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His ftrength to suffer, and his will to serve.
But oh thou bounteous giver of all good,
Thou art of all thy gifts thyself the crown!
Give what thou canft, without thee we are poor;
And with thee rich, take what thou wilt away,




Bells at a distance.-Their effect. - A fine noon in

winter.-A sheltered walk.-Meditation better than books.- Our familiarity with the course of nature makes it appear less wonderful than it is.The transformation that spring effects in a shrubbery described. A mistake concerning the course of nature corrected.God maintains it by an unremitted act. The amusements fashionable at this hour of the day reproved. - Animals happy, a delightful sight.- Origin of cruelty to animals.That it is a great crime proved from scripture. -That proof illustrated by a tale.-A line drawn between the lawful and unlawful destruction of them.-Their good and useful properties insisted on.-Apology for the encomiums bestowed by the author on animals. - Instances of man's extravagant praise of man.The groans of the creation shall have an end.-A view taken of the restoration of all things.-An invocation and an invitation of him, who shall bring it to pass. The retired man vindicated from the charge of uselessness.-Conclusion,

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