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ColoniaL PRODUCE.—Sugar.—The expected supplies having arrived, and large quantities being brought into the market, prices declined considerably during the first two weeks of last month. These are, however, again improving a little, owing to considerable purchases being made for the Continent, principally for Holland and Belgium. Refined Sugars continue to meet an extensive demand, and parcels are readily sold the moment they are brought into the market. Molasses are also in brisk demand. Considerable sales of Foreign Sugars have been effected, but without any variation in prices—Rum exceedingly dull, and may be purchased at a reduction of 2d. to 3d. per gallon since our last.-Coffee continues in steady demand, without much variation in prices.—CottonPernambuco has been in considerable request, and nearly the whole in the market has been purchased for exportation; price 2s, to 2s. 1d. Other sorts without variation, thou in considerable demand—Spices—Company's Pepper, of good quality, in considerable request. A parcel was lately withdrawn at 8%. Jamaica Ginger is also in demand; price £14, 11s.--Tobacco in very limited demand, and without variation.

EURoPEAN PRODUCE.-Hemp, Flaw, and Tallow, without much variation in prices. Parcels of Hemp for arrival have been sold at £37 to £37, 15s.—Ashes very dull, and prices considerably lower.

We state again, with much pleasure, that our intelligence from the different Manufacturing districts continues favourable. Trade is reviving slowly; and the best proof of it is, that all the workmen are now in employment. Wages have also risen, though, we doubt, not yet in proportion to the prices of provisions. In Glasgow and some other places, we know for a fact, that those charitable establishments which had been formed for distributing soups, &c. have been given up, as no longer necessary.

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Course of Exchange, London, July 10–Amsterdam, 38 : 6 B. 2 U. Agio of the Bank 2. Paris, 24: 80, 3 days. Hamburgh, 35 : 5: 24 U. Dublin, 124.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.—Portugal gold, in coin, £3: 19:0. New doub

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Weekly Price of Stocks, from 1st to 30th June 1817.

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1817.] Register-Commercial Report.

SUGAR, Musc. B. P. Dry Brown, . Mid, good, and fine mid. Fine and very fine, . Refined, Double Loaves, . . Powder ditto, . . . Single ditto, . Small Lumps, . . Large ditto, . Crushed Lumps, MoIASSEs, British, ". . CofFEE, Jamaica, - Ord. good, and fine ord. Mid, good, and fine mid. Dutch, Triage, and very ord. Ord. good, and fine ord. ... Mid, good, and fine mid. St Domingo, PrMENTo (in Bond), SPIRITs, Jamaica Rum, 16 O.P.

Brandy, - Geneva, . - Grain Whisky, WINEs, Claret, 1st Growth, Portugal Red, Spanish White, . Teneriffe, - Madeira, . - LogwooD, Jamaica, Honduras, - Campeachy, . FUSTIc, Jamaica, - Cuba, . -

INDIgo, Caraccas fine, . .
TIMBER, American Pine, .
Ditto Oak, - -
Honduras Mahogany,
St Domingo ditto, .
TAR, American, . - -
Archangel, . -
PITCH, Foreign, . - -
TAL Low, Russia Yellow Candle,
Home Melted, -
HEMP, Riga Rhine, . -
Petersburgh Clean, .
FLAX, Riga.Thies, and Druj. Rak.
Dutch, © - -
Irish, . e o
MATs, Archangel, '• -
BRISTLEs, Petersburgh Firsts
ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl, .
Montreal ditto, -
Pot, . -
Orl, Whale, . - -
> * - - -
ToBAcco, Virginia fine, .
inferior, .
Cottons, Bowed Georgia, .
Sea Island, fine, .
good, -
middling, .
Demerara and Berbice,
West India, - -
Pernambuco, -
Wol, I.

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTCIEs, announced between 1st and 30th June 1817, extracted from the London Gazette.

Adam, W. Lambeth, timber-merchant
Aldred, J. Chertsey, grocer
Allen, B. Guilford Street, London, stable-keeper
Andrews, D. jun. Plymouth, grocer
Anthony, R. Plymouth, ironmonger
Antrobus, J. Castleton, manufacturer
Balaam, W. Northampton, painter
Banks, D. Stonehouse, ship-builder
Banks, G. Plymouth, jeweller
Beare, J. Cheapside, London, merchant
Booth, W. Bentalee, horse-dealer
Boyce, J. Bordesley, brass-founder
Boyes, J. jun. Warnsford, carpet-manufacturer
Bradley, R. Warrington, upholsterer
Bridge, J. Marple, s oil.
Britten, G. Walcot, victualler
Broadbelt, R. Markington-with-Wallerthwaite,
Bryant, J. Sen. o inn-holder
Burleigh, J. Bristol, brass-founder
Bennet, A. Sherard Street, London, tailor
Bill, R. jun. Wolverhampton, carrier
Bell, W. Brampton, Cumberland, brandy-merchant
Brentnall, J. Ilkiston, Derby, farmer
Coote, C. T. Sutton, grocer
Curtis, R. & T. Hall, Angel Court, London, mer-
Crook, R. Bolton, innkeeper
Cumberbach, J. H. Eccleshall scrivener
Cooper, T. Wormwood Street, London, vender of
spirituous liquors
Deane, H. Marthall, maltster
Deeble, W. H. Bristol, ironmonger
Dixon, T. R. & G. & J. Heckman, Spitalfields,
Donovan, D. W. I. of Tortola, merchant
Dury, H. Bambury, scrivener
Darwin, J. & T. White, Clement's Court, Milk
Street, London, wholesale hosiers
Elgar, R. Burnham, Westgate, Norfolk, grocer
Evans, H. Cheapside, London, silk-mercer
Fisher, W. Lambeth, mariner
Fletcher, F. A. Oldham, cotton-spinner
Forster, E. Rickergate, Carlisle, grocer
Fisher, W. Union Place, Lambeth & E. England
Hughes, Red Lion Square, London, merchants
Goo l, W. & J. Turmer, Garlick Hill, London,
Graves, W. Falconbury Court, London, coach-
Gray, R. jun. Leeds, merchant ... .
Grange, +. & F. Dunn, Patley Bridge, Yorkshire,
cabinet makers
Gedrych.G. Bristol, dealer
Harris, W. Exminster, dealer
Hartley, P. Nether Knutsford, cotton-manufac-
Hayward, R. D. Plymouth, grocer
Hellyer, J. Lloyd's Coffee-house, insurance-broker
Hindley, T. H. Liverpool, merchant
Hinton, J. L. Plymouth, grocer
Hodges, W. Kew, corn-dealer
Hodgson, R. Bishop-Wearmouth, baker
Hodgkins, R. Stafford, dealer
Holditch, G. & W. Hannah, Bankside, coal-mer-
Horn, W. Limehouse, sail-maker
Ho, W. late of Distaff Lane, London, sugar-

Henderson, W. GreatSthelen's, London, merchant
Harley, J. Gosport, Southampton, soap-manufac-
Janson, J. C. St Swithin's Lane, London, merchant
Jeffrey, H. New Sarum, d t
Jones, T. Birmingham, woollen-draper
Jordan, E. Norwich, engineer
Jollie, J. Carlisle, book-printer -
Johnson, W.sen. and T. Liverpool, coach
Knowles, R. Bolton, collier
Leaney, T. Maidstone, nurseryman
Levin, M. & M. Josephs, Mansell Street, London,
Lovell, W. Silston, victualler
Luffe, H. Benhall, farmer
Lowe, W. Birmingham, victualler
Mackenzie, H. Bartholomew Lane, London, banker
Marshall, J. Bramley, collar-maker
Matthews, P. Hagley, maltster
Matthews, S. sem. Brixham, ship-builder
Mells, T. Liss, maltster
Meyer, J. Howford Buildings, London, merchant
Moorsom, G. Westhoe, ship-owner
Mackenzie, C. Delahay Street, London, merchant
Monk, Johaddington, cattle-dealer -
- ueen's Elms, Brompton, merchant
Q'Reilly, T. Lawrence Pountney-hill, merchant
Prior, W. Locksbottom, Kent, inn-
Postgate, R. Great Driffield, tanner -
Roberts, R. Quebec Street, London, tailor
Rogers, J. Cauchridge, cooper
, W, late of Oxford, grocer
Rogo, T. sen. Aldersgate Street, London,

Sanderson, R. Acklam-upon-the-Wolds, farmer Savage, W. Corporation Row, London, watchmaker wo Senior, R. Bristol, clothier Stringer, J. H. Canterbury, woollen-draper Strong, G, Exeter, ironmonger Simpson, G. Upper Grosvenor Street, London, mariner Scurr, R. Thirsk, watchmaker Taylor, E. Sandal Magma, corn-dealer Todd, R. Pontefract, grocer Tootal, J. B. Minories, corn-factor Trexler, T. Albion Buildings, London, silk-manuto a C bur ill ripp, J. R. Congres , milier Tripp, R. #. Trafford, T. Kirklington, Oxford, coal-dealer Treham, R. Nawton, Yorkshire, farmer and machine-maker Warren, J. Suffolk Street, London, blacking-manufacturer Warrington, O. Manchester, linen-draper Weiller, H. London Street, London, merchant Wheeler, J. Stratford-on-Avon, coal-trader Whitmore, J. Manchester, cotton-dealer Winship, T. Mount Greenwich, merchant Winterbottom, G. Lawrence, Pountney-hill, London, merchant Wood, M. Myton, merchant Wilso , J. Barnet, farmer Williams, M. Manchester, victualler Wilkinson, J. jun, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship. owner Young, G. Lawrence, Pountney-hill, London, merc

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKauptcies, announced between the ist and 30th June 1817, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette,

Brown, Wm. sen. Edinburgh, merchant
Borland, James, Kilmarnock, inn-keeper
Campbell, Quintin, Woodhaven, Fife, vintner
Deuchrass, J. Glasgow, merchant and auctioneer
Graham, John, Blackdyke, coal and lime-merchant
Gunn, Robert, & Son, Brownfield, Glasgow, dyers
Leviston, John, Greenock, ship-owner and trader
M. William, Anderston, Glasgow, machine-
Mackintosh, Jas. Kinchyle, near Inverness, wood-
merchant, road-contractor, and cattle-dealer
Maclellan, John & Andrew, Lochowmhead, Skye,
Rochead, Andrew, & Son, Edinburgh, musical in-
strument makers -
Taylor, Thomas, Meliose, merchant

W. D. & Co. Westpans, near Musselburgh,

potters - - - "

Walker, Gaan, Milton-mill, Ayrshire, miller and grain-dealer.

DiVIDENDS. Brown, James, & Co. Glasgow, merchants; by J. Lindesay, 24, Virginia Street, there, 30th July. Burman, Peter, Castleton of Eassie, farmer and cattle-dealer; by Wm. Hutchison, writer, Forfar, 26th June : Bannatyne (the late), Rich. Edinburgh, woollendraper; by Wm. Wotherspoon, accountant, 71, Prince's Street, 1st July - o Boyd, John, Roadhead, joiner; by James-Inglis writer, Hawick, 26th June

Corry & Glasford, Glasgow, merchants; by Berry,
Bogle, & Co. -
Cook, Neil, Greenock, merchant; by Wm. Kerr,
vintner there, 25th July
Douglas, T.G. w, merchant; by Don. Cuth-
bertson, accountant, Stirling Street, 28th June
Dawson & Marshall, Edinburgh, tanners; by G.
H. Simpson, trustee, St Mary's Wynd, 19th July
Gibson & Peat, Edinburgh, merchants; by John
Pattison, jun. W.S. 20, Abercromby Place.
Lawson, George, Edinburgh, tanner; by John
Learmonth, merchant there, 23d June

Lawson, James, Dundee, flesher and ship-owner;
by Patrick Anderson, merchant there, 27th July
Marshall, Rob. Kelso, saddler; by James Main,
cabinet-maker there, 16th July
M“Gown, J. & G. Glasgow, manufacturers; by
John M'Gavin, accountant there, 8th August
Scott & M'Bean, Inverness, merchants; by John
Jameson, banker there, 16th July
Stewart, Cha. Pitnacree, merchant; by John Duff,
merchant, Dunkeld, 18th Jul
Park, Lawson, & Co. Greenock, merchants; by
Agnew Crawford, merchant there, 24th July


SINCE the date of our last Report, a very favourable change has taken place in the appearance of the crops; and if the present fine weather continue for another month, we

may calculate with certainty on the commencement of a very abundant harvest.


heat of the last fortnight of June, and the late mild showers, have not only given health and luxuriance to the plants, which before that period were feeble and stationary, but seem to have called a great many into existence, almost instantaneously, and of an advanced growth, to occupy the spaces which, from the ravages of insects, and other causes, were then vacant. The price of grain, particularly of wheat, has fallen considerably ; and as the quality is so generally inferior as not to hold out much encouragement to reserve any large proportion of what remains to be worked up with the new crop, the probability is, that the market will continue to be abundantly supplied, from the anxiety of the holders to get quit of it before better grain come into the market. Yet it ought to be remembered, that what one month of most propitious weather has done, another of an opposite character may in a great degree counteract ; and in our northern climate much must depend upon the weather for three months to come—The harvest has already begun in the south of France, and in some other parts of the Continent, and from all quarters the Reports are favourable—Hay is generally a good crop, but the saving of it has been retarded, in this part of the island, by the closeness and humidity of the atmosphere for some days. Pastures have been very productive for several weeks, and the demand for stock has improved. The price of butcher meat has varied little for the last month.-There is now a good supply of early potatoes in the Edinburgh market, a larger quantity having been grown this season than usual. On the 8th instant, best oatmeal was still 4s. 8d. per stone of 174 lb. avoirdupois, the quartern loaf 15d., and potatoes 18d, per peck of

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By the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, and of Oatmeal per Boll of 140 lbs Avoirdupois, from the Official Returns received in the Week ending June 28, 1817.

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