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Historical deduction of seats, from the stool to the

Sofa.-A School-boy's ramble. A walk in the country. The scene described --Rural sounds as well as sights delightful.--Another walk.-Mistake concerning the charms of solitude corrected.-Colonnades commended.-Alcove, and the view from it. The wilderness.-The grove. The thresher. The necessity and the benefits of exercise. The works of nature superior to, and in some instances inimitable by, art.-The wearisomeness of what is commonly called a life of pleasure.Change of scene sometimes expedient.A common described, and the character of crazy Kate introduced.-Gipsies. The blessings of civilized life.-That state most favourable to virtue.-The South Sea islanders compassionated, but chiefly Omai.His present state of mind supposed.--Civilized life friendly to virtue, but not great cities.--Great cities, and London in particular, allowed their due praisė, lut censured. Fete champetre. The book concludes with a reflection on the fatal effects of dissipation and effeminacyupon our public measures.

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Lap-dog and lambkin with black ftaring eyes,
And parrots with twin cherries in their beak.

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