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Crown, kròôn. V. a. to invest with a crown ;|| Crustiness, krús'te-nés. s. the quality of a

to dignify, to adorn; to complete ; to ter crust; peevishness

(window-glass Crusty, krůs'tė. a.covered with a crust : noCrownglass, kroon'glás. 3. the onest sort of rose, snappish Crucial, krol'she-al. a. transverse, intersect-Crutch, krůtsh. s. a'support used by cripples ing one another

(torment | Cry, kri. v. n. to call importunately; to proCruciate, kr83'sht-tę, v. a. to torture, to claim; to weep; to yelp Crucible, kről'se-bl. 8. a melting pot made Cry, kri. s. shriek, scream; weeping; clamof earth

our; proclamation; importunate call; Crucifix, krbo'se-fiks. s. a representation of yell; a pack of dogs our Lord's passion

Crystal, kris'tål. s. a hard, pellucid, and na Crucifixion, krbi-sé-rik’shin. s. the punish turally colourless body mu:nt of nailing to a cross

Crystal, kris'tål. a. consisting of crytal Cruciform, krő3'sé-förm. a. having the form bright, clear, transparent of a cross


Skrís'tål-line. Crucify, król’sé-fl. v. a. to put to death by


a. consisting nailing the hands and feet to a cross

of crystal; clear, pellucid Crude, kr33d. a. raw; unripe ; indigested Crystallization, kris-tål-lé-za'shủn. 8. congeCrudely, krbid'lė. ad. unripely, without due lation into crystals preparation

(gestion Crystallize, kris'tål-lize. v. n. to coagulate, Crudeness, króld'nes. s. unripeness, indi congeal, or shoot into crystals Crudity, krB'de-té. s. indigestion, unripenessCub, kúb. s. the young of a beast, generally Cruel, kro8'11. a. pleased with hurting others, of a bear or fox inhuman, barbarous

Cubatory, kůbå-tůr-é. a. recumbent Cruelly, kr88'il-lé. ad. inhumanly, barbarously Cube, kibe. s. a square solid body Cruelty, krðl'il-té. s. inhumanity, savageness, Cutit, ku'bst. s. a measure of about eighteen barbarity

inches Cruei, kr83"it. s. a phial for vinegar oil Cubital, ko'be-tål. a. containing only the Cruise, krbiz. S.

a voyage in search of length of a cubit plunder

Cuckold, kük'kúld. 8. one that is married to Cruise, krodz. v. n. to wander on the sea an adulteress without any certain course

Cuckold, kůk'kůld. v. a. to rob a man of his Cruiser, krdo'zúr. s. one that roves upon the wife's fidelity; to wrong a husland by unsea in search of plunder

chastity Crumb, krún. s. the soft part of bread; a Cuckoldom, kůx'kůl-dúrn. s. the act of aduil. small particle

tery; the state of a cuckold Crumble, krúm'bl. v. a. to break into smal) Cuckoo, kůk'k36. s. a bird ; a name of conpieces, to comminute [pieces tenpt

(iruit Crumble, krim'bl. v. n. to fall into small | Cucumber, ko'kůrn-bůr. s. a plant, and its Crummy, krúmn'rné. a. soft

(kles Cud, kód. s. food reposited in the first stonCrumple, krim'pl. v. a. to draw into wrin ach, in order to be chewed again Crumpling, krúinp'ling. s. a small degene-Cuddle, kůd'al, v. 0. to lie close rate apple

Cudgel, kảd'jil. s. a stick to strike with Crupper, krúp'pửr. s. that part of the horse-|| Cudgel, kůd’j sl. v. a. to beat with a stick

man's furniture that reaches from the sad-Cue, ků, s. the end of any thing; a hint dle to the tail

Cuerpo, kwêr'pd. s. without the upper coat Crusade, kr88-sảde'. s. a3 expedition against||Cuff, kůf. s. a blow with the first, a box, a the infidels

stroke; part of a sleeve Crush, krůsh. v. a to squeeze ; to depress, toCuff, küf. v. n. to fight, to scuffle dispirit

Cuff, kůf. v. a, to strike with the fist Crush, krist, 8. a collision

Cuirass, kwé-ras', s. a breastplate
Crust, krist. s. any shell, or external coat :|| Culinary, ků'le-nás é. a. relating to the

an incrustation; the case of a pie ; the hard kitchen
part of bread

Cull, kal. v, a. torject from others Crust, krist. v, a. to cover with a hard ca se ;|| Culler, kůl'hůr. 8. one who picks or chooses to foul with concretions

(crustCully, kůr'le, s. a man deceived or imposed Crust, krůst. y. n. to gather or contract a upon

(meridian Crustaceous, krủs-ta'shús. s. shelly, with Culminate, kil'me-náte. V. a. to be in the joints

Culmination, kůl-ne-på'shin. 6. the transit of Crustily, krûs'te-lè. ad. peevishly, soap a planet throngh the meridian pishly

Culpability, kúl-på bil'd-té. s. blameabletess

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for money

Culpable, kúl' på-bl. a criminal, blameable Cureless, kúre'lés. a. without cure, without Culprit, kůl'prît. 8. a man arraigned before remedy his judge

(meliorate Curiosity, kú-rd-8s'é-té. 6. inquisitiveness, Cultivate, kül'te-råte. v. a. to improve, tul nicety ; accuracy ; a rarity Cultivation, kůl-tê-vá'shủn. 8. improvement, Curious, kú'ré-ús. a. inquisitive, attentive to, melioration

accurate, elegant Cultivator, kil'te-vå-tůr. s. one who im- Curiously, ku’re-ửs-lè. ad. inquisitively; ele. proves, promotes, or meliorates

gantly; artfully

(wave, textura Culture, kul'tshůre. s. the act of cultivation ;|Curl, kůrl. s. a ringlet of hair ; undulation,

art of improvement and melioration Curl, kůrl. v. a. to turn the bair in ringlets; Cumber, kům'bůr. v. a. to embarrass; to to twis, to dress with curls; to raise in crowd or Icad with something useless

Crise in undulation Cumbersone, kům' búr-sům. a. trcublesome : Curl, kůrl. v. n. to shrink into ringlets ; 10 unwieldly

(impediment Curmudgeon, kûr-mûd'jủn. m. an avaricious Cumbrance, kům' brânse. s. burden, hindrance, churlish fellow, a miser Cumbrous, kům'brůs. a. troublesome; bur-Currant, kůr'rån. s. a small dried grape depsome

Currency, it'ren-si, . circulation, general Curnulate, kd'md-låte. v. a. to heap togetber reception ; constant dow; paper passing Cumulation, ku-mu-la'shủn. s. the act of

(fashionable heaping together

Current, kůr'rênt. a. circulatory : popular, Cumulative, kůmů-là-tive. a. consisting of Current, kůr'rént. s. a running stream diverse matter put together

Currently, kůr'r *nt-lè. ad. in a constant mom Cuoeated, ki'ne-8-têd. a. in form of a wedge tion ; popularly: generally Cunning, kản’ning. 2.- skilful, knowing ; art. Currentness, kúr'sènt-nés

... circulation ; fully, deceitful, crafty

general reception Cunning, kůn'ntag. 6. artifice, deceit, sleight,||Curricle, kůr'rė-k.. s. an open two-wheeled fraudulent dexterity

(crastily chaise, made to be drawn by two horses Cunningly, kủn'ning-le. ad. artfully, slyly, abreast

(leather Cunaingness, kủn' s. deceitfulness, Currier, kůr'ré-úr. s. a dresser of tanued

sliness (draught, social entertainment Currish, kůr'rish. a. having the qualities of a Cup, kúp. s. a small drinking vessel, the degenerate dog, brutal, quarrelsome Cup, kúp. v. a. to draw blood by applying Curry, kůr'rė. v. a. to dress leather; to beat cupping glasses

(ware Curse, kůrse. v. a. to wish evil to, Cupboard, kůb'búrd. s. a case for victuals or crate ; to afflict

(tion Cupidity, k-pid'é-tě. 8. concupiscence, un- Curse, kurse. 8. malediction, torment, veialawful longing

Cursed, kůr'sêd. part. a. under a cusse, hateCupola, ku'po-là. s. a dome, the hemispherical

ful, unholy;

vexatious summit of a building

Curreduess, kůr'sėd-nés. 8. the state of being Cupper, kúp'půr. 8. one who applies cupping under a curse glasses, a scarifier

(copperCursitor, kúr'sé-túr. 1. an officer belonging Cupreos, ku'pirė-is. a. coppery, consisting of to the chancery

(careless Cur, kůr. 8. a degenerate dog ; a term of re- Cursorary, kůr'ső-ra-ré. a. cursory, hasty, proach

Cursorily, kůr'sd-ré-lé. ad. hastily, without Curable, ko'ra-bl. a. that admits of a remedy Curacy, kı'rå-sė. s. employment of a curate Cursory, kůr'sd-ré. a. hasty, quick, inattentive Curate, ku'råte. 8. a clergy man hired to per- Curst, kúrst. a. forward, peevish, suarling form the duties of another

Curtail, kůr-tåle'. v. a. to cut short, to shcrten Curator, kú-rá'túr. s. one that has the care Curtain, kúr'tin. 8. a cloth contracted or exand superintendence of any thing

panded at pleasure Curb, kůrb. s. part of a bridle ; restraint, op-Curtain, kür'tin. v. a. to enclose with curtains position

(to restrain, to check Curtsy, kůrt'sė. s. See Courtesy Curb, kůrb. 1. a. to guide a horse with a curb :||CHırvated, kůr'vå-têd. a. bent Curd, kürd », the coagulation of milk Curvatiou, kir-vá'shủn, s. the act of bending Curd, kůrd. y. a. to turn to curds, to cause or crooking

Tlection to coagula le

Curvature, kůr' vå-tskdre. s. crookedoes, ir Curdle, kůr'dl. v. D. to coagulate, to concrete Curve, kůrv. a crooked, bent, intlected Curdy, kůr'dè. a. coagulated, concreted Curve, kúrv. s. any thing bent, & fexure of Cure, kúre. 8. remedy, act of healing ; the crooked Ress

benefice or employment of a curate Curve, körv, v. o. to hend, to crook, to inflect Cure, kåre. v. a. to heal, to reine:ly, to pre-Curvet, kör-vêt'. v. 2. to leay to hound Berre from corruption





Cuspicated, pedi-tes.}


Cynical, eid'tk-al. Sa having the qualities of||Dame, dáme. 8. a lady; mistress of a family ;

Curvet, kůr-vét'. 8. a leap, a boudd. a frolickCyprus, al'průs. s. a thin transparent black Curvilinear, kůr-ve-lin'yår. a. consisting of a stuff crooked line

(Cyst, sist. Curvity, kůr've-tè. s. crookedness

s. a bag containing some

Cystis, ais'tis. Cushion, kůsh'in. 8. a kind of pillow, a soft morbid matter pad - laced upon a chair

Czar, zảr. s. the title of the Emperor of Russia Cusp, s úsp. s. the horns of the moon Czarina, zá-re'nå. B. the Empress of Russia


a. ending in a point Custard, kůs'tůrd. s. a kind of sweetmeat made of eggs, milk, and sugar

(curity DAB, dáb. v. a. to strike gently with some Custody, kús'td-Jė. s. imprisonment, care, se thing soft or mcist Custom, kũs'tům. s. habit, fashion, establishedDab, dåb. s. a small lump of any thing ; a blow

manner; application from buyers; tribute with something moist or soft; a small flat Custom-house, kůs'tům-house. s. the house fish

(tamper where taxes upon goods imported or expor-Dabble, dåb'bl. v. n. to play in water, to ted are collected

[al, frequent Dabbler, dåb'lúr. s. one that plays in water; Customable, kůs'tům--bl. a. common, habitu a superficial meddler Customary, kús'tům-år-ė. a. conformable to Dace, dåse. 8. a small river fish custom, habitual ; visual

Dactyle, dåk'tfl. 6. a poetical foot, consisting Customer, kủs'tům-ửr. s. one who frequents of one lag syllable and two short ones

any place for the sake of purchasing Dad, rad. Cut, kůt. v. a. pret. Cut, part. pass. Cut. toDaddy, dåd'de.

1. a puerile term for father penetrate with an edged instrument; to Dagger, dåg'ůr. s. a sbort sword, a poniard, hew; to carve ; to divide packs of cards ; the obelisk, as (t) to intersect

Daggle, dag'gl. v. a to dip negligently in Cut, kỉt. part. a. prepared for use

mire or water

[ed Cut, kút. s. the action of an edged instru- Daggletail, dag'gl-tåle. a. bemired, bespatter.

ment; a wound; a channel ; a shred ; a Daily, dále. a. happening every day near passage, by which come angle is cut || Daily, då'le. ad, every day, very often off ; a picture; form, shape

Daintily, dane'té-le. ad. elegantly, delicately Cataneous, k:-tá'nė-ús. a. relating the skin Daintiness, dåne'tė-nés. s. delicacy, softness ; Cuticle, ku'tê-kl. 3. the outermost skin; thin fastidiousness

skin formed on the surface of any liquor Dainty, dåne'tė. a. delicate, nice, squeamish Cuticular, ků-tik'á-lúr. a. belonging to the skin ||Dainty, dả ne'té. 8. a delicacy Cutlass, kůt'lás. . a broad cutting sword Dairy, då'rė. s. the place where milk is manuCutler, kåt'lůr, 6. one who makes or sells factured knives

Dairymaid, da'ré-måde, s. the woman servant Cutpurse, kit'půrse. 8. a pickpocket, a robber whose business is to manage the milk Citter, kåt'tůr. 6. one who cuts ; a nimble boat Dale, dåle. s. a vale, a valley Cut-throat, kůt'thrdte. s. a murderer, an assas- Dalliance, dål'le.-anse. 8. acts of fondness ; sin

(barous conjugal conversation ; delay Cut-throat, kit'thrdte. a. cruel, inhuman, bar-|| Dallier, dálle-úr. 8. a trifler, a fondler Cutting, kůt'ting. s. a piece cut off, a chop Dally, dál'lė. . n. to trifle, to exchange car. Cycle, slkl. s. a circle; a round of time esses, to delay

[confine water Cycloid, sl'klo id. 8. a geometrical curve Dan, dẫn. 8. a mother ; a mole or bank to Cyclopædia, sl-kld-pe'dd-a. 6. a circle of Dam, dåın. v. a. to confine, to shut up water by knowledge, a course of the sciences

moles or dains Cygnet, slg'net. 8. a young swan

Damage, dám'ídje. 8. mischief, loss, burt Cylinder, sil'ln-důr. 8. a body having two flat Dainage, dám'luje. v. a. to injure, to impair surfaces and one circular

Damageable, dám'{dje-a-bl. a. susceptible of Cylindrical, se-In'dre-kål.

burt Cylindrick, se-1'n'drik

a. having the

Darnascene, dám'zn. s. a small black plum, a form of a cylinder


(flowers Cymbal, sîm'bal. s. a musical instrument Damask, dám'osk. s. linen or silk woven in Cynick, a dog, churlish, snarling, satirical

Damn, dåm. V. a. to doom to torments in a Cynick, sln'lk. 8. a philosopher of the snarling future state ; to coñderun; to hiss any pubsort, a follower of Diogenes

lic performance


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Damnable, dám' nå-bl. a. deserving damnation!Dart, dárt. v. n. to fly as a dart Damnably, dâm'nâ-blé. a. in such a manner Dash, dåsh. v, a." to throw; to break; to as to incur eternal punishment


(stroke, blow Damnation, dám-na'shủn. s. exclusion from Dash, dåsh. s. collision; infusion; a line ---

divine mercy, condemnation to eternal pun- Dastard, dås'taru. s. a coward; a poltron ishment

Dastardize, dås'tår-dize. v. 2. to intimidate; Damnatory, dám' nå-tür-é. a. containing a to deject with cowardice (timurous

sentence of condemnation [detestable| Dastardly, das'tard-lé. a. cowardly, mean, Damned, dảmmd, or dam'néd. part. a. hateful, Dastardy, dås'tar-dé. s. cowardliness Damnifick, dåm-air'lk. 2. procuring loss, mis-Date, dåte, s. the time at which any event chievous

happened ; end, duration; a fruit Damnify, dám'nè-fi. v. a. to injure, to hurt Date, dáte. v. a. to note with the time at Damp, dâmp. a. moist ; dejected, depressed which any thing is written or done Damp, dâmp. . moisture; dejection (chillDateless, dáte'lés. a. without any fixed term Damp, dảmp. v. a. to moisten; to depress, to| Dative, ud'tiv. a. in grammar, the case that Dampress, damp'nês. 8. moisture

signifies the person to whom any thing is Damsel, dåm'zē), s. a young maiden, a coun given

(to flatter grossly Dance, danse, v. n. to move in measure Daub, dảwb. v. a. to smear ; to paint coarsely ; Dance, dânse. V. a. to put into a lively motion Dauber, diw'bứr. s. a coarse low painter Dance, dånse. 8. a motion of one or many in Daughter, dåw'tửr. s. a female offspring concert

[of dancing Daunt, dảnt. v. a. to discourage, to fright Dancer, dân'-sůr. 8. one that practices the art Dauntless, dảnt'lês. a. fearless, not dejected Dandle, dân'dl, v. a. to shake a child on the Dauntlessness, dảnt'lès-nes. s. fearlessness knee; to fondle

Dauphin, dảw'fin. 6. the heir apparent to the Dandruff, dân'drůf. s. scurf in the head

crown of France (to glimmer ubscurely Danger, dåne'jůr. 8. risk, hazard, peril Dawn, dảwn. v. n. to begin to grow light; Dangerous, dáne'júr-ús. a. hazardous, perilous Dawn, dåwn. s. beginning, 6rst rise Dangerously, dåne'jůr-ửs-lè. ad. hazardously, Day, då. 8. the time between the rising and with danger

[zard, perill

setting of the sun; the time from noon to Dangeroustess, dåne'jůr-ús-nês. s. danger, haDangle, dẳnggl. v. D. to hang loose; to Daybook, dà'b83k. 8. a tradesman's journal hang upon

(about women||Daybreak, då bråke. 8. the dawn (the dawn Dangler, dánggiây. 1. 1 man that hangs|| Dayspring, dá'spring. 5. the rise of the day, Dank, dångk. a. damp, moist

Daystar, da'står. s. the morning star Dapper, dap'půr. a. little and active Daytime, då'tlme. 8. the time in which there Dapple, dap'pl. a. marked with various colours,

is light variegated

Dazzle, daz'zl. v. a. to overpower with light Dapple, dår'pl. v. a. to streak, to vary Deacon, dé'kn. 8. one of the lowest order of Dare, dåre, v. 1. pret. I durst; part. I have!

the clergy dared, to have courage, to be adventurous Deaconry, dé'kn-re. Dare, dåre. V. a. to challenge, to defy Deaconship, dė'kn-ship.

s. the office or dig. Daring, då'ring. a. bold, adventurous, fearless nity of a deacon Daringly, då ring-le. ad. boldly, courageously Dead, dếd. a. deprived of life ; inanimate ; Daringness, då'ring-nês. s. boldness

gloomy; frigid; vapid ; under the power of Dark, dårk. a. without light; blind ; obscure; sin

(spiritless ignorant

Deaden, dêd'an. v. a. to make vapid, or Darken, dår'kn. v. a. to make dark

Deadly, ded'le. a. destructive, mortal Darken, dår'kn. v. n. to grow dark Deadly, ded'le. ad. mortally, implacably Darkling, dårk'ling, part. .. being in the Deadness, déd’nès. b. want of warmth dark

(blindly pidness; loss of spirit Darkly, dårk'le. add. void of light, obscurely, Deaf, déf. a. wanting the sense of hearing Darkness, dårk'nès. 8. absence of light; ob-Deafen, dêr'ín. v. a. to deprive of the power scurity ; wickedness

of hearing Darksome, dárk'sim. a. gloomy, obscure Deafly, deriè. ad. without sense of sounds Darling, dår'ling. a. favourite, beloved Deafness, dêr'nès. s. want of hearing Darling, dår'ling. B. a favourite, one muchDeal, déle. 8. quantity; fir-wood beloved

Deal, de'e. v. a. to dispose to different per Darn, dårn. y. a. to mend holes by imitating sons; to distribute the texture of the stuff

Deal, déle. v, n. to traffick, to transact business Dart, dårt. s. a missile weapon

Dealer, de lår. s. a trader; a person who Dart, dårt, v. a to throw, to emit Il deals the cards

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(the year

Dealing, deltog. a. practice, action, inter-||Decease, dé-sése'. s. death, departure from life course; business

Decease, dé-sése'. v. n. to die, to depart from Dean, dène, . the second dignitary of a life diocess

(of a deanDeceit, de-sete'. s. fraud, a cheat ; stratagem Deanery, dé'nůr-re. s. the office or revenue Deceitful, dé-séte'fdl. a frauduleat, full of Dear, dère. a. beloved ; costly

deceit Dear, dére. s. a word of endearment Deceitfully, dé-séte'filé. ad. fraudulently Dearly, dére'lé. ad. with great fondness; at Deceitfulness, dé-séte'fil-nés. s. tendency to a high price

(price deceive

(exposed to imposture Dearness, dere'nės. s. fondness, love, high Deceivable, dé-se'va-bl. a. subject to traud, Dearth, dêrth. 6. scarcity, want, fainine. Deceivableness, dé-sé va-bl-nes. s. liableness Death, deth. s. the extinction of life

to be deceived Deathst'ul, déth'fül. a. full of slaughter, mur-Deceive, de-séve'. v. a. to bring into ere dercus

ror; to delude by stratagern Deathless, déth' lès. a. immortal, never dying Deceiver, dé-sé'vůr.

that leada Deathlike, déth'like, a. resembling death, still another into error Deathsman, déths'mân. s. an executioner December, dé-sém'bůr. . the last month of Deathwatch, déth' wôtsh. s. an insect Decency, de'sen-se. s. propriety; modesty Debark, de-hårk'. v. a. to disein hark Decennial, dé-sèn'né-ál. a. continuing ten Debar, de-hår'. v. a. to exclude, to preclude years Debase, de-båse'. v. a. to reduce; to sink, to Decent, de'sent. a. becoming, fit, suitable adulterate, to lessen

Decentiy, dė“sếnt-lè. ad. in a proper manner, Debaserieat, dé-base' meat. s. the act of with suitable behaviour debasing

Deceptibility, dé-sép-té-bil'é-tė. s. liableness Debate, de-båte'. s. personal dispute, a contest tc be deceived

(Jeceived Debate, dė-båte'. v. a. to controvert, to dis-Deceptible, dé-sép'td-bl. a. liable to be pute, to contest

Deception, dé-sép'shủn. s. cheat, fraud Debauch, de-bắwtsh: v. n. to corrupt by Deceptious, de-sep'shủs. a. deceitful lewdness er intemperance

Deceptive, dé-sép'tly, a. having the power of Debauch, dé-bảwtsh'. s. a fit of intemperance, deceiving Hewdness

[drunkard Decerpt, dé-sérpt', a. diminished, taken off Detauchee, déb-dw-shee'. a lecher, alDecerptible, dé-sérp'td-bl. a. that may be taDebauchery, dé-båwtsh'ůr-ré. s. lewdness ken off

[charna Debel, de-bel',

Decharin, dè-tsbảrm'. v. a. to counteract a V. 2. to conquer,

Decide, de-side'. v. to determine to overcome in war

Decider, de-sl'důr. 8. one who determines Debenture, de-bên'tshůre. s. a writ by whichi Deciduvys, dé-sid'-ús. or dé-sid'ju-ús. 2. a debt is claimed

falling, got perennial Debilitate, de-bil'é-tåte. V. a. to make faint,||Decimal, dés'é-mål. a. qumbered by ten to enfeeble

(weakening Decimale, dès'è-máte. v. a. to tithe, to take Debilitation, dé-b91-4-ta'shứn. s. the act of the tenth Debility, dé-bil'é-tė. s. weakness, feebleness Decimation, dés-se-ma'shủn. .. a tithing, a Debonair, déb-d-náre'. a. elegant, civil selection of every tenth (to unravel Debt, dět. . that which one man owes to Decipher, de-sl'fúr. y. a. tu explain, to mark, another

(another Decipherer, de-s\'růr-ừr. s. one who explains Debtor, dêt'tår. s. be that owes something to wintings in cipher Decade, jêk'ad, s. the sum of ten

Decision, de-sizb'ún, s. determination Decadency, de-ka'dên-sé. s. decay, fall Decisive, dé-si'siv. a. having the power of Decagon, dék'a-gôn. 6. a plain figure in! determining,

(mander geometry

(ments Decisively, dé-st'siv-le. ad. in a conclusive Decalogue, dêk'a-lóg. s. the ten command-||Decisiveness, dè-sł siv-nès. . the power of Decamp, de-kämp'. v. ai to shift the camp, terminating any difference to move off

(shifting the camp Decisory, de-si-sd-ré. a. able to determine Decampaient, dé-kämp’mént. s. the act of

or decide Decant, de-kant'. F. a. to pour off gently Deck, dek. v. a. to dress; to adorn Decanter, dé-kån'túr. s. a glass vessel for Deck, dék. s. the floor of a ship liquor

Declaim, dé-klame'. v. 2. to harangue

. Decapitate, de-kåplé-táte. V. a. to behead Declaimer, de-klå'můr: . one who declaims Decay, détá. v. Go to lose excellence, to Declamation, dé-klä-ma'shủn. s. au barangue decline

(sumption Declamator, dė-kla-ma'tår. h. a declamer, as Decay, dê-kl'. s. decline, declension, con orator

Debeliate, il-bêr'låte. }

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