v. 1-2 B.C. 55-A.D. 449

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Cadell and Davies, 1814 - Great Britain

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Page 403 - Butteler, daughter of the old earl of Shrewsbury, with whom the said King Edward had made a pre-contract of matrimony long time before he made the said pretensed marriage with the said Elizabeth Grey in manner and form aforesaid ; which...
Page 44 - England, having our special trust and confidence in your most excellent wisdom, your princely goodness, and fervent zeal to the promotion of God's honour and Christian religion, and also in your learning, far exceeding in our judgment the learning of all other kings and princes that we have read of.
Page 119 - Lord, 1503 ; was nephew to the Earl of Arran by his father, and to the Duke of Albany by his mother; and was also related to King James V.
Page 388 - Tydder" a reward proportioned to his condition, " so as the most low and " simplest of degree should have for his labour one " thousand pounds in money, and lands to the yearly " value of one hundred marks to him and his heirs for "ever*.
Page 149 - ... have committed many heinous felonies and robberies, to the great hurt and deceit of the people they have come among,
Page 214 - London, minding only their own lucres, and nothing the profit or ease of the diseased or patient, have sued, troubled, and vexed divers honest persons, as well men as women, whom God hath endued with the knowledge of the nature, kind, and operation of certain herbs, roots, and waters, and the using and ministering of them to such as been pained with customable diseases...
Page 65 - God's mercy, and also to cause others to pray for them in Masses, and Exequies, and to give Alms to others to pray for them, whereby they may be relieved and holpen, of some part of their pain...
Page 43 - In their anfwer to the fecond article of complaint, they aflert roundly, " We repute and take our authority of making " laws to be grounded upon the fcripture of God, " and determination of holy church." They add, that as they derived their authority to make laws from God, " We may not fubmit the execution of " our charge and duty, certainly prefcribed by " God, to your highnefs's aflent, although in very " deed the lame be moft worthy.
Page 15 - But this was not believed, and the coroner's inqueft, after a careful examination of the body, the pofture in which it was found, and other circumftances, brought in their verdict, wilful murder by thofe who had the charge of the prifon.
Page 303 - In that commiflion, he difcovers that he had very juft and liberal fentiments of trade, as beneficial to all nations, by procuring them what they wanted in exchange for what they could fpare. " The earth (fays he) " being the common mother of all mankind, what " can be more pleafant and more humane than to " communicate a portion of all her productions to " all her children by commerce 4 ?" We have no particular account of the fuccefs of this commiffion, but it could not be unfuccefsful.

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