The life and adventures of Job Nott, buckle maker, of Birmingham; as written by himself

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Page 29 - To breed up their Children in the Fear of God, And to follow Peace with all Men, And Holinefs. Without which no Man fliall fee the Lord.
Page 4 - For modes of faith let zealous bigots fight, , His can't be wrong,
Page 25 - The wheels of State directed^ And Freedom, Life and Property, For ever be protected. CHORUS. Then let us hand and heart exert< With manly resolution, Determin'd
Page 26 - was Twelve Years a Whore Five times a Wife Twelve years a Thief
Page 25 - our hopes be blighted, No foreign foe can harm our Land, If Britons .are united.
Page 15 - hedge and throw'd me plump over his head in a heap of mud, and I believe they .thought I was kill'd
Page 17 - it was a proverb among the Miners in his country, " as peaceable as a Birmingham man
Page 3 - the thanks of this Kingdom for their peaceable behaviour ; a great deal of good has been done by that man
Page 30 - of Envy, (and we hope it always will be fo to men of ill defigns) and they are
Page 30 - of thofe common truths, which all that deferve the name of Chriftians, agree in. It would be great

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