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After leaving Juliet, Romeo goes to Friar Lau-Romeo sooths her and says: rence and confides his passion to him. The latter « Nurse, commend me to thy lady and mistress. I promises his assistance, in the hope that this alliance

protest unto thee, may turn their « households' rancour » to pure love.

Nurse. Good heart and, i' faith, I will tell her as Romeo afterwards meets Benvolio and the vivacious

much: Lord , Lord, she will be a joyful woman. Mercutio. Whilst he is engaged, replying to their

Romeo. What wilt thod tell her, nurse ? thou dost not jests and raillery, Juliet's Nurse, followed by her

mark me.
Nurse. I will tell her, sir — that

you do protest; man Peter, enquires for Romeo, to learn from him

wbich, as I take it, is a gentlemanlike offer. the time, as also the place, of the intended marriage. Romeo. Bid her. deyise some means to come to shrift By drawing the young lover aside, she becomes the This afternoon; butt of Mercutio's pointed wit, and, going off with

And there she shall, at Friar Laurence' cell Benvolio, he sings to her the burden of an old song:

Be shriy'd and married. « Farewell, ancient lady; farewell, lady, lady, lady.» And, stay, good nurse, behind the abbey-wall:

Within this hour my man sball be with thee; The worthy dame is sorely vexed, and gives vent to And bring thee cords made like a tackled stair; her anger in a torrent of abuse, of which


Peter Which to the high top-gallant of my joy receives a fair proportion:

Must be my convoy in the secret night.

Farewell! - Be trusty, and I'll quit thy pains. «Nurse. Now, afore God, I am so vexed, that every part Farewell! Commend me to thy mistress. of me quivers. Scurvy knavel.- Pray you, sir, a word:

(Exit.) and as I told you, niy young lady bade me enquire you

NURSE. Ay, a thousand times. Peter! ont; what she bade me say, I will keep to myself : but

PETER. Anon? first let me tell ye, if ye should lead her into a fool's NURSE. Peter, take

before. my

go paradise, as they say, it were a very gross kind of beha- The back-ground of the design represents another and therefore, if you should deai double with her, trung; view of the

church of Santa Maria Antica, given in in were an ill thing to be offered to any gentlewoman; Plate I, with the Equestrian Monument of one of and very weak dealing.»

the Lords Della Scala, who are buried there.

fan, and





PL. 6.

your cheeks,

Juliet is in the greatest anxiety, during her messenger's absence:

« The clock struck nine, when I did send the nurse;
In half an bour she promis'd to return.
Perchance, she cannot meet him: - that's not so.-
0, she is lamel love's beralds should be thoughts,
Which ten times faster glide than the sun's beams,
Driving back shadows over low'ring hills :
Therefore do nimble-pinion'd doves draw lore,
And therefore hath the wind-swift Cupid wings.
Now is the sun upon the bigbmost hill
Of this day's journey; and from nine till twelve
Is three long hours, - yet she is not come.
Had she affections, and warm youthful blood,
She'd be as swift in motion as a ball;
My words would bandy her to my sweet love,
And his to me:
But old folks, many feign as they were dead;
Unwieldy; slow, heavy and slow as lead.
O God, she comes! - 0 honey nurse, what news?
Hast thou met with him? »

The cc good sweet nurse » after keeping her impatient mistress, a considerable time, in the most cruel suspense, and fully indulging the loquacity peculiar, « time out of mind, » to all of that same venerable class, at last imparts her joyful tidings, in the following abrupt manner :

« Have you got leave to shrift to day?
Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence' cell,
There stays a husband to make you a wife :
Now comes the wanton blood


They 'll be in scarlet straight at any news:
Hie you to church; I must another way,
To fetch a ladder, by the which your love
Must climb a bird's nest soon, when it is dark:
I am the drudge, and toil in your delight.
Go, I'll to dinner; hie you to the cell. »

The design represents Friar Laurence' cell, in the monastery, where the lovers meet, previously to their being joined in wedlock: as Juliet enters the cell, the holy Father says to Romeo:

« Here comes the lady:- 0, so light a foot
Will ne'er wear the everlasting flint:
A lover

bestride the

That idle in the wanton summer air,
And yet not fall; so light is vanity.
Come, come with me, and we will make short work;
For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone,
Till holy church incorporate two in one.

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e cell,


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