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Consolation, kön-sb-là'shún. s. comfort, alle-1 Constitute, kön'sté-tdte. v. a to appoint

i viation of misery

erect; to depute Consolatory, kon-sól’lå-tûr-d. a. tending to Constitution, kon-stè-td'shủn. s. state of begive comfort

ing ; temper of body, or mind; form of Console, kon-sdle'. v. a. to comfort, to cheer government Consoler, kon-bd'lůr. s. one that gives com Constitutional, kön-stè-tilshủn-ål. a. radical ; fort

consistent with the constitution, legal Consolidate, kôn-sởl'é-dåte. v, a. to form Constrain, kồn-stråne'. V. a to compel ; to into a compact and solid body; harden necessitate

[constraint Consolidation, k*--sol-e-då'shún. ne the actConstrainable, kôn-strå'na-bl. a. liable to

of uniting into a solid mass ; the annexing Constraint, kôn-strånt. s. compulsion, vioof one bill .a parliament to another


(compression Consonante, kon'sd-nånse.

.. accord of Constriction, kön-strik'shản. s. contraction, Coroliancy, köns6-nan-đề.

Constringe, kôn-strinje'. v. a. to contract, to sound; consistency


[quality of binding Consonant, kon'sd-nânt. a. agreeable Constringent, kôn-strin'jént. a. having the Consonant, koa'sd-nånt. 8. a letter which can- iConstruct, kón-strúkt. v. a. to build, to form not be sounded by itself

Construction, kồn-strůk'shản. s. the act or Consonantly, kön'sd-nant-lè. ad. consistently, form of building ; explanation; the meaning agreeably

Constructure, kön-stråk'tshire. $. pile, ediConsonuus, kõn'sd-nús. a. agreeing in sound fice, fabrick

(plain Consort, køn'sårt. s. companion

Construe, køn'str8. v. a. to interpret, to exConsort, køn-sort'. v. n. to associate with Constuprate, kõn'stů-pråte. V. a in violate, Consort, kön-sort'. v. a. to join, to mix, to to debauch

(defilement marry

(with, suitable Constupration, könosti-prå'shỉn. s. violation, Consortable, køn-sor'ta-bl. a. to be compared Consubstantial, kön-súb-stån'shål. a. baring Conspectable, kôn-spêk'tå-bl. a. easy to be the same substance

[to the sight Consubstaatiality, kon-sûb-stån-shd-al'é-tė. .. Conspicuity, kôn-ope-kd'é-td. s. obviousness existence of more than one in the same Conspicuous, kôn-spik'd-Ůs. a. obvious to the substance sight; eminent

Consubstantiate, kön-sûb-stän'shd-åte. v. a. Conspicuously, kôn-spila'y-is-lè. ad. obvious to unite in one substance ly to the view ; eminently

Consubstantiation, kön-sub-stan-che-d'shủn. s. Conspicuousness, kda-spik's-ůs-nés. di erni the union of our Blessed Saviour with the Dence, celebrity

sacramental eleinents, according to the Conspiracy, kôn-spir'a-sè. s. a plut, a con Lutherans certed treason

Consul, kön'sůl. s. an officer commissioned in Conspirator, køn-spir’a-tür. 1. a man engaged foreign parts to judge between the mer. in a plot

chants of his nation

(sul Conspire, kon-spire'. v. D. to concert a crime ; | Consulship, kon'sởl-shỉp. e. the office of conto agree together

Consult, kön-súlt'. v. a. to ask advice of; to Constable, kůn'sta-bl. s. a peace-officer regard, to act with respect to; to examine Constancv, kồn'stan-sé." s.

continuance ;|| Consult, køn'sůlt, s. the act of consulting consistency; steadiness ; lasting affection the effect of consulting, Coustant, kỏn'stånt. a. firin, unvaried; reso-||Consultation, kôn-sûl-tă'shủn. 1. the act of lute ; certain

(tainly, steadily consulting secrect deliberation Constantly, kun'stånt-lè. ad. perpetually, cer-Consumable, kôn-sů må-bl. a. susceptible of Cancellation, kön-stel-lá'shủn. s. cluster of destruction

(to destroy fixed stars

Consume, kôn-súme'. v. a. to waste, to spend, Coasternation, kön-stêr-nå'shủn. .. amaze-l|Consummate, kôn-sům'måte. V. a. to comment, terror, dread

plete, to perfect

(perfect Constipate, kön'sté-pdie. V. a. to crowd into consummate, kôn-sim'måte. a. complete,

a narrow room, to condense ; to makel Consummation, kon-sům-ma'sbún, . complecostive

tion, perfectioa, end Constipation, kon-stė-på'shứn. & the act of consumption, kồn-sům'sbûn. the act of crowding into less room; stoppage

consuming, waste

I wasting Constituent, kon-stitsh''-dat. 2. elemental, Consumptive, kôn-sóm'tlv. a. destructive, ensential

Consumptiveness, kon-sům'tív nés .. tepConstituent, kön-stitsh'd-int. .. the person dency to a consumption

er thing which constitutes or settles any Contabulate, kon-tib'd-late. . a to door ding; he that deputes another

with boarde

Contact, kontakt. 1. touch, close union Contentment, kön-teut'mént. s. acquiesceava Contagion, lỏn-ta'je-ẫn. 4. infection; pes without plenary satisfaction tilence, venemous emanation

Conterminous, kön-tér' md-nůs. a. bordering Contagious, kôn-ta'je-ús. a. infectious, caught upon by approach

Contest, kön-tést'. v. a. to dispute, to litigate Contagiousness, kon-tà'jé-is-nès. s. the qua-Contest, köu-test'. v. 1. to strive, to lity of being contagious

emulate Contain, kon-tåne'. v. a. to hold ; to comprise Contest, kön'tést. s. dispute, debate Contain, kön-táne'. v. n. to live in contiuence Contestable, kôn-tés tå-bl. a. disputable, con-, Containable, kön-ta'na-bl. a. poasible to be trovertible contained

Contestableness, kon-tês'ta-bi-nés. . possiContaminate, tồn-tâmoe-nate. to defile, bility of contest to corrupt by base mixture

Context, kôn-tekst'. v. a. to weave together Contamination, kön-täm-é-på'shủn. s. pollu- Context, kön-tekst'. a. knit together, firm tion, defilement

Context, kön'tékst. s. the general series of a Contemn, kon-tem'. v. a. to despise, to neglect discourse Contemner, k3n-têm'nůr. ." one that cun-Contexture, kôn-têks'tshåre. s. the dispositivo temns, a despiser

of parts one among another Contemperament, kön-têm'pår-á-ment. s. de-Contiguity, kon-te-gè'e-tè. a. actual contact gree of any quality

Contiguous, kôn-tig'd-ús. a. meeting 80 as to Contemperate, kön-têm'půr-ste. V. 2. to mo touch

[nexion derate, to temper

Contiguousness, kon-tig'3-ús-nés. s. close conContemplate, kön-têm'plåte. v. a. to study, Continence, kon'tė-nense. to meditate

Continency, kön'tė-nen-sé.

h. restraint ; Contemplation, kon-têm-plå'sbůn. . medita chastity tion; study

Continent, kön'té-nent. a. chaste, temperate Contemplative, kôn-têrg'plå-elv. a. studious Continent, kon'tė-nënt. b. land not disjoined Contemplator, kôn-tém plá-:úr. s. one em by the sea from other lands ployed in study

Continental, kon-te-neat'ål. a. relating to the Contemporary, kon-têm'pd-ra-ré. a living continent in the same age

Contingence, kân-tia'j@ose. ?

s. accidental Contemporary, kön-tem'pd-ra-ré. s. one wbol Contingency, kön-tin'jên-sé. lives at the same time with another

possibility Contemporise, kôn-têm'po-rize. y. . to Contingent, kon-tin'jènt. 2. accideutal make contemporary

Contingent, kön-tin'jèat. s. a thing in the Contempt, kön-têmpt'. s. scora

hands of chance; a proportion Contemptible, kön-têm'td-bl. a. deserving|Continual, kôn-tin'd-al. a. incessant, proscorn; despised

ceeding without interruption Contemptibleness, kon-têm'td-bl-ads. o., vile- Continually, kôn-tin's-11-1ė. ad. without Dess, cheapness

pause Contemptibly, kön-têm'td-bld. ad. in a man-||Continuance, kon-tin'u-inse. s. abode in a per deserving contempt

place; duration ; perseverance Contemptuous, kon-têm'tshd-ús. a scornful Continuate, kởn-ila'3-áte. a. immediately Contemptuousness, kôn-tem'tshd-s-ads. s.

united disposition to contempt

Continuation, kön-tin-d-a'shủn. s. protracContend, kön-tênd'. v. B. to strire; to vie tion, or succession, uninterrupted Contender, kon-têd'důr. s. combatant, cham-Continuator, kôn-tto-u-d'tůr. & he that conpion

tinues or keeps up the series of succession Content, kön-tênt'. a. satisfied

Continue, kön-tin'. v. n. to remain in the Content, kon-tênt'. v. a to satisfy; to please sarne state ; to persevere Content, kon-tênt'. moderate happiness ;|Continue, kon-tin''. v. a. to protract, or re acquiescence

peat without interruption; to unite with Contented, k84-tên'têd. part. a. satisfied, not out a chasm repining

[contest Continuity, kôn-te-nd'é-tê. s. connexion, un Contention, lỏn-ten’shup. 1. strife, debate, interrupted cohesion Contentious, kon-tén'shús. a. quarrelsume, Continuous, kôn-tlu'd-is. a. joined toge perverse

ther Contentiousness, kön-tên'shỉs-nên. s. prone-Contort, kôn-tort'. r. a. to twist, to writhe

Contortion, kön-tor'shủn. s. a twist, wry Conteotless, kon-tênt'ldı. a. dissatished, un motion easy

Coutour, kon-t3&r'. .. the outline

ness to contest

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Contraband, kön'trå-bånd. a prohibited, il-l|Contribution, kön-tré-bů'shủn. s. the act of legal

contributing ; that which is given Contract, kôn-tråkt'. v. a. to draw together, Contrirutor, kon-tríb'd-tůr. s. one that bean

to sborten; to make a bargain; to betroth a part in some common design Contract, kồn'trakt. 8. a bargain

Contributory, kôn-trib'd-tůr-é. a. promoting Contractedness, kon-tråk'ted-nês. h. the state the same end

[tent of being contracted

Contrite, kôn'trite. a. worn with sorrow, peni Contractibleness, kon-tråk'tå-bl-nés. s. the contritely, kôn'trite-le. ad. penitently quality of suffering contraction

Contrition, koa-tr Isl'ûn. .. penitence, sorContractile, kon-tråk'tfl. a. having the power row for sin of shortening itself

Cortrivance, kôn-tr/'vanse. 1. A scheme ; a Contraction, kôn-tråk'shûn. n. the act of con plot; an artifice

tracting or shortening; abbreviation Contrive, kôn-trive'. v. a to plap out; to Contractor, kôn-tråk'tår. 8. one of the par find out means ties to a contract or bargain

Contrive, kon-trive'. v. n. to form or design Contradict, kön-trå-dikt'. v. a. to oppose Contriver, kon-trivůr. s. an inventor verbally, to deny

Control, kou-troll'. s. a check, restraint, Contradicter, kôn-trå-dik'tår. .

one that!

power contradicts, an opposer

Control, kôn-trdil'. v. a. to keep under Contradiction, kön-trå-dik'shủn. s. opposi check; to govern

(control tion; contrariety

Controllable, kon-trdil'à-bl. a. subject to Contradictious, kôn-trå-dik'shûs. a. filled Controller, kon-trdil'ûr. 6. cne that has the

with contradictions, inclined to contradict power of governing Contradiciory, kôn-trå-dik'tůr-ė. a. opposite Controllership, kôn-trdil'ůr-ship. s. the office to, inconsistent with

of a controller Contradistinction, kôn-tra-dis-ting'shỉn. s. Controlmen!, kôn-trdil'mênt. s. restraint ; distinction by opposite qualities


Ito disputes Contradistinguish, kồn-trå-dis-ting'gwish. v. Controversial, kon-trd-vêr'shål. a. relating

a. lo distinguish by opposite qualities Controversy, kůn'trd-vér-se. s. dispute ; a Lontraposition, kôn-tri-po-zleh'ún.


(dispute placing over against

Controvert, kón'tró-vért. v. a. to debate, to Bontraregularity, kön-tra-rég-0-låt'ê-tė. s.Controvertible, kon-tro-vêrt'e-bl. a. discontrariety to rule

putable Bontrariant, kon-trå'ré-ént. a. inconsistent,||Controvertist, kön'tr&-vêr-tist. s. disputant contradictory

Contumacious, kồn-18-ma'shús. m perverse, Contrarie;, kôn'tra-riz. s. propositions which stubborn destoy each other

Contumaciously, kôn-td-ma'shus-lé. ad. ob Contrariety, kon-trå-r/é-tė. s. repugnance, stinately, perversely opposition

Contumaciousness, kon-til-ma'shis-nés. s. ob Contrarily, kôn'tr&-ré-lé. ad. different ways stinacy, perverseness Contrariness, kôa'trå-rê-nés. s. contrariety, Contumacy, kdo'td-må-sé. s. a wilful conopposition

[pugnant tempt and disobedience to any lawful contrarious, kon-trå'ré-ìs. a. opposite, re

(ful, sarcastick Contrariwise, kón'tra-ré-wize.' ad. on the contumelious, kon-ti-mé'ld-is. a. reproach. contrary

Contumeliousness, kôg-tu-mé'id-us-nés. Contrary, kôn'tra-rè. a. opposite, contra rudeness, reproach dictory; inconsistent; adverse

Contumely, kön'ti-mé-lé. s. contemptuous. Contrary, kôn'tra-ré. s. a thing of opposite ness, bitterness of language, reproaco qualities

Contusion, kön-tu-zhủn. s. the act of bruising : Contrast, kon'trast. s. an opposition of figures a bruise Contrast, kôn-tråst'. . a. to place in op- Convalescence, kon-vá-lès'sense, position

(to obstruct Convalescency, tồn-vi-les sen-Be. Cintravene, kôr.-tra-véne'. v. a. to orpose, al of health Contravention, kon-trå-vèn'shůr a oppo-Convalescent, koo-vå-lès'sếnt. a. recovering pition

(Convene, kon-véne'. v. 0. to come toge:ber, Contributary, kôn-trlb'8-tå-ré. a. paying tri-|| to assemble bute to the same sovereiga

Convene, kon-vére'. v. 1. to convoke ; to Cuptribute, kôd-trib'dte. V. a. to give to someli summon judicially, common stock

Couvenience, kön-vene-ense. Cuatribute, kon-trib'dte. v. n. to bear a Conveniency, kön-se'né-eo-u.. part, to have a share in any act or effect commodiousnes


1. repew


a convent


Convenient, kön-ve'né-ént. a. fit, suitable Couvictive, kön-vik'tiv. a. having the power Conveniently, kôn-vené-ent-le. ad. commo of convincing modiously, fitly

(nunnery Convince, kõn-vinse'. 5. a. to force another Convent, kön'vent. . a religious house, ali to acknowledge a contested position Conventicle, kön-ven'tė-kl. s. au assembly Convincible, kön-via-se-bl. a. capable of confor worship ; a secret assembly

viction Conventicier, kon-vêu'tik-lûr. 8. one tha: Convincingly, kên-vin'sîng-lé. ad. in such a

supports or frequents private and unlaw inanner as to leave no room for doubt ful assemblies

Convivial, kön-viv'yål. a. festal, social Convention, kön-vén'shủn. s. an assembly : Conundrum, kd-nủn'drúm. s. a low jest, a contract, agreement for a tine

quibble Conventional, kön-vén'shủn-àl. a. agreed on Convocate, kon'sd-kåte. V. a. to call together by compact

[upou contract Convocation, kön-vd-ka'shủn. s. the act of Conventionary, köreven'shủn-ä-ré a. acting calling to assembly; an assembly of the Conventual, kõa-vên'tshu-ål. a. belonging to clergy.

[in a convent|Convoke, kôn-roke'. v. a. to call together, Conventual, kön-vên'tshủ-ål. s. one that lives to summon to an assembly Converge, kôn-vérje'. v. n. to tend to one pointConvolve, kön-vôlv'. v. a. to roll together Convergent, köb-vềr'jent.

Convoluted, kôn-vd-lů'têd. part. a. twisted, Converging, kün-vér'jing.

a. tending to

rolled upon itself. one point

(conversation Convolution, kön-vd-lú'shủn. . the act of Conversable, kon-vêr'så-bl. a. qualified for rolling any thing upon itself Conversably, kôn-rér'sa-blé ad. in a con- Convoy, kön-võe'. v. a. to accompany by versable manner

(familiar land or sea, for the sake of defence Conversant, kồn-vêr-sảnt. a. acquainted with, Convoy, kön'voc. s. attendance by way of Conversation, kön-ver-så'shứn, s. familiar dis defence

course, chat; commerce; behaviour Convulse, kön-vůlse'. v. a. to give an irres Converse, kon verse. v. n. to cohabit with; gular and involuntary motion to discourse

Convulsion, kôn-vůl'shủn. s. an involuntary Converse, kón' vérse. s. manner of discoursing contraction of the fibres and muscles in faniliar life; cohabitation

Convulsive, kůn-vůl'siv. a. giving twitches Conversion, kon-ver'shủn. 6. change, trans or spasms

mutation; change from one religion to Cony, kún'nė. 6. a rabbit another

(ciable Coo, k88. v. n. to cry as a dove or pigeon Conversive, kön-vêr'slv. a. conversable, so-|Cook, köök. s. one who prepares victualo Convert, kôn-vêrt'. v. a. to change ; to turn for the table

from a bad to a good life; to appropriate Cook, kððk. v. a. to prepare victuals for the Convert, kön'vert. s. a person converted


(victuals from one opinion to another

Cookery, k83k'ür-ė. s. the art of dressing Convertible, kôn-vêr'te-bb a. susceptible of Cool, kõ81. a. somewhat cold; indifferent change, transmutable

Cool, k861. v. a. to make cool; to quiet Convex, kön'vēks. a. riaing in a circular form passion; to calm anger Convex, kön'vēks. 5. a convex body Cool, k881. v. R. to grow less hot Convexity, kôn-véks'é-tė. s.' protuberance in Cooler, kből'ůr. s. that which has the power a circular form

of cooling ; a brewer's vessel Convexly, kön-vêks'lè. ad. in a convex form Coolly, k381'ié. ad. without heat; without Convey, kön-ve'. v. a.

carry, to transmit; passion to impart

Coolness, k83l'nés. 8. gentle cold; want of Conveyance, kon-vd'anse. s. the act of re affection; freedom froin passion

moving any thing; way for carriage ; act||Coom, k88m. 6. soot; grease for wheels; • of transferring; writing by which pro measure of four bushels perty is transferred

Coop, kb3p. s. a cage, a peo Conveyancer, kön-vå'ân-Búr, s, a lawyer whol Coop, kóép. v. a. to shut up in a narrow draws writings by which property is trans compass

(barrela ferred

Cooper, k88'pår. s. one that makes coops o Conveyer, kôn-vd'ůr. one who carries or Co-operate, ko-opér-åte. v. n. to labour transmits any thing

[confute jointly; to concur in the same affect Convict, kön-vikt'. 7. a. to prove guilty ; to Co-operation, kd-op-ér-d'shủv. s. the act of Convict, kou'vliet. s. a person cast at the bar contributing to the same end Cuoviction, kon-vil'shia. s. detection of Co-operative, ko-op'ér-i-tiv. e promoting guilt ; confutation

the same end

Co-operator, ko-op'ér-á-túr. s. he that pro-1 Coriaceous, kd-ré-d'obús. a. of a substanco motes the same end with others

resembling leather Co-ordinate, kd-ir'dé-náte. a. holding the Coriander, kd-ré-an'důr. 8. a plant saine rank

Corinthian, k&-rin'the-án. a. the fourth orCo-ordination, ks-or-de-nå'shủn. 3. the state der of architecture

of holding the same rank, collateralness Cork, körk. s. the name of a tree and its Copartner, kd-pắrt'nůr. s. a joint partner bark; the stopple of a bottle Copartnership, kd-pårt'nůr-ship. s. the state||Cork, kórk. v. a. to put corks into bottles.

of bearing an equal part, or possessing an Corky, kôr'kė. a. consisting of cork equal share

Cormorant, kôr'md-rånt. .

a bird

that Cope, kope. s. a sacerdotal cloak: any thing preys upon fish; a glutton

[foot spread over the head

Corn, born. s. grain; an excresence on the Cope, kdpe, v. a. to cover, as with a cope ; Corn, kóro, v. à. to sprinkle with salt; to to contend with, to oppose

[scriber form into small grains [is growing Copier, köppe-úr. 5. sne that copies, a tran-Corn-field, körn' fèěld. s. a field where coru Coping, ko'ping. s. the upper tire of ma-1 Coro-mill, körn'mil. s. a mill to grind corn sonry which covers the wall

into mea!

(retails cors Copious, ko'pé-ìs. a. plentiful, abundant Cornchandler, korn'tshånd-lůr. m. one that Copiously, ko'pé-ús-le. ad. plentifully, abun-Corneous, kor né-ìs. a. horny dantly

(dance Corner, kôr'nůr. s. an angle; a secret or re Copiousness, ko'pd-ůs-nés. 2. plenty, abun inote place Copper, köp pår. s. one of the six primitive Corner, kår'nůr-stdne, s. the stone that unites Inetale ; a large boiler

the two walls at the corner Copperas, kópʻpůr-ås. 8. a kind of vitriol Cornerwise, kör'nůr-wlze. ad. diagonally Coppersmrth, kóp půr-smith. s. one that Cornet, kór' nết. s. a musical instrument; an manufactures copper


(in the army Coppery, kop'pír-é. a. containing copper Cornetcy, kornetsé. s. the post of a corner Coppice, kôp'pts. s. low woods cut at stated Cornice, kôr'nis. s. the highest projection of times for fuel

& wall or column

(plenty Copse, kops. e. short wood

[join Cornucopiæ, kër-nů-ko'pé-d. s. the horn of Copulate, kôp'ú-låte. v. a. to unite, to con- Cornute, kër-núte'. v. a. to bestow horns, to Copulation, köp-1-ld'sbản, s. the congress cuckold

(cuckolded of the two sexes

(mar Cornuted, kor-nu'têd. a. grafted with horns, Copulative, kop'u-la-tiv. a. a term of gram- Corny, kör'nė. a. like corn; producing grain Copy, kôp'pė. 8. a transcript from the ori-Corollary, kôr'd-lår-é, s. the conclusion ; an ginal; the archetype

inference Copy, kop’pé. v. a. to write after an origi-Coronal, kör'd-nål. s. a crown, a garland nal; to imitate

Coronal, kôr-d'nal. a. belonging to the top of Copyer, kop'pe-ůr

the head Copy ist, k3p'pe-ist s. one who copies wri

Coronation, kôr-d-nå'shaủn. s. the act or 80ting or pictures

lemnity of crowning a king Coquet, kó-két'. v. 2. to treat with an ap-Coroner, kör'd-nůr, b. an officer whose duty it pearance of amorous tenderness.

is to iuquire how any violent death was cher Coquetry, ko-kết'ré. s. affectation of amo casioued rous advances

Coronet, kör'3 nét. 8. an inferior crown wora Coquette, kd-kết'. s. a gay, airy girl, who by the nobility

(the infants endeavours to attract notice (plaything Corporal, kôr'pd-rål. s. the lowest officer uf Coral, kôr'ål. s. a marine plant; a child's Corporal, kor'pd-rål. a. relating to the bome; Coralline, kôr'ål-ln. a. consisting of not spiritual

(being embodod Cord, kord. s. a rope, a string

| Corporality, kôr-pd-ral'l-té. s. the qualit: ? Cerd, kord, v. a. to bind with ropes Corporally, kor'po-rål-lé. ad. hodily Cordage, kör'dîdje. B. a Guantity of cords Corporate, kör'pd-råte. a. united in a body of Corded, kor'ded., made of ropes

community Cordial, kồr'je-ål. s. any thing that com- Corporation, kér-pd-rå'shủn. ... a body polieder forts and exhilarates.

(sincere Corpureal, kör-po're-il. a. having a body Cordial, kör'je-al. a. reriving, invigorating ; Corporeity, kůr-pd-ré'é-tė. s. inateriality Cordiality. kér-je-li'd-tė. s. relation to the Corps, kore. s. a body of forces heart ; sincerity

Corpse, korps. 3. a dead body, a corse
Cordially, kör'je-al-ld. ad. sincerely, heartilyCorpulence, k8ropd-lê use.
Core, köre. s' the beart; the inner part of Corpulency, kôr’på-lea-ud.

1. bulkiner auy thing

body, fleshipeus


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