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ARGUMENT OF THE FIFTH BOOK. A frosty morning. The foddering of cattle.--The woodman and his dog.The poultry-Whimsical effects of frost at a waterfall.The Empress of Russia's palace of ice.-Amusements of monarchs.War, one of them.--Wars, whence.--And whence monarchy.The evils of it.- English and French loyalty contrasted. The Bastile and a prisoner there.--Liberty the chief recommendation of this country.-Modern patriotism questionable, and why. The perishable nature of the best human institutions.-Spiritual liberty not perishable.-The slavish state of man by nature.--Deliver him, Deist, if you can.-Grace must do it.The respective merits of patriots and martyrs stated.Their different treatment.-Happy freedom of the man whom grace makes free.- His relish of the works of God.- Address to the Creator.

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