The Calcutta Review, Volume 42

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University of Calcutta., 1866 - India

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Page 162 - So glowing indeed were the accounts of this prosperity taken home to France, by ships which touched at the island, that towards the close of the seventeenth or the beginning of the eighteenth century, the French Company put in their claim to its possession, and sent thither five or six families and a Governor.'!
Page 311 - But, farther, unless the inadequacy of price is such as shocks the conscience, and amounts in itself to conclusive and decisive evidence of fraud in the transaction, it is not itself a sufficient ground for refusing a specific performance...
Page 414 - Whenever, in any country, the proprietor, generally speaking, ceases to be the improver, political economy has nothing to say in defence of landed property, as there established.
Page 92 - It is not easy to estimate the degree in which the English people are indebted to these schools for the qualities on which they pique themselves most— for their capacity to govern others and control themselves, their aptitude for combining freedom with order, their public spirit, their vigour and manliness of character, their strong but not slavish respect for public opinion, their love of healthy sport and exercise.
Page 414 - The claim of the landowners to the land is altogether subordinate to the general policy of the state. The principle of property gives them no right to the land, but only a right to compensation for whatever portion of their interest in the land it may be the policy of the state to deprive them of.
Page 317 - ... to order that execution shall issue for the return of the chattel detained, without giving the defendant the option of retaining such chattel upon paying the value assessed, and that if the said chattel cannot be found, and unless the Court or a Judge should otherwise order, the sheriff...
Page 73 - ... Aristotle and Plato in Christian education is not arbitrary, nor in principle mutable. The materials of what we call classical training were prepared, and we have a right to say were advisedly and providentially prepared, in order that it might become, not a mere adjunct, but (in mathematical phrase) the complement of Christianity in its application to the culture of the human being, as a being formed both for this world and the world to come.
Page 75 - ... they altogether show human nature on a grander scale: with less benevolence but more patriotism, less sentiment but more selfcontrol; if a lower average of virtue, more striking individual examples of it; fewer small goodnesses, but more greatness and appreciation of greatness ; more which tends to exalt the imagination, and inspire high conceptions of the capabilities of human nature.
Page 34 - X) of 1842 was passed for enabling the inhabitants of "any place of public resort or residence, under the Presidency of Fort William, not within the town of Calcutta, to make better provision for purposes connected with public health and...
Page 191 - Excellency engages that he will establish in his reserved dominions such a system of administration (to be carried into effect by his own officers) as shall be conducive to the prosperity of hb subjects, and be calculated to secure the lives and property of the inhabitants...

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