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His frisking was at evening hours,

For then he loft his fear,
But moft before approaching Thowers,

Or when a storm drew near,

Eight years and five round-rolling moons

He thus faw steal away, Dozing out all his idle noons,

And every night at play.

I kept him for his humour' sake,

For he would oft beguile My heart of thoughts that made it ache,

And force me to a smile.

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The following Account of the Treatment of his Hares

was inserted by Mr. Cowper in the Gentleman's Magazine, whence it is transcribed.

In the year 1774, being much indisposed both in mind and body, incapable of diverting myself either with company or books, and yet in a condition that made some diverfion neceffary, I was glad of any thing, that would engage my attention without fatiguing it. The children of a neighbour of mine had a leveret given them for a plaything; it was at that time about three months old. Understanding better how to tease the poor creature than to feed it, and, foon becoming weary of their charge, they readily consented that their father, who saw it pining and growing leaner every day, mould offer it to my acceptance. I was willing enough to take the prifoner under my protection, perceiving that, in the management of such an animal, and in the attempt to tame it, I should find just that sort of employment which my case required. It was soon known among the neighbours that I was pleased with the present; and the consequence was, that in a short time I had as many leverets offered to me, as would have ftocked a paddock. I undertook the care of

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