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Page 318 - Association. 3. In fixing the precedence of the essays submitted, the Board will take into consideration — primarily — originality, comprehensiveness and the practicability and utility of the opinions advanced, and — secondarily — literary character. 4. Essays will consist of not less than ten thousand, nor more than twenty thousand words, exclusive of tables.
Page 318 - Conditions of the competition. — 1. Competition is open to all persons eligible to active or associate membership in the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States. 2. The prize will be awarded upon the recommendation of a board of award selected by the executive committee. The board will determine upon the essay to which the prize shall be awarded, and will also recommend such of the other papers submitted, as it may see fit, for honorable mention, the author of the first of which shall...
Page 25 - Walled towns, stored arsenals and armories, goodly races of horse, chariots of war, elephants, ordnance, artillery, and the like ; all this is but a sheep in a lion's skin, except the breed and disposition of the people be stout10 and warlike.
Page 124 - When any of his Majesty's ships shall meet with any ship or ships belonging to any foreign prince or state, within his Majesty's seas, (which extend to Cape Finisterre,) it is expected that the said foreign ships do strike their topsail and take in their flag, in acknowledgment of his Majesty's sovereignty in those seas; and if any shall refuse, or offer to resist, it is enjoined to all flag officers and commanders to use their utmost endeavours to compel them thereto, and not suffer any dishonour...
Page 112 - Bonus of 20 to 25 per cent. The WHOLE SURPLUS goes to the Policyholders, on a system at once safe and equitable, — no share being given to those by whose early death there is a loss to the common fund.
Page 318 - September 10, 1904. 6. The essay shall contain nothing to indicate the identity of the author. Each one, however, will be authenticated by a nom de plume, a copy of which shall, at the same time as the essay, be transmitted to the secretary in a sealed...
Page 110 - 1,000 only — the difference being equivalent to an immediate and certain Bonus of 20 to 25 per cent. The WHOLE PROFITS go to the Policyholders, on a system at once safe and equitable, — no share being given to those by whose early death there is a loss.
Page 263 - Pirats ; some, because they became sleighted of those for whom they had got much wealth ; some, for that they could not get their due ; some, that had lived bravely, would not abase themselves to poverty ; some vainly, only to get a name ; others for revenge, covetousnesse, or as ill ; and as they found themselves more and more oppressed, their passions increasing with discontent, made them turne Pirats.
Page 92 - I hare again and again seen them watching the batteries at midnight, some standing and leaning on their arms, but most coiled up under the breastwork during cold as intense as an Arctic winter, scarce able to respond to or challenge the visiting officer, and, in answer to a word of encouragement or consolation, the loyal words were ever on their lips, " Padishah sagh ostovn .'" Long live the Sultan ! It would seem that the extremity of human suffering called forth latent sparks of a loyalty and devotion...
Page 19 - THE frontiers of states are either large rivers, or chains of mountains, or deserts. Of all these obstacles to the march of an army, the most difficult to overcome is the desert; mountains come next, and large rivers occupy the third place.

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