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opake, and very friable. That from Gex has the vitreous fracture, and, the hardness of the best characterized arragonites; but it is massive, and exhibits no appearance of crystallization. In general, the purest, most transparent, and most regularly crystallized arragonites, are those which contain the greatest quantity of strontian; while those which are impure, and mixed with sulphate of lime, either contain none, or very little of that substance. (Ann. de Chim. et Phys. iv. 361.) A stone, adapted to the purposes of lithography, has been discovered in the quarries of Argenteuil. . All the stone used in this art in France has hitherto been imported from Bavaria. Burgundy also has lately furnished some specimens, of which a trial is about to be made; but the quarry of Argenteuil seems capable of furnishing an abundant supply, and of the best quality.

German Y. The great anatomical collection of Meckel of Halle is about to be offered for sale. It is only excelled by the magnificent and truly philosophical museum of the late John Hunter. The Meckels did not rest satisfied with mere preparations of parts of the adult human subject: a principal object with them has been to shew, in series of preparations, the forms and condition of the various organs and parts of the animal system, from their first appearance to their period of maturity; and this cabinet is also particularly rich in objects of pathological anatomy. Animal Magnetism is at present in high repute in Germany, as a remedy in the cure of diseases. Many large works, and numberless pamphlets, have been written on this subject within two or three years, and even hospitals have been established, for the reception of such patients as require the aid of magnetism. A periodical work is at present publishing at Altenburg, under the following title: “Archives of Animal Magnetism,” by Eschenmayer, Kieser, and Nasse. Barker, Wolter, and Hendricks, are publishing, in Holland, “ Contributions to the Doctrine of Animal Magnetism.” A periodical work is publishing in Switzerland, by a society of veterinary practitioners, under the title, “Archives of Veterinary Medicine.” Four numbers have already appeared. Neergaard has published, at Copenhagen, a Description of the Teeth of Horses, with a reference to those of other Quadrupeds. In the introduction, he gives a statement of the external marks that may be used in determining the age of horses. Rohlwes has published, at Hanover, a work on the Knowledge and Cure of the Diseases of Wild Animals; and the same author has also published a work on Veterinary Medicine. Dr K. L. Schwab has just published the


first fasciculus of a work, entitled, Materials for a Pathological Anatomy of Domestic Animals. Professor Will has just published, at Munich, a volume on the Veterinary Art. , There is publishing in Hanover, by Crome, a Manual of Natural History for Agriculturists. It promises to be a very popular and useful work. Weber has just published the fourth part of his valuable Manual of Economical Literature. Poppe has just published, the second volume, letters D-G, of his Technical Lexicon. Meckel and Autenrieth now conduct the excellent Archives of Physiology, formerly carried on by Reil and Meckel. The few numbers of the new series are equal to any of those of* old series. for th Ruthland is preparing for the press a System of th...i Chemistry, io to electro-chemical principles. Thaer is publishing New Annals of Agriculture for the year 1817. Henriette Schubart has lately published, at Altenburg, a translation of Walter Scott’s Scottish Ballads and So D. B. G. Seilevi has lately published, at Leipsic, a treatise entitled, De Testiculi descensu et Genitalium anomalis; 4to. Hodgson's Treatise on the Diseases of the Veins and Arteries has been translated into the German, and illustrated with notes, by the Counsellor of State and Chevalier Kreysig, and Dr F. A. Koberwan. A curious book has lately appeared at Copenhagen, under the title, " Historia precipuorum Arabum Regnorum, rerumque ab iis gestorum ante Islamismum, e codd. MSS. Arabicis Bibliothecae Regiae Slavniensis collegit, vertit, Animadversiones addidit, Dr et Pref. J. L. Rassmussen.” A fifth edition of Hildebrand’s excellent Manual of Physiology has just appeared.

Dr G. Hassel has published, at Weimar,

two volumes of a General Geographical and Statistical Lexicon. Friesleben, so well known by his Geognostical Description of Thuringia, has just published the first part of a work, entitled, “Contributions to the Mineralogical Geography of Saxony.” Dr Fr. G. Dietrich has published an additional volume of his Gardener and Botanist's Lexicon. There has lately appeared at Frankfort, by Dr Diels, a systematic work on the Principal Species, Kinds, and Varieties, of Fruits cultivated in Germany. Dr Bährens has published an account of those Diseases that yield to Animal Magnet1Sin. Weber has published at Leipsic, a work, entitled, “ Anatomia Comparata Nervi Sympathici, cum tabula.” Winter of Munich has lately published a Series of Lithographic Drawings of Animals. Dr Olfers has just published an interest

ing work, entitled, “De Vegetativis et Animatis Corporibus in Corporibus Animatis Reperiundis. cum tabul. aenea. Dr Crichton of Petersburg, along with Drs Rehmann and Burdach, have published several numbers of a periodical work, entitled, “Russian Contributions to Natural Science and Medicine.” J. Samuel has lately published a work, entitled, “De Ovorum Mammalium Velamentis.” Sprengel has just published, in the German language, an interesting History of Botany; and the same subject has been taken up by Schultes, in his History of Botany. There has just appeared at Vienna, a work in 3 vols 8vo, with 135 folio coloured plates, by Dr Joseph Sherer, entitled, ** Tables of the Anatomical Wax Preparations in the Imperial Museum.” The celebrated Danish sculptor, Thorwaldson, resident in Rome, after Canova, one of the most distinguished modern artists, is publishing engravings of his celebrated Bas-reliefs. Tiedemann, Opel, and Liboschitz, have published thé first fasciculus of their Natural History and Anatomy of the Amphibia. The well-known naturalist, G. R. Trevirancus, has published a fifth volume of his Biology. There has lately appeared at Munich, an interesting work in folio, by Wagenbauer, on the Art of Drawing Landscapes on Stone. Dr Fr. Lud. Walther has just published a Treatise on the different races, kinds, and varieties of the Common Dog. Among the effects left by the celebrated Werner, there are several MSS. nearly ready

for the press. This great man had printed nothing since 1774. His labours always appeared to him not sufficiently matured; but his instructions are spread over the world by thousands of his scholars. His Cabinet of Minerals has become the property of the Mineralogical Academy of Frieberg. The fifth volume of Professor Hausmann’s Mineralogical Travels in Scandinavia has just been published. ITALY. Canova has justfinished a charming group —a nymph reposing upon a lion's skin, and a boy playing on a lyre. He is now empool upon a statue of the King of Portugal- Professor. Moricchini, of Rome, having discovered the magnetising power of the vio. letrays of the prismatic spectrum, the Marquis Ridolfi has succeeded in magnetising two needles, the one in thirty, the other in forty-six minutes; and can now charge with the magnetic power, by the same process, as many needles as he pleases. The néedles thus magnetised (namely, by directing on and passing over them, for a period of not less than thirty minutes, the violet rays of the spectrum, through the medium of a condensing lens) possess all the energy and the properties of needles magnetised in the common way by means of a loadstone. Their homonomous poles repel, while the heteronomous poles attract, each other; and, made to vibrate on a pivot, their point turns constantly to the north, their heads to the south ! This adds to the wonders of magnetism, and must be regarded as a very extraordinary discovery.

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. . Mr John Sidney Hawkins will shortly publish, in 1 vol. 8vo, an Inquiry into the Nature, History, and first. Introduction of Poetry in general, but more particularly of * Dramatic Poetry, and of that sort of verse which the Latin Poets employed in their Comedies; tending to shew, from the strongest possible evidence, that poetical licenses are unnecessary, and that the verses of Sophocles, Plautus, Terence, Pindar, and Horace, are erroneously regulated, but may be correctly distributed without any violation of the laws of Prosodia. In the ensuing month will be published, a Genealogical and Biographical History of the Family of Marmyun; with an account of the office of King's Champion attached to the tenure of the Barony and Manor of Scrivelsby in County Lincoln, part of the ancient demesne of that family—containing a variety of matter never before published: lately collected from the public records, and embellished with several engravings.

A little volume, entitled, Plurality of Worlds; or some remarks, Philosophical and Critical, in a Series of Letters, occasioned by Discourses on Christianity, viewed in connexion with the Modern Astronomy, as published by the Rev. Dr Chalmers, is in the press. Proposals have been circulated, for publishing by subscription, De Vaux, or the Heir of Gilsland, a poem, in five cantos, by Robert Carlyle. The subject is the Feud between De Vaux, the Norman Baron of Gilsland, and Gil Beuth of Danish race, the original proprietor of the demesne. The scene is laid in Cumberland during the reigns of Stephen and Henry II. Mr J. Norris Brewer has announced an intention of speedily publishing Collections towards a Biographical Account of His Grace Hugh, late Duke of Northumberland. Preparing for publication, in two large 8vo volumes, illustrated with maps, “An Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledgeof the Holy Scriptures,” by Mr Horne, sub-librarian to the Surrey Institution. This Work, on which the author has been engagcd for many years, will be divided into three parts. Part I. will contain a View of the Geography of the Holy Land, and of the Political, Beligious, Moral and Civil State of the Jews, illustrating the principal Events recorded in the Scriptures. Part II. will treat on the various subsidiary means for ascertaining the sense of the Scripture—Figurative Language—The reconciling of the apparent Contradictions of Scripture—Quotations from the Old Testament in the New, with New Tables of all the Quotations— Applications of the Principles of Scripture —Interpretation to the Historical, Prophetical, Doctrinal, and Moral Parts of the Bible. Part III. will be appropriated to the Analysis of the Scriptures, comprising an account of the Canon of the Old and New Testaments, together with Critical Prefaces and Synopses to each Book. A copious Appendix will be subjoined, containing an account of the principal MSS. and Editions of the Old and New Testaments—of various Readings, with a digest of the chief Rules for weighing and applying them—Rules for the better understanding of Hebraisms— Lists of Commentators and Biblical Critics of eminence, with Bibliographical and Critical Notices of each, extracted from Authentic sources; together with Chronological and other Tables, necessary to facilitate the study of the Bible. It is a peculiar feature of this Work, that references are made throughout to the most approved writers on every topic, in order to assist further researches, and thus render the volumes a useful Manual to the Biblical Student and to Divines. Col. Mark Wilks will speedily publish the second and third volumes of his Historical Sketches of the South of India, in an attempt to trace the History of the Mysore. The Elements of History and Geography, ancient and modern, exemplified and illustrated by the principles of Chronology, by the Rev. J. Joyce, will soon be published in two 8vo vols. Mr Accum has in the press, Chemical

Amusements, comprising a series of curious and instructive experiments in Chemistry, which are easily performed, and unattended

with danger.

Miss A. M. Porter is preparing the Knight of St John, a Romance. The Poetical Remains and Memoirs of the late John Leyden, M.D. are preparing for publication. - The History of the Rise and Progress of the Judicial or Adawlut System, as established for the Administration of Justice under the Precedency of Bengal; with an Inquiry into the Causes of Litigation, and the delay in the Termination of Law Suits in the Court of Adawlut, 1 vol. 8vo. Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, and Koordistan, in the years 1813 and 1814, with Remarks on the Marches of Alexander, and Retreat of the Ten Thousand, by John M“Donald Kinneir, Captain in the service of the Honourable East India. Company, Town-Major of Fort St George, and Political Agent at the Durbar of his Royal Highness the Nabob of Carnatic, 2 vols 8vo, with a large map. The History of the late war in Spain and Portugal, by Robert Southey, Esq. --A Work is in contemplation, and will be shortly laid before the public, entitled, “History of the Helvetian, Austrian, Appennine, Pyrenean, and Northern Floras,” considered with respect to the points of origin from which the different families of plants have travelled to the valleys, and plains, and become mixed together; illustrated by a Botanical Map of the regions assigned to each. Shortly will be published, the Life of Richard Watson, Lord Bishop of Landaff. written by himself at different intervals, and revised in 1814; to be published by his son, Richard Watson, L. L. B. Prebendary of Landaff and Wells. The Work will be handsomely printed in 4to, with a Portrait of his Lordship, from an original Portrait by Romney. - -Memoirs on European and Asiatic Turkey, from the Manuscript Journals of modern Travellers in those Countries, edited by Mr R. Walpole, will soon appear in a 4to volume, illustrated by plates.

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- AGRICULTURE., A Review (and Complete Abstract) of the Reports to the Board of Agriculture from the Southern and Peninsular Departments of England; by Mr Marshall, 8vo. 12s. . . . BIOGRAPHY. Biographia Literaria, or Biographical Sketches of my Literary Life and Opinions; by S. T. Coleridge, Esq. 2 vols 8vo, £1, Is.

What Next? a Farce, in two acts; by T. Dibdin. Is. Past Ten o’Clock, and a Rainy Night : by T. Dibdin, 1s. 6d. My Uncle, an Operetta, in one act; by Samuel Beazley, Esq. 1s. 6d. EDUCATION. The Juvenile Review, containing Moral and Critical Observations on Children's Books, intended as a Guide to Parents and Teachers in their Choice of Books of Instruction and Amusement, Part I. Is. 6d. The Traveller in Asia, or a Visit to the East Indies and China, with an Account of the Manners of the Inhabitants, Natural Productions and Curiosities; for the Instruction of Young Persons; by Priscilla Wakefield, 12mo. 4s. 6d. The Palace of Truth ; by Madame d Genlis, with coloured engravings. 3s.6d. GEOGRAPHY. A View of the History, Literature, and Religion of the Hindoos, including a Minute Description of their Manners and Customs, and Translations from their Principal Works; by the Rev. W. Ward, 2 vols 8vo. 18s. Letters on Ceylon, particularly relative to the Kingdom of Candy; by Capt. L. de Bussche, late acting Deputy-Adjutant-General in Ceylon, 8vo. 9s. HISTORY. An Account of the Origin, Progress, and Actual State of the War carried on between Spain and Spanish America; containing the Principal Facts which have marked the Struggle in Mexico, New Granada, Venezuela, Province of Rio de la Plata, &c.; by a South American, 8vo. 6s. - LAW. Hints for Abstracting Title Deeds; by W. Harper, 8vo. 5s. . MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c, Remarks on Insanity, chiefly with reference to the Physical Symptoms, founded

on the Practice of John Mayo, M. D.; by

ing a Description of a New and Successful Mode of Operating in certain cases of Obstruction about the Neck of the Bladder, &c.; by Edward Grainger, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, 8vo. 9s. MISCELLANEOUS. The British Review, No 19. 6s. The Colonial Journal, No V. 8s. The Sexagenarian; or the Recollections of a Literary Life, 2 vols 8vo. £1, Is. A Treatise on the Science of Ship-building; with Observations on the British Navy, the extraordinary decay of Men of War, and on the Causes, Effects, and Prevention of the Dry Rot; also on the Growth and Management of Trees;–the whole with a view to improve the Construction and Durability of Ships; by Isaac Blackburn, Ship-builder, Plymouth, 4to. £1,5s. The East India Register and Directory, corrected to July, 1817. Armageddon, the first eight Books; by the Rev. G. Townshend, Trin. Coll. Camb. 8vo. 12s. Reft Rob, or the Witch of Scot-Muir, commonly called Madge the Snoover, a Scottish Tale, 12mo. 5s. A Supplement to Junius Identified, consisting of Fac-similes of Handwriting, and other Illustrations, 8vo. 3s. MATHE MATICS. The Principles and Application of Imaginary Quantities, Book I. ; to which are added, some Observations on Porisms; being the first part of a series of Original Tracts in various parts of the Mathematics; by Benjamin Gompertz, Esq. 4to. 5s. 6d. NATURAL HISTORY. A Practical Introduction to Botany, Illustrated by References, under each definition, to Plants of easy access, and by numerous Figures; and also comprising a Glossary of Botanic Terms; by the Rev. W. Bingley. 4s. 6d.—and coloured, 7s. 6d. Conversations on Botany, with twenty engravings, 12mo. 7s 6d.—and coloured, 10s. 6d. The Midland Flora; by J. Purton, 2 vols. £1. Pomona Britannica, a Collection of Fruits, coloured after Nature; by G. Brookshaw, Esq. 2 vols 4to. £12, 12s. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. An Essay on the Nature of Light, Heat,

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A Treatise of Physiology and Diseases of the Ear; by J. H. Curtis, Esq. Aurist to the Prince Regent. 7s.

Medical and Surgical Remarks, contain

Maria, a Domestic Tale; by Mrs St George, 3 vols. 18s.

The Deserter; by Amelia Beauclerc, 4 vols. £1, 2s.


POETRY. The Lament of Tasso; by Lord Byron, 8vo. Is. 6d.

Sibylline Leaves, a Collection of Poems; by S. T. Coleridge, 8vo. 10s. 6d. De Courci, a Tale, in two Cantos, with other Poems; by James Thomson, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Greece, a Poem, in three Parts, with Notes, Classical Illustrations, and Sketches of the Scenery; by William Haygarth, A. M. 4to. £2, 12s. 6d. The Hours, a Poem, in four Idylls; by Henry Hudson, Esq. 8vo. 7s. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Observations on the Causes of the Depression of Agriculture and Home Trade, containing brief Remarks on Taxation, Tithe, Poor's Rate, Rent, and Emigration. 2s. 6d. Observations on the Importance of Gibraltar to Great Britain, as the means of promoting the Intercourse with the States of the

by Captain Christopher Clarke, Royal Artillery. 3s. THEOLOGY. Observations, Critical, Explanatory, and Practical, on the Canonical Scriptures; by *::: Cornwallis, of Wittersham, 4 vols 8vo. 2, 2s. : On the Rule of Faith, in Reply to Mr Jos. Fletcher, Minister of the Independents at Blackburn; by Jos. Fairclough,8vo. Is.6d. Sermons on various Subjects; by the Rev. John Nance, D. D. 2 vols. 18s. Considerations on the Doctrines of the Evangelical Clergy, and on the probable Effects of Evangelical Preaching; a Sermon, by the Rev. Richard Warner, Vicar of Norton St Philip's, Somerset, and Rector of Great Chalfield, Wilts, 8vo. 4s. Sermons Translated from the French of Daniel de Superville, formerly Pastor of the French Protestant Church at Rotterdam, with Memoirs of his Life; by John Allen,

Mediterranean, particularly with Morocco; 8vo. 9s. -oEDINBURGH.

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Notice historique sur la Calabre pendant les dernières révolutions de Naples; par A. de Rivarol, Capitaine de la Garde Royale, 8vo. Liste des prix des livres de la Bibliothèque de fue M. le Comte de Mac-CarthyReagh, vendue à l'enchère par Debure frères, 8vo. Abrégé de la vie et des miracles de l'illustre Confesseur de J. C. Saint Léonard, premier saint de la Couronne de France, 12mo. Questions sur la Législation actuelle de la Presse en France, et sur la doctrine du ministère public, relativement à la saisie des écrits, et à la responsabilité des auteurs et imprimeurs; par M. Benjamin de Constant, 8vo. Des Trois derniers mois de l’Amérique méridionale et du Brésil, suivis des Personnalités et incivilités de la Quotidienne et du Journal des Débats; par M. de Pradt, ancien Archevêque de Malines, 8vo. 8 La France; par Lady Morgan, 2 vols WO,

Observations sur l’Ouvrage intitulé “La France, par Lady Morgan;” par l'auteur de Quinze jours et de Six mois à Londres, 8vo. Recherches Anatomiques sur les hernies de l'Abdomen; par Jules Cloquet, 4to. Voyage sur le Mont Blanc, entrepris.le 15 Septembre 1816; par le Comte de Lusi, officier des Gardes de S. M. le Roi de Prusse, 8vo. Considérations philosophiques et morales sur le Magnétisme Animal, ses principes et ses rapports avec le fluide nerveux, 'les esprits animaux, le galvanisme et Pélectricité; par Charles Cadot, 8vo. ... Impriméâ Brunswick. ... " Nouvelles expériences sur la Nature et les Variations de l'aimant relatives à la Navigation, où l’on propose un nouveau magnétomètre universel; par J. P. Sarrazin de Montferrier, 8vo., , , , Chenier, Tableau. Historique de la Littérature Française, depuis 1789, 2 edit. 8vo. **** Lullin de Chateauvieux, Lettres écrites d'Italie en 1812 et 13, 2 vols 12tholo

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