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ARGUMENT OF THE THIRD BOOK. Self-recollection and reproof.-Address to domestic happiness.--Some account of myself.-The vanity of many of their pursuits who are reputed wise. - Justification of my censures.-- Divine illumination necessary to the most expert philosopher. -The question, What is truth ? answered by other questions. Domestic happiness addressed again.-Few lovers of the country. My tame Hare.-Occupations of a retired gentleman in his garden- Pruning.- Framing -- Greenhouse. Sowing of flower seeds.The country preferable to the town even in the winter.-- Reasons why it is deserted at that season.-Ruinous effects of gaming, and of expensive improvement. -Book concludes with an apostrophe to the metropolis.

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Is oft-times proof of wisdom, when the fault
Is obftinate, and cure beyond our reach.

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