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Corpulent, kör'pu-léat. a. fleshy, bulky Curruptibleness, kör-rúp'te-bl-nes. s. suscep-
Corpuscle, kor pús-sl. s. a small body, an atom tibility of corruption
Corrade, kôr-ráde'. v. a. to scrape together Corruptibly, kôr-růp'te-bid. ad. in such 4
Correct, kôr-rékt'. v. 2. to chastise ; to amend manner as to be corrupted
Correct, kôr-rékt'. a. revised or finished with Corruption, kôr-růp'shún. s. wickedness ; pu


(ciously Correction, kôr-rêk'shủn. 6. punishment, dis-Corruptly, kôr-ript'ld. ad. with taint; vi

cipline; amendment ; reprehension Corruptness, kor-rúpt'nës. 8. putrescence ; vice Corrective, kôr-rék'tiv. s. that which has the Corsair, kor'sảre. s. a pirate

power of altering or obviating any thing|Corre, korse, s. a dead body, a carcass amiss

Corslet, kůra'lệt. h. a light armour for the Correctly, kôr-réktólé. ad. accurately, exactly breast

(the rind Correctness, kôr-rékt' nês. s. accuracy, exact-Cortical, kör't ál. a. barky, belonging to

(ters, or revises Corticated, kồr'tė-bà-têd. a. resembling the Corrector, kôr-rêk'tür. s. he that amends, al bark of a tree Correlative, kôr-rel A-tív, a. having a recip-Coruscant, ko-růs'kảnt. a. glittering by flashrocal relation

(proor es, flashing

(vibration of light Correption, kôr-rép'shủn. 8. reprehension, re-Coruscation, kor-is-ka'shủn. 6. flash, quick Correspond, kôr-ré-spond'. v. n. to.suit, tol Cosmetick, kóz-inêt'tk. a. beautifying

answer; to keep up commerce with ac Cosmical, kôz'md-kål. a. rising or setting ther by alternate letters

with the sun Correspondence, kôr-ré-spôn'dense. s. rela-liCosmogony, kôz-môg'gb-ne. s. the rise or

tion; intercourse ; interchange of offices or birth of the world, the creation civilities

(answerable Cosmographer, kôz-mog'grå-fůr. 8. one who Correspondent, kôr-rê-spor'dênt. a. suitable, writes a description of the world Correspondent, kôr-re-sin'dent. s. one with Cosmography, kôz-mög'grå-fé. s. the scieuce

whom commerce is kept up by inutual let of the general system of the world ; a ters

general description of the universe Corresponsive, kôr-rê-spôn’siv. a. answerable | Cosmopolitan, köz-md-pôl'é-tân. s. a citizen Corridor, kôr-ré-dôre'. 8. a gallery round of the world, who is at home in every about a building

place Corrigible, kõr're-je-bl. a. that may be alter-Cust, kost. s. price ; charge ; detriment ed or amended

Cost, kóst. v. 2. to be bought for, to be had Corroborant, kôr-rüb'b-rånt. 2, having the at a price power to give strength

Costal, kös'tål. a. belonging to the ribs Corroborate, kôr-rôh'ó-råte. V. a. to confirm, Costard, kös'tard. s. a head; a species of apple to establista; to strengthen

Costive, kös'tiv. a. bound in the body; close Corroboration, kôr-rok-3-ra'shủn. &. the act||Costiveness, kos'tiv-nés. 8. the state of the of strengthening or confirming

body in which excretion is obstructed Corroborative, kôr-rôb'd-rå-tio. a. having the Costliness, kost'ld-nés. s. sumptuousness, ex power of increasing strength

pensiveness. Corrode, kůr-rode'. v. a. to eat away by de- || Costly, kôst'le. a. sumptuous, expensive grees

Costume, kos-túme'. s. the correspondence of Corrodent, kor-r3'dênt. a. having the power dress to its respective ages or nations of corroding or wasting

Cet, kôt. 8. a small house, a hut Corrusible, kôr-ro'sė-bl. a. possible to be con-Cotemporary, kd-têm'pd-rå-ré. a. living at sumed by a menstruum

the same time Corrosive, kôr-ro'siv. a. able to corrode Coterie, kd-tůr-ré'. s. a club, a society Corrosiveness, kôr ro'sto-nês. 3. the quality||Cocillon, kö-til-yong'. z. a kind of French of corroding, acriinony


(cottage Corrugate, kõr'ru-gáte. 7. a. to wrinkle or cotland, kôtland. s. land appendant to a purse up

linto wrinkles Cottage, köt'tdje. 3. a but, a mean habitation Corrugation, kôr-ri-gå'shủn. 3. contraction Cottager, kåt'ta-jůr. s. one who lives in a Corrupt, kör-růpt'. v. a. to turn from a sound

hut of cottage to a putrescent state ; tu deprave

Cotton, ko'tn. s. the down of the cotton Corrupt, kör-rünt'. v. 3. to become putrid, to

& plant ; cloth or stuff made of grow rotten (wickedness cotton

(or bend down Corrupt, kôr-rüpt'. a vicious, tainted with Couch, koftsh. v. n. to lie down; to stocp Corruptibility, kôr-rủp-te-bll’é-tė. s. possi-Couch, kõitsh. v. a. to lay on a place of rebility to be corrupted

pose; to hide

i to depress the film that Corruptible, kôr-rúp'te-bl powible to bel overspreads the pupil of the eye


a stratum


Couch, kồdtsh. s. a seat of repose ; a layer, Couatermarch, köůn-túr-mårtsh'. v. to

march backwards Couchant, kôåtsh'ant. a. lying down, squat-Countermarch, köůn'tůr-mårtsh. s. retrocesCouchee, kob'shité. s. bed-time, the time of sion ; change of measures visiting late at night

Countermine, k3ůn'túr-mine. s. a hole sunk in Cough, kof. 8. a convulsion of the lungs the ground, from which a gallery runs out, Cough, kóf. v. n. to have the lurgs convulsed to seek out the enerny's mine ; a stratagem Cough, k3. v. a. to eject by a congh

by which any contrivance is defeated Cougher, kof'fúr. 8. one that coughs Countermine, kõin-tůr-inine'. v. a. to delve a Couid, kůd, the imperfect pret. of can

passage into an enemy's mine ; to defeat Coulter, köle'túr. 8. the sharp iron of the by secret measures plough which cuts the earth

Counterpane, köủn'tůr-påne. s. a coverlet fo Council, köủn'sil. s. an assembly of persons a bed met together in corsultation

Counterpart, koin'tűr-påst. s. the corresCounsel, köin'sél. s. advice, direction, pru pondent part

dence; design; a pleader (advise counterplea, ködn'tůr-ple. .. ia law, a to Counsel, koun'sél. v. a. to give advice ; to plication Counsellable, kõun'sél-a-bl. 2. willing to re- Counterplot, kdin-tür-plôt'. v.a. to oppose ceive and follow advice

one machination by another Counsellor, koun'sel-lúrr. s. one that gives Counterplot, kõin'túr-plôt. s. an artifice opadvice ; a confidant; a barrister

posed to an artifice Count, kőúnt. v. a. to number ; to reckon ;|Counterpoise, käún-túr-poèze'. v. a. to counto impute to

terbalance; to

act with equal power Count, košnt. 8. number, reckoning ; a title against any person or cause of foreign nobility

Counterpoise, koủn'tór-pôdze. s. equipondeCountenance, kõůn'tė-nânse. B. the form of rance, equivalence of weight or power

the face, the system of the features, air ;|| Ccunterproject, koin-túr-prod'jèkt. s. cor

aspect of assurance ; patronage, support respondent part of a scheme Countevance, kõin'té- nånse. v. a. to support, ||Countersign, kồin-tůr-slne'. v. a. to sigo an to patrenise

order of a superior, in quality of secretary Countenancer, n'té-nan-sûr. s. one that||Countertenor, ködn-túr-tên'nür. l. one of the countenances or supports another

middle parts of musick Counter, koủn'tůr. s. a false piece of money : Counterturn, koûn'túr-túrn. 8. the height and a sort of table in a shop

[sition to full growth of a play, which destroys exCounter, köůn'tůr, ad. contrary to, in oppo pectation Counteract, kóůn-tůr-åkt'. v. a. to hinder Countervail, k3in-túr-våle'. v. a. to be equi

any thing from its effect by contrary valent to, to act against with equal power agency

Countervail, köůn' túr-vále, s. equal weight Counterbalance, kiin-tür-bal'lanse. v. a. to|Counterview, kodn'tûr-vů. . a posture in act against with an opposite weight

which two persons front each other Counterbuff, ködn-túr-bůr'. . a. to impel ;|Counterwork, kõủn-tůr-wúrk'. v. a. to hinto strike back

der by contrary operations Counterchange, klin'tůr-tshảnje. s. exchange Countess, köůn'tés. s. the lady of an earl or reciprocation

(give and receive count Counterchange, koin-túr-tshảnje'. v. a. tu Countless, koûnt'lès. a. innumerable Countercharm, kõin'tůr-tshảrın. s. that bý ll Country, kủn'trė. s. a tract of land; a rewhich a charm is dissolved

gion; rural parts Countercharm, kåón-túr-tshårm'. v. a. to de- Country, kin'-tré. do rural ; remote frosa stroy the effect of an euchantinent

cities; rude, ignorant Countercheck, kồin-tûr-tshek'. v.a. to oppose Countryman, kủn'tre-man. s. one born in the Counterr:heck, koin'tůr-tphék. s. stop, rebuke same country; a rustick Counterfeit, köůn'tór-fit. v. a. to copy withCounty, kồin'tė. s. a shire

an intent to pass the copy for an original ; || Couple, kúp'p!. s. a chain or tye ; a brace, a to imitate

(deceitful male and bis female Counterfeit, koin'tór-fit. a. furged, fictitious ; || Couple, kịp'pl. v. a. to chain together; to Counterfeit, kõin'tûr-flt. 8. an iinposter, a join to one another; to marry forgery

Couple, kúp'pl, v. n. to join embraces Counterfeiter, kåp'tir-fit-ůr. . a forger Couplet, kip lét. B. a vair of rhymes Countermand, kdún-tûr-mảod'. v. 2. to con-||Courage, kůr'ridje. 8. bravery, 'active fortradict an order (former order titude

(bold Countermand, kôšn'tűr-månd. 8. repeal of alCourageous, kůr-sá'jè ús. m. brave, daring.

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Courageousness, kúr-rá'jé-ús-nés. s. bravery, l/Covey, kúv'vė. s., a hatch; an old bird with boldnces, courage

her young ones Courier, kiBréér. s. a messenger sent in haste Covin, kúr'in. s. a fraudulent agreement Course, kòrse. s. race, career; ground on Cow, kol. s. the female of the buli

which a race is run; track or line in which Cow, kðů. v. a. to depress with fear a ship sails

(torce to run Coward, kod'ůrd, s. a poltron, a wretch Course, korse. 7. a. to hunt, to pursue ; to whose predominant passion is fear Course, korse. v. n. to run, to rove about Cowardice, kod'ůr-dfs.

fear, habitual Courser, kör'sůr. s. a swift horse ; one who timidity

pursues the sport of coursing hares Cowardliness, to!'ůrd-lê-nês. 6. timidity, Court, körte. s. a palace ; ball or chamber cowardice

(mous where justice is administered ; open space Cowardly, kollůrd-lè. a. fearful, pusillani

before a house; the art of insinuation Cowardly, ko'ůrd-lé. ad. in the manner of Court, körte. v. a. to woo; to solicit a wo a coward

[knees, to stoop man; to endeavour to please

Cower, ko'kr. v. n. to sink by bending the Courteous, kůr'tshe-ůb. a. elegant of manners, Cowl, kỏil. s. a monk's hood well bred

Cow-pock, kồi'pök. s. an eruption from the Courteously, kůr'tsbê-ús-lė. ad. respectfully, teats of a cow ; said to be an infallible civilly, complaisantly,

preservative from the small-pox Courteousness, kůr'lshé-is-nés. s. civility, Corcomb, köks'k8me. s. a flower ; a fop complaisance

Coxcombly, köks'kom-lè. a. or ad. conceito Courtesan, kůr-tê-zân'. s. a woman of the ed ; like a concomb town; a prostitute

Coxcomhry, köks'kom-re. s. foppishness Courtesy, kůr'té-sé. s. elegance of manners, Coxcomicai, koks-kom'lkál. a foppish, concivility, complaisance

Coy, koe. a. modest, reserved [ceited Courtesy, kůrt'sė. s. the reverence madeCoy, koč. v. n. to behave with reserve, to by women

reject familiarity Courtesy, kůrt'sė. v. a. to make a reverence Coyly, koè'lė. od. with reserve in the manner of ladies

Coyness, kde'nês. 8. reserve, unwillingnes Courtier, korte'yúr. e. one that attends the to become familiar

courts of princes ; one that solicits the fa-|| Cozen, kůz'zn. v. a. to cheat, to defraud vour of another

Cozenage, kůz’zn-aje. s. fraud, deceit, cheat Courtliness, kórt'ld-nès. s. elegance of man- | Cozener, kúz'zn-úr. s. a cheater, a defrauder ners, complaisance

Crab, kráb. s. a shell-fish; a wild apple; a Courtiy, kórte'lè. a. relating to the court, peevish, morose person ; a sign of the zou elegant, flattering

diack Courtship, Irte'shỉp. s. the act of soliciting Crabbed, kråb'béd. a. peevish, morore;

favour; the solicitation of a woman to harsh, unpleasing; difficult marriage

Crabbedly, krab'běd-lè. ad. peevishly Cousin, kúz'zn. s. any one collaterally relatedCrack, kråk. 8. a sudden disruption; chink,

more remotely than a brother or a sister fissure ; any sudden and quick sound Cove, kdve. 8. a small creek or bay

Crack, kråk. v.a. to break into chinks, to Covenant, kův'é-nånt. s. a contract, stipulation split; to craze Covenant, kův'è-nånt. v. n. to bai gain, to|Crack-brained, kråk-brảad'. a. crazy, witbstipulate

out right reason Cover, kův'ûr. 8, any thing laid over another ;|Cracker, kråk'úr. s. a noisy boasting fellow; a sheiter, concealment

gunpowder, confined so as to burst with Cover, kův'úr. v. a. to overspread, conceal,

great noise shelter

Crackle, kråk'kl. v. 0. to make light cracks Covering, kiv'ůr-Ing. 3. dress, vesture Cradle, kra'dl. s. a moveable bed, on which Coverlet, kův'ür-let. s. the outermost of the children or sick persons are agitated with bed-clothes

(thicket a smooth motion ; a case for a broken bone; Covert, kův'ůrt. 8. a shelter, a defence ; al a frame of timber raised along the outside Covert, kův'ůrt. a. sheltered, hidden, insidious

Cradle, kra'dl. v. a. to lay in a cradle Covertly, kův'irt-lè. and secretly, closely Craft, kráft. 1. trade; cunning; small sailCoret, kův'ét. v. a. to desire inordinately

ing vessels Covetous, kúv'é-tůs. as inordinately desi-Craftily, kráf'td-1d. ad. cunningly, artfully rous; avaricious

Craftiness, kraf'te-nes. .. cunning, stratagena Covetousness, kův've-tło-nale.

avarice, || Craftsman, krafts'min. 20 artificer, a eagerness of gain


of a ship,



(ed pipe

& word

Crafty, kráf'tė. a, cunniog, artful

Creation, kré-a'shủn, s. the act of creating : Crag, krag. s. a rough steep rock ; the neck the universe ; any thing produced Cragged, kråg'gêd. & full of ine qualities Creative, kré-á'tir. a. having the power to and prominences

existence Craggedness, kråg'gêd-nes. 6. fulness of Creator, kré-a'tür. B. the Being that bestows

crags or prominent rocks (craggy Creature, krė'tshủre, 5. a being created ; an Cragginess, kråg'gė-nês. s. the state of being animal not human ; a word of contempt or Craggy, kråg'gė. a. rugged, full of promi tenderness; one who owes his rise to

another Cram, krâm. 1. a. to stuff ; to sll beyond sa-Credence, kré'dênse. 8. belief tiety; to thrust in by force

Credenda, kré-dén'då, s. articles of faith Cramp, kramp. s. contraction of the limbs : Credent, kré'dént. a. easy of belief; having confinement; a piece of iron bent at each credit

[title to credit Cramp, kråmp. a. difficult, knotty (endCredentiad, kré-dén'shål. s. that which gives a Cramp, kråmp. v. a. to pain with cramp; to Credibility, kréd-e-bil'é-tė. s. claim to credit, confine; to bind

probability Crane, kråne. 8. a bird; an engine; a crook- | Credible, kred'é-bl. a. worthy of credit Cranium, kra'nd-ům. s. the skull

Credibleness, kred'é-bl-nés. 8. zorthiness of Crank, krångk. s. the end of an iron aris; belief

(claims belief any conceit formed by twisting or changing Credibly, kréd'é-ble. od. in a manner that

Credit, kred'ít. 8. belief ; reputation; faib Crank, krångk. a. healthy, sprightly; near trust reposed; promise given; influence to be overset

Credit, kred'it. v. a. to believe ; to trust; to Crankie, krång'kl. v. n. to run in and out admit as a debtor

(bla Crankle, krång'kl. 5. a. to break into un-Creditable, kréd'it--b). a. reputable ; estima. equal surfaces

Creditableness, kréd'it-å-tl-pés. 5. reputation, Cranny, krån'nė. e. a chink, cleft, crevice estimation Crape, kråpe, s. a thin stuff loosely woven Creditably, krêd'It-å-blè. ad. reputably Crash, krásh. v, n. to make a loud compli-Creditor, kréd'it-úr. 5. he to whom a debt is cated noise

owed Crash, kråsh. v. a. to break, to bruise Credulity, kré-dú'le-te. s. easiness of belief Crash, kráah. s. a loud mixed sound Credulous, kred'; 4-lús. a. apt to believe, easily Crassitude, krás'sé-tåde. s. grossness, coarse


Credulousness, kred'j3-1ůs-nés. aptness to Cratch, krátsh. 8. a pallisaded frame for bay believe, credulity Craunch, brântsh. v. a. to crush in the mouthCreed, krééd. s. a form of words in which the Cravat, kri-vật”. 4. a neckcloth

articles of faith are comprehended Crave, kråve. V. a. to ask with earnestness Creek, kréék, v. a. to make a harsb noise or submission; to long

(ardCreek, kréék. s. a bay, a cove Craven, kra'vn. 's. a cock conquered; a cow-Creep, kréép. v. n. to move with the belly to Craw, kråw. &. the crop or first stomach orll the ground without legs; to move slowly birds

and feebly; to fawn. Crawl, kråwl. v. n. to creep, to move slowly ||Creeper, kréé půr. s. a plant ; an iron instruCrayfish, kråw'sish. s. the river lobster ment; a kind of patten Crayon, krá'ún. s. a kind of pencil, a paste ; a Crepitation, krép-é-ta'shủn. s. a small crackdrawing

ling noise Craze, krảze. v. a. to break, to crush ; to Crept, krépt. part. of creep crack the brain

Crepuscule, kré-půs'kile. 8. twilight Craziness, kra'zė-nés. s. imbecility, weakness Crepusculous, kré-pủs'kú-kis. a, in a state ben Crazy, krá'zė. a. broken, decrepit; shattered tween light and darkness in the intellect

Crescent, krés'sènt. a. increasing, growing Creak, kréke. V. n. to make a harsh noise Crescent, krés'sent. 1. the moon in ber state Cream, kréme. s. the oily part of milk

of increase Cream, kréme. v. n. to gather cream; to Crescive, krés'sir. a. Increasing, growing mantle or froth

Cress, krés. 6. an berb Creamy, kré'mė. a. full of cream

Cresset, krés'sét. s. a light set upon a beacon Crease, krėse. h 1 mark made by doublingCrest, krést. s. a plume of feathers; the ornaany thing

(doubling it ment of the helmet in heraldry ; pride, spirit Crease, trese. v. a. to mark any thing by Crested, krés'těd. a. adorned with a plume or Create, kré até'. v. a. to'form, cause; to pro crest

spiritless dus

Crest-falleu, krest'rålo. dejected, sunk,




Crestless, krėst'lés. a. aot dignified with coat||Croft, kroit. s. a little close joining to a

house Cretaceous kré-tå'shủs. a. chalky

Croisade, kroe-side'. s. a holy war Crevice, krev'is. s. a crack, a cleft

Crone, krone. 8. an old ewe; an old woman Crew, kr88, s. the company of a ship Crony, kro'nė. s. an old acquaintance Crew, kr86. the pret. of crow.

Crook, krbók, s.' any crooked instrument; a Crewel, kr88'fl. s. yarn twisted and wound on sheep-hook

(hook a knot or ball

Crook, krok. v. a. to bend, to turn into a Crib, krib. s. a rack or manger

Crook back, kr38k'bák. s. a man that has gib Crit, krib. v. a. to shut up; to steal

bous shoulders Cribbage, krib'błdje. 8. a game at cards Crooked, kroßk'éd. a. bent, curve ; oblique, Crick, krik. a. a painful stiffness in the neck perverse Cricket, krik'lt. s. an insect that chirps about||Crookedness, kr83k'éd-nis. e. deviation from

ovens and fire-places ; a sport; a low stool straightness, curvity Crier, krl'úr. 8. the officer whose business is Crop, krõp. s. the craw of a bird ; the has to make proclamation

vest ; any thing cut off Crime, krime. s. an offence, a great fault Crop, krôp. v. a. to cut off the ends of any Criminal, krim'é-nål. a. faulty, guilty (crime thing; to mow, to reap Criminal, krim'é-nál. s. a man guilty of a Crosier, krd’zhė-êr. 3. tbe pastoral staf of Criminally, krim'é-nål-lè. ad. wickedly, a bishop guiltily

[accusing, charge Cross, krðs. 8. the ensign of the Christian re. Crimination, krim-e-nå'shủn. s. the act of ligion; a line drawn through another Crimp, krimp. a. crisp, brittle, easily crum misfortune, opposition bled

Crogs, kros. a. transverse; adverse; peevish; Crimple, krim'pl. 5. a. to contract, to curl contrary; unfortunate Crimson, krim'zn. s. a deep red

Cross, kros. prep. athwart; over, from side to Crimson, krim'zn. v. a. to dye with crimson side Cringe, krinje. 5. bow, servile civility Cross, kros. v. a. to lay athwart; to sign Cringe, krinje. v. 1. to bow, to pay court, to with the cross; to cancel; to pass over flatter

(with hairCrossbite, krôs'bite, s. a deception; a cheat Crinigerous, krl-nid'jé-růs. a. overgrown Cross-bow, krôs'bd. s. a missive weapon Crinose, kri-ndse'. a. hairy, full of hair Crossgrained, krðs-grảnd'. a. having the Cripple, krip'pl. s. a lame man

fibres transverse ; troublesome, vexatious Cripple, krip'pl. v. a. to lame, to make lame Crossly, kros'lė. ad. athwart; oppositely, Crisis, krl'sis. 8. a critical time or turn adversely Crisp, krisp. a. curled ; indented; brittle Crossness, kros'nės. 6. transverseness, inter. Crisp, krisp. v. a. to curl; to twist; to indent! section ; peevishness Crispation, kris-på'shủn. 6. the act of curling : Crotchet, krộtsh'ét. s. a note equal to half a the state of being curled

minim; a piece of wood fitted into ano. Crispness, krisp'ner. s. curledness

ther to support a building; in printing, Criterion, kri-té're-On. 6. a mark by which any hooks in which words are included (thus), thing is judged of

an odd fancy Critick, krit'ik. B. one skilled in the art of Crouch, krồitsh. v. n. to stoop low; to fawn, judging of literature ; a censurer

to bend servilely Critical, krit'd-kål. a. exact, nicely judicious : Croup, krðįp. . the ruinp of a fowl; the but

relating to criticism ; captious, inclined to tocks of a horse find fault

(ner, exactly! Crow, krd. 8. a bird; an iron lever; the Critically, krit'é-kil-é. ad. in a critical man voice of a cock Criticise, krit'ê-size. v. 1. to play the cri- Crow, krð. v. n. pret. Crew or Crowed, to tick; to animadvert upon

make a noise like a cock; to boast, to Criticism, krit'é-sizm. s. a standard of judging vapour well; remark, animadversion

Crowd, kroid. s. a multitude; a promis. Croak, kroke. V. n. to make a noise like a cuous medley; the populace frog or raven

Crowd, krðud. v. a to fill with confused mul. Croak, kroke. 8. the cry of a frog or raven titudes; to press close together Crock, krok. 8. a cup, any vessel made of||Crowd, krôdd. v. n. to swarm, to be numerous earth

and confused Crockery, krk'ür-ė. s. earthen ware Crown, krðin. 8. the ornarnent of the head Crucodile, kyok'd-dll. s. an amphibious vora which denotes imperial and regal dignity; cious animal

a garland; royalty; the top of the head; • Crocus, kro'kis, s. an early flower

piece of money

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