Neuman and Baretti's Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages: Wherein the Words are Correctly Explained, Agreeably to Their Different Meanings, and a Great Variety of Terms Relating to the Arts, Sciences, Manufactures, Merchandise, Navigation and Trade, Elucidated

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Wilkins, Carter & Company, 1851 - English language - 1326 pages

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Page 324 - SHEET ; a rope fastened to one or both the lower corners of a sail, to extend and retain it in a particular situation. SHEFFIELD...
Page 294 - Electre or amber, which having the quality, when warmed by friction, of attracting bodies, gave to one species of attraction the name of electricity.
Page 189 - Cubit, a measure of length equal to the distance from the elbow to the end of the middle finger.
Page 61 - A point in the heavens, in which the sun or a planet is at the greatest distance possible from the earth in its whole revolution.
Page 348 - Imagination ; the power by which the mind forms to itself images and representations of things or persons.
Page 243 - The flexible member of the hand by which men catch and hold ; a small measure of extension ; the hand, the instrument of work.
Page 371 - In'step. s. The upper part of the foot where it joins, to the leg.
Page 325 - K-; ii ,iv -;', 1. Sentinel, sentry. 2. A listening place. 3. A nun who is sent with another to the grate, to listen to what is said. 4.
Page 318 - A great circle, whose poles are the poles of the •world. It divides the globe into two equal parts, the northern and southern hemispheres.
Page 369 - A broad strap made fast to the girths under the belly of a horse, which runs between the two forelegs to fasten the other end under the noseband of the bridle.

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