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NECHOII : Great book, although I disagree with the two British scholars mentioned at the beginning of 1177 B.C. The Year Civilization Collapsed, who are of the opinion that the Catastrophe that ended the Bronze Age civilizations of over 3,000 years ago in the Middle East can be compared to the crisis enveloping the Middle Eastern countries of today such as Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, etc.
Over 3,000 years ago, the lethal threat that destroyed these countries, except Egypt, was EXTERNAL - the attacking barbarian hoards that the Egyptians called the Peoples of the Sea.
Today, the threat to these Middle Eastern countries is all INTERNAL - failed Revolutions which have not delivered positive results to the people what the people of these countries prayed for. Civil War, disintergrating economies, chronic corruption are also plaguing these Middle Eastern countries.
Author Eric Cline is way too cautious in avoiding the blame to the Sea Peoples as the main culprit of the Catastrophe ! He seems to think that earthquakes destroyed Mycenaen Greece, but earthquakes don't end civilizations. The people stay and rebuild like the Incas and other Indian people did in ancient Peru
Not enough credit is given to Pharaoh Ramses III who successfully destroyed the attacking Sea Peoples on land and sea. This Pharaoh was the Winston Churchill of his time as by 1177 B.C. Egypt, with all other Middle Eastern nations gone, stood alone like Great Britain did in 1940 against the Nazis.
But I would recommend the book as it does contain a wealth of new information about this terrible tragedy that so violently happened that put an end to what we now call the Bronze Age.

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