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Whilst the book may be of some value it is blighted by the presence of the Woozle.
Repeated claims that in the USA 80% of spending decisions are made by women have been traced back to this book. In
the Wall St Journal Apr 23 2011Ms. "Barletta concedes that she has no specific source for the figure. "It is sadly one of those rules-of-thumb numbers that everyone in the industry uses," she says."
There is simply no evidence to support the claim, and it's almost cynical that the figure has been used to justify the marketing and consumption of this book.
This has and does cause repeated "Evidence by Citation" or "The Woozle Effect", as identified by Haughton, B 1979.
Multiple studies show the claims of Barletta top be false, circa 80% claim has become an Urban Myth and Meme. Whilst Humour may well be of great value, it is massively reduced when it's used a substitute for actual reality.

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