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Reflections suggested by the conclusion of the former

book.-- Peace among the nations recommended on the ground of their common fellowship in sorrow.Prodigies enumerated. Sicilian earthquakes.- Man rendered obnoxious to these calamities by sin.-God the agent in them.-The philosophy that stops at secondary causes reproved.-Qur own late miscar. riages accounted for.-Satirical notice taken of our trips to Fontainbleau.But the pulpit, not satire, the proper engine of reformation. The Reverend Advertiser of engraved sermons.- Petit-maitre parson. The good "preacher.- Pictures of a theatrical clerical coxcomb -Story-tellers and jesters in the pulpit reproved.--Apostrophe to popular applause. -Retailers of ancient philosophy expostulated with.

Sum of the whole matter. Effects of sacerdotal mismanagement on the laity -Their folly and extravagance.The mischiefs of profusion.-Profusion itself, with all its consequent evils, ascribed, as to its principal cause, to the want of discipline in the universities.

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Slaves cannot breathe in England; if their lungs
Receive our air, that moment they are free;
They touch our country, and their shackles fall.
That is noble, and befpeaks a nation proud
And jealous of the bleffing. Spread it then,
And let it circulate through every vein
Of all your empire; that where Britain's power
Is felt, mankind may feel her mercy too.

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