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I must not omit that occasionally they are much pleased with twigs of hawthorn, and of the common briar, eating even the very wood when it is of confiderable thickness.

Bess, I have said, died young; Tiney lived to be nine years old, and diedat laft, I have reason to think, of some hurt in his loins by a fall; Puss is still live ing, and has juft completed his tenth year, discovering no signs of decay, nor even of age, except that he is grown more discreet and less frolicsome than he was. I cannot conclude without observing, that I have lately introduced a dog to his acquaintance, a spaniel that had never seen a hare to a hare that had never seen a spaniel. I did it with great caution, but there was no real need of it. Puss discovered no token of fear, nor Marquis the least fyn om of hoftility. There is therefore, it should seem, no natural antipathy between dog and hare, but the pursuit of the one occasions the flight of the other, and the dog pursues because he is trained to it: they eat bread at the same time out of the fame hand, and are in all respects fociable and friendly.

I should not do complete justice to my subject did I not add, that they have no ill scent belonging to them, that they are indefatigably nice in keeping themselves clean, for which purpose nature has furnished them with a brush under each foot; and that they are never infested by any vermin.

MAY 28, 1784.

Memorandum found among Mr. Cowper's papers.

Tuesday, March 9, 1786. 'This day died poor Puss, aged eleven years eleven months. She died between twelve and one at noon, of mere old age, and apparently without pain.



T. Benney, Printer, Bolt Court, Fleet Street, London.

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