Aspects of Typology and Universals

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Studia Typologica is the companion series of the journal Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung/Language Typology and Universals (STUF). Studia Typologica publishes scholarly studies of high quality dedicated to promising new topics in the realm of general-comparative linguistics. The series especially welcomes contributions which argue on a solid empirical foundation, have a cross-linguistic orientation and raise new issues which are addressed in innovative ways. The series encourages work on understudied languages and understudied phenomena. Studia Typologica is also interested in areal-typological studies and research on the interface of language contact and language typology. The series is meant as a forum for typologically minded investigations independent of the school of thought the authors adhere to. Monographs as well as collections of articles (sharing a common theme) are published in this series. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed (double blind). The language of publication is English.

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