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But 'tis not timber, lead, and stone,
An architect requires alone

To finish a fine building-
The palace were but half complete, .
If he could poffibly forget

The carving and the gilding.

The man that hails you Tom or Jack,
And proves by thumps upon your back

How he esteems your merit,
Is such a friend, that one had need
Be very much his friend indeed

To pardon or to bear. it.

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Some act upon this prudent plan, « Say little and hear all you can."

Safe policy but hateful .mps reis? .1979 So barren sands imbibe the shower, indt". BBA But render neither fruit nor flower, sing dari penyusual

Unpleasant and ungrateful. eterpan de moda bas

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STANZAS Subjoined to the Yearly Bill of Mortality of the

Parish of


Anno Domini 1787.

Pallida Mors æquo pulsat pede pauperum tabernas, Regumque turres.


Pale death with equal foot strikes wide the door
Of royal halls, and hovels of the poor.

While thirteen moons faw smoothly run

The Nen's barge-laden wave,
All these, life's rambling journey done,

Have found their home, the grave.

Was man (frail always) made more frail

Than in foregoing years?
Did famine or did plague prevail,

That so much death appears?

No; these were vigorous as their fires, - Nor plague nor famine came; This annual tribute death requires,

And never waves his claim.

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Read, ye that run, the solemn truth,

With which I charge my page; A worm is in the bud of youth,

And at the root of age.

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