an author ; be that compact by mutual concessions, to accord adapts the musick to words

Comptroller, kön-tro'lůr. s. director, superviComposite, kôm-pôz'lt. a. the last of the five!

(straint orders in architecture

Compulsatively, kôm-půl'så-tiv-le. ad. by conComposition, kôm-pd-zfeh'in. s. union, con-||Compulsatory, kôm-půl'så-tůr-ė. a. haring the junction; written work; the act of dis force of compelling charging a debt by paying part ; consisted-Compulsion, kôm-půl’sbản. s. the act of com cy, congruity

pelling ; force Compositor, kóm-pôz'e-túr. á be that adjusts||Compulsive, kom-půl'siv. a. having the powe the types in printing

er to compel, forcible Compost, köm'post.

Compulsiveness, kòm-pål'olv-nés. .. force, Composure, kom-pd’zbúre. s. order; form ; compulsion

reiative adjustment ; sedateness, tranquilli-|Compulsory, kôm-půl'sůr-ė. m having the ty; composition

power of compelling Compotation, kom-pd-tå'shủn. s. the act of|Compunction, köm-púng'shủn. s. repentance, drinking together


(numbered Compotor, köm-po'tür. a one that drinks Computable, kôm-på'tå-bl. a. capable of being with another

Computation, köm-på-tà'shủn. s. the act of Compound, kom-poind'. v. a. to mingle many|| reckoning, calculation

ingredients together; to discharge a debt, Compute, kôm-püte'. v. a. to reckon, to calcue by paying only part

late, to count Compound, kôm'pgind. a. formed out of ma-Comrade, kům'råde. 8. companion

ny ingredients, composed of two or more Con, køn. V. a. to know; to study words

Concamerate, kön-kain'é-råte. v. a. to arch Compound, köm'pgind. s. the mass formed by

[gether the union of many ingredients

Concatenate, kon-kåt'é-nåte. v. a. to link toComprehend, kim-pre-hénd'. v. a to com-Concatenation, kön-kåt-e-nå'shủn. 8. a serien prise, to include ; to conceive

of links

(convex Comprehensible, kôm-pre- hen'sė-bl. a. intelli-Concave, kongʻkáve. a. bollow, opposed to gible, conceivable

Concavity, kóng-kåv'e-tê. s. internal surface Comprehension, köm-pré-hên'shần. . inclu-! of a hollow spherical body

sion ; compeodium ; knowledge, capacity Conceal, kön-séle. v. a. to hide, to keep secre Comprehensive, kom-pre-hea'siv. a. having|Concealable, kôn-sé-la-bl. a. capable of be the power to understand ; comprising much

ing concealed Comprehensively, kôm-pré-ben'sis-lè. ad. in a Concealment, köz-séleʼment. s. secresy ; pri comprehensive manner.

vacy ; hiding place Comprehensiveness, kom-pré-hên'siv-nès. s. Concede, kön-séde'. v. a. to admit, to grant

the quality of including much in a narrow Conceit, kôn-séte'. · conception, thought, compass

idea, fancy Compress, kom-prés'. v. a. to force into al Conceit, kún-séte'. v. a to imagine, to believe narrow compass; to embrace

Conceited, kôn-se't&d. part. a. endowed with Compressibility, köm-près-sd-b?l'd-te. s. the

fancy ; proud, opinionative quality of admitting to be brought int) ||Conceitedness, kün-sé'red-nés. s. pride, food barrower con pas

Dess of self




mon centre


Conceivable, kôn-se'va-bl. a. that may be im-Concomitant, kou-korn'é-tänt. 8. conjoined agined or understood

with, concurrent with Conceivableness, kon-se'va-bl-nês. s. the Concomitant, kôo-kôm'é-tånt. s. companion, quality of being conceivable

person or thing collaterally connected Conceive, kôn-sére'. v. a. to form in the Concord, köng'körd. s. agreement, union, inind; to comprehend, think

harmony Conceive, kon-séve'. v. n. to have an idea of ;||Concordance, kon-kår'danse, . agreement; to become pregnant

a hook which shows in how many texts of Concent, kön-sént'. s. harmony; consistency Scripture any word occurs Concentrate, kon-sén'trate. v. a, to drive intol Concordant, kôn-kôr'dånt. a. agreeable a narrow compass; to drive towards the Concorporate, kon-kór'pd-råte. v. a. to unite

[cominon centre
in one mass

(in one mass Concentre, lỏn-sên tur. v. n. to tend to one Concerporation, lỏn-kor-pô-ra’shủn. 8. unica Concentrick, kon-séu'trik. a. having one coin-Concourse, kong'körse. s. the confluence of

many persons or things; the persons asConception, kön-sếp'shủn. s. the act of con sembled

[burning together ceiving; state of being conceived; notion, Concremation, kông-kré-ma'shủn. s. the act of

idea ; purpose ; conceit, sentiment Concrete, kon-krete'. v. n. to coalesce into one Concern, kün-sérn'. v. a. to relate to; to af

(tio fect ; to interest; to disturb

Concrete, kön-krete'. v. a. to form hy concre Concern, kön-sern'. s. atlair, interest, impor- Concrete, kön-kréte'. a. formed by concretion tance, regard

Concrete, köng'kréte. s. a mass formed by conConcerning, kön-sér'ning. prep. relating to, cretion with relation to

Concretion, kön-kré'shủn. s. the mass forined Concernment, kön-sér n'mếnt. s. business, in by a coalition of separate particles portance, emotion of mind

Concretive, kon-kretiv. a. coagulative Concert, kồn-sểrt'. v. a. to settle, to con-|Concubinage, kôr:-kůbè-náje. 8. the act of trive, to adjust

living with a woman not married Conceri, konísért. s. communication of de Concubine, kởng'kú-bine. s. a woman kept in sigas; many performers playing the same fornication, a harlot

[ing; a grant Concupiscence, kôn-kd'pe-sense. B. irregular Concession, kön-sës'shủn. s. the act of yield desire, libidinous wish Concessive, kồn-ses'siv. a. yieided by way of Concur, kön-kůr'. v. n. to meet in one point; concession

to agree, to be conjoined Conch, kongk. B. a shell, a sea-shell Concurrence, køn-kůr'rense. 8. union, combiConciliate, kon-sil'yåte. . a. to gain over, to nation, help, common claim reconcile

Concurrent, kön-kür'rent. a. acting in conConciliation, kön-sil-e-a'shủn. s. the act of


(curs gaining, or reconciling

Concurrent, kön-kîr'rent. s. that which eonConciliatory, kôn-sil'é-á-túr-é. a. relating to Concussion, kön-kůsh'úni, s. the act of shaking, reconciliation

agitation Concinnity, kôn-sin'nė-tè. 3. decency, fitness Condeinn, kôn-dem'. v. a. to find guilty, to Corcise, kon-sise'. a. brief, short

doom to punishment; to censure Concisely, kon-sise'lè. ad. briefly, shortly Condemnable, kon-dém'na-bl. a. blameable, Conciseness, kon-sise'nés. s. brevity, shortness culpable

(of punishment Conclave, koog'isláve, s. an asse:nbly of the Condemnation, kén-dém-na'shủn. s. a sentence cardinals

(mine, to finish Condemnatory, kân-dém'nå-tůr-ė. a. passing Conclude, kön-kinde'. v. a. to decide, to deter a sentence of condeianation Conclude, kön-kiude' v. n. to settle opinion Condensable, kon-déa'så-bl. a. that is capable finally to determine

of condensation Concludent, kön-klü'dênt. a. decisive Condensate, kön-dên'såte. V. a. to make thicker Conclusible, kon-kld'ze-bl. a. determinable Condensate, kop-den'gåte. v. n. to grow thick Conclusion, kồn-klúzhủn. s. Goal decision ;l Condensation, kôn-dea-sa'shún s. the act of consequence; the close; the end

thickening Conclusive, kön-kld'siv. a. decisive Condense, kon-dânse'. p. 2. to make thick, Conclusively, kôn-klusiv-lè. ad. decisively close, and weighty Concoct, kön-kökt'. v. a. to digest by the Condense, kôn-dense'. v. p. to grow close and stomach ; to purify by heat

weighty Concoction, kon-kök’shún. s. digestion in the Condense, kôn-dér se'. a. thick, dense stomach

(together Coudensity, kôn-déa'sé-té. .. the state of beConcomitance, kon-kom'é-tåuse. 6. subsistence! ing condensed

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Condescend, koa-de-sénd. v. u. to stoop, to|Confer, kön-fér'. v. to discourse with bend, to yield

another, to conduce to Condescendingly, kôn-de-sêud'ing-lé. ad. by Confer, kôn-fèr'. v. a. to compare ; to way of kind concession

give, to bestow Coodescension, kön-de-sén'shủn. só voluntary Conference, kõn'fêr-ense. 6. formal dishumiliation, descent from superiority course,

oral discussion; an appointed Condescensive, kon-dé-sén'siv. a. courteous meeting for discussing some point Condign, kön-dine'. a. deserved, merited Contess, kon-fés'. v. a. to acknowledge, to Condiment, kõn'de-ment. s. seasoning, sauce own, to avow Condite, kôn-dlte'. v. a. to pickle

Confess, kon-fés'. v. n. to make confession Condition, kôn-dish'ún. s. quality, state, rank, Confessedly, kôn-fểs séd-lè. ad. avowedly, term of compact


(mens Conditional, kön-dish'un-al. a. by way of Confessiou, kon-fêsh'ún. s. an acknowledge stipulation, not absolute

Confessor, kôn-fés'sůr. 8. one who make Conditionally, kôr-dish'ún-al-ė. ad. with cer profession of his faith in the face of danger; tain limitations, on particular terms

he that hears confessions ; he who con Conditionary, kôn-dish'ûn-a-rė. a. stipulated fesses his crimes Condole, kon-dble'. v. n. to lament with Confest, kồn-fést'. a. opea, known, no Condole, kôn-ddle'. v. a. to bewail with an concealed other

Confidant, kôn-fe-dant'. B. a person trusted Condolement, kón-ddle'ment. 8. grief, sorrow with private affairs Condolence, kôn-dd'lênse. s. grief for the Confide, kôn-fide'. v. n. to trust in sorrows of another

Confidence, kön'fè-dense. s. firm belief, trust, Conüuce, kôn-dúse'. v. 0. to promote an boldness end, tu contribute to

Confident, kổn'fè-dênt. a. assured; positive, Conducible, kồn-du'sé-bl. a. having the dogmatical secure of success; without power of conducing

suspicion ; impudent Conducive, kôn-du'siv. a. that may con-|Confident, kûn'fè-dent. s. one trusted with tribute to any end


[confidence Conduct, kôn'dûkt. s. management, economy;|Confidential, kön-fé-dên'shål. a. worthy of convoy, behaviour

[to manage Confidently, kôn'fe-dent-lé. ad. without Conduct, kön-důkt'. v. a. to lead, to direct, doubt; with firm trust; positively Conductor, kón-důk'tůr. b. a leader ; a ge-Configuration, kôn-fig-u-rá'shủn. s. the forn neral; a manager

of various parts, adapted to each other Conductress, .kon-důk'très. woman|Configure, kồn-fig'dre. v. a. to dispose into

that directs Conduit, kủn'dft. 6. a canal of pipes for the Confine, kón' tinc. s. boundary, border, edge

conveyance of water ; the pipe at which Confine, kör fine'. v. a. to imprison; te water is drawn


[restraint Coge, kdne. 8. a solid body, of which the Confinement, kön-rine’mếnt. s. imprisonment,

base is a circle, and which ends in a confirm, kôn-férm'. 1. a. to put past doubt, point

to establish; to strengthen; to admit to Confabulate, kon-fál'ú-låte. V. n. to chat the full privileges of a Christian Confabulation, kôn-fáb-d-là'shủn. s. easy con-|Confirmable, kön-fêr' må-bl. a. capable of versation

incontestable evidence Confect, kön'fêkt. 8. a sweetmeat

Confirmation, kôn-fér-ma'shủn. s. evidence; Confection, kön-fék'sbủn. š. a sweetmeat ; a proof; an ecclesiastical rite mixture

Confiscate, kon-fts'kåte. V. a. to transfer priConfectionary, kôn-fêk'shủn-a-rè. s. the place vate pi operty to the publick, by way of where sweetmeats are made or sold

penalty Confectioner, kôn-rêk'shủn-úr. s. one whose Contiscation, kön-fis-kå'shủn. s. the act of trade is to make sweetmeats

transferring the forfeited goods of crimiConfederacy, kôn-fed'ér-a-se.

nals to public use

(fire union, engagement

Conflagration, kồn-fa-grå'shủn. s. a general Confederate, kon-ięd'êr-åte. V. a. to join in Confiation, kon-ia'shủn. s. the act of blowing a league, to unite, to ally

many instruments together Confederate, kôn-féd'ér-åte. ai united in al|Conflict, kön'Akt. s. a violent collision; a league

comhat, strife, contention; struggle, agony Confederate, kon-fêd'é: ate. 6. an ally Confluence, kồn'Ad-énse. $. tbe junction of Confederation, kon-féd-er-d'shủn. 6. league, several streams; the act of crowding to a alliance

place; a coucourse


any form



confusedy, km-fa-zed-led ad. indistinctly. Conicky} a. having the form of a


Confluent, kỏn'Ad-ént. a. running one intoj Congratulant, kön-gråtsh’d-lånt. de rejoicing another, meeting

in participation Conflus, kõn'Ašks'. s. the union of sevéral|Congratulate, kồn-gråtsh'i-låte. V. a to comcurrents ; crowd, multitude collected

pliment upon any bappy event Copform, kôn fórm'. v. a. to reduce to the Congratulation, kön-gråtsh-d la'sbảo • the like appearance with something else

act of wishing joy Conform, kon-lòrm'. v. n. to comply with Congratulatory, kón-grålsh's-lå tůr & nex Conformable, mon før'ma bl. a.


pressing joy for the good of another agreeable

[formity, suitably Congregate, kồng'gré-gåte. V. a. to «i«llect, Conformably, kôn-förmå-hlė. ad. with con to assemble

(compact Conformation, kön-för-ma'shủn. s. the form Congregate, kông'gré-gåte. a. collected,

of things as relating to each other Congregation, Rồng-tre-ga shủn. 5. a collec Conformist, kön-fôr'mist. s. one that com tion; an assembly met to worship God

plies with the worship of the Church of Congregational, kồng-gré-gå'shủn-ål. a. pub. England

(semblance lick, pertaining to a congregation Conformity, kôn-får'me-té. s. similitude, re-Congress, kong'grés. s. a meeting Confound, kồn-round. v. a. to mingle; to Congressive, kön-grés'siv. a. meeting, enperplex; to astonish; to destroy

countering Confounded, kôn-rðun'ded, p. a. hateful,||Congruence, kông'grå-ense. 8. agreement detestable

Congruent, kóng'gril-ent. a. agreeing Confraternity, kôn-frå-têr'ne-tė. s. a body || Congruity, kön-gru’è-tė. s. suitableness ; of religious men


(suitable to Confront, kön-frồnt'. v. a. to stand face to Congruous, kông'grd-is. a. consistent with ; face; to compare

Congruously, köng'grů-Ůs-lè. ad. suitably, Confuse, kon-füze'. v. a. to disopder ; to per pertinently pler; to hurry the

Conical, kön'd-kål. tumultuvusly, hastily Confusion, kon-fi'zhủn. s. irregular mixture ;||Conically, kůn'd-kål-d. ad. in form of a cone

tumult; distraction of mind (disproved Conjecturable, kôn-jék’tshủ-rå-bl. a. possible Confutable, kön-ruta-bl. a. possible to be to be guessed Confutation, kön-fu-ta'sbûn. s. the act of Conjectural, kón-jêk'tshu-rål. a. depending confuting, disproof

(to disprove on conjecture Confute, kön-füte'. v. a. to convict of error, Conjecturally, kón-jêk'tshů-rál-e, ad. by Congeal, kôn-jéèi'. v. n. to concrete by conjecture cold, to freeze

Conjecture, kồn-jék'tshůre. s. guess, imperCongealment, kön-jéėl' mếnt. 1. the clot fect knowledge formed by congelation

Conjecture, kön-kék’tshdre. V. a. to guess, to Congee, k8n-jées s. act of reverence, bow, judge by guess

(to connect courtesy

(congealed Conjoin, kön-joln'. v. a. to unite, to associate, Congelation, kön-je-la'shủn. s. state of being ||Conjoitt, k3n-jšínt'. a. united, connected Congenerous, kön-jén’ér-rủs. a. of the same Conjointly, kớn-joint'lė. ad. in union, tokind

gether Congenial, kôn-jé'né-ål. a. partaking or conjugal, kôn’jd-gål. a. belonging to marriage the same genius, cognate

Conjugally, kön'jò-gal-d. ad. matrimonially, Congeniality, kởn-je-ne-Al'é-tė. s. cogna connubially tion of mind

Conjugate, kôn'jó-gåte. v. a. to join in marCongeries, kön-je're-éz. 8. a mass of small riage, to unite; to inflect verba bodies heaped up together

Conjugation, kön-jú-gå'shủn. s. the act of Conglaciate, kôn-gla’she-åte. v. n. to turn uniting; he forma of inflecting verbs; to ice

[changing into ice union, assemblage Conglaciation, köng-glå-she-a'shủn. s. act of Conjunct, kón-júnkt'. D. eonjoined, concur. Congiobation, lỏng-gl-ba’shủn. 4. a round rent, united body

(ther into a ball Conjunction, kön-jůnk'shủn, s. union ; league Conglomerate, kồn-glom'ér-åte. v. a. to ga a part of speech Conglomerate, kón-g lôm'ér-åte. a. gathered Conjunctive, kön-jink’tiv. a. closely united ; into a round ball; twisted together

in grammar, the mood of a verb Conglomeration, kön-glom-ér-á'shủn. 8. col-Conjunctly, kôn-júnkt'lė. ad. jointly, tolection of matter into a loose ball

gether Conglutination, kön-gld-te-nd'shủn. a tbe | Conjuncture, kön-jûnk'tshire. 8. combination act of uniting wounded bodies

of circumstances. critical time



Conjuration, kön-ja-ra'shún. to an incanta-||Consentient, kön-sen'shd-ént. a. agreeing tion, an enchantment

united in opinion Conjure, kön-jdre'. v. a. to summon in a Consequence, kon'sd-kwènse. .. deduction, sacred name

[enuhantments importance Conjure, kin'jůr. v. n. to practise charms or Consequent, kôn’sd-kwént. . following by Conjurer, kản'júr-ür. £. an impostor who rational deduction, or as the effect of a pretends to secret arts; a man of shrewd

[effect, that which follows conjecture

Consequent, k&n'sd-k wént. P. consequence ; Condate, kon-nåte'. a. born with another Consequential, kon-sé-kwen'slâl. a. concluConnatural, kôn-nåtsb'd-rål. a. suitable to sive

(sequence, necessarily

Consequently, kön'sê-kwént-lè. ad. by code Connaturally, kôn-nåtsh'd-rål-e. ad. by the Conservable, kön-kêr'va-bl. a. capable of beact of nature, originally

ing kept Connect, kôn-nekt'. r. a. to join ; to unite Conservancy, kon-ser'van-se. s. a court held Connectively, kôn-nek'tiv-le. ad. in cor by the Lord Mayor of London for the junction, in union

preservation of the fishery Connexion, kon-nék’shủn. s. union, junction ;|| Conservation, kön-sèr-vá'sbún. 8. protection ; just relation

[ness preservation Connivance, kôn-nıl'vânse. 6. voluntary blind Conservative, kôn-bêr' vå-tiv. a. having the Connive, kôn-nive' v. A. to pretend blindness power of opposing diminution or injury or ignorance

Conservator, kon-ser-vá'tór. s. preserver Connoisseur,kôn-nês-såre'. s. a judge, a critick Conservatory, kôn-sêr'vå-túr é. s. a place Connubial, kön-nůbé-el. a. nuptial, conjugal where any thing is kept Conquer, kônk'úr, or kón'kwûr. v. a. to over-Conserve, kôr-serv'. v. a. to preserre, to come, to subdue ; to surmount

candy or pickle fruit Conquerable, konk'ür-a-bl. a. possible to be Conserve, kün'sérv. s. a sweetmeat overcome

(subdues Consider, kon-sid'ûr. v. a. to think upon, to Conqueror, kônk'ür-ứr. 8. a victor ; one that ponder ; to requite Conquest, kông'kwest. B. the act of conquer-|Considerable, kõn-s?d’úr-a-bl. a. worthy of

ing, subjection ; victory, success in arms consideration ; respectable ; important, vaConsanguineous, kon-sång-gwłn'nė-ús. a. near lua ole

(tantly of kin

[tion by blood Considerably, kôn-sid’úr-a-blè. ad. impor. Consanguinity, kôn-sång-gwin'è-tė. 6. rela-Considerate, kon-sid'ůr-åte. a. serious, pruConscience, kon'shense. 8. sentiment, private dent ; regardful; moderate thoughts ; scruple

(exactly just | Corsideration, kon-sid-úr-a'sbản. 8. regard, Conscientious, kon-she-en'sbûs. a. scrup lous, notice ; mature thought; importance ; Conscientiously, kôn-shé-én'shủs-lè. ad. ac compensation

cording to the direction of conscience Consign, kön-sine'. v. a. to make over ; to Consciopable, kên'shủn-å-bl. a reasonable, transfer ; to cummit just

Consignment, kôn-sine'ment. 6. the act of Conscious, kon'shủs. a. knowing from memo. consigning; the writing by which any

ry; admitted to the knowledge of any thing is consigned thing

[of one's own actions Consist, kồn-sist'. v. n. to be comprised, to Consriously, kôn'shis-lė. ad. with knowledge be contained in; to be composed of Consciousness, kồn'shủs-nés. e. internal sense | Consistence, kôn-sís'tênse.

8. state with of guilt, or innocence

Consistency, kön-sts/ten-kể. Conscript, kõn'skript, a. registered, enrolled respect to material existence; substance ; Consecrate, kon'se-kråte. v. a. to make sacre

agreement Consecration, kôn-sé-krə ehủn. % & rite of Consistent, kon-sis'tênt. a. not contradactory; dedicating to the service of God

firm, not fuid Consecution, kon-se-kd'shủn. a. train of con- iConsistently, kön-sis'tênt-lè. ad. without consequences; succession

tradiction, agreeably Consecutive, kon-sek'k&-tiv. as following in Consistorial, kön-sis-to'rd-al. a relating to train ; succeeding

[ooral the ecclesiastical court Consension, kou-vda'ehin. s. agreement, ac- Consistory, kön'sis-tår-ė. s. the place of juin Consent, kon-sent'. s. the act of yielding or aice in the ecclesiastical court

consenting ; concord, agreement Consociate, kou-sd'sad-åte. v. a to unite, lo Consent, kon-sdat'. v. a. to agree to ; to co join

(companiunabip operate with

Consociation, kon-sb-shd-d'shản. s. union, Consentaneous, kôg-sło-ed'nd-io. e agreea-Consolable, kin-ed’lå-bl. a. that admits cuenta ble to, consistent with


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