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Aganippus, a Gaulish king, marries Cordeilla, daughter of king

Leir, iv. 15. Restores her father to his throne, 16. Agatha, Decree of the council there, concerning divorce, ii. 224. Agricola, Son of Severianus, spreads the Pelagian doctrine in Bri

tain, iv. 90. Aidan, a Scotch Bishop, sent for by Oswald, to settle religion, iv.

133. Has his episcopal seat at Lindisfarne, ibid. Dies for grief of the murder of Orwin, 135. Alaric, takes Rome from the emperor Honorius, iv. 79. Alban, of Verplain, with others, suffers martyrdom under Diocle

fian, iv. 72. Albanact, one of the three sons of Brutus, that has Albania, now

Scotland, for his share in the kingdom, iv. II. Albert, said to have shared the kingdom of the East-angles with

Humbeanna after Elfwald, iv. 160. Albina, said to be the eldest of Dioclesian's 50 daughters, iv. 4.

From her the name Albion derived, ibid. Albion, the ancient name of this island, iv. 3,4. Whence derived,

ibid. Alciat, his opinion concerning divorce, ii. 236. Alcred flaying Ethelwald, ulurps the kingdoin of the Northum

brians, iv. 152. Aldfrid, recall from Ireland, succeeds his brother Ecfrid in the

Northumbrian kingdom, iv. 144. Leaves Ofred, a child, to suc

ceed him, 145. Aldulf, nephew of Etheldwald, succeeds king of the East-angles,

iv. 160. Aleétus, treacherously flays his friend Carausius, iv. 71. Is over

thrown by Asclepiodotus, and flain, ibid. Alemannus, reported one of the four sons of Histion, defcended from

Japhet; of whom the Alemanni or Germans, iv. 4. . Alfage, archbishop of Canterbury, inhumanly used by the Danes,

iv. 116. Killed by Thrun, a Dane, in commiseration of his

misery, ibid. Alfred, the fourth son of Ethelwolf, and fucceffór of his brother

Ethelred, encounters the Danes at Wilton, iv. 174. Routs the whole Danish power at Edinton, and brings them to terms, 177. He is said to have bestowed the East-angles upon Gytro, a Danish king, who had been lately baptized, ibid. A long war afterwards maintained between him and the Danes, 178-181. He dies in the 30th year of his reign, and is buried at Winchester,

181. His noble character, 181–183. Alfwold, driving out Eardulf, usurps the kingdom of Northum.

berland, iv. 159. Algar, earl of Howland, now Holland, Morcar, lord of Brunne,

and Osgot, governor of Lincoln, kill a great multitude of Danes in battle, with three of their kings, iv. 172. Overpowered by


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mailus, one in reigns worthily, in:21. Beine thence, 11.4083

Arians and Synod of mus, iv 73c, 11. 279; role from

Archimailus, one in the number of ancient British kings, iv. 22. Areopagitica, Speech for unlicensed printing under that title, i. 286. Areopagus, judges of, condemn the books of Protagoras to be bumed,

i. 291. . .. . Aretius, his opinion concerning divorce, ji. 235. Argentocoxus, a Caledonian, his wife's bold reply to the empress

Julia, iv.67..... Arians and Socinians, their notions of the Trinity, iv. 262. Ariminum, Synod of more than 400 bishops appointed to assemble

there, by Constantius, iv.73. Aristotle, his definition of a king, ï. 279. Reckons 'up five forts

of monarchies, iii. 137. Salmafius's extract from his third book of politics, 211. Commends the kingdom of the Lacedemo

nians, 241. His definition of a tyrant, 301. .. - Arminians, their tenets, iv. 262. .

Armorica in France, peopled by Britons that fled from the Saxonis, i iv.99. ". Army, English, offered the spoil of London, if they would deftroy

the parliament, ii. 422. Obedience and fidelity to the supreme

magiftrates recommended to them, iii. 394. · Aron, a British martyr under Diocletian, iv. 72.

Arthur, the victory at Badon-hill, by fome ascribed to him, which ni by others is attributed to Ambrofe, iv. 106. . Who he was, and

whether the author of such famous acts as are related of him, * 106-109.

Artis Logicæ plenior Institutio, vi. 195.
Arviragus, engaging against Claudius, keeps up the battle to a vic-

tory, by personating his slain brother Guiderius, iv.44. , Ascham, Anthony, sent as agent to Spain, from the English com

monwealth, iv. 326. Justice demanded of the king of Spain

against his murderers, Afsaracus, a Trojan prince, joins with Brutus against Pandrasus, iy. 6.


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BACON, fir Francis, his complaint of the bishops' partiality in

licensing pamphlets, i. 157. Badiaus, John, letter to, i. xxxviii, Badon-bill, the ill improvement the Briti Ali made of their success

there, iv. lll. Bangor, monks of, live by their own labour, iv. 123. Go to a · conference with Austin, ibid,

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