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The reasons for each are duly considered, and the

best pronunciation is selected.

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SCHEME OF THE VOWELS. Fåte, får, fåll, fát---mě, mét---pine, pin---nd, môve, nôr, not---dbe, tůb, boll--11-podid

---thin, this.


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ABJ an article set before nouns of the singu-||Abdicate, áb'dê-kåte. v. a., to give up right, lar number; as a man, a tree. Before

to resign a word beginning with a vowel, it is written Abdication, ab-de-kå'shủn. 8. the act of ab. An, as an ox. A is sometimes a noun, as dicating great A. A is placed before a participle, || Abdicative, ab'de-kå-tiv. a. that causes or or participial noun; as, a hunting, a beg implies an abaication

(the be! ging. A has a signification denoting pro-Abdumen, åb-dd'-nnen. s. the lower part of portion; as, the landlord has a hundred a Abdo ninal, au-dôm'mě-nál. year

Abdominous, åb-dôm'me-nủs.

a, relating to Abacus, ab'a-kůs. s. a counting table; the up the abdomen permost member of a column

Abduce, åb-dúse'. v. a. to withdraw one Abaft, å-båst'. ad. from the fore part of the part from another ship, towards the stern

(forsake||Abductor, áb-dûk'tór. s. the muscles which Abandon, a-ban'dún. v. a. to give up; to desert, draw back the several members Abandoned, a-bar'din!. part. given up ; cor-Abed, a-bed'. ad. in bed rupted in the highest degree

Aberrance, ab-êr'rânse. 8. a deviation from Abandonment, i-bản’dụn-mat. 6. the act of the right way, an error (right way abandoning

Aberrant, ab-êr'rånt. a. wandering from the Abarticulation, åb-år-tk-4-lå'shủn. 1. that||Aberration, åb-er-rå'shủn, s. the act of do

species of articulation that has manifest viating from the common track

Aberring, áb-ér'ring. part. going astray
Abase, å-båse'. v. a. to depress, to bring low A beruncate, áb-é-rún kåte. v. a. to pull up
Abasement, a-båse' ment. s. the state of being by the roots
brought low ; depression

Abet, a-bêt'. v. a. to support, encourage, help A bash, &-båsh'. v.a. to make ashamed Abetmemt, á-bét'mếnt. s. the act of abeto Abate, a-båte'. v. a. to lessen, to diminish ting Abate, a-båte'. v. n. to grow less

Abetter, or Abettor, a-bêt'tür. ho he that Abatement, a-båte'mént. s. the act of abating ; abets; the supporter or encourager of anthe sum or quantity taken away by abating


[to loathe Abater, å-bå'tůr. s. cause by which an abate- | Abhor, ab-hồr'. v. a. to hate with acrimony; ment is procured:

Abhorrence, áb-hor'rense. Abh, åb. s. the yarn on a weaver's warp

Abborrency, åb-hůr'rén-se. s. the act of ahAbbacy, ab'bå-se. s. the possessions or privi horring leges of an abbot

Abhorrent, ab-hår'rent. a. struck with at Abbess, ab'bêss. s. the superior of a nunne horrence; contrary to, inconsistent with ry

[religious persons Abhorrer, áb-hỏr'růr. s. a hater, detester Abbey, or Abby, ab'bè. 8. a monastery of Abide, a-bide'. v. ». to dwell in a place, not Abbot, ab'bất. s. the chief of a convent of men| to remove ; to bear or support the conseAbbreviate, ab-bre'vé-åte. v. a, to shorten

quences Abbreviation, ab-bré-vé-a'shủn. s. the act of||Abider, å-bl'důr. s. the person that abides shortening

(abridges or dwells in a place Abbreviator, ab-bre-ve-d'tår, s.

one who | Abiding, å-bliding. s. continuance Abbreviature, åb-bré'vé-å-tahúre. s. a inark ||Abject, dh'jêht. a. mean, worthless, out wed for shortening


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Abject, ab'jêkt. s. a man without hope Abortment, å-bort'mént, B. an untimely
Abject, åb-jekt'. v. R. to throw away birth
Abjectedness, âb-jék'têd-ness. $. the state of Above, a-bův'. prep. higher in place, power
an abject

(nervility or excellence, beyond
Abjection, åb-jék'shứn. s. meanness of mind, || Above, å-bűv'. ad. overhead
Abjectly, ab'jèkt-lè. ad. in an abject manner, Above-all, a-bảv-åll'. in the first place

(nessi Abuve-board, a-hůvbord. in open sight Abjectness, ab'jekt-néss. 8. servility, mean-|| Above-cited, a-bův'sl-têd. cited before * Ability, a-bile-té. s. power, capacity, quali-|| A ove-ground, å-bův'-grond. alive fication

Above-mentioned, a-bin mển-shủnd See Abjure, åb-järe'. v. a. to swear not to do

Above-cited something; to recant a position upon oath Abound, a-bởind' v. n. to be in great plenty Abjuration, áb-jd-rà'shản. 6. the act of ab-|| About, å-bồit'. prep. round, encircling, near juring; the oath taken for that end

to, concerning, with regard to Ablactate, åb-låk'tåte. v. a. to wean from About, a-bồit'. ad. circularly the breast

[grafting || Abrade, á-bråde'. v. a. to rub off. Ablactation, åb-lák-ta'shủn. s. a method of Abrasion, å-bra'zhủn, 5. a rubbing off Ablaqueation, åb-lå-kwè-a'shủn. s. the prac-Abreast, á-brist'. ad. side by side

tice of opening the ground about the roots | Abridge, å-bridj'. v. a. to make shorter ta of trees

words, diminish, deprive of Ablation, áb-là'shủn. s. the act of taking away|Abridged-of, å-bridjd'ov. part. deprived of Ablative, ab'la-tiv. a. that which takes away ;||Abridger, a-brid'jůr. s. a writer of compenthe sixth case of Latin nouns

diums or abridgments

(generale Able, a'bl. a. having sufficient power Abridgment, a-bridj'mếnt. s. a diminution in Able-bodied, å-bl-bôd'did. a. strong of body ||Abroach, a-brdtsh'. ad. in a state of being difAblegate, åb'le-gåte. v. 4. to send abroad

fused or propagated upon some employment

Abroad, &-bråwd'. ad, out of the house Ablegation, åb-le-gá'shủn. s. a sending abroad Abrogate, ab'ro-gåte. F. a. to repeal Ableness, ahl-ness. s. ability of body, forceAbrogation, åb-rd-gå'shủn. s. the act of ab. Ablepsy, ab'lệp-sė. e. want of sight

rogating, the repeal of a law Abluent, åb'lů-ênt. a. that which has the Abrupt, åb-rûpt'. a. broken, sudden power of cleaning

Abruption, åb-růp'shủn. 8. violent and sudden Ablution, åb-lo'shủn. s. the act of cleansing

separation Abnegate, áb'nė-gáte. v. a. to deny

Abruptly, âh-růpt'lė. ad. hastily, suddenly Abnegation, åb-ne-gå'shứn. s. denial, re-Abruptness, åb-rúpt'nés. s. in an abrupt man nunciation

ner, haste, suddenness Aboard, å-bord'. ad. in a ship

Abscess, ab'sés. s. a morbid cavity in the body
Abode, å-bode'. s. habitation, dwelling, stay ||Abscind, åb-sind'. r. a. to cut off
Abodement, a-bode'ment. 8. a secret antici-|| Abscission, âb-sizh'ún. 2. a cutting off
pation of something future

Abscond, åb-skond'. v. a. to hide one's self
Abolish, a-bôl'lish. v. a. to annul, destroy Absconder, ab-skon'důr. s. the person that
Abolishable, a-bål'lish-å-bl. a. that may be absconds

Absence, åb'sense, s. being absent
Abolisher, å-ből'lish-úr. 8. he that abolishes Absent, åb'sent. a. not present, inattentive
Abolishment, å-bôl'lish-ment.

s. the act of

Absent, ab-sent'. v. a. to withdraw Abolition Lo-d-lish'ún

Absentee, ab-sen-te'. s. a person absent abolishing

Ahsolve, åb-zolv'. v. a'. to clear, to acquit of Abominable, à-bôm'é-nå-bl. a. hateful

a crime or an engagement Abominableness, a-bôm'è-nå-bl-nês.

s. the | Absolute, åb'sd-lète. a. complete, uncondiquality of being abominable

tional, not limited Abominably, a-bôm'ê-na-blé. ad. hatefully, || Absolutely, ab'sd-ldte-lè. ad. completely odiously

Absoluteness, ab'só-lúte-nés. s. completeness, Abominate, &-bôm'é-båte. v. a to abhor, de freedom from dependence

(detestation || Absolution, åb'sd-lú'shủn. s. acquittal
Abomination, $-bôm-e-na'shủn. 8. hatred,||Absolutory, ab-sold-tůr-ré. a. that which abe
Aborigines, åb-d-rld;'é-néz, s. the earliest solves
inhabitants of a country

Absonant, ab'sd-nånt. a. contrary to reason
Abortion, a-tor'shủn. 8. untimely birth Atsonous, ab'sd-nủs. a. absurd
Abortive, å-bor'tiv. a. untimely

Absorb, ab-sørb'. v. a. to suck up
Abortively, a-bêr'tîv-lè. ad. immaturely Absorbent, ab-borbent. s. a medicine that
Abortiveness, á-bor'tiv-nés. B. abortion

sucks up humours


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