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This design represents the Church-Yard where Thus I enforce thy rotten jaws to open, lies the tomb of the Capulets : Count Paris, with his And, in despite, I'll cram thee with more food! page bearing a torch, is come for the purpose of Whilst forcing his way into the vault he is recog.. strewing flowers over the grave of his intended nized by Paris, who attributes to him the vilest of bride :

intentions. « Give me thy torch, boy: Hence, and stand aloof; - « This is that banished haughty Montague, Yet put it out, for I would not be seen.

That murder'd my love's cousin; — with which grief,

It is supposed, the fair crealure died, Sweet flower, with flowers I strew thy bridal bed :

And here is come to do some villainous shame Sweet tomb, tbat in thy circuit dost contain

To the dead bodies : I will apprehend him.The perfect model of eternity;

(Advancing.) Fair Juliet, that with angels dost reinain,

Stop thy unhallow'd toil, vile Montague; Accept this latest favour at my hands;

Can vengeance be pursu'd further than death? That living honour'd thee, and, being dead,

Condemned villain, I do apprehend thee: With funeral praises do adorn thy tomb!

Obey, and go with me; for thou must die. (The page whistles.)

"Romeo. I must indeed, and therefore came I bither. The boy gives warning, something doth approach.

Good gentle youth, tempt not a desperate man, What cursed foot wanders this way to-night

Fly hence and leave me; - think upon these gone; To cross my obsequies, and true-love's rites?

Let them affright thee. — I beseech thee, youth, What, with a torch! - Muffle me, night, a while. » Heap not another sin upon my head,

(Retires.) By urging me to fury: 0, be gone! Romeo advances, followed by Balthazar, from whom By heaven, I love thee better than myself; he takes a mattock and a wrenching iron; as also the

For I come hither orm'd against myself: light: and giving his servant a letter for his father,

Stay not, be gone: - live, and hereafter say — he dismisses him, with strong injunctions not to of

A madman's mercy bade thee run away.

Paris. " I do defy thy conjurations, fer any interruption, whatever he may hear or see. And do attach hee as a felon here. His object, he adds, is to take a ring from' Juliet's Romeo. Wilt thou provoke me? then have at thee boy. finger. He then apostrophizes the monument, previous to breaking it open.

Paris. 0, slain! (Falls.) — If thou be merciful, « Thou detestable maw, thou womb of death,

Open the tomb, lay me with Juliet.

(Dies.) Gorg'd with the dearest morsel of the earth,

Romeo." In faith , I will:

(They fight.)

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